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20 Best 6th Level Spells 5E [Wield Mighty Magic In High-Level DnD]

best 6th level spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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In the dynamic world of Dungeons & Dragons, one aspect that comes top on the list of player favorites is the depth and variety of spells available to characters as they navigate through their chosen realms.

For those adventurers who’ve reached level 6, a new layer of mystic abilities become accessible, yielding some incredible magical options.

From the most explosive and flashy feats to the profound and game-changing, we’re going to explore 20 of the best 6th level spells in 5e.

These powerful incantations can fundamentally shift the tide of combat situations, alter the landscape of diplomatic talks, or even remodel physical realities.

However, mastering these spells isn’t a small feat; it requires thoughtful strategy and keen understanding.

To help you make an informed decision for your spellcaster’s arsenal, we have compiled an array of remarkable options from across several spell lists in this guide.

best 6th level spells 5e

As you further explore the world of Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll uncover a plethora of powerful spells that lead to thrilling adventures and grueling battles.

best 6th level spells 5e

These spells vary greatly in their nature—some give your characters amazing control over the elements, while others allow them to tap into the very fabric of reality.

In particular, 6th level spells come with their own set of astonishing powers that can shift the course of your game. Here, we delve into two such remarkable spells—Chain Lightning and Disintegrate.

Chain Lightning

An evocation spell favored by sorcerers and wizards, Chain Lightning is an electrifying offensive ability that packs a high-energy punch on the battlefield.

Upon casting this spell, you generate a bolt of lightning that arcs towards a target of your choice which you can see within range. The initial strike can deal significant lightning damage reaching up to 10d8.

But it doesn’t end there; as per its moniker ‘chain’ lightning, from the primary target, three bolts then leap to as many as three other targets, each taking similar electric hurt.

Both the initial and secondary hits can be scaled based on higher-level castings, adding an extra target for each level above 6th used in casting this stunning spell. It’s worth noting though – this magical marvel requires no material components: just vocal and somatic gestures are enough to ignite its prowess.

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Belonging to the transmutation school, Disintegrate is another commonly used wizard’s offensive tool imbued with intense destructive power.


Upon casting Disintegrate on a creature or object in your line of sight, it releases a thin green ray towards your focus point with immense force enough to turn them into dust literally.

If successfully targeted on a creature still brimming with life force (hit points), they must make a Dexterity saving throw or take substantial damage—it could be as high as 10d6+40 force damage.

If this damage reduces the target’s hit points to 0, it is disintegrated, showing the raw power behind this spell.

If you target an object or a creation of magical force, Disintegrate readily destroys it without leaving a trace. Higher-level casting only increases the deathly outcome.

Globe of Invulnerability

An exceptional defenses-oriented spell, Globe of Invulnerability is a compelling choice when you need an effective shield against spells.

On casting, it creates a magical barrier around you that extends out to a radius of 10 feet.

As the name suggests, this sphere of protection is invulnerable to most spells of 5th level or lower, cast from outside the barrier. It allows neither such spell effects to penetrate nor can they be cast through it.

If the spell requires an attack roll, it’s automatically negated if unsuccessful attempt was made from within the radius.


When seeking a forceful offense capability, Harm features as an undeniable necromancy ability favored by clerics.


Delivering significant necrotic damage on a single target—equal to your maximum hit points—it breaks down living tissue and disrupts life force.

Though this spell doesn’t kill outright, its force reduces the subject’s hit points drastically unless they succeed in making a Constitution saving throw.

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Mass Suggestion

A potent enchantment at disposal of bards, sorcerers, and wizards is Mass Suggestion—a spell providing significant mental sway over others.

Able to affect up to twelve creatures within range and sight, this dominating influence can imbue them with specific courses of action determined by you at casting time.


Sunbeam lays down powerful radiant beams spreading brilliant sunlight in its path.


Preferred by druids and wizards alike for its effectivity against darkness-dwelling creatures like undead or oozes—the stream released causes intense radiant pain while blinding for a brief duration.

Circle of Death

Living up to its ominous name—Circle of Death saps life forces within its sprawling 150 feet range.

A potent necromantic option for sorcerers and wizards; besides inflicting heavy damage correlating with rolled dice’s score—the spell expands its radius with every higher level usage.


Contingency is a great choice if you value preparedness above all—it sets predefined conditions and associates it with a chosen spell, self-activating when the stipulations are met. This foresight spell can give you a crucial edge in dicey situations.



Eyebite, mastered by warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers is an effective means of ensuring mayhem amongst foes—it triggers three distinct effects – falling asleep, being frightened or being sickened for its entire duration.

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True Seeing

True Seeing gives you the invaluable ability to perceive things as they genuinely are for 1 hour—it negates illusions, shapeshifting; sees into the Ethereal Plane and reveals hidden truths masked by magic, like secret doors.

True Seeing

Heroes’ Feast

This enchantment creates a magnificent banquet capable of feeding up to twelve creatures.

Far from just filling bellies — it infuses with magical properties that beget several temporary benefits boosting hit point maximums and curing diseases or poison among others.

Investiture of Flame

This transmutation wraps you in flickering flames that harm nearby enemies with fiery damage while rendering immunity to fire damages and resistance against cold.

Investiture of Flame

Use it also to unleash waves of scorching flames towards your adversaries.

Investiture of Ice

A spell with both offensive and defensive capabilities, Investiture of Ice turns you into a walking powerhouse of frost. The caster becomes enveloped in an icy aura.

You’re immune to cold damage, resistant to fire damage, and your movement does not incur slip over icy terrain. A telling sign of someone under this spell is the freezing air and blustery snow surrounding them.

The magic doesn’t end there – this investiture also grants two very distinct powers. Firstly, your touch can freeze opponents, dealing considerable cold damage to those who dare venture too close.

You can create a hail storm from shards of ice that bombard enemies within a 15-ft cone causing physical harm and reducing their agility.

Investiture of Stone

Tuned to the element of Earth, the Investiture of Stone spell hardens your defense manifold by melding you with bedrock properties.

Investiture of Stone

It protects against petrifaction and grants resistance against non-magical bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing attacks.

In addition to defenses, this investiture has double assets for maneuvering challenging terrains as well – you can move across rocky environments without penalty and even glide through solid stone!

The ‘cherry on top’ is your offense turned ‘rock-solid’ – a wave of pebbles that pummel foes every time they initiate an attack at close quarters.

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Investiture of Wind

Embodying the freedom granted by airspace is Investiture of Wind. The caster transforms into being untouchable as wind gusts whirl around them deflecting ranged weapon attacks with ease.

Additionally, it lends the power to create tempestuous wind gusts in a 15-foot cube causing significant harm while also flinging smaller creatures around haphazardly—adding elements of disarray during combat situations.

To help avoid land-bound confrontations altogether, this spell offers temporary flight ability—ideal for quick getaways or high advantage point battles.

Tenser’s Transformation

If you think magic is only for the bookworms, Tenser’s Transformation will definitely make you rethink. This spell morphs even the most untrained wizards into courageous fighters.

Tenser's Transformation

It bestows unprecedented weapon proficiency, an armor class boost, bonus hit points and offering extra melee-weapon attacks as bonus actions.

A true game-changer at critical moments this spell enables mages to hold their ground against gritty combatants.

Word of Recall

An unconventional yet handy utility in precarious situations—Word of Recall—is your plan-B spell justifying ‘discretion is often better part of valor’. In a moment, it transports you and up to five companions to a previously designated sanctuary.

Whether it’s an enemy stronghold siege gone awry or an unanticipated ambush, this spell whisks yourself and your team away from imminent danger into the safety of your chosen sanctuary.

Mental Prison

If ‘mind games’ are more your style while tackling adversaries, Mental Prison would serve right up your alley. It creates an imaginary cage around the target’s consciousness—restricting their spatial awareness.

Mental Prison

A failure in saving throw leads them to believe they’re surrounded by threatening barriers causing serious psychic damage every time they attempt to escape this ‘mental’ cage.

The illusion heightens if target moves—convincing them they’re impaled hence leading to more catastrophic damage.


All about crowd control? Scatter is a remarkable tool for dividing and plummeting enemies’ footing during confrontations.

With a single word uttered by you – foes vanish from original location only to be deposited in spaces chosen by you within sight.

A perfect sigh-of-relief during encounters where outnumbered or outflanked; turn the numerical disadvantage right back onto adversaries with Scatter.

Transport via Plants

Handy for adventuring parties who frequently find themselves traversing vast distances, Transport via Plants turns any sizable vegetation into a portal destination linked to another plant you’re familiar with located – anywhere on the same plane of existence.

Transport via Plants

Regardless of miles that separate them, entry from one plant ensures instant exit from other—fulfilling colossal journey conveniences without much sweat.

Making world travel a green-thumbs-up adventure.

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FAQs About 6th level spells 5e

What is the most powerful 6th level spell in D&D 5e?

This is subjective as it depends on the scenario and character class, but Chain Lightning and Disintegrate are often considered among the most powerful due to their significant damage potential.

How do I pick the best 6th level spells for my wizard in D&D 5e?

Consider what your character is lacking in. If you need more offensive capabilities, spells like Chain Lightning or Disintegrate would be great. For defense or versatility, consider contingencies like Word of Recall.

Are all 6th-level spells combat-oriented in D&D 5e?

No, not all of them are. While there are plenty that enhance your abilities in battle, others provide strategic advantages outside combat. Transport via Plants and Word of Recall are perfect examples of non-combat spells.

What spell school has the most variety of impactful 6th-level spells?

The schools of Evocation and Transmutation tend to offer a wide range of highly impactful 6th level spells.

Are there any benefits to casting a lower-level spell at the 6th level slot?

Yes. Casting a lower-level spell at a higher slot typically enhances its effects: increased damage, longer duration, greater area-effect – depending on the particular spell.


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