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All Purpose Tool 5E Magic Item [Versatility In Your DnD Adventures]

All Purpose Tool 5E Magic Item
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/31/2023
Est. Reading: 10 minutes

Are you set to go on your next adventure, and do you need a reliable companion? You cannot go wrong with an all purpose tool 5e. this remarkable item will certainly come in handy for you.

Whether it’s for aiding in role-play, enhancing your usage of skills, or having some fun tricks up your sleeve at crucial moments, this tool is widely used by players in Dungeons and Dragons, a popular tabletop role-playing game.

Imagine being stuck in a situation where magic won’t cut it, creativity isn’t enough, and the barbarian’s brute force isn’t as effective. In such scenarios, the all-purpose tool 5e comes to the rescue.

The specialty of this tool lies in its adaptability – it morphs into any artisan’s tools of your choice. But there’s more to this unique piece than meets the eye. Read on to discover some useful insights about this invaluable item in our game guide below.

What is the All-Purpose Tool 5E?

The All-Purpose Tool 5E, essentially a Swiss knife for artificers in Dungeons & Dragons, is a versatile and dynamic magic item. No matter what tool you encompass within this magic apparatus, it bestows an added bonus when you cast artificer spells.

What is the All-Purpose Tool 5E?

Let me break it down further. While wielding it, your spell attack rolls and spell saving throw DCs get an enhanced edge.

Whether you’re an amateur or veteran player, you’ll appreciate this item’s intricate design, which assists in broadening your gameplay strategy.

Though primarily designed for the artificer class, given its adaptability and ability to cater to any artisan tool of your choice, from smith tools to weaver tools, this item becomes indispensable for almost all scenarios, enriching your overall gaming experience substantially.

Just be mindful that while this tool has awesome capabilities, using it effectively requires a nuanced understanding of game mechanics and strategic implementation during gameplay.

Enjoy the advantage this magical item brings to your exciting adventure.

What are the capabilities of the all-purpose item?

One of the most astounding features of the all-purpose tool is its ability to transform. This is not merely a jack-of-all-trades but a master of all.

It can change into any artisan’s tools as listed in the Player’s Handbook (PHB). No matter what the situation calls for, your all-purpose tool has got you covered.

This tool doesn’t just stop at being versatile. It also enhances your spells, making it more potent and effective. The bonuses it provides for spell attacks and DCs (“Difficulty Class”) make it a magical item worth possessing.

A truly adaptable item, there are three rarities for an all-purpose tool – Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare. Each rarity level increases its abilities along with its value.

Another particularly unique attribute of this magic item is that you can learn a cantrip from any class while in possession of this tool, offering you unprecedented flexibility in casting magic spells. Remember to time it right, as you only have eight hours to use it.

Though the all-purpose tool holds immense potential, its full capabilities can be harnessed by an artificer due to the attunement restriction associated with this item. Artificers focus on imbuing objects with magic essence to create useful apparatuses.

So what does this mean for you? Whether you’re crafting intricate designs with artisan’s tools or throwing a precisely calculated spell at an opponent thanks to your bonus spell attack and DCs, keep in mind – the true power lies in your hands with an all-purpose tool.

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Is the All-Purpose Tool worth it?

As an artificer exploring dungeons in the 5E world, your number one question is probably, ‘Is the all-purpose tool worth it?’ The answer is, undoubtedly, yes.

Is the All-Purpose Tool worth it?

Consider its wide range of practicality. The all-purpose tool beautifully integrates with spellcasting capabilities — think of it like a Swiss Army knife for artificers.

With a firm grasp on this magic item, you gain a substantial advantage with your spell attacks and save throws, an increase that makes you formidable in battle and crucial during strategic plays.

What about those moments when you require skill modifications? Those critical situations where your proficiency needs to shift gears rapidly?

This is another intriguing aspect of the all-purpose tool. It offers an additional cantrip from any class. Still, timing is essential – you can only harness this power for eight hours, and using it would require an action on your part.

Now, let’s address what some gamers might perceive as ‘low points.’ Its shape-shifting ability from one tool to another isn’t as dynamic as we’d like in 5e.

But before dismissing this feature outright, bear in mind that campaigns involving downtime stand to gain significantly from such adaptability.

Proficiency with a particular artisan’s tool set won’t matter much because there isn’t any “best” or default mode for the tool. Instead of fretting over which setting to configure it into permanently, think of the flexibility at hand and buy tools that suit current predicaments or upcoming challenges.

In addition to these adaptable qualities, there’s something unique offered to 3rd level artificers – ‘The Right Tool For The Job’ ability.

With this ability, they can magically summon any artisan’s tools that align perfectly with their subclass needs – adding yet another layer of versatility to their magical arsenals.

So far, we’ve established that the all-purpose tool is a bona fide utility player in 5e gameplay. As with every possession you have in the 5e universe, it’s not ‘what’ but ‘how’ you use it that truly matters.

Strategize, adapt and utilize this resourceful magic item to enhance your playing experience and stay a step ahead on your adventures.

The All Purpose tool is not just a multitasker. It’s your reliable partner that takes your character to greater heights.

If leveraged properly, its value extends beyond the game board to make your Dungeons and Dragons session even more immersive and unforgettable. Consider this magic item an investment into a richer role-play experience for the long haul.

All-Purpose Tool Price

A vital aspect to consider while exploring the world of Dungeons and Dragons is undoubtedly the cost of magic items. Specifically, our focus today is on the All Purpose Tool 5E.

All-Purpose Tool Price

This extraordinary tool presents you with a myriad of options that easily outweigh its cost, allowing you to adapt seamlessly to various situations during gameplay.

In this part of our guide, we’ll delve into the price points related to different rarities of this wonder tool – Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare.

All-Purpose Tool Rarities

When picking your ideal All-Purpose Tool 5E, you ought to know about its available rarities: Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare. Each rarity tier not only reflects the tool’s price but also indicates its capabilities and exclusiveness within the game’s universe.

While an uncommon tool can be fairly simple to acquire in your first gameplay levels, finding a very rare piece turns into a thrilling pursuit as you progress into higher levels.

It creates a sense of accomplishment when you finally get your hands on them! The progression from one rarity level to another translates directly into enjoying more versatile and powerful functionalities that significantly impact your adventures.

Uncommon Cost

Let’s first talk about the most basic yet indispensable artifact – The Uncommon all-purpose tool 5e.

For first-level players looking for versatility at a cost-effective price range between 101-500 gp (gold pieces) or for those who prefer testing their luck by crafting at an average rate of 1d6 100 gp (roll a six-sided die multiplied by 100), this is an excellent choice.

It isn’t just about purchasing or crafting; selecting which tools to manifest from the ‘all-purpose tool’ holds a significant impact on your in-game journey.

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Rare Cost

Next comes the Rare all-purpose tool 5e. This is where things get a bit more exhilarating! For fifth-level players onwards, this coveted tool can cost anywhere between 501-5,000 gp.

If you fancy crafting this piece, be prepared to roll 2d10 1,000 gp (roll two ten-sided dice and multiply by 1,000). It’s slightly more costly than its predecessor, but it offers commensurate benefits.

The journey of acquiring this rare item could lead you to numerous electrifying mini-adventures and even merit a personal storyline featuring your character’s progression.

Very Rare Cost

Entering the high-stakes zone is the Very Rare all-purpose tool 5E. Tailored for advanced players at the eleventh level onwards, the price for these gems fluctuates between a hefty 5,001gp to a stunning 50,000gp.

The crafting drill remains unchanged with rolling 1d4 + 1 ×10,000 gp (roll four-sided dice plus one and then multiply by 10,000).

This very rare artifact carries immense power and flexibility that can turn the tide in your favor during pivotal moments. With such influential potential within reach, every gold piece invested beautifully contributes to unfolding your epic D&D narrative.

Remember that the cost includes not only monetary value but also personal adventures. The pursuit of these tools adds multitudes to your character’s depth and encourages strategic thinking. Do remember, though – with great power comes great responsibility.

Crafting Time and Cost for Proficiency Holders

In Dungeons & Dragons, crafting an item is a commitment. To craft, you’ve got to spend both time and resources.

If you’re a proficiency holder, meaning you have the specific knowledge or skill related to the magic item, the time and cost involved can be significantly reduced.

Let’s explore how that translates when it comes to crafting different rarity levels of the almighty All-Purpose Tool 5E.


For the Uncommon all-purpose tool 5e, a proficiency holder needs to set aside two workweeks along with a modest amount of 200 gold pieces (GP). If you recall from earlier on, attaining this level unlocks quite helpful abilities in low-level encounters.

Suppose you’re an artificer at the 10th level. Your specialized aptitude cuts down half of your workload and budget. In just one workweek and with 100 gp expense, you can craft an uncommon tool.

You get results quicker without stretching your budget.


Next up is our Rare all-purpose tool that would normally keep a proficiency holder occupied with crafting for around ten workweeks.

While it could make a significant dent in your coin pouch, requiring 2,000 gp for its creation, remember that rewarding sense of accomplishment when it’s finally in your hands.

But again, if you are an artificer at the 10th level or above, your workweek plunges by half to five weeks, along with a more sustainable cost of 1,000 GP.

Here’s where mastering this class pays off quite literally – extra time to join adventures and extra gold pieces saved.

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Very Rare

The crown jewel in this category, The Very Rare All-Purpose Tool, requires double the dedication, twenty-five whole workweeks, and massive expenses – a big splash of 20,000 gp for proficiency holders to craft it.

But Artificers at the 10th level, fear not – your dedication to the craft pays off. The time commitment is cut to a little over twelve weeks (12.5 to be precise), and the cost is halved to 10,000 gp.

Crafting this tool even with these savings reflects your high position in D&D’s hierarchy – a true ode to your journeys and achievements.

Possessing an All-Purpose Tool of any rarity is a privilege and symbol of merit, considering the game’s intrinsic detail and complexity.

Be it via purchase or crafting; the tool serves as an extension of your character’s traits – giving you leeway to orchestrate your narrative on your terms.


As D&D connoisseurs know, Artificers are the go-to experts when you’re dealing with artifacts and magic items. Special mention here to those who’ve reached the 10th level, as they bring forth a valuable advantage.

Acquiring or creating uncommon items would no longer pose a daunting task for these seasoned players as they can craft such things faster and remarkably cheaper!

It’s like they’ve unlocked their VIP pass to convenience coupled with significant cost savings. A kind of special reward for their commitment to the game, making their journey less cumbersome and more engaging.

So, if you’re an artificer, gear up because things start moving in your favor from this level onwards.

Replicate Magic Item Infusion can only duplicate some-purpose tools

To deepen your knowledge about the nuances of this magical universe, know that there are limits to what can be accomplished through magic.

Like life itself, there aren’t always easy shortcuts in Dungeons and Dragons. A key fact is that ‘Replicate Magic Item Infusion’ has restrictions – it can only replicate certain types of all-purpose tools.

While not being able to duplicate all kinds of tools through this infusion might seem frustrating, it maintains a balance in the game.

This rule ensures that each tool retains its uniqueness and importance within different scenarios, adding intrigue and diversifying strategic options for players throughout the game.

Magic item bonuses don’t stack

Here’s another commonly overlooked rule but crucial nonetheless – The bonuses from different magic items don’t stack up! If anything, this feature makes D&D more challenging and strategically thoughtful.

Possessing or using multiple magic items won’t result in accumulated effects or amplified powers – use them all you want. Still, you won’t be maxing out on spellcasts or damage points anytime soon.

This also means you need to make informed decisions regarding which item to use at what time since every item retains its independent identity and functionality.

As the adage goes, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one magic basket. These singular impacts also serve as testaments to each item’s individuality, spotlighting its unique strategic role in your game journey.

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FAQs About All Purpose Tool 5E

What is an All-Purpose Tool 5E used for in Dungeons and Dragons?

It’s a magical implement used by artificers within the game. The tool can transform into any artisan’s tool of your choice, provides a bonus to spell attack rolls and saving throws, and even grants you an extra cantrip (simple spell) from any class.

Can the All-Purpose Tool 5E be crafted in the game?

Yes, The crafting mechanics vary based on its rarity – Uncommon, Rare, or Very Rare – with each level requiring different amounts of gold pieces (gp) and time.

Does the All-Purpose Tool 5E offer versatility?

Yes, it’s known for its adaptability! Its ability to morph into various artisan tools provides players with unique ways to approach situations in-game.

How does proficiency work with the All-Purpose tool 5E?

Proficiency allows characters to add their proficiency bonus when using the conjured artisan’s tools, enhancing their effectiveness during gameplay.

Do I need to be an Artificer to use an All-Purpose Tool 5E?

While others might utilize this tool at a basic level, its full potential is realized when wielded by artificers due to attunement restrictions and focus on artificer class features.


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