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20 Best 4th Level Spells 5E [Command Advanced Magic In DnD]

Best 4th Level Spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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Delving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), where your imagination reigns supreme, one can’t help but get excited about the myriad of spells at one’s disposal.

Among the plethora of enchantments, the best 4th level spells 5e are particularly exciting due to their magnified power and diverse versatility.

Greater invisibility, banishment, or fire shield – no matter which school of magic calls to you in your 5th Edition D&D adventures, there is likely a 4th level spell waiting to enchant your journey.

So prepare your wizard’s spellbook or gather your Druid’s reagents as we detail some of these captivating 4th level spells, their mechanics and how you can use them most effectively in your campaigns.

best 4th level spells 5e

Diving deeper into the domain of Dungeons and Dragons, one treasured aspect that keeps players captivated is the arsenal of spells. As they progress, adventurers reach a powerful threshold where they get access to 4th level spells.

best 4th level spells 5e

These are a step up from the average spellcaster’s toolbox, teeming with a range of abilities that can sway battles in your favor or help you outmaneuver complex quandaries.

Among these enthralling options, two noteworthy spells stand out: Arcane Eye and Banishment.

Arcane Eye

As a spellcaster, do you not wish to scout ahead without putting yourself in danger? Here’s where Arcane Eye steps in. This divination spell creates an invisible, magical eye within range that roves at your command.

Witnessing through this eye, you are privy to visual information it sees (even in darkness) up to a distance of 30 feet.

It can wander around corners or even through small openings often proving extremely tactical for strategizing or avoiding unpleasant surprises on your quest.

With Arcane Eye’s duration lasting up to an hour with concentration, this handy reconnaissance tool provides you with invaluable insight into potential threats or hidden passages ahead.

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Your party got entangled in a scuffle with an overpowering monster? Fear not! With Banishment – a powerful abjuration spell – you can send such creatures into another plane of existence temporarily.


The creature disappears if it fails a Charisma saving throw against your spell save DC.

If the creature is native to the plane your group currently inhabits, it will return after 1 minute unless the spell is recast or still under its effect due to concentration being maintained for the entire duration.

Banishment serves as an excellent means for getting annoying monsters out of the way temporarily while allowing your team time to rally their strengths or find alternative solutions.


Blight is your answer when the situation demands a quick offensive response. This necromancy spell drains the life from a creature you select within range.

It deals considerable necrotic damage on a failed Constitution saving throw, and half that damage with success.

In combat, it’s particularly lethal against plant creatures or beings that are magically created or manipulated to spread terror, dealing maximum damage instantly.

The power to potentially neutralize an adversary in one fell swoop makes Blight a superb addition to your repertoire.

Charm Monster

Negotiating with beasts can be tricky. Charm Monster comes to your aid by influencing a creature you can see within range to regard you as friendly.

Charm Monster

This enchantment spell succeeds if the target fails its Wisdom saving throw, whereafter it perceives any action taken by you in good spirit until the spell ends or your companions harm it.

With Charm Monster, you not only avoid unnecessary combat but also gain potential allies throughout your campaign.


Whether it’s turning the tide of battle or sparking comedy moments among the party, Confusion serves multiple purposes. This enchantment spell assaults and twists creatures’ minds, spawning unpredictable behavior.

On failing the Wisdom saving throw, affected creatures can’t take reactions and must roll at each turn to determine their behavior ranging from moving in random directions to attacking their allies.

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Control Water

When trouble brews on aquatic terrain, Control Water could be essential for survival. It gives you control over freestanding water of a sizable area depending on your level of concentration – raising water levels, parting waters or even creating whirlpools.

Control Water

If an impending flood or intimidating sea monster is looming ahead, Control Water becomes your trump card.

Death Ward

Protecting oneself often proves as vital as defeating opponentsorsolving enigmas.D&D 5e’s Death Ward accomplishes this precisely.

Upon casting, it grants protection where the first time the target would drop to 0 hit points due to damage, instead they drop to 1 hit point.

Dimension Door

This conjuration spell enables you to teleport yourself (and possibly an ally) from your current location to any other spot within range instantly.

Dimension Door

Whether you’re making a quick escape or just bypassing aheavily guardeddoorway, Dimension Door makes it possible and is impeccable in tight situations.


When you need some guidance on proceeding forward in your adventure,the Divination spell proves invaluable.

It puts you in contact with a deity or divine proxy who provide cryptic clues about a specific goal, event or activity occurring within seven days.

This cosy chat with the divine might just set you on the right path to glory.

Dominate Beast

Looking for a way to take control of confrontations with beasts? Dominate Beast offers a solution by giving you total control over an animal of choice within range if it fails its Wisdom saving throw. Make enemies your allies or create diversions—it’s up to you.

Dominate Beast


Harnessing raw materials and reconstructing them has never been easier than with Fabricate.

This transmutation spells converts abundant raw materials into products of the same material instantaneously without any tool requirement.

If there’s stone around and you need a bridge pronto— Fabricate gets it done.

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Freedom of Movement

Freedom of Movement is an enchantment spell that’s truly liberating. With this magical assist, you or a creature you touch for the casting becomes impervious to spells and effects that slow movement or cause paralysis.

Freedom of Movement

Even underwater or in thick web-like traps can’t hinder your movement. This spell ensures your march forward, irrespective of the obstacles thrown at you, lasts about an hour without any need for concentration. It also provides added ease when escaping non-magical restraints.

Giant Insect

The magic of Giant Insect takes creepy-crawlies to a whole new level! It lets you turn up to ten centipedes, three spiders, five wasps, or one scorpion within range into loyal soldiers for up to 10 minutes.

Not only does their size increase exponentially, but so do their battle capabilities. However, remember once their short-lived gigantism wears off, they’ll revert back to their original forms.

Hallucinatory Terrain

Hallucinatory Terrain is your go-to trickery spell that specializes in disorienting enemies by manipulating landscapes around them.

Hallucinatory Terrain

With this illusion spell at your service for up to 24 hours, terrain in a 150-foot range can be made to look entirely different – a road turned into a swamp or an uphill slope into a relaxing plain.

Ice Storm

If sweeping destruction is what you aim for in combat situations, Ice Storm is certainly worth considering as part of your arsenal.

Summoning a hailstorm over a 40-foot-radius cylinder with icy pellets raining down deals both cold and bludgeoning damage to those unfortunate enough to get caught in its confines.

Locate Creature

Locate Creature simplifies the often time-consuming task of tracking down specific creatures or even someone who shares the same kind as something familiar to you.

Locate Creature

The spell precisely notifies you about the direction and distance towards your target provided it is within 1000 feet of you.

Phantasmal Killer

Unleash psychological terror upon your enemies with Phantasmal Killer, a spell that manifests the target’s deepest fears into an illusory manifestation visible only to them.

If they fail a Wisdom saving throw, they become frightened and sustain psychic damage.


Polymorph is an exciting transmutation spell that lets you transform a creature you can see within range into a new form of equal or lesser Challenge Rating (CR).


This can turn the tide in battles or enable clever problem-solving, depending on the creative use of transformations.

Stone Shape

Stone Shape is essentially 3D-printing with rocks. Bring out your inner sculptor and mould stone material into almost any shape you want – from weapons to statues or even sealing off an entrance with a stone wall.

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Wall of Fire

Defending against incoming hordes made simple and dramatic with Wall of Fire, enabling you to conjure up—you guessed it—a flaming wall.

Wall of Fire

It’s great for splitting enemy forces, creating barriers, or simply putting on an intimidating display. Single-use fiery offense and defense in one impressive package.

FAQs About 4th Level Spells 5e

What kind of 4th level spell is Banishment?

Banishment is a powerful abjuration spell. It can temporarily send a creature into a different plane of existence if it fails a Charisma saving throw against your spell save DC.

What does Freedom of Movement do?

Freedom of Movement is an enchantment spell that makes you or a creature you touch immune to spells and effects that slow movement or cause paralysis for about an hour.

How long does the Hallucinatory Terrain spell last?

Hallucinatory Terrain is an illusion spell that lasts up to 24 hours. It allows you to make terrain within 150-foot range appear as something entirely different.

What kind of damage does the Ice Storm spell do?

Ice Storm, an evocation spell, unleashes a hail storm causing both cold and bludgeoning damage to creatures caught within its radius.

How long does the Locate Creature spell allow me to track down specific creatures?

Locate Creature lets you know your target’s direction and distance, provided they are not more than 1000 feet from you.


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