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Bardic Inspiration 5E [Inspire Your Party With Music In DnD]

Bardic Inspiration 5E
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Updated On: 11/21/2023
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If you’re delving into the realm of Dungeons & Dragons, you’ve likely come across the term “Bardic Inspiration 5E.”

It’s a phrase that might sound a bit mysterious or even intimidating at first. Once you get past the initial intricacies, it’s a concept that can truly enrich your gameplay.

Unlocking and mastering this aspect brings an exciting edge to your gaming strategy, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out on your D&D journey.

Understanding Bardic Inspiration 5E is key to bolstering your adventure and adding depth to your character’s role. So, buckle up as we share all the enticing details about being inspired by the bard.

What is Bardic Inspiration 5E?

Harnessing the power of words and music, Bardic Inspiration 5E allows you to invigorate your fellow adventurers during the gameplay. It’s an action that lets your character coax your team to perform beyond their regular capabilities.

What is Bardic Inspiration 5E?

As a bard, by using musical tunes or stirring speeches, you can inspire others to achieve levels of performance they never thought possible. These inspirational notes or words act as a bonus in varied circumstances like battling enemies or disarming traps.

Remember that this concept isn’t just about playing the lute or delivering captivating speeches in game sessions; it’s about tactically making use of this unique feature that could potentially sway results in your favor.

How Does Bardic Inspiration Work?

When you’re playing as a bard in Dungeons & Dragons 5E, you can use your bonus action on your turn to inspire another creature. To do this, the creature must be within 60 feet and capable of hearing you.

How Does Bardic Inspiration Work?

It’s about strategically choosing who among your fellow adventurers gets that morale boost during the game. This choice depends on multiple factors like their position in the field or their importance in succeeding at a particular task in the game.

Once chosen, you can grant them a Bardic Inspiration die (The size of this die depends on your Bard’s level). This die represents an additional roll they can make to add to an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw during specific game moments.

The twist here is that you don’t have to use this bonus immediately. You may hold onto it for up to 10 minutes (or as long as the Bard’s concentration allows).

Here’s how it works:

  • Choosing: Use a bonus action and select one creature other than yourself within 60 feet.
  • Granting: Present them with a Bardic Inspiration die (the size depends on your level).
  • Utilizing: The chosen creature gets an extra roll for their ability check, attack roll, or saving throw.
  • Validity: They can hold onto this benefit for up to 10 minutes.

With Bardic Inspiration, timing becomes elemental as tactfully bestowing these bonuses makes bards indispensable in any D&D party.

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Exploring Alternative Routes to Bardic Inspiration: Is There Another Way?

Yes, indeed, there are alternate paths to achieving Bardic Inspiration. It’s not restricted only to the bard’s magical tunes or speeches.

Here’s an interesting twist: just like in real life, you can share inspiration within your team in D&D. If a player already has inspiration, they can generously hand it off as a reward to another player.

An important caveat here is that once you give up your inspiration, you lose it for yourself. Think of it as a ‘pay it forward’ system. You give strides of motivation to others but do remember that this leaves you without that precious bonus for later use.

This aspect mirrors the sense of camaraderie and teamwork inherent in D&D gameplay, where the collective success of the team often outshines individual glory.

Taking part in stimulating dialogues, mastering your role-play skills, and embarking on heroic deeds could also prompt your Dungeon Master (DM), who plays an overarching role in dictating the progress of the game, to award inspiration.

So, Bardic Inspiration is not merely restricted to performance or combat scenarios; with variability at its heart and keen strategizing from players involved – it encompasses much more than meets the eye.

The rules around sharing inspiration might vary slightly depending on your Dungeon Master and the specific setting of your campaign; be sure to check with them before applying this tactic.

How Many Bardic Inspirations Can You Have?

Your Bardic Inspiration is a potent tool in your arsenal, but it’s also a precious resource. At any given time, you can only have one Bardic Inspiration.

How Many Bardic Inspirations Can You Have?

Given the weighted significance of these inspirations, possessing one might sound a tad restrictive. The game balances Bardic Inspiration’s potency with its scarcity.

This balance ensures you exercise caution and strategic thinking about when and where to use this powerful feature.

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Uses by Subclass

In the vibrant world of Dungeons & Dragons, the Bardic Inspiration rule interacts differently with various Bard subclasses. Each subclass harnesses the power of Bardic Inspiration in unique ways, adding a flavorful twist to its use.

Let’s navigate through these subclasses and discover how Bardic Inspiration elevates each.

College of Lore

The College of Lore uses the Cutting Words ability – a feature that truly embodies a lore bard’s distinct flair. With it, you can belittle an enemy’s success or unravel their concentration during battles.

Using a Bardic Inspiration die, you can potentially diminish the enemy’s roll, making this verbal volley a strategic weapon in your arsenal.

College of Valore

Next up is the College of Valore, where bards gain some exceptional buffs that accentuate their combat prowess.

As a brave valor bard, you can spice up your allies’ armor class, attack rolls, or even damage rolls with Combat Inspiration, wielding your Bardic Inspiration in creative and combative ways.

College of Glamour

The College of Glamour unfolds an allure-filled journey with its unique Mantle of Inspiration feature. With it, you grant temporary hit points to several allies while using a single Bardic Inspiration die.

This glimmering shield not only beefs up your allies’ resilience but also adds an unexpected layer to damage control strategy on the battlefield.

College of Swords

The College of Swords offers a swashbuckling spin on Bardic Inspiration through its Blade Flourish ability. You can unlock breathtaking swordplay that impacts your attack’s reach or intensity by spending one Bardic Inspiration die.

Here is where admiration for artful acrobatics meets the tactical brilliance in every Sword bard’s gameplay.

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College of Whispers

For the bards belonging to the College of Whispers, Bardic Inspiration reveals a darkly thrilling aspect. Here, with Psychic Blades, you transform your Bardic Inspiration die into a tool for dealing psychic damage.

A whispered bard wields this deceptive edge, turning ordinary attacks into psyche-shattering assaults.

College of Creation

The College of Creation offers inspiration in the most literal sense possible by enabling bards to manifest their Bardic Inspiration in a physical form known as a Mote of Potential.

This mote can grant your allies additional bonuses during their rolls or erupt in a burst of creative energy, making it tactically diverse and visually enchanting.

College of Eloquence

Over at the College of Eloquence, flexibility defines the use of Bardic Inspiration. Their Universal Speech feature allows eloquent bards to subtract from an enemy’s saving throw, thus spreading inspiration even wider and increasing its overall impact.

With Unfailing Inspiration, your allies get more mileage from their inspiration dice while also having a chance to pass it on.

College of Spirits

There are the bards from the mystical College of Spirits who channel narratives from beyond using Tales from Beyond.

Each tale is based on a roll on the Spirit Table, which then determines how your spirits use your Bardic Inspiration die–from healing comrades to revealing deeply hidden truths about your foes.

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FAQs About Bardic Inspiration 5E

What does Bardic Inspiration do in D&D 5E?

Bardic Inspiration provides a powerful bonus to players’ ability checks, attack rolls, or saving throws by allowing a bard to inspire others with music or words.

How many times can Bardic Inspiration be used?

The usage of Bardic Inspiration is usually limited to the bard’s Charisma modifier per long rest; however, it increases as you level up.

Can Bards use Bardic Inspiration on themselves?

No, by raw rules of 5E, bards cannot use their bardic inspiration on themselves except if they belong to the subclass College of Valor starting at level 14.

Is Bardic Inspiration a free action in 5E?

No, using Bardic Inspiration typically requires a bonus action during your turn.

Do the effects of Bardic Inspiration stack in D&D 5E?

No, a character can have only one Bardic Inspiration die at a time.


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