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10 Best Cleric Cantrips 5E [Bless Your DnD Game With Divine Magic]

best cleric cantrips 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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New to the Dungeons and Dragons world or a seasoned adventurer, you likely appreciate the deep strategy that lies in choosing the right cantrips.

When playing one of the divine champions in 5e, appropriately labeled as clerics, knowing your toolkit is essential.

This toolkit includes a set of tools called cantrips and navigating your way around them can turn even a greenhorn into an effective member of any party. We’ve dedicated this blog post to offering insights on some of the best cleric cantrips 5e.

Cleric cantrips 5e don’t only define how you deliver your cleric duties but also steer your game narrative.

They offer a measure of customization to shape your cleric’s personality, role-playing options, and even survivability prospects in this unpredictable and often risky Dungeons and Dragons realm.

So let’s jump into it, equipping you for that crucial moment when you need to select your cleric cantrips.

How Does Cleric Magic Work?

There’s something truly unique and fascinating about how cleric magic operates in the Dungeons & Dragons 5e universe. Here’s a deep-dive into its intricacies:

How Does Cleric Magic Work
  • Unlike their arcane-casting counterparts like wizards or sorcerers, clerics tap into divine magic. This form of magic is not self-derived but granted by deities or divine entities they opt to devote their service to.
  • Your cleric’s prowess stems from faith, determination and prayer. During long rests, clerics do not simply memorize spells but engage in prayers, earnestly seeking their deities’ intervention and support for the upcoming day.
  • Magic users like wizards are synonymous with spellbooks they meticulously fill with spells over time. Clerics break this mold; they don’t keep a spellbook. Instead, all cleric spells are divinely endowed, highlighting just how differently cleric magic operates.
  • Amongst spellcasters, clerics hold considerable flexibility because they can change their list of prepared spells after every long rest.

However, there is an exception:

  • As you begin your journey at 1st level as a cleric, you have to choose three cantrips — these choices are permanent. Fun fact – these unique abilities tested through countless adventures essentially become part of your character’s identity!
  • Unlike other spells that you can revise between levels or long rests, your chosen cleric cantrips — once picked at level one — cannot be traded out or replaced.

This highlights the criticality of your initial choice of cantrips as a novice cleric venturing forth into your D&D journey because these will shape your character’s distinctive magical flavor throughout the campaign.

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What Is a Cantrip?

Within the realm of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, you’ll come across a myriad of spells and abilities that will undoubtedly become your lifeline during your adventures.

What Is a Cantrip

One such spell form, which also happens to be fundamental for any magic-user, cleric or otherwise, are cantrips.

So, what is a cantrip? In simple terms, a cantrip is a spell that can be cast at will, making it a handy tool in your arsenal.

One remarkable attribute of these spells is that they are not constrained by spell slots, which typically limit the number of times higher-level spells can be cast between rests.

Even more impressive is the fact that cantrips do not require preparation in advance – they’re always ready at your cleric’s disposal.

This inherent readiness empowers you with spontaneous reactionary capabilities, enhancing adaptability and ensuring you’re never caught off guard.

This way, no matter how heated the battles get or how many resources get depleted, your trusty cantrips will always be available to save the day.

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Best Cleric Cantrips 5e

With the basics of cleric magic and cantrips in D&D 5e under your belt, let’s dive right into the main purpose of this blog post – uncovering the best cleric cantrips for your gameplay.

Best Cleric Cantrips 5e

These magical tidbits are essentials that every cleric needs up their sleeves, ready to bring a sense of enchantment to their adventures.


When you encounter a difficult task in the course of your adventure, having some divine intervention isn’t such a bad thing. Enter Guidance – one of the best utility cantrips available to clerics.

With this spell, you can give anyone (including yourself) an extra boost when making ability checks. It grants an extra 1d4 (one four-sided dice roll) to any ability check which can sometimes mean the difference between success and failure.

The mightiness of this cantrip cannot be overstated – it’s as versatile as your creativity allows, potentially pushing boundaries in social interactions, exploration or combat scenarios.

Sacred Flame

Every class needs that go-to damage dealing spell and for clerics, that’s where Sacred Flame steps into play.

This radiant spell allows you to descend a divine fire upon creatures within range and deal radiant damage equal to 1d8 (an eight-sided dice roll).

It dismisses any cover advantage that your target might have making it incredibly reliable during confrontations.

What shines about Sacred Flame is not its power per se but its unerring reliability even when dealing with well-protected enemies in strategically challenging positions.

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Spare the Dying

Now let’s talk about an absolute lifesaver – Spare the Dying. No cleric should overlook this crucial cantrip in their toolkit.

Spare the Dying stabilizes any dying creature that you touch, effectively preventing them from making any death saving throws.

For those darker moments when your party members fall, having this cantrip can mean the difference between your party’s survival and a tragic outcome.


Up next is Thaumaturgy, a fun and multifaceted spell with a wide range of uses. It’s anything but your everyday cantrip.

With Thaumaturgy, you create seemingly miraculous effects and manipulate your environment to deliver an enormously wide range of potent atmospheric changes.

This makes it extremely beneficial for role-play scenarios or to gain an upper hand in social situations.

Toll the Dead

If it isn’t damage output that you’re after, it doesn’t get much better than Toll the Dead. This is one spell that highlights how being strategic can tip outcomes in your favor.

This potent magical tool displays its true power when used against already damaged foes.

By invoking the sound of a dolorous bell filling the air around your adversaries, you let divine might dictate their fate.

Word of Radiance

Illuminate your game with Word of Radiance – perhaps one of the best close-quarters combat spells available.

Once enacted, this radiant spell emits damaging light from you that affects all enemies within range.

Word of Radiance acts as an incredibly effective crowd control tool when surrounded by numerous lesser foes, allowing you to fend off countless attacks all at once.

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Get out of the dark with Light, the ultimate solution to limited visibility. This cantrip allows you to touch an object and shed bright illumination in a 20-foot radius around it for one hour.

So if you’re spelunking through dank dungeons or exploring a dim forest at night, Light is your cleric’s best friend.

Remember, you can also use this cantrip tactically! Try lighting up an object held by an enemy to mess with their sneaky strategies.


Unpredictable threats are part and parcel of all great adventures. With Resistance, however, you get the capacity to lend a helping hand when saving throws come knocking.

By touching a willing creature, this cantrip allows them to add 1d4 (one four-sided dice roll) when making a saving throw of their choice.

It’s always invaluable in mitigating those potential disasters in sticky situations.


The Mending cantrip is essentially your cleric’s portable repair kit. From fixing a broken key to duct-taping snapped weapon handles back together, Mending allows your cleric to perform some minor miracles.

This cantrip is not just crucial for maintaining essential gear but equally shines during problem-solving; integrating cleverly into your non-combat strategies when dealing with puzzles or traps.

Sacred Sword

If melee is more your style, then consider Sacred Sword as your go-to offensive move. It lets you brandish heavenly power onto your weapon that turns it into a weapon of pure force—a real game-changer during close-ranged encounters.

For the duration of the spell—until you dismiss it or cast it again—the sword deals radiant damage rather than physical damage while glowing like daylight caught in steel—a truly spectacular sight on any battlefield.

FAQs about best cleric cantrips 5e

What is the importance of choosing the right cleric cantrips in D&D 5e?

Choosing the right cantrips at the start of your journey as a cleric can significantly impact your combat effectiveness, role-playing options, and overall survivability in the game.

Are Light and Sacred Flame good choices for cleric cantrips in D&D 5e?

Indeed, they are! Light provides visibility under any condition, while Sacred Flame serves as a trusty damage-dealing spell that ignores cover advantages.

Can clerics change their chosen cantrips on leveling up in D&D 5e?

No, unlike other spells that clerics get to refresh after each long rest, cleric cantrips chosen at 1st level remain permanent.

What’s a good defensive cantrip for a cleric in D&D 5e?

Resistance is one such defensive cantrip. It allows you to aid someone making a saving throw by granting them an additional dice roll advantage.

Is Mending useful to have as a cleric cantrip in D&D 5e?

Absolutely. Mending is like carrying around a mini repair kit. It comes in handy for maintaining and repairing essential gear during your adventures. It also assists with problem-solving when dealing with traps or puzzles.


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