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21 Best Cleric Spells 5E [Channel Divine Power To Aid Allies]

Best Cleric Spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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In the captivating realm of Dungeons and Dragons, nothing quite illustrates the power and versatility of a versatile game character like the collection of best cleric spells 5e.

As a player, it’s not uncommon to find yourself in various predicaments, some more intense than others. Having the right spell – one teeming with divine energy – readily available in your playbook can be the game-changer needed to turn dire situations into triumphs.

Your character’s survival often hinges on their preparedness and full understanding of their capabilities. While the choice of spells is vast in Dungeons and Dragons, certain cleric spells seem to truly encompass the essence of resourcefulness these characters bring to your D&D sessions.

This article will serve as your ultimate guide as we explore 25 of these top-notch cleric spells that are indispensable for any player aiming for optimum gameplay finesse.

Best Cleric Spells 5e

As you traverse the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, certain vital spells distinguish themselves as paramount in empowering your clergyman.

Best Cleric Spells 5e

Whether it’s about saving a life or vanquishing a menace, these powerful spells pack everything needed to turn bleak situations into tales of triumph.

Here are two of what many consider some of the finest cleric spells that can become very handy when formulating your gameplay strategy.

Cure Wounds

One of the most crucial spells to have in your repertoire, ‘Cure Wounds’ is undoubtedly a life-saver.

Valued for its ability to restore hit points equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier, this spell comes in handy during intensive combats or perilous adventures.

Your healing touch has the potential to neutralize poisonous effects, cure diseases and possibly make a difference between life and death.

As the spell elicits a higher level casting, additional healing increases by 1d8 for each slot level beyond the first one you use – an essential trick not to forget.

This spell proves its effectiveness during dangerous escapades where sustaining injuries is almost inevitable. While it does require physical contact with your target character, its potent restorative power is indisputable.

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Healing Word

A powerful healing spell often viewed as Cure Wounds’ long-distance cousin, Healing Word allows you to restore health points from afar.

Healing Word

While it doesn’t quite pack the same punch as Cure Wounds (restoring hit points equal to only 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier), Healing Word compensates through its range advantage.

You can use this valuable spell on any creature within sight and up to 60 feet away – perfect for situations where getting close is challenging or ill-advised.

The potency increases as you cast this ‘bonus action’ at higher levels i.e., the healing increases by 1d4 for each slot level beyond the 1st.

To maximize effectiveness, you need to strategically cast this spell when ally characters are considerably damaged and physical contact is infeasible.

This spell offers tactical diversity like none other in D&D, hence considered a cleric favorite.

Guiding Bolt

The Guiding Bolt spell is armed with brilliant radiance that not only damages opponents at higher levels but also gives allies a distinct combat advantage.

This 1st-level evocation spell allows you to cast a flash of light towards your enemy causing substantial damage and illuminating them for potential follow-up attacks. At the spell’s initial level, it deals an impressive 4d6 radiant damage.

Any attack roll made against the illuminated enemy has an advantage until your next turn – an excellent setup for subsequent strikes by you or your team.

As you expend higher-level spell slots, the damage increases by 1d6 for each slot level above the first one. Understanding when to leverage this illuminating dual-purpose spell can significantly enhance your tactical dimension in battles.

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Spiritual Weapon

An exceptional combat tool that adds versatility to your cleric arsenal, Spiritual Weapon creates a floating spectral weapon within range that lasts until you dismiss it (or if you cast it again).

Spiritual Weapon

When activated, it enables an instant melee spell attack against a creature within 5 feet of the weapon, dealing force damage equal to 1d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier.

As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the weapon up to 20 feet and repeat the attack on a creature.

Casting this at higher levels adds an extra 1d8 of force damage for every two slot levels above the second one.

Given its continuous damaging power without concentration and long-lasting duration, this nifty offensive spell raises strategic gameplay opportunities.

Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith works wonders when used correctly as it offers an added layer of protection during combat. This bonus action-based protection boosts another creature’s armor class by +2 for up to ten minutes.

Although requiring concentration may seem taxing, its effectiveness in mitigating damage makes it worth considering in battle scenarios where defending key characters is paramount.

It might mean the difference in withstanding an extra hit or two, which can occasionally change the tide of an encounter.

Knowing exactly when to cast this spell demands understanding of the game’s dynamics and often results in a decisive survival advantage.


Arguably one of the most versatile spells, Bless bolsters your allies’ combat competence by granting them beneficial enhancements.


When you cast it, you can choose up to three creatures within range. Whenever a chosen creature makes an attack roll or saving throw, they can add a d4 to their roll – a small but potentially critical addition.

Casting this spell at higher levels allows you to target an extra creature for each slot level above 1st. Remember that Bless demands concentration, so strategic use is needed when deciding where best to allocate your abilities.


Revivify is arguably one of the most valuable cleric spells with its resurrection capabilities. On casting it, you touch a creature that has died within the last minute and return them back to life with 1 hit point.

However, it does have limitations; this 3rd-level spell doesn’t restore missing body parts if any or remove magical diseases and curses that may affect resurrection feasibility.

Despite its restrictions and the hefty material cost (diamonds worth 300gp), its power to reverse death makes it an invaluable asset in dire circumstances.

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Mass Healing Word

Mass Healing Word extends the reach of The Healing Word. When casting this spell at its base 3rd-level, you revive up six creatures of your choice within range (including yourself), bestowing upon them healing equivalent to 1d4 + your spellcasting ability modifier.

Mass Healing Word

For higher levels beyond the third, the healing increases by an additional 1d4 for each slot used.

Albeit offering less healing than its counterpart ‘Prayer of Healing’, its action time (bonus action instead of 10 minutes) affords usability during intense combats.


Banishment is a potent spell with disruptive capabilities. When casting it at its base 4th-level, you attempt to send one creature you can see within range to another plane of existence.

The chosen creature must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or be banished. If the target is native to the plane of existence you’re on, they are sent to a harmless demiplane and return when the spell ends.

However, natives of different planes don’t return and remain in their home plane if the spell lasts for the full duration.

Successful use of Banishment can dramatically swing combat in your party’s favor but remember, it requires concentration until its completion.

Death Ward

In a game where sudden danger lurks around every corner, the Death Ward could be your cleric’s life insurance.

Death Ward

This spell provides a safety net for your character or any creature you touch by creating a magical barrier that prevents it from dropping to 0 hit points as a result of damage.

Instead of meeting their untimely end or falling unconscious, the target remains at 1 hit point. Also, if the recipient is subjugated to an instantaneous effect which could kill it without dealing damage, the spell effectively neutralizes this effect.

The magic lasts for eight hours and doesn’t require concentration. It’s a reliable safeguard to keep either yourself or an ally from succumbing to severe injury during intense battles.

Divine Word

Equipped with Divine Word spell in your arsenal, you channel divine energy capable of incapacitating, blinding or even exterminating your foes based on their current health status.

Creatures within range that can hear you must make a Charisma saving throw or suffer effects determined by their hit points: below 50 and they’re deafened; below 40 and they’re blinded and deafened; below 30 results in them being sent to another plane if allowed by the DM, leaving them basically banished; below 20 hit points spells instakill.


A spell that truly represents the divine capabilities of clerics, Resurrection is indeed as potent as its name suggests.


In utilizing this 7th-level cleric spell, you touch a dead creature and bring it back to life – with full hit points no less.

However powerful, it’s certainly not dabbling trifles; casting requires an hour until completion and drains immense energy – leaving you significantly weakened (your Life maximum reduces by d4 roll every day until taking long rest).

This spell makes resurrection possible even when the creature has been dead for over a century, as long as the soul is free and willing.

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Wield unerring destructive might with Harm, a 6th-level necromancy cleric spell capable of manifesting Disease energy up to 60 feet away.

By inflicting immeasurable pain targeted on your opponent’s well-being causing hit points to drop by 14d6 (save for half), you immobilize lethal adversaries, turning the battle in your favor.

Despite the potential devastation it wreaks on your adversary, Harm can’t reduce an enemy’s hit-point count below 1. Therefore, securing defeat still falls unto you or your allies.


If you want to focus on bestowing an extra layer of protection in gameplay, the Sanctuary spell will fit your tactics beautifully. This 1st-level abjuration enables you to ward any creature within range against attacks.


When a creature targets the warded individual with an attack or harmful spell, they must first make a Wisdom saving throw. A failed save implies they must either choose a new target or lose the attack or spell altogether.

A winning feature of Sanctuary is that it doesn’t demand concentration and lasts up to a minute. Your warded ally can still attack and cast spells without breaking the spell.

Remember, though; this spell protects against attacks but does not grant invulnerability to area effects like an exploding fireball.

Beacon of Hope

If collective team-healing is your prime concern, look no further than Beacon of Hope. This 3rd-level cleric enchantment can be crucial when healing needs encompass multiple team members within a range of up-to-30-feet radius.

The Beacon of Hope maximizes all healing spells during its duration – such as Cure Wounds regaining maximum possible hit points instead of rolling for it.

It grants advantage on Wisdom saving throws and death saving throws — adding another cover layer for your party’s survival.

Despite casting consuming one action at higher levels with no increased effect, this spell’s worth is immeasurable during battles involving significant damage taking turns.

Prayer of Healing

For congregational therapeutics that don’t demand instant resolution, Prayer Of Healing shines as an ideal 2nd level cleric evocation spell.

Prayer of Healing

Capable of healing up to six creatures simultaneously and restoring hit points equal to 2d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier collectively makes it an excellent tool during short rests between battles– rejuvenating allies recuperating from lingering injuries.

Despite its considerable healing proficiency, remember—this isn’t a combat heal due to the casting time of 10 minutes.

Mass Cure Wounds

When faced with urgent mass healing requirements in less calm circumstances— like during a battle—turning to Mass Cure Wounds reigns supreme.

This 5th-level spell allows you to heal up to six creatures within a 30-feet-radius sphere, centered on a point of your choice.

Each target regains hit points equal to 3d8 + your spellcasting ability modifier – valuable leveraged healing in the heat of combat that could drastically change fighting outcomes.

Keep it ready in your pocket for emergency recovery situations—it’s rapid, effective, and exceptionally potent for group healing.

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True Resurrection

Your journey with Dungeons and Dragons continually presents unforeseeable challenges that can sometimes culminate in untimely demises.

True Resurrection

True Resurrection, a 9th level necromancy spell, can breathe life back into the dead.

The spell allows you to revive a creature that has been dead for no more than 200 years and restore it to full health.

The spell even rebuilds a new body if the original was destroyed or lost, though it doesn’t work against creatures who died of old age.

It not only brings your character’s comrades back from the dead but also restores all lost organs and limbs.

With this spell on your side, you can turn around any disastrous battle outcome – death becomes just another hurdle to cross.

Blade Barrier

Perfect for shielding your team against enemies or trapping them within a deadly enclosure, Blade Barrier, an indispensable 6th-level cleric evocation spell forms a wall of spinning blades.

You determine the orientation of this wall – whether it’s straight, circular or winding up to 100 feet long, up to 20 feet high and about 5 feet thick.

Any creature entering its area for the first time in a turn or starting their turn there must make a Dexterity saving throw.

Failure results in taking massive force damage while successful saving shaves off half of that damage.

Graze enemies passing through this barrier or set up an effective defensive perimeter – Blade Barrier offers dynamic adaptability on any battlefield!


Arguably amongst one of the most potent healing spells in Dungeons & Dragons, Regenerate stands as a marquee part via your cleric arsenal.


This impressive 7th-level Transmutation grants your target creature the ability to restore lost bones or organs during its active period.

At casting time, it regenerates 4d8 +15 hit points while generating additional hit points every six seconds!

Imbued with the power to restore even severed body parts, this spell is undoubtedly vital.

Your D&D adventure may be fraught with peril, but having Regenerate in your repertoire ensures resilience in the face of adversity.

Mass Heal

As a cleric wielding divine powers, one stunning spell you must have under your belt is ‘Mass Heal.’

A 9th-level evocation widely acclaimed for its incredible healing dexterity, it restores up to 700 hit points, divided as you choose among any creatures that you can see within range.

Whether it’s to bolster your party after a vicious battle or keep pace during long-lasting combats, there’s little that matches the enormous panacea-like Mass Heal provides.

It likewise cures blind, deafened or diseases affecting your targets. Pack this granddaddy of all healing cleric spells for any game night – and watch your party members go from beleaguered to invigorated in a flash.

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FAQs About cleric spells 5e

What are some of the best healing spells for 5e clerics?

Cure Wounds and Heal are great options for close-range healing, while Healing Word and Mass Heal offer restorative powers from a distance, with the latter being able to heal multiple targets at once.

What is the main use of cleric spells in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?

In Dungeons and Dragons 5e, cleric spells primarily serve as tools for healing, protection, support, and occasionally, offense during gameplay. They can not only restore hit points but also shield characters from attacks.

Are there any resurrection spells available for clerics in 5e?

Yes, Raise Dead and True Resurrection are two potent spells that allow clerics to bring fallen comrades back to life.

Which cleric spell is effective for area control or enemy confinement in D&D 5e?

Blade Barrier is an impressive option when looking to control a specific zone or confine adversaries. It creates a wall of spinning blades that inflict damage on enemies passing through it.

Is there any cleric spell that helps against stealthy attacks or ambushes in D&D 5e?

Yes. With Symbol, you can inscribe a harmful glyph either on an object or surface. The symbol triggers various effects – like stunning enemies or causing death – when specific conditions are met.