Inmate Search: How to Look Up Jail and Prison Records in Any State

by Tom Harrison in internet usage

Finding out whether someone is in jail is extremely easy — nearly every state has a public, searchable database you can use to find people.


How do I find out if someone is in jail?

Almost all of the various agencies responsible for inmates in the United States have online databases. You can access and search these on the Web. This page provides links to these databases and information on how to find more local information such as city and county jail inmates.

What does this information mean?

On many of these sites, you will encounter disclaimer pages. It is important to understand what kind of information you are accessing. The appearance of a person’s name in one of these databases does not mean they have been convicted of a crime. In addition to convicted inmates, many of these database also contain information regarding individuals who are being housed while awaiting trial. These individuals are innocent until proven guilty.