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10 Best Cleric Subclasses 5E [Serve The Gods With Pious Might]

Best Cleric Subclass 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/09/2024
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In the remarkable world of Dungeons & Dragons, the versatility and richness of character development truly set it apart.

Among a myriad of choices, deciding on the best cleric subclass 5e could be a daunting task.

This selection is crucial as it shapes the destiny of your characters, guiding their powers, abilities, and how they navigate through challenges in the gameplay.

Considering the significance of your decision, this blog strives to provide you with a comprehensive guide to understand and choose among the top 10 cleric subclasses in the D&D 5e edition.

These subclasses vary vastly in terms of their domain alliances and consequent powers and abilities. Thus, offering diverse opportunities for players to design a character that aligns perfectly with their envisioned game persona.

Informative yet easy to comprehend, let’s embark on this enlightening journey together into a wondrous realm beyond your wildest imagination.

Best Cleric Subclass 5e

Playing a cleric might seem to be a supporting role, but choosing the right domain will make your character fundamentally powerful.

Best Cleric Subclass 5e

The unique abilities and powers that the subclasses provide can significantly tilt the game in your favor, transforming you into a major player.

We’ll delve deep into the strengths and specialties of five of the best cleric subclasses in the D&D 5e edition – Life Domain, War Domain, Tempest Domain, Light Domain, and Grave Domain.

Life Domain

The ideal choice for those wishing to play a classic, healing-focused cleric, The Life Domain subclass is synonymous with endurance.

As a stronghold of vitality and perseverance, clerics embodying this domain bolster an increased healing ability that could be your party’s lifeline.

Providing healing spells at every level is one of its notable features which means you’ll always have recovery options under your belt.

This accelerates balanced hit points distribution among party members during grueling combats, ensuring you keep everyone on their feet.

Being equipped with heavy armor proficiencies and martial weapons such as a Battleaxe or Longsword can allow you to deftly switch roles between supporting caster and frontline fighter when needed.

Hence if durability paired with healing intrigues you; life’s domain awaits your divine service.

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War Domain

If your gaming persona leans towards combat while harboring divine capabilities.

War Domain

The War Domain clerics are exceptional fighters who invoke their divine reach on the battlefield to decimate their enemies.

This subclass not only grants bonus attack but also gives access to some of the heaviest armor in the game ensuring considerable damage infliction whilst maintaining substantial protection of self.

Later at higher levels, they can channel divinity into mighty strikes causing even more potent harm.

These War Priests maintain a perfect balance blending raw physical prowess with spiritual power making them formidable opponents on any battlefield.

Tempest Domain

This subclass is the epitome of uncontrolled elemental chaos. If controlling winds, rains, and lighting in battles tingles your adventurous spirit the tempest domain can be your perfect fit.

This subclass comprises Lightning and Thunder-based spells, creating high damage area effect scenarios that can demolish enemy lines with ease.

Tempest clerics revel in the storm’s heart, commanding electricity and thunder to devastating results.

Their Channel Divinity feature Destructive Wrath maximizes lightning or thunder damage, making them extremely formidable even at lower levels.

Light Domain

The shining beacon among clerics Light Domain are essentially spellcasters who utilize fire and light-based spells to sear their opponents while bringing illumination to the darkest corners.

Light Domain

Armed with an extra cantrip light, these clerics always have a reliable damage-dealing option in hand.

Their feature ‘Radiance of Dawn’ disperses magical darkness and deals radiant damage turning them into the enemy’s nightmare during encounters.

Also enhancing vision exponentially in low-light areas proves crucial while traversing through shadowy dungeons.

So if you’re passionate about incinerating foes while illuminating the path for allies Light Domain will welcome you to its enlightening fold.

Grave Domain

Grave Domain represents the thin line between life and death offering an exciting blend of playstyle looming at this brink.

They focus on ensuring a fair fight by manipulating healing spells for optimal usage and dealing equal footing of damages making them invaluable allies.

Their unique ability ‘Path to the Grave’ makes enemies more vulnerable doubling the next attack’s damage on them ensuring swift execution when needed.

Understandably considered as guardians against death than dealers of it introduces a unique flavor into your gameplay if you lean towards such fundamentals of existence.

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Knowledge Domain

The Knowledge Domain is designed for those who value wisdom and understanding over brute force.

Knowledge Domain

Your cleric becomes a fountain of insights, possessing proficiencies in two choices of skills from Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion supplemented with two language options.

Besides this linguistic leverage, this subclass further enhances your priestly abilities with divination spells letting you ‘Read Thoughts’ or learn strange languages delivering eventual advantages in delicate social encounters.

Channel Divinity options such as ‘Knowledge of the Ages’ grant temporary proficiency in one skill/tool of your choice facilitating rapid adaptability to varied scenarios.

Another such option, ‘Visions of the Past’ allows you to perceive past events about an object/person you touch.

Select the Knowledge Domain if you’re geared towards a game filled with sagacious diplomacy and enlightenment.

Trickery Domain

Trickery Domain clerics are elusive and deceptive, excelling where cunning overrides power. Illusion and charm-based spells form their core portfolio playing “mind games” with foes.

Creating duplicates, known as illusions to confuse enemies or casting ‘Invoke Duplicity’ to enable stealth attacks adds a layer of unpredictability during combats.

You can become invisible with the ‘Cloak of Shadows’, which can be a game-changer when trying to escape or set up ambushes.

‘Divine Strike’ lets you channel poison onto your weapon further intensifying harm on opponents.

If deception is your preferred strategy on the battlegrounds or intricate social interactions then Trickery Domain invariably aligns with your style.

Order Domain

Those adopting a law-enforcing persona dedicated towards maintaining harmony and order shall find solace in the Order Domain cleric subclass.

Order Domain

This subclass equips clerics with heavy armor proficiency along with extra enchantment & compulsion-related spells controlling battlefield dynamics efficiently.

Their Channel Divinity ‘Order’s Demand’ compels others to kneel ensuring considerable crowd control during tense situations.

The ‘Voice of Authority’ is another unique feature where healed comrades can instantly make a reaction attack leveraging synchronized strategy execution on the battlefield.

Monk-like disciplines bolstered by divine energies, the Order Domain surpasses mere healing and guidance extending its aura towards precise control and order in the gameplay.

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Nature Domain

If you relate to primal elements with a zeal to safeguard natural habitats from threats and encroachment, Nature Domain will be your ideal choice.

Along with access to heavy armor, this subclass gives you dominion over elements providing apt spells like ‘Barkskin’ or ‘Wind Wall’.

Key features like ‘Acolyte of Nature’ gift an additional skill proficiency while ‘Dampen Elements’ lets you safeguard yourself and others against elemental damage emphasizing protection and conservation.

If healing combined with environment-oriented gameplay fascinates you, then the Nature Domain awaits your alliance.

Forge Domain

The epitome of creation and craftsmanship, Forge Domain clerics virtuously stand at the forefront when it comes to manufactured weaponry or artisanal items.

Forge Domain

Abilities like ‘Blessing of the Forge’ allow the empowerment of an ordinary item into a magical leverage for combat.

Heavy armor proficiency complements their character as frontline warriors while access to spells like ‘Heat Metal’ or ‘Magic Weapon’ elaborately expands their creative prowess benefiting allies immensely during quests.

If crafting magic-infused items while casting spells intrigues you – The Forge domain is ready for your divine dedication.

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FAQs About cleric subclass 5e

What can a D&D player expect from a cleric subclass in 5e?

A cleric subclass in 5e offers a foundation for shaping one’s character abilities. It influences the character’s healing powers, combat skills, and spellcasting abilities to better adapt to specific campaign scenarios.

Is it possible to change one’s domain choice later on in D&D 5e?

Typically, once a player chooses an initial domain for their cleric at the second level, it remains consistent throughout as it represents a divine connection with their deity.

Do all cleric subclasses have the same spellcasting ability depending on their level?

No. While every Cleric subclass gets Divine Domain features at levels 2nd, 6th, and 8th some differ due to unique traits of domains that are supplemental to these abilities.

Which is the best cleric subclass in D&D 5e?

The concept of ‘best’ really depends on an individual’s style of play. Be it supportive roles with great healing capacity like Life Domain or control over nature elements by choosing Nature Domain; each has its distinct charm and capabilities on gameplay.


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