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15 Best 5th Level Spells 5E [Impress With High-Level DnD Magic]

best 5th level spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/05/2024
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In the vast landscape of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), third edition (3.5e) spells hold a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide, particularly when it comes to 5th level spells.

These marvelous powers offer a combination of roles across groups, providing both versatility and strength to your character’s repertoire. In this blog post, we will discuss the 15 best 5th level spells 5e.

Whether you’re a spellcasting veteran looking to sharpen your strategy, or a newcomer about to dabble in the D&D universe for the first time, this blog will serve as your guide.

The beauty of D&D lies not only in its strategic gameplay but also in its depth and diversity. The game affords each player an array of magical abilities that can be used during confrontations and explorations.

Among these, the 5th level spells stand out for their impressive practicality and raw power. Stay with us as we unfold the magic diverse world of D&D and shed light on some of the most powerful 5th level spells that can help you navigate through your role-playing games more effectually.

Best 5th Level Spells 5e

Defining the best spells is not a simple process. It requires an in-depth analysis of their utility, versatility, and overall impact on gameplay.

Best 5th Level Spells 5e

As you advance in your adventuring career, having some of the most powerful 5th level spells at your disposal can turn the tide of battle or pull off feats that will leave your fellow adventurers awestruck.

From transport spells that facilitate quick escapes to those that take control of an enemy’s mind, here are what we consider to be some of the finest level-five spells.

Teleportation Circle

One of the most practical and handy spells is the Teleportation Circle. Sure, it may not have the overt razzle-dazzle of other high-level magic, but its practical uses are almost limitless.

This spell allows you to mark a 10-foot-diameter circle on the ground which links to a permanent teleportation circle elsewhere.

In layman’s terms, think of it as a magical doorway between two locations. Whether you’re escaping an angry mob or sneaking into a guarded fortress, this spell can save considerable time and energy, making it one of the key assets in any spellcaster’s arsenal.

Keep in mind that knowing another teleportation circle’s sigil sequence is vital for this spell to work correctly; therefore make sure you gather enough information before casting.

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Dominate Person

The Dominate Person spell offers control like no other; with this spell up your sleeve- or wand- power over an individual can become readily available.

Dominate Person

At its core, this spell grants you control over an individual for an hour (unless they manage a successful game-changing saving throw).

From getting enemies to fight each other to using them as leverage or spies against their will- all become possibilities with Dominate Person.

Wall of Force

The Wall of Force is another exceptional spell that offers substantial defensive capabilities. Essentially, this spell grants you the ability to create an invisible wall of pure force.

This wall can take any shape you desire, whether it be a dome to protect your allies or a barrier to block off an enemy.

Regardless of its form, the Wall of Force is nearly impenetrable, protecting you and your comrades from spells and physical attacks alike.

While the Wall of Force is immune to damage, certain magical means could potentially dispel it.

This spell undeniably adds a valuable layer of defense to any adventurer’s arsenal.

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Cone of Cold

When it comes to dealing damage on enemies, the Cone of Cold emerges as one of the powerhouse spells in D&D.

Cone of Cold

If your strategy revolves around attack rather than defense, this spell will fit snugly into your book.

This spell lets out a blast of cold air in a cone-shaped configuration before you that extends up to 60 feet.

The frosty fury can wreak havoc on numerous enemies at once causing significant cold damage and consequently decreasing enemy ranks rapidly – truly a maelstrom worthy of any offensive collector’s attention.

Raise Dead

The journey in D&D can be treacherous and fatal. However, with the Raise Dead spell at disposal, one need not fear death entirely.

This wonderful piece of magic allows you to revert death itself- by bringing back allies who have fallen in battle.

Do note that this spell does have its limitations – it cannot restore missing body parts nor undo curses or diseases that might have caused demise originally.

Also remember that resurrecting someone means they come back weaker temporarily until they’ve taken some long rests – which is just a small price to pay for being brought back from death’s door.


By casting Geas upon individuals who pose a threat or nuisance towards your quests, you place them under an enchantment that forces them to comply with your spoken command or suffer penalties.


Much like a magic-induced contract, disobeying instructions can lead to punishing psychic damage.

Although the spell can be removed by higher magics, this forces potential adversaries to exhaust resources making Geas an effective deterrent and control measure in your magical toolbox.

Hold Monster

Another crowd control gem, the Hold Monster spell renders a creature helpless subject to a Wisdom saving throw.

A paralyzed beast or an immobilized enemy combatant turns the battlefield odds dramatically in your favor allowing you and your friends to deal extra damage unabated!

However, application of this spell requires strategic thinking as conscious creatures still have a chance to break out of the paralysis effect on subsequent turns, hence using it on optimal targets becomes crucial.

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Insect Plague

Being surrounded by a swarm of biting locusts is not anyone’s idea of fun – unless you’re the one who conjured it.

Insect Plague

The locusts created from the Insect Plague spell torment enemies within their range causing them severe damage.

Not only does this spell wreak havoc on enemy health, but it also imposes visibility handicap within the cloud reducing chances of ranged counter attacks.

Telepathic Bond

This next spell can work wonders for those crucial turning points in your campaign, where the element of surprise is everything.

Telepathic Bond allows you to form a mental link amongst up to eight creatures of your choice within range.

The communication is entirely telepathic, and it transcends language barriers – a relief when dealing with a multi-racial party or non-humanoid beings.

Perhaps its greatest strength, though, lies in the fact that it’s not limited by distance on the same plane.

The ability to communicate instantaneously can be a genuine game-changer when it comes to synchronizing attacks or conveying vital information without an enemy’s knowledge.

Animate Objects

If you’ve ever fantasized about breathing life into inanimate objects like some wizard out of a whimsical fairy tale, await no more. Animate Objects grants you the power to do exactly that.

Animate Objects

This spell typically turns ordinary items into deadly allies in battle. Bookcases, rocks, weapons – anything you can think of becomes ten times more formidable when hurling towards adversaries at your command.

It adds an unpredictable element to your strategies and a bucket-load of fun during gameplay.

Legend Lore

As explorers and adventurers, coming across ancient artifacts, places filled with mystic energies or individuals imbued with unknown powers is par for the course.

And that’s where Legend Lore comes handy. This 5th level spell fills up numerous gaps and helps navigate these uncharted territories.

Upon casting this spell on an object or person in question, you’re provided with significant lore related to them – legends told through generations, ancient histories and even hints towards their vulnerabilities or assets.


Living up to its name perfectly, Awaken truly brings things alive! A mongooses bush? A sturdy oak tree? They could all turn into your closest allies with this spell.


Awaken bestows sentience for up to 30 days on beasts or plants, and they exhibit friendly behavior towards you.

If well-utilized, this can not only guard your resting area during lengthy adventures but may also offer new, creative ways to solve puzzles or escape situations.

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Scrying is a powerful divination spell that allows you to monitor a target from almost any distance. Think of it as your magical surveillance camera!

Even though a successful save throw could dampen its effects, when it works, the Scrying spell provides valuable strategic and informational advantages.

Using a focus like an item from the target or a body part significantly increases your chances of success.

Bigby’s Hand

A personal favorite for many D&D enthusiasts is Bigby’s Hand – the epitome of versatility in spells. This 5th level conjuration creates an ethereal hand that can be used for attacking, defending, or utility purposes per our will.

Bigby's Hand

Whether you need to keep enemies at bay with a huge forcefield or bring down crushing blows on them, Bigby’s Hand has got it covered!

Control Winds

This spell that lets you be the lord of winds. From gusting gales that hinder enemy advances to extracting information by whispering winds, the opportunities are plentiful and exciting.

Well-timed usage of this spell ensures your enemies are left grappling with powerful elemental forces while you manage your plans strategically in battle. Use it wisely and watch as the wind bends at your command.

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FAQs About 5th level spells 5e

Can you name some useful 5th level spells for a wizard in D&D 5e?

Sure, some top picks for useful 5th level spells for a wizard would be Scrying, Teleportation Circle, Animate Objects, and Wall of Force.

What are some strong 5th level spells used in combat?

Cone of Cold and Hold Monster are great choices for combat situations due to their capabilities in dealing ice damage and immobilizing enemies respectively.

Are there any good defensive spells at 5th level?

Yes, definitely! Wall of Force is an excellent example of a defensive spell that shields you from damage.

Which 5th level spell can assist with transportation or escaping quickly if needed?

The Teleportation Circle provides swift transportation between two known locations. It’s fantastic as an escape strategy or for rapid travel.

What is one powerful divination spell at the 5th level that can provide intelligence on enemies?

Scrying is an excellent choice for gathering intelligence on enemies. It offers the ability to spy on targets from virtually any distance.


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