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Banshee 5E Monster [Encounter The Wailing Ghosts Of Despair]

Banshee 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
Est. Reading: 10 minutes

You may have stumbled upon Fey creatures in the peaks of ethereal landscapes and magical realms.

Now, imagine unearthing an entity notorious for its mournful wails from these fantastical realms. This is where we meet the awe-inspiring Banshee 5e Monster.

The Banshee is a unique challenger in the captivating game universe of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

Its characteristics take us on an intriguing journey as you navigate through spectral combats. This ghostly fey harnesses a chilling existence, adding a fascinating layer of interest to your D&D adventures.

Attributes of banshee 5e

The Banshee 5e is renowned for its powerful traits that make it more than an ordinary adversary.

Attributes of banshee 5e

With its spectral appearance, strong resistance, and unique attack abilities, this monster intrinsically intrigues players alike. Let’s have a closer look at its various attributes.

Creature TypeUndead
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Hit Points58 (13d8)
Speed0 ft., fly 40 ft. (hover)
STR1 (-5)
DEX14 (+2)
CON10 (+0)
INT12 (+1)
WIS11 (+0)
CHA17 (+3)
Saving ThrowsWIS +2, CHA +5
SensesDarkvision 60 ft., Passive Perception 10
LanguagesCommon, Elvish
CR4 (1,100 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is a Banshee 5e?

In the captivating realm of D&D, a Banshee 5e is akin to an immaterial and undead echo of sorts.

What is a Banshee 5e

They are the incorporeal remnants of elves who, blessed with extraordinary beauty, used their gifts to manipulate and control others.

But they chose to employ their allure for nefarious ends rather than for decency, earning themselves profound ignominy in death.

Upon death, these resentful and remorseless elves don’t find peace. They rise as Banshees, seemingly cursed by their malice and vanity.

Bereft of physical form and entrapped in a spectral one, they exist in perpetual torment fuelled by their anger and despair.

A banshee is palpably ethereal and ghostly in appearance. Even so, they retain glimpses of the captivating beauty they used in their dark manipulations in life.

Their ghostly reflections lure adventurers into a false sense of security before revealing their horror-struck visage.

Being inherently magical creatures from ethereal planes the home of spirits and timeless energies their reality transcends just mere physicality.

They wield supernatural powers such as corrupting touch or life-draining wail which can play havoc with adversaries’ life sources.

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Damage Resistances

When you cross paths with the Banshee 5e Monster, your armory’s strength will be continually tested.

Damage Resistances

This creature’s damage resistances are numerous, rendering many traditional combat strategies ineffective. Let’s detail some specifics of these resistances to better equip you for battle.


Underestimate not the potency of an encounter with a Banshee. Amongst its arsenal of defenses, the Banshee possesses a considerable resistance to acid damages.

Its spectral form allows it to negate much of the adverse impact an acid-based offense would generally inflict. Only potent magical acids have been found effective against them.


The ethereal existence of the Banshee 5e Monster also provides fascinating fire resistance.

Despite their chilling demeanor, they remain impervious to conventional fire damage flames tend to pass through them, leaving them unscathed.

Only with powerful magical flames do you stand a chance at depleting a Banshee’s vitality.


Much like their response to fire and acid, lightning too has little effect on Banshees.

Their incorporeal designation makes it difficult for lightning attacks to be detrimental, further amplifying their relatively high monster challenge rating in the game.

A distinct strategy is needed when harnessing lightning against these spectral adversaries.


You’d expect ethereal beings like Banshees to succumb easily to sonic or thunder-based offenses; however, this is far from reality.

Their elemental makeup renders them resistant even to sound wave-induced damage, making battles all more challenging and thrilling for players.


Moving onto physical damages, it seems almost futile when thinking about using traditional weapons against these creatures from nonmagical attacks such as bludgeoning.

The ephemeral state of a banshee largely negates physical attack strategies your blows would merely pass through its ghostly form without afflicting significant harm.


The tale of futility continues with piercing weapons too, as nonmagical attacks come off ineffective against the spectral monster.

The Banshee, with its highly resistant nature, lessens the impact of piercing offensives. You might need a magical weapon in your arsenal to pierce through the defenses of this creature.


Relying on slashing maneuvers to defeat banshees can also be ill-advised when dealing with nonmagical attacks.

Their unique beings allow them to resist such damage extensively. Similar to piercing and bludgeoning strategies, you’d have a better chance at causing harm using magically infused slashing weapons.

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Condition Immunities of the Banshee 5e

When you consider the myriad conditions that can affect a creature in Dungeons and Dragons, it becomes clear how integral condition immunities are for survival.

Condition Immunities of the Banshee 5e

For a Banshee 5e, these condition immunities serve as its spectral armor, protecting an array of impediments. The following sections explore these immunity attributes in greater detail.

Immunity to Charmed

Being charmed can cause the affected creature to regard the transformer as a trusted friend. This puts them at a disadvantage in various challenging scenarios.

Your Banshee 5e doesn’t need to worry about such instances since it is inherently immune to being charmed.

Exhaustion Resilience

With undying vigor and relentless undertones emanating from their ghostly forms, Banshees show no signs of exhaustion.

This means that even under apparent circumstances that would leave other entities fatigued, our Banshee carries on unhindered.

Fearlessness Against Frightened Condition

How can spectral echoes of past lives fear anything? As immune as they are to be frightened, encounters with Banshees end up igniting fear instead.

You will not see a scared Banshee; instead, their haunting presence is what strikes fear into the hearts of adventurers.

Impervious to Grappled

Physical restraints hold little power over them as they are immune to being grappled. This is attributable to the intangible existence that grants them the ability to slip through any physical endeavor designed to hold or restrict them.

Resistance Against Paralysis

Paralysis leaves creatures unable to move or act, but again banshees defy this universal truth by remaining impervious.

Their otherworldly ethereal form makes them robust against immobilizing effects commonly related with paralysis.

Immunity from Petrified

Turning into an inanimate statue might concern others; however, being immune to petrified, Banshees are far from these worries.

Their incorporeal form further secures their existence, making it an impossible task for adversaries to convert them into stony inanimates.

Protection Against Poisoned Condition

The material woes of organic living beings don’t follow Banshees onto the spectral plane.

Hence they are immune to being poisoned; they can effortlessly drift through toxic clouds that would ordinarily cripple various creatures.

Shielded from Prone Condition

The state of being prone suggests a physical form that interacts with gravity; an aspect alien to a Banshee’s reality.

Banshees maintain their spectral floating movements rather than succumbing to forceful impacts that would typically knock others prone.

No Bounds with Restrained Condition

Being restrained is a powerless state of limited or zero movement. But for banshees with incorporeal movement and immunity to the grappled condition.

Restraint does not register as a potential threat They continue their flow unaffected around this limitation.

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Damage Immunities

One of the most threatening aspects of engaging a Banshee in combat comes from its remarkable Damage Immunities. This spectral creature is immune to several kinds of damage.

Damage Immunities

Through its ghostly form, it can resist and even completely ignore some attacks that would be devastating to other beings.


Banshees have the extraordinary ability to remain indifferent to cold damage. This implies that any abilities or spells inducing cold damage simply pass through their incorporeal forms without causing harm.

Whether it’s a blizzard spell or a weapon enchanted with frost, your attempts will amount to naught against the chilling endurance of the banshee.

This immunity embodies a portion of the Banshee’s spectral resilience – they are beyond mortal vulnerabilities to temperature and weather conditions.


Equally striking is the Banshee’s immunity to necrotic damage. As creatures tied intrinsically with death and decay themselves, they are untouched by powers that siphon life force or induce physical decay.

This rules out many dark spells or death-associated abilities from your arsenal when combating a banshee.

It is indeed ironic since inflicting necrotic damage usually showcases its effectiveness against most undead creatures; however, the banshee stands as an exception.


Undying entities like banshees remain unaffected by toxins and venoms, making them immune even to potent poisons no poison-induced consequences such as draining strength or dwindling health over time affect these incorporeal beings.

No poison-based attacks that you may use as part of your tactics stand a chance against this spectral entity.

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The Banshee 5e is not just a character known for its resistance and immunities.


Its specific abilities make it a fearsome adversary in the D&D universe, demonstrating its unique nature and setting it apart from other spectral beings.

Detect Life

We have the uncanny ability of the banshee to detect life. This skill allows them to sense living creatures within a designated radius, highlighting their prey even in dense gothic fog or complete darkness.

A banshee can use this eerily intuitive sense to pinpoint its next target up to 5 miles away. The sheer range of this power is enough to put any adventurer on edge, emphasizing the Banshee’s supernatural origins.

Sense Life clarifies why Banshees are such formidable opponents to encounter. Players must strategically approach encounters with these spectral beings, realizing that their presence has probably been detected long before they see the Banshee themselves.

Incorporeal Movement

The feature of the Incorporeal Movement is as ghostly as it sounds. This paranormal trait lets a Banshee pass through other creatures as well as objects as though they were difficult terrain.

This ability gives Banshees an incredible advantage during combat scenarios, making it difficult for players to land attacks or manage their moves effectively.

They can materialize out of nowhere, disrupt plans with swift and unexpected strikes, or retreat into safety seamlessly after launching an attack. These ghostly ambushes can prove decisive during heated matches.

Note that the maneuverability advantage provided by Incorporeal Movement underscores how critical it is for players to devise astute strategies when facing off against these ethereal opponents.

Failing to account for this feature might well be setting yourself up for defeat at the hands of these wailing monsters.



There’s no denying the encounter with a Banshee 5e poses a significant challenge. It’s not just the eerie existence that sends chills down your spine but also its tactical combat abilities that you must watch out for.

Corrupting Touch

One of the Banshee 5e’s primary offensive capabilities is its Corrupting Touch. This eerie, spectral attack has an impressive +4 to hit, reaches 5 ft., and is unleashed upon one target.

On successful execution, it inflicts a chilling 12 (3d6 +2) necrotic damage, causing substantial destruction.

The power of the Corrupting Touch lies in its direct physical harm to the adversary.

It sheds light on the ghastly essence of this fey creature eternally stranded between life and death using its spectral touch as a means to afflict pain on its challengers.

Horrifying Visage

Moving on to another intriguing ability is the Horrifying Visage. Unlike physical harm, this ability instills deep terror within its victims who dare cross paths with it within 60 feet.

When you’re subjected to this horrifying view of her mangled human-like form, you are forced to make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or risk becoming frightened for up to 1 minute.

This paralyzing fear can disrupt your plans during combat and weaken your resolve significantly unless you recover from it quickly enough.

Needless to say, this potent weapon in the arsenal of a Banshee holds power beyond mere physical damage; it assails your fortitude by preying on your darkest fears.

Wail (1/Day)

Wail which can prove disastrous during battles with her foes. The banshee can use this move only once per day; due credence must be given to its immense destructive power.

When a banshee emits her mournful wail, every creature within 30 feet who can hear her must succeed on a DC 13 Constitution saving throw or drop to 0 hit points.

The chilling nature of this ability often plays out as the turning point during combats, marking the Banshee’s presence as an ominous signal of doom.

The Banshee’s combat abilities may appear straightforward, but they exemplify strategic options in battles that engage in more than just physical damage points.

Its ghostly abilities allow this disembodied spirit to survive encounters and impose challenges on those who dare step into their dominion.

Now that you’re armed with a comprehensive understanding of the actions of a Banshee 5e, your strategies can be better equipped when engaging with them in your D&D quests.

It takes more than bravery to face these spectral phenomena; it’s about grit, wisdom, and perseverance too.

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How to Defeat a Banshee?

Encountering a banshee can undeniably raise the stakes of your game, turning an ordinary campaign into a survival quest.

How to Defeat a Banshee

While these spectral creatures possess abilities that can be deadly, it’s important to remember that they are not invincible. Here we will discuss some effective strategies for defeating a banshee.


Radiant damage can be your reliable ally while facing a Banshee in combat. In general, undead creatures like the banshee have vulnerabilities against radiant damage.

Clerics and paladins are typically the best sources for this form of damage due to their divine spells, making them crucial team members when dealing with these ethereal apparitions.

A well-placed “Sacred Flame” or “Divine Smite” can effectively wear down a Banshee’s health pool, bringing you one step closer to your victory.

Strategic implementation is key here as timing and positioning often play pivotal roles in determining the effectiveness of these spells.


Here’s an interesting alternative flattery. Legends tell that Banshees were once elves who used their remarkable beauty for wicked deeds.

These spirits are observed to retain some form of vanity even after death. Leveraging this weakness could be an ingenious approach to steer clear of harm’s way.

A proposition offering beautiful trinkets or art may just manage to placate the banshee, allowing for safe passage or even information if communicated effectively.

It would be wise to tread cautiously as one wrong move may provoke a volatile spirit.


While it’s not always viable given the unpredictability of D&D campaigns, circumventing banshee territories is a strategy worth considering.

These creatures are fiercely territorial and maintain their dominion within strict perimeters usually a 5 5-mile radius around their haunting ground.

Familiarity with your environment and its local folklore becomes the major contention here; a well-informed traveler would know to take a detour at mentions of spectral wailing or a history of sudden unexplained deaths.

Though not foolproof, this tactic offers a peaceful solution provided you’re willing to forgo the experience points that come with defeating the banshee.

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FAQs About Banshee 5e

What are the base attributes of a Banshee 5e?

Banshee possesses unique abilities such as Incorporeal Movement, Detect Life, and powerful attacks like Corrupting Touch. They also have high resistance to various damage types.

How are Banshees depicted in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?

In D&D 5e, Banshees are ethereal beings, representing the souls of elves that were once beautiful but used their charm for wicked deeds.

Are Banshees immune to any specific attacks or damage types in D&D?

Yes, Banshees have damage immunities to cold, necrotic, and poison effects along with resistance to acid, fire, lightning, thunder, and physical damage from nonmagical weapons.

How can one defeat a Banshee 5e in the game?

A combination of Radiant attacks from clerics or paladins, strategic bargaining through flattery offering beautiful items, or avoiding their territories can all serve effectively against a banshee.

What is the significance of Wail’s ability for a banshee 5e?

The powerful Wail ability allows the banshee to kill its adversaries outright if they fail a saving throw induced within the radius of hearing this supernatural wail.


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