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Aasimar 5E Race 2024 [Play As A Celestial Being In DnD]

Aasimar 5E Race
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/03/2023
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Have you ever wondered about diving deep into the universe of Dungeons & Dragons? You may already be familiar with the usual suspects: the elves, fairies, and wizards that inhabit most fantasy worlds.

In this piece, we explore a more enigmatic race—namely, the celestial-influenced Aasimar 5E race.

Imagine a world where you can harness divine energy and have an unparalleled commitment to doing good. That is the realm of the Aasimar 5E race.

Venerated as beacons of hope and champions for benevolence, they stand as shiny counterbalances against the backdrop of darkness. They might be your next favorite character. You never know until you try.

What is the Aasimar 5E Race?

Aasimar 5E is a race in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) fantasy role-playing game. A defining characteristic of the Aasimars is their celestial lineage, which sets them apart.

What is the Aasimar 5E Race?

Their ancestors are good-aligned outsiders, often part of an angelic avenger or divine entity union. This implies a potential for goodness ingrained into their very souls.

They often lean towards classes and pursuits that allow them to express this inner nobility and desire for justice.

Their divine inheritance also provides unique abilities presented as certain traits in-game mechanics like healing touch or celestial resistance, which you’ll discover as you dive deeper into this fascinating race.

What are the Aasimar Features?

Before understanding the nitty-gritty of the gameplay, it’s vital to comprehend what makes an Aasimar, well, an Aasimar.

What are the Aasimar Features?

Their innate characteristics differentiate them from other races and give players unique advantages.

This segment delves into pivotal traits like ability score increase, lifespan, physical dimensions, and speed.

Ability Score Increase

How often do you find someone who is charming without trying? The Aasimars exude a natural aura of charm and charisma that significantly influences those around them.

Embodying this trait in gameplay means your character’s Charisma score increases by 2. Charisma in D&D indicates the force of a character’s personality.

It involves confidence, eloquence, and leadership capability- all paramount attributes for a celestial race like Aasimars.


The divine bloodline brings plenty of perks for the Aasimars. One such advantage is longevity! Aasimar aged at the same pace as humans but outlived them and reached the ripe age of 160 years.

Yet they are mentally mature early in their life, which sometimes leads to unique narratives where young Aasmir has the cunningness of old humans.


Physically speaking, the celestial genes don’t make this race hulking giants or minuscule sprites; instead, they comfortably rest in between, just like Humans.

Whether it be for figuring out logistics in adventures or simply for characterization purposes, bear in mind that an average Aasimar mirrors human proportions – translating into size classification.


One more away-from-the-norm ability that doesn’t grace the Aasimar lineage is unusual speed – they are pretty much standard when it comes to mobility.

Having a base walking speed of approx 30 feet per round (6 seconds) suggests that they neither dash like wind nor crawl like turtles; what makes things interesting, though, is how they navigate through challenges despite traditional speed stats.


Aasimars have the fascinating ability to adapt to darkness better than the average human. Their celestial roots equip them with a unique capability known as Darkvision.

This trait reveals aspects of the gloom as if it were merely faint, and darkness becomes no darker than a dim light. For you, this means that within 60 feet, all is visible, even under the cover of darkness.

That’s quite an advantage when you’re exploring gloomy dungeons or navigating through long, stormy nights. It’s like having built-in night vision goggles that let no shadow escape your sight.

Celestial Resistance

Along with their batch of inherited celestial powers comes a notable tolerance to damage types most beings are vulnerable to.

This trait, Celestial Resistance, provides you considerable resilience against necrotic and radiant damages often doled out by fiends and celestials alike.

Not only does this make you hardier in battles, but it also hints at Aasimar’s primordial battle between light and dark.

Healing Hands

Playing as an Aasimar also gives your character the heavenly might to heal others just by touching them, yes, literally.

The Healing Hands trait allows you to touch any creature and restore a number of hit points equivalent to your total level, facilitating a teammate’s recuperation or maybe even sparing someone from doom on some days.

Once used, this divinely inspired healing power requires rest before you can use it again; a long rest will have you ready for another round of life-saving touch.

Light Bearer

Remember all that talk about Radiance? Well, it surfaces again in one more awe-inspiring way with the Light Bearer trait.

As an Aasimar, your charisma allows you to know the Light cantrip, a basic spell that creates torch-sized light wherever you may please, and use it without draining into spell slots.

The Light cantrip helps illuminate those dark corners that even your Darkvision misses.


Last but by no means least in the list of Aasimar 5E traits is being multilingual. Aasimars can speak, read, and write in both Common and Celestial languages.

Communication isn’t an issue for the Aasimars; not only can they converse in the Common tongue, making them capable of comfortably interacting with most races, but they can also understand Celestial, a language often associated with higher beings.

This allows you to delve into divine mysteries hidden from mundane creatures and converse with high-ranked celestial beings if the opportunity strikes.

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What Classes Are Well Suited to the Aasimar?

Every Dungeons & Dragons player knows that choosing your character’s race is half the fun, but the real magic sparkles when you match a race to a class that harmonizes perfectly.

What Classes Are Well Suited to the Aasimar?

The Aasimar, with its divine heritage, boasts aptitudes that make it ideal for certain classes in particular. Let’s explore how an Aasimar can shine when teamed up with Bard, Paladin, Sorcerer, or Warlock classes.


As a Bard playing an Aasimar, you’ll discover a celestial harmony that truly sings. This divine class bridges magic and performance, where the innate Charisma boost offered by the Aasimar race is a godsend.

Bards use their charisma to cast spells and influence others with their words and deeds. The Light Bearer trait of the Aasimars enables them always to have a light spell on hand, perfect for those dark corners in grand concert halls or forgotten caverns alike.

Their celestial resistance and healing power also contribute greatly to their survivability in battle. They seamlessly stand at the crossroads between a charismatic leader and an inspiring symbol of hope, making them an asset in any party.


Being a champion of justice is etched into the essence of Aasimars, so choosing Paladin as your class feels incredibly natural. Paladins are often revered as soldiers guided by divine entities.

This pairing resonates well, given Aasimar’s inherent celestial conflict between their human nature and otherworldly instincts. As Paladins require high charisma for many of their spells, this syncs well with the natural strengths exhibited by this angelic race.

Their Healing Hands ability offers synergistic benefits with the Lay on Hands ability that paladins already possess, essentially doubling your ability to heal.

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Sorcerers draw upon innate magical prowess rather than learning through years of study. This is truly a powerful combination for the Aasimar, as their celestial heritage undoubtedly fuels magical talent.

The Sorcerer’s reliance on Charisma as its spellcasting ability aligns perfectly with Aasimar’s boosted Charisma score, enhancing spell potency and making them both relentless adversaries and resilient allies.

As a Sorcerer, the Aasimar start with Light cantrip from their racial traits, freeing up selection for other potentially useful spells in your roster.


If you envision your Aasimar as more conflicted and desiring to understand the darkness alongside the light, consider becoming a Warlock. This class draws its power from deals made with supernatural entities.

The celestial resistance of the Aasimars provides a good defense mechanism during those unavoidable times when you’ll dabble in some necrotic or radiant damage.

Healing hands can be utilized for some much-needed recovery after intense bouts of warlock-style magic takeover.

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FAQs About Aasimar 5E Race

What other special abilities does Aasimar possess in D&D?

Aside from their healing hands, celestial resistance, and light-bearer traits, Aasimar gains unique abilities at higher levels depending on their specific subclass.

Can Aasimar choose to be evil in the game?

Even though they ARE typically good due to their celestial heritage, an Aasimar can become evil due to their personal experiences.

How do other races in D&D perceive Aasimar?

Aasimars often find themselves being adored or feared due to their divine heritage – they stand out as something more than mortal to most races.

Can you play a non-human Aasimar?

Their celestial heritage defines aasimars, and this can manifest in any race – so yes, you could play a non-human Aasimar.

Are there any notable Aasimars I should know about?

In D&D lore, one of the most famous would be Yvonne Mathos of Waterdeep and Argoth Stolenn in the Forgotten Realms series.


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