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Spell Attack Bonus 5E D&D [Improve Your Magic Attacks]

Spell Attack Bonus 5E D&D
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/20/2023
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Have you wondered how to ease your way through the fascinating world of Dungeons and Dragons, particularly when it comes to understanding the spell attack bonus 5e?

Well, you’re not alone; it’s a common query among avid players navigating this intricate game. By taking a closer look at the mechanisms and nuances of the 5e attack bonus, we can help demystify this aspect of the game for you.

Whether you’re flinging fireballs in combat or countering curses in treacherous situations, knowing how to effectively utilize your spell attack bonus 5e effectively will surely give you an edge.

It is a critical factor that could determine the success or failure of your magical undertakings in this incredible world of fantasy. So stick around as we unravel one of D&D’s crucial aspects for you.

What is a spell Attack Bonus in D&D 5E?

In the realm of Dungeon & Dragons 5E, a Spell Attack Bonus is a modifier you add to your roll when your character makes a spell attack.

What is a spell Attack Bonus in D&D 5E?

It measures your ability to hit an opponent with a spell. The bonus typically encompasses an ability modifier relevant to your character’s class (for instance, Intelligence for wizards), along with your proficiency bonus (gained as you level up).

This fundamental factor affects whether your magical attacks successfully land on enemies during gameplay. To comprehend it fully, you must also familiarize yourself with concepts like casting stats and proficiency bonuses.

How do you calculate spell attack bonus 5E?

Calculating your spell attack bonus in D&D 5E is an elementary process that can be easily done with a little understanding of your character’s stats.

How do you calculate spell attack bonus 5E?

Here’s the simple equation: Spell Attack Bonus = Spellcasting Ability Modifier + Proficiency Bonus.

Your Spellcasting Ability Modifier is determined by your class, such as a Wizard using Intelligence or a Sorcerer using Charisma. Meanwhile, the Proficiency Bonus increases as your character levels up, offering an extra edge during combat.

Knowing and correctly calculating these factors give you an exact figure for your spell attack bonus, helping you strategize better and land crucial hits on opponents during gameplay.

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Proficiency Bonus

In D&D 5E, your proficiency bonus is a key element that quantifies your character’s skill improvement as they level up. This bonus is applied to certain actions like weapon usage, skill checks, saving throws, and, notably, spell attack rolls.

As your character gains experience and ascends through the levels, your proficiency bonus increases according to the predetermined progression chart, thereby augmenting your spell attack bonus concurrently.


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How to Increase Attack Bonuses?

Before we jump straight into the nitty-gritty of how you can increase attack bonuses, let’s establish a basic understanding.

How to Increase Attack Bonuses?

Your attack bonus in D&D 5E can sway the tide during your adventures, making it easier for your character to land successful hits on enemies.

This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including adjusting ability scores and improving character proficiency.

Knowing how these mechanics work is key to mastering your gameplay. So, let’s break down some of the strategies you could utilize:

  • Boost Ability Score Modifier: Enhance your character’s relevant ability scores, such as Strength or Dexterity, whichever is more relevant depending on whether you’re engaged in melee or ranged combat. An increased score leads to a higher modifier, adding more value to your attack rolls.
  • Choose Dexterity or Strength: Your attack bonus is influenced by either your Strength (for melee attacks) or Dexterity (for ranged attacks). Therefore, choose wisely when distributing your level-up points.
  • Improve Ability Modifiers: As mentioned above, increasing ability scores will also improve modifiers linked with these abilities. These modifiers contribute directly to many aspects of gameplay, including attack rolls.
  • Ability Score Improvement: This is an option available at certain class levels that lets you increase one ability score by 2 points or two ability scores by one point each. This serves as another way to improve modifiers, thereby enhancing the overall attack bonus.
  • Feats for Ability Score: In some cases, selecting specific feats when leveling up instead of an Ability Score Improvement might prove beneficial as they may provide valuable bonuses on your attack rolls.
  • Magic Items for bonuses: Scattered around the D&D universe are various magical items that grant goodies, such as bonuses to attack and damage rolls. Getting hands on such magical artifacts could considerably bolster your prowess.

Remember that every choice you make while molding and growing your character will partly determine how well your character fares in combat. So strategize carefully, make informed decisions, and may luck favor you in your endeavors.

How do you find the Spell Attack Bonus for your class?

The spell attack bonus dynamic is unique for each class in D&D, depending on their specific spellcasting ability.

Each class uses a different attribute as their casting ability, which subsequently affects their spell attack bonus. Two classes under our lens today are the Artificer and Bard.


When we talk about Artificers, their driving force is intelligence. They base their spells on logical problem-solving and calculated measures, just as a real-life engineer or inventor would do.

To compute your Artificer Spell Attack Bonus, it’s crucial to keep track of two things – your Intelligence modifier and proficiency bonus.

Artificer Spell Attack Bonus = Intelligence modifier + proficiency bonus

Now, when you’re in a battle situation and need to roll for an attack using a spell, here’s the rule of thumb:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

The higher your Intelligence modifier and proficiency level as an Artificer, the better your chances of successfully impacting your opponents with spells.

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Bards, on the other hand, derive their power from charisma. Their magic is deeply rooted in artistry, inspiration, and a strong force of personality. The calculations revolving around this class are slightly different than those of the Artificers.

Bard Spell Attack Bonus = Charisma modifier + proficiency bonus

And to craft an attack roll during gameplay:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

Here, too, maximizing your Charisma ensures that your lyrics land not just accurately but also pack a punch during clashes.


As protectors of the faith and conduits of divine power, Clerics rely on their wisdom. Their spells are a manifestation of this insight. To gain prowess in your casting abilities as a Cleric:

Cleric Spell Attack Bonus = Wisdom modifier + proficiency bonus

To strategize an attack with a spell when the game heats up:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

The higher your Wisdom, the stronger your connection to the divine force and, therefore, the more potent your spells.


Inextricably linked to nature, Druids cast their spells through an understanding of natural forces and wisdom. A Druid’s wisdom is key to their magical capabilities.

Here’s how you calculate it:

Druid Spell Attack Bonus = Wisdom modifier + proficiency bonus

In combat situations:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

So, wasting no time, let’s nurture your inner tree-hugger and start leveling up your Druid’s Wisdom!


Using arcane archetypes, some Fighters can cast spells powered by raw intellect. For this versatile class:

Fighter Spell Attack Bonus = Intelligence modifier + proficiency bonus

When you make a move to assail with magic during a skirmish:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

Increase that IQ level, “fighters”, because your Intelligence will determine how hard that magic blows land.

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Monks channel magic by understanding their bodies despite not being traditional spellcasters. Here’s how you compute Monk’s Spell Attack Bonus.

Monk Spell Attack Bonus = Wisdom modifier + proficiency bonus

When it comes to actual combat encounters:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

Adding closer focus to your monk’s mind-over-matter tactics could be worth its weight in wisdom.

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As righteous warriors are sworn to uphold justice and righteousness, Paladins are driven by charismatic leadership. To calculate your Spell Attack Bonus as a Paladin:

Paladin Spell Attack Bonus = Charisma modifier + proficiency bonus

During the heat of battle:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

Keep in mind your charisma fuels your strength as a Paladin. So it’s time to take center stage because an influential Paladin’s magic is a sight to behold.

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Let’s shift focus to the Rangers, skilled hunters and woodland warriors who use their wisdom to cast spells. The method to calculate their Spell Attack Bonus is pretty straightforward.

For Rangers:

Ranger Spell Attack Bonus = Wisdom modifier + proficiency bonus

And when you’re battling in your verdant domains:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

Mind that as a Ranger, your wisdom holds the key to successful attacks!


We have the Rogues, equally adept at stealth, cunning tricks, and spellcasting. Their intelligence-driven skills allow them to perform sneak attacks and magic expertly.

For Rogues:

Rogue Spell Attack Bonus = Intelligence modifier + proficiency bonus

During those high-stake gambits:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

Remember, as an elegant Rogue, brainpower can be mightier than the sword!


The abilities of the innate casters, aka the Sorcerers, hinge on their charisma. Their powerful personas channel magic unlike any other.

Sorcerer Spell Attack Bonus = Charisma modifier + proficiency bonus

And when casting spells against foes:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

As Sorcerers bank on natural talent more than learned ability, charisma plays a prime role in their magical prowess.


Similarly, for Warlocks, whose dark bargains grant them power, charisma is key. It aids them in maneuvering through pacts with mystical powers and consequential conflicts.

Warlock Spell Attack Bonus = Charisma modifier + proficiency bonus

When unleashing eldritch invocations:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

As a Warlock – the higher your charisma is, the more potent your spells.


The last class is the Wizards, scholars of arcane magic. Their profound knowledge, represented by their Intelligence level, powers their spellcasting.

Wizard Spell Attack Bonus = Intelligence modifier + proficiency bonus

In the heat of battles:

Attack rolls: Your d20 roll + spell attack bonus

Their mastery in spellcraft comes from their intelligence. So, always keep an eye on that attribute.

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FAQs about spell attack bonus 5E

Do I include the spell attack bonus on damage rolls in D&D 5E?

No, the spell attack bonus is only used to determine if your spell hits or misses, not for calculating damage.

If my class doesn’t have a spellcasting ability, can I still have a spell attack bonus?

Generally not. Spell attack bonus usually relates to classes with specific spellcasting abilities.

Can my proficiency level affect my spell attack bonus in D&D 5E?

Yes, absolutely! Your proficiency bonus forms a crucial part of your overall spell attack bonus.

Is it possible to increase my spell attack bonus while leveling up?

Yes, improving your casting ability score and increasing your proficiency bonus as you level up can boost your spell attack bonus.

Does the type of magic used (Arcane or Divine) affect the calculation of the 5E Spell Attack Bonus?

No, the type of magic doesn’t influence the calculation; it’s based on your class’s specific attributes and proficiency level.


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