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30 Best Druid Spells 5E [Command Earth And Sky In DnD]

Best Druid Spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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Amid the diverse landscape of Dungeons and Dragons, druid spells capture a special place in the gamers’ realm.

These spells, harnessed from the primal powers of nature, allow you to partake in exciting quests that encompass a wide array of combats and explorations. The Druid Class in D&D 5e is indeed revered for magical prowess.

As such, having a well-chosen selection of druid spells can make your game most invigorating. Our comprehensive guide on the 30 best druid spells 5e is designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

With these spell choices at your disposal, you can savor an enriching journey filled with mystical wonders and unforeseen challenges that would surely keep you engrossed till the very end.

best druid spells 5e

Venturing into the enchanting world of Dungeons & Dragons 5e, magic wields an undeniable charm for every gamer.

best druid spells 5e

Among various classes, Druids reign supreme with their mystifying spells that emulate the enthralling forces of nature.

These spells garner a unique appeal through an overwhelming range of combats and exploration.

Let’s unravel the intoxicating attributes of some of the best druid spells in D&D 5e.


As a Druid, your connection with nature provides you with exclusive access to some galvanizing spells.

Entangle is one such spell that enables you to harness nature’s prowess in an incredibly creative manner, giving you increased control on the battlefield layout.

This spell lets you conjure up tangled plants in a 20-foot square, complicating movement and providing tactical advantages in congested areas.

Entangle is valuable not only because it binds personnel in place until they can break free but also because it provides your team with opportunities to attack from a distance without retaliation.

Being able to manipulate the combat space significantly contributes to turning fights to your advantage. As a first-level druid spell, Entangle certainly holds formidable power for any Druid looking to keep foes at bay.


Another cornerstone amongst druid spells is Goodberry – a first-level conjuration spell that creates ten magical berries at your command which have healing properties.


Each berry restores one hit point when eaten and suffices for sustenance for an entire day.

Goodberry is quintessential for its sheer versatility – besides serving as tactical game-changers during fights, these berries make excellent healing aids after combat or during short breaks, keeping your party fueled and ready.

More than often, this resourceful spell has proven invaluable in survival scenarios where food sources are scarce – ensuring your party perseveres through both calms and storms.

Over time as Drudis grow stronger; they’ll start casting these seeds into higher-level slots, leading to more potent goodberries that amplify both healing and tactical benefits.

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The Shillelagh spell is a wondrous druid spell, enabling you to transform your simple wooden weapon into a formidable instrument of war.

By imbuing nature’s magic into your staff or club, you can wield your Wisdom instead of Strength for attack and damage rolls. This proves incredibly vital for those Druids oriented more towards spellcasting than combat.

And although the spell only lasts for a minute, it doesn’t require concentration which means you can use other spells while maintaining Shillelagh.

It’s a cantrip, indicating you can use this little trick as often as required making it an indispensable tool in your druidic arsenal.

Faerie Fire

Faerie Fire stands tall as an exemplary first-level druid spell. It creates a dazzling 20-foot cube that can engulf creatures within its radius in captivating blue, green, or violet light granting advantage to all attack rolls made against them hence augmenting your overall team effectiveness during skirmishes.

Faerie Fire

This helps evade misses due to darkness or invisibility cloaking opponents. As such, Faerie fire plays the pivotal role of lighting up the enemies providing clear visibility which could very well determine the outcome of battles.

Healing Word

Healing Word is undeniably one of the most potent healing spells that druids wield.

As a bonus action with extensive reach (60 feet), it offers crucial immediate healing that could save allies from dire situations like falling unconscious or even dying during heated combat sequences.

The power of this spell escalates with higher levels providing larger hit point recovery making it an essential lifeline for teams throughout varied quest levels.

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Moonbeam is both illuminating and destructive in essence – forming a column of gleaming radiance within 5-foot-radius and 40-foot-high cylinder centered on any point visible to you within range – dealing significant radiant damage potential to anyone stepping into its glow – spectacularly detrimental to shape-shifters.


Moonbeam can be moved with your action, enabling you to chase foes around the battleground. The persistent area and hefty damage make this spell a fantastic battlefield control tool.

Pass Without Trace

The spell Pass Without Trace facilitates your party’s movements with incredible stealth.

It provides a +10 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks, making it possible to slip past enemies undetected or escape dangerous situations – an invaluable asset in scenarios where discretion is needed.

Spike Growth

By transforming an area of land into a dangerous terrain filled with sharp spikes, the second-level conjuration spell Spike Growth lays out significant damage potential and restricts enemy movement creating formidable zone control.

Spike Growth

This crucial positioning advantage can help manipulate the dynamics of the combat field favorably.

Call Lightning

As a versatile crowd control spell, Call Lightning calls upon nature’s wrath manifesting as a storm cloud that hurls bolts of lightning at your enemies – dealing substantial damage in the process.

It offers an AOE (Area-of-Effect) damage for up to 10 minutes making it an incredible sustained damager during fights.

Conjure Animals

With Conjure Animals, you can summon creatures that aid you and your party in varied ways – be it through combat, scouting areas or providing distractions – extending strategic flexibility in battles depending on scenarios on-hand thereby enriching overall druidic gameplay experience.

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Conjure Animals

Plant Growth

Plant Growth is a specialized spell that sees application both inside and outside of combat scenarios. As its name suggests, this druid spell enables you to expedite and direct the growth of all nearby vegetation.

In combat, a denser thicket significantly slows your foes, forcing them to expend more energy traversing the land you’ve manipulated.

Non-combat applications of this spell include agriculture enhancement, allowing communities reliant on crop farming to flourish or creating obstacles that prevent intrusion or detection.

As a third-level druid spell, Plant Growth offers substantial tactical benefits when dealing with threats or contributing positively to an environment.

Freedom of Movement

This utility fourth-level druid spell, Freedom of Movement, serves as an excellent buffer against spells and effects that aim to restrict movement.

Freedom of Movement

For an hour long duration, the target becomes immune to being paralyzed or restrained and can even move freely through difficult terrains like water or webbing without any impeding speed penalties.

It’s rather important in upper-level fights since it negates some debilitating control effects.


A potent fourth-level necromancy druid spell, Blight drains moisture from a creature within your sight delivering considerable necrotic damage commensurate with the roll of dice.

Crucially against plant type creatures, enemies take maximum damage instantly making Blight one of your most lethal attacks against nature-based entities.

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Control Water

Positioned as one among the triumvirate of elemental control spells available to Druids at fourth level, alongside Control Flames and Control Winds, Control Water delivers commanding strategic leverage over aquatic environments.

Control Water

Effectively altering the flow and form of large bodies of water over a substantial range for manipulation purposes can be substantially advantageous.

Flame Blade

Flame Blade is an evocative second level transmutation spell that creates a three-foot-long blazing sword in your free hand which stays lit for up to ten minutes unless interrupted earlier.

Treating this blade as a scimitar, radiant fire damage can be inflicted upon hitting with melee attacks and above it, the flame doesn’t extinguish even under wet conditions.

Offering dynamic visual appeal and strategic value, Flame Blade is an excellent asset for druids wanting to venture into melee combat or needing a reliable light source.

Guardian of Nature

The Druid spell Guardian of Nature is a fantastic choice for those aiming at transforming their combat capability significantly.

Guardian of Nature

This potent fourth-level transmutation spell gives you two options: the Primal Beast or the Great Tree, each providing an array of impressive abilities.

The Primal Beast increases your strength, grants darkvision, and improves your walking speed, critical for melee attacks.

On the other hand, the Great Tree enhances your wisdom and provides temporary health points while facilitating healing on you and allies in your vicinity.

Transport via Plants

This innovative 6th level druid spell imbues a moderate to large-sized plant within range with magical properties allowing quick transportation between similar plants present within the same realm.

Especially invaluable in campaigns centered upon wilderness exploration, Transport via Plants serves as an efficient method of travel without draining crucial resources.

Wall of Thorns

Amidst the rich array of druid spells 5e that manipulate nature to aid you in combat, Wall of Thorns finds prominence because of its duality in application—providing sizable damage even while creating a tangible barrier.

Wall of Thorns

This 6th level conjuration spell summons a wall composed entirely of tangled thorny vines which not only presents formidable obstacles to enemies but also deals piercing damage if they attempt to move through or remain within it.


Sunburst stands as one among the more offensively-oriented spells accessible to high-level Druids.

At 8th level, it lets out a burst of radiant sunlight energy that damages and potentially blinds creatures enduring its intense shine.

Especially beneficial against traditionally light-vulnerable foes such as undead or oozes, Sunburst ensures significant damage coupled with strategic advantages.

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As one among the most powerful Druid spells available at 8th-level—beside Tsunami and Storm of Vengeance—Earthquake promises control over one among the most unpredictable and terrifying natural phenomena – Earthquake.


This spell allows you to designate a point on the ground to turn it into a trembling, shaking epicenter.

Not only does this create difficult terrain for your enemies, but it also causes damage to any structure standing on the affected area, potentially causing casualties among your foes.

Control Weather

An integral component of a Druid’s spellcasting arsenal is the 8th level spell, Control Weather. This formidable spell allows you to control the atmosphere within a five-mile radius for up to 8 hours.

A misty day can turn into a torrential rainstorm or a blizzard under your command, providing strategic advantages during combats and encounters.

Imagine obstructing enemy sight with dense fog or creating challenging terrain with heavy snowfall.

Whether it be disrupting pursuits, hampering enemies, or providing camouflage – Control Weather bewitchingly brings nature at your fingertips.

Storm of Vengeance

Storm of Vengeance, an awe-inspiring 9th level spell, exemplifies the wrath of nature at its finest.

Storm of Vengeance

In your hands now lies the power to summon a catastrophic storm with lightning, hail, and acidic downpour over all creatures within its range.

For ten rounds straight, your adversaries bear the full might of a storm chosen by you – making this spell indispensable when dealing with large groups or particularly strong foes.


Shapechange signifies an unprecedented level of magical prowess accessible only to high-level Druids.

This 9th level transmutation enriches your gaming experience by allowing you to turn into almost any creature you’ve seen before – offering unlimited versatility in combats and exploration alike.

Utilize unique abilities and traits from powerful creatures or explore otherwise inaccessible terrains seamlessly – Shapechange offers endless possibilities awaiting exploration.


Regenerate stands out as one of the most powerful healing options in D&D 5e.


This 7th level conjuration spell enables you to mend severed body parts besides providing extensive healing over an hour duration – making it especially crucial in intense battles where sustained injuries are common place.

The capability to restore lost appendages highlights Regenerate’s unique healing prowess among other spells – reinforcing a Druid’s role as a versatile support class.

True Resurrection

True Resurrection is the zenith of resurrection magic within a Druid’s reach. A potent 9th level necromancy spell, it brings a creature back to life, regardless of how long they’ve been dead or whether you have any part of their body.

Aside from raising someone from the grave, True Resurrection also heals all diseases and poisons and restores all missing body parts.

When circumstances push your party to the brink, True Resurrection could be your ultimate game-changer.

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FAQs About Druid Spells 5e

How many spells can a Druid prepare each day in D&D 5e?

Druids can prepare several spells equal to their Druid level plus their Wisdom modifier for each day.

What makes druid spells effective in D&D 5e?

Druid spells are understood to draw from the power of nature, allowing for versatile gameplay that includes healing, damage dealing, exploration, and control over elements and creatures.

Which Druid spell is best for healing in D&D 5e?

Regenerate is one of the most powerful healing spells, providing recovery of severe wounds and even severed limbs.

Are there any offensive druid spells in D&D 5e?

Yes, certainly. Spells like Storm of Vengeance and Call Lightning allow a Druid to deal substantial damage to their enemies.

What makes high-level Druid Spells like Shapechange and True Resurrection special?

Shapechange offers unlimited versatility by enabling transformation into any creature you’ve observed, useful in fights and exploration. True Resurrection has the rare ability to bring back someone from death regardless of how long they’ve been deceased or whether any part of their body remains.


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