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Autognomes 5E Race [Innovate With Technological Prowess In DnD]

Autognomes 5E Race
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/04/2023
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As an avid gamer, you’ve likely encountered various races in your gaming pursuits. One such intriguing group is the Autognomes 5E race, a rather obscure but engaging bunch that brings a lot to your table.

Gazette their dazzling tech-centered world and how they’ve integrated mechanical know-how into their very genes as we peel back the curtains of these hidden gems.

You’ve navigated dice-filled nights and plotted out countless campaigns. Amidst all those high elves and dwarfs, the Autognomes 5E race breathes life anew into your gaming experience.

Their unique blend of steampunk charm and fantasy innuendo churns fresh dynamism into even the most mundane campaign scenarios.

This article is here to give you an engaging, informative breakdown of this fascinating race’s nuanced mechanics and contribution to enriching gameplay narratives.

What is Autognomes 5E Race in D&D game?

The Autognomes 5E race is a unique category of characters in the popular Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing game. Picture a fantasy world fused with steampunk influence, and you’ll have a window into these fascinating creatives.

What is Autognomes 5E Race in D&D game?

They’re tiny mechanical beings reminiscent of gnomes, armed with heaps of charming quirks and technical prowess. Rooted in tech-based lore, they possess uncanny mechanical aptitude that integrates itself into their very DNA; they’re a living, breathing hub of industrial efficiency.

This sets them apart from other common races you’d typically encounter, like elves and dwarfs, adding fresh dynamism to your D&D adventure.

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What are the Traits of Autognome 5E?

For deep understanding and role-playing, it’s important to get acquainted with the traits of the Autognome 5E race. These little tech marvels come with distinct attributes that affect combat, communication, rest, and resistance in gameplay. \

What are the Traits of Autognome 5E?

This truly drives home their uniqueness and injects a nuanced flavor into your D&D exploits. Let’s dive into some of these intriguing characteristics in closer detail.


Autognomes have a knack for communication. As a player, you possess the ability to speak, read, and write Common language fluently. This allows for smooth interaction with a wide array of characters across the gaming world.

Autognomes offer you a unique bonus – one extra language fitted to your campaign environment. Pick any language that complements your quests, as long as it gets greenlighted by your Dungeon Master (DM).

With this linguistic flexibility at hand, you are well-equipped to traverse through diverse territories and engage various creatures in meaningful conversation.

Specialized Design

When it comes to skills, Autognomes stand head and shoulders above the common folk. Technological expertise is hardwired into their very essence, but their talents don’t stop there.

As an Autognome, you gain two tool proficiencies tailored to your preference right at the character creation stage. This gives you a greater grip on shaping your gameplay strategies by enriching your skillset right off the bat.

Be it mastering musical instruments or excelling at an artificer’s toolkit. Your cog-based compatriots surely pack some personal flair under their metal mantle.

Sentry’s Rest

Autognomes redefine what rest means in exciting ways, too! Unlike standard character races, which sleep during long rests, these mechanical folk enter an inactive but alert state for at least six hours. You’re not unresponsive during this period.

You stay aware of your surroundings and can spring back into action at a moment’s notice. Sentry’s Rest offers the chance to recover and reload without letting your guard down, providing an added layer of safety during your quests.

Mechanical Nature

A highlight of the Autognome race is their Mechanical Nature. This trait makes you remarkably resilient. With the awesome power to resist poison damage on your side, you can wade through daunting threats with ease.

Plus, the immunity to diseases reduces your group’s vulnerability during travels. Is a paralysis or poison threat looming over you? Fret not.

You hold the good fortune of an advantage on saving throws against such conditions due to this inherent mechanical attribute.

Healing Machine

Imagine being able to repair yourself! Autognomes have this nifty trait, making them formidable members of any party. These ingenious creatures’ very existence becomes synonymous with self-regeneration.

If someone casts the Mending spell on you – voila – it triggers an internal healing process. You can spend a Hit Die, roll it, and regain a number of hit points equal to the roll – adding your Constitution modifier into the mix.

From mere scratches to grievous wounds, there’s nothing a little magical mending can’t handle. Even if your roll is miserably low, you are guaranteed at least one hit point as a consolation prize. Talk about having an in-built repair kit.

Built for Success

As an Autognome, you’re hard-wired for success! This mechanical race houses some amazing built-in advantages that can turn the tide in tricky situations.

When making an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you have the power to add a bonus d4 to these rolls.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to land that crucial hit or avoid unwanted spells; with this perk up your sleeve, success is just one blessed dice roll away.

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Armored Casing

Your body isn’t just skin and bones – it’s tough metal! Autognomes come with their own portable safe house – their armored shell.

No extra armor is needed here because your base Armor Class is equivalent to 13 plus your Dexterity modifier while unarmoured.

Encased in either thin metal or another durable material by default, your defensive game is practically set from day one.


As a player-become-Autognome, your walking speed matches most common races out there – standing firm at 30 feet per turn, Swift enough for quick battlefield maneuvers and slow-paced travels alike.

Nothing beats the feeling of zipping around your enemies or exploring unknown territories with ease.

Embrace the true spirit of the Autognomes and enjoy the freedom to venture far-off places, equipped with speed as good as any other race in the D&D universe.


Autognomes might have nimble fingers and massive intellects, but they aren’t particularly large. As an auto-gnome, your size is Small.

Don’t let the small stature fool you into underestimating this race.

In the world of D&D, size often takes a backseat to general skill and imagination. Being small doesn’t hold them back. It offers unique advantages like harder-to-hit targets and the capability to traverse narrow corridors or low tunnels that could prove arduous for larger races.

So, while you may be looking up at many of your compatriots in the game, remember size isn’t everything. What counts is how you make it work for you.

Creature Type

In D&D, every creature belongs to a type that describes its fundamental nature. As an Autognome, your creature type is a Construct.

It’s important to understand that being classified as a Construct carries its own set of advantages and implications. Certain spells affecting only living creatures may not bear any impact on Constructs, thereby providing an unexpected line of defense in crucial moments.

Healing spells designed for living organisms might not be as effective on you but fret not. You got your trusty self-repair systems!

Ability Score Increase

Enhancing your gameplay performance is ability score increases innate to Autonomous.

The flexibility is almost enticing: either increase one ability score by two and a different one by one or increase three different scores by one each. It’s all about making choices that gel seamlessly with how you envision navigating your campaign.

You could bolster potential strengths or round off certain weak areas. There isn’t really a wrong choice here! It’s all about customization and optimizing your character sheet in just the way you desire.

This invaluable trait, coupled with their other deft abilities, truly sets Autognomes apart as an enticing choice for your next D&D campaign.

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Identifying Auto Gnome-Friendly 5E Classes

Among various and diverse gaming classes available to player characters, it’s essential to identify those that lend themselves well to the marvels of Autognomes.

Identifying Auto Gnome-Friendly 5E Classes

This can lead the way in boosting your game strategy and align with unique abilities intrinsic to this 5E race.

  • Rogue: The agile nature of a Rogue is perfect for the quick-witted Autognome race. Your ability, as an Autognome, to dissect situations and repurpose tools for success resonates perfectly with the Rogue’s swift action traits.
  • Fighter: As a Fighter, the specialized design trait of an Autognome opens up an expansive set of combat proficiencies. You can resonate steep proficiency bonuses on any chosen weapon or armor.
  • Sorcerer/Wizard: The arcane crafts speak directly to the innovative nature of an Autognome. Imagining an ancient magical tome filled with spells re-engineered into sleek mechanical devices, it meshes thematically quite well.
  • Druid: A bit unconventional, perhaps, but imagine a mechanic druid who casts ‘ironwood’ without needing trees or transmuting into robotic animals; that would be interesting!
  • Ranger/Bard/Artificer: These classes are incredibly gear-friendly; thus, coupling one of these with Built for Success (Autognome trait) could yield fantastic results ranging from combat superiority to accelerated healing aids.
  • Warlock/Barbarian/Cleric/Paladin/Monk: As unique as they come, role-playing them could lead you to develop interesting backstories – such as being gifted life by a deity (Warlock), going rogue against its makers (Barbarian), devotedly serving a god (Cleric/Paladin), or seeking harmony within its mechanical nature (Monk).

Selecting an Autognome-friendly class is the first step. The real charm lies in fleshing out your character’s journey, integrating their traits with the chosen class effectively.

This synergy not only optimizes gaming mechanics but also weaves a captivating narrative around your Autognome character. And no two tales need be alike; it’s all at the whim of your storytelling prowess.

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FAQs About Autognomes 5E race

What Makes Autognomes Unique in D&D 5E?

Autognomes bring a distinct combination of mechanical prowess and charisma to the table, stemming from their tech-centered universe, rendering them unique.

Can Autognomes Heal Themselves Faster?

Yes, they can! Upon casting the Mending spell, Autognomes can consume a Hit Die and regain hit points equivalent to the roll plus their Constitution modifier.

How Resilient are Autognomes in Battle?

Thanks to their mechanical nature, Autognomes show impressive resilience with resistance against poison damage, immunity to diseases, and notable advantage against paralyzing or poison-based attacks.

Can Autognomes Naturally Excel at Tasks?

Indeed! By virtue of their trait ‘Built for Success,’ Autognomes can add a d4 to one attack roll, ability check or saving throw they make.

Are there Optimal Classes for an Autognome Character?

While every class has its unique synergy, certain ones like Rogue, Fighter, and Sorcerer align incredibly well with the inherent traits and abilities of an Autognome.


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