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15 Best Buff Spells 5E [Boost Your Allies And Control The Battle]

Best Buff Spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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Dungeons and Dragons, particularly the 5th edition (5E), offers an array of intriguing features to make your gameplay both challenging and enjoyable. One such feature is the use of buff spells.

Buff spells are enhancements you apply to players to increase their strength, endurance, agility, or any other attribute that can give an advantage during combats or quests. In this article, we will take a closer look at what we consider to be the 15 best buff spells in 5e.

Every player knows that leveraging these enhancements can dramatically turn the odds in your favor during gaming sessions.

Whether you’re playing as a spell caster who can dish out buffs like candies at a parade or you’re looking for smarter ways to get your party out of tough situations, these spells can be game-changers.

We’ve carefully compiled this selection not only based on their power but also considering their versatility across different situations and classes in the D&D 5E world.

Best Buff Spells 5E

Buff spells in D&D 5E are one of the most powerful tools in any player’s arsenal. They provide unique advantages that could be the crucial difference between victory and defeat. The following are examples of what we believe to be the top buff spells in 5e.

Best Buff Spells 5E


Haste is one of those spells you’ll be hard-pressed not to use at every opportunity. In a world often filled with perilous battles, it offers unique advantages that might just tip the scales.

Casting haste on a character essentially gives them superior speed and reflexes, almost like they can perceive and react to things faster than normal.

It doubles their speed, provides a +2 bonus to AC, offers an extra action per turn, and enhances their dexterity saving throws.

This allows your character to take more damage, evade more attacks, move with greater agility, and often make those critical extra hits that finish off enemies quickly.

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Mage Armor

Mage Armor is an integral part of D&D 5E for casters who want some protection without the side effects of wearing armor.

Mage Armor

It’s like an invisible suit of armor that buffers mages against attacks while still allowing them full range for spell casting.

Rather than absorbing or blocking damage like regular armor would do for a fighter or rogue class, Mage Armor works differently: It changes how your Armor Class (AC) is calculated entirely.

Instead of adding your armor plus your Dexterity modifier for AC calculations as standard rules would apply, Mage Armor makes it 13 plus your dexterity modifier – which can make a great difference especially if you’re engaged in backline range fighting at lower levels.

This valuable spell shields you from attacks for a full eight hours without requiring concentration. However, it only works on targets not already in armor, and it can be cast on others as well.


So simple, yet so potent. Bless is a spell that may seem unassuming at first but is truly one of the best investments in 5E. This first-level spell allows you to bless up to three creatures of your choice within range.

Until the spell ends, any attack roll or saving throw made by a blessed creature gains a 1d4 bonus.

This means that before you know it, those tricky enemy attacks can become manageable, and vital saving throws are more likely to succeed.

In a battle where every roll counts, Bless could be the key to turning tight situations around.

Whether it’s making that crucial hit or resisting a lethal enemy’s effects, this buff can certainly give Barely scraping by will eventually fail.

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There is no underestimating how vital an emergency line of defense can be in D&D 5E and Shield serves exactly this purpose.

Shield 1

This reaction spell gives you up to +5 AC until your next turn ends when cast in response to being hit by an attack or targeted by Magic Missile.

Essentially giving you a chance to avoid damage altogether, casting Shield makes sure no advantageous strike from an adversary goes uncontested.

Whether it’s using it as your last line of defense when hit points are running low or catching enemies off guard with sudden resilience, Shield just might be your knight in shimmering magical armor.


Being fearless can make all the difference in times of turmoil – Heroism offers precisely this invaluable courage boost.

When cast on a willing creature (including yourself), they become immune to being frightened and gain temporary hit points equal to your spellcasting ability modifier at the start of each turn.

This spell ensures that mind-strangling fear does not derail your party’s chances for success during combat while providing an ever-refreshing cushion of health.

From fearsome beasts to dread-inducing spells, there’s a wide array of threats that Heroism helps protect against.


Stoneskin is a powerful protective spell that turns the recipient’s skin tough as stone. When cast, the target’s skin has its toughness multiplied making them resistant to nonmagical slashing, bludgeoning and piercing damage.


Being able to shrug off powerful physical attacks like brushing off dust can provide immense relief during tough battles.

With half-damage on most physical attacks, your party gets added endurance to outlast enemies and keep fighting stronger for longer.

Greater Invisibility

Greater Invisibility is your ticket to near untouchability. While under this spell’s effect, you or a creature you touch becomes invisible until the spell ends.

Anything the target is wearing or carrying is also invisible as long as it’s on their person. This spell doesn’t break after attacking or casting other spells.

Stealth attacks, Strategic repositioning, Simply avoiding any unwanted combat entirely? All these become possible with Greater Invisibility providing immense potential for shrewd strategy and playmaking.

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Nothing quite beats turning your enemies into harmless creatures or conversely evolving your allies into potent forms.


The Polymorph spell rightfully earns its place in this list due to how dynamic it makes any gaming scenario.

It drastically changes up battle situations by transforming creatures into another of equal or lesser challenge rating – often providing unparalleled battlefield control both offensively and defensively.

Use it wisely though; transformed creatures retain their personality and alignment even if they don’t remember being anything else before the transformation!


Aid provides support where it matters most – health points. When cast, this spell bolsters your allies with extra vitality increasing their hit point maximum and current hit points by 5 for each slot level above 2nd.

This additional health extends beyond normal limits making it great preemptive ‘armor’ before a big fight.

It also doesn’t require concentration, leaving your spell caster free to engage with their other magical abilities during combat. This peek into a pocket healer’s capabilities can be the key to turning battles in your favor.

All these spells offer unique benefits and advantageous dynamics that could potentially swing the balance of any situation – add them to your repertoire and you may just find yourself consistently having the upper hand.

Death Ward

In the world of D&D 5E where peril lurks behind every corner, Death Ward offers a safety net that could mean the difference between life and death.

Death Ward

Once cast, this spell grants a layer of protection that lasts for eight hours. If the protected being is subjected to an attack that would normally reduce its hit points to 0, it instead drops to just 1 hit point.

If it falls prey to a spell or effect that would outright kill it without dealing damage, that effect gets neutralized.

The power of this spell in preventing immediate death situations can’t be underestimated in tense combat encounters. It truly is ward against death!


If you’re getting into roles where your armor isn’t up to par with your ambitions, Barkskin was designed just for you.

This spell is all about toughening up defenses. When cast on a willing creature within touch range, their skin toughens and their AC can’t be less than 16, regardless of what kind of armor they are wearing.

It is an especially significant tool for classes like Druids or any other class with limited access to heavy armor but undertaking bold endeavors in battle nonetheless.

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Crusader’s Mantle

The potential impact from Crusader’s Mantle reverberates across all your allies within 30-ft radius centered on you – undeniably resonating with team effort and unity.

Crusader's Mantle

Once activated, it emboldens nearby allies with divine power such that until the spell ends, their weapon attacks deal an extra 1d4 radiant damage on hit- substantially upping the firepower your side collectively wields during combat.

Not only does this bless you and your comrades with higher damage output but brings about notable improvements in cumulative efficiency during extensive combats.


When movement becomes crucially important or time is limited in missions across the vast world of D&D 5E, Longstrider is a handy tool to have in your magical toolbox.

This spell offers a neat and simple advantage: it increases your speed by 10 feet until the spell ends – which normally lasts an hour without requiring concentration.

Whether it’s about chasing down fleeing enemies, quick evasion, or getting to objectives faster, Longstrider provides that precious edge in mobility.

Protection from Energy

When we say “Protection from Energy”, we mean protection from ALL types of energies.

Protection from Energy

With this spell at your command, you temporarily gain resistance to one type of damage of your choice: acid, cold, fire, lightning or thunder.

Such wholesome coverage means that no matter what kind of elemental barrage your enemies dish out at you – you’ll have an answer.

More so in cases where specific elemental damages are expected ahead- Protection from Energy can really dampen these effects.

Holy Aura

Few spells scream intensive defense like Holy Aura does! When casted, this potent spell lights up an aura around you that rapidly weakens enemy strikes and fortifies allies within a 30-ft radius against harmful attacks.

Fiends and Undead have disadvantage on their attack rolls against targets within the aura; Whenever these targets make a saving throw, they do so with advantage.

In addition to being shielded against possession and frightening; anyone that hits an aura-protected target successfully with a melee attack gets blinded until the spell ends.

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FAQs About Buff Spells 5e

Can Haste be used defensively in D&D 5E?

Yes, the benefits of Haste can very much be utilized for defensive purposes. The +2 bonus to Armor Class and improved Dexterity saves provided by this spell are invaluable for evading enemy attacks.

Is there a limit to how many creatures you can affect with Bless?

Bless typically allows you to target up to three creatures within range. However, for every level above 1st that you cast it, you can target one additional creature.

Can Barkskin be cast on multiple characters simultaneously?

You can cast Barkskin on as many characters as your available spell slots allow, but remember that each casting requires concentration, hence can only maintain one instance at a time.

Does Polymorph allow weaponry in transformed state?

No. Items carried or worn do not change with the transformation – they fuse into the new form rendering weapons and equipment unusable while transformed.

What happens when Holy Aura ends?

Once Holy Aura ends, all effects of the spell cease immediately. This includes any protective aspects that were active such as advantages on saving throws and imposed disadvantages on attackers.


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