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12 Best Feats For Blood Hunter 5E [Master The Art Of Monster Hunting]

Best Feats For Blood Hunter 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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As a Blood Hunter in the captivating world of Dungeons and Dragons, you know how essential it is to select just the right feats to maximize your character’s capabilities.

The right feat can define your hunter, scale them into a relentless force, and make each campaign session not only satisfying but legendary.

Your chosen pathway could be a supernatural Ghostslayer or a fierce Mutant with evolving physical adaptations – whatever you decide, it is indispensable to line up the best feats for Blood Hunter 5e tailored for your style.

Navigating the intricacies of D&D’s multiverse could prove overwhelming; however, understanding the underlying logic of feats selection – complementary abilities and enhanced proficiency – unlocks thrilling layers in your epic gaming journey.

An optimized blood hunter is swift, efficient, intrepid –a unique blend of strategic gameplay and gripping narratives.

Here’s where we help you unearth your potential by highlighting the best feats that promise an exhilarating experience.

Best Feats For Blood Hunter 5e

The feats you choose for your Blood Hunter will significantly shape your versatile capabilities and gameplay narrative.

Best Feats For Blood Hunter 5e

Here, we dive into a couple of the best feats that can enhance your Blood Hunter’s competitiveness and depth in any campaign setting.

Crimson Rite

Crimson Rite is a defining feature for Blood Hunters, often considered as the first major milestone in your journey.

By invoking this rite, you imbue your weapon with hemocraft magic to deliver devastating elemental damage. As you grow in level, the amount of damage inflicted elevates accordingly.

Remember though, invoking this rite costs you a slice of your health proportionate to the power unlocked.

So smart application of Crimson Rite is key. One bonus, however? This damage stacks on every strike, making it an exquisite addition to any melee focused build.

In strategy terms, the best approach here is to try and maintain safe positioning during battles, ensuring you make the most out of each hit ensuing from this deadly weapon enhancement.

Blood Maledict

Adding another layer of complexity and depth to your blood hunting prowess is Blood Maledict. This unique ability lets you manipulate others’ fate by marking them with malign energy.

Blood Maledict

Your manipulation options range from forcing creatures to reroll their dice (Blood Curse of Binding), making enemies lose sight (Blood Curse of the Eyeless), or causing mutual harm when they cause damage (Blood Curse Of Mutual Suffering).

It’s worth noting that each use causes damage to yourself – hence it’s called a curse. You have a finite number of these curses per rest; their exact count depends on your character’s level.

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Fighting Style

Choosing a Fighting Style as your Blood Hunter feat can pave the path to specialized combat mastery. You can select from various pre-defined styles, which sharpen your strategy execution on the battlefield.

One popular style is “Dueling” that adds a robust bonus to damage when fighting with a melee weapon in one hand and no weapon in the other.

Another fan-favorite is “Great Weapon Fighting” which allows you to reroll damage dice for two-handed weapons, pushing your damage threshold. “Archery” increases your precision with ranged attacks, while “Two-Weapon Fighting” lets you add an ability modifier to the damage of a second weapon held in your off-hand.

Extra Attack

As a Blood Hunter, gaining an Extra Attack at higher levels can ramp up your power scale immensely.

Extra Attack

Starting at level 5, this feat allows you to attack twice instead of once whenever you use an attack action on your turn. It’s simple yet remarkably potent.

This is like doubling up your offense at no additional cost! Imagine how fatal those Crimson Rite empowered attacks could turn out when you have this advantage in hand.

Landing more hits mean not only extra base damage but also exponentially increased rite damage.

Brand of Castigation

Enter into deeper aspects of blood hunting with Brand of Castigation. When hitting a creature with this feature up your sleeve, you squeeze extra psychic damage while also branding the target till your next rest or until branded creature dies.

The branded creature doesn’t escape unnoticed if they cause harm or move more than 5 feet from you – giving an enriched control over enemies’ action during exchange heats on the battlefield.

Sanguine Mastery

With Sanguine Mastery gained at higher levels in the Blood Hunter class, every blow you land will lead to serious repercussions for foes involved in melee engagements with you.

Sanguine Mastery

When affected by your Crimson Rite, you can use your reaction to cause significant damage to others who dare attack you.

Picture this – as they strike, they find themselves engulfed in sanguine energy emanating from their wounds, causing them to reconsider stepping into your threatening aura.

Rite of the Dawn

Rite of the Dawn introduces a captivating theme around light and life force. It breathes an inspiring breath of radiant damage into your weapons, perfect for tackling undead enemies or subduing beings susceptible to brightness.

An optimally tucked away tactic for a Blood Hunter enigmatic enough to tread between shadowy encounters and auroral crusades.

When embarked on a daring combat adventure through crypts or forgotten evil-swarmed wastes, Rite of Dawn could turn tables in favor of your team.

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Blood Curse of the Eyeless

The Blood Curse of the Eyeless is a potent bane against foes who rely heavily on precise strikes. Tapping into this curse, you can impose disadvantage on an opponent’s attack rolls.

Blood Curse of the Eyeless

The exact impact and flexibility of this curse are based on your Blood Hunter’s level and Wisdom modifier.

For example, a low-level Blood Hunter might only be able to use this curse once or twice per short rest while a high-level one can blind multiple targets simultaneously or affect larger creatures.

This feat encourages tactical thinking and strategic use of resources, making your combat encounters more engaging.

Esoteric Rite

The Esoteric Rite feat broadens the application potential of your Crimson Rites power, allowing you to imbue weapons with previously unreachable elemental types.

Depending on the chosen type (like psychic, thunder, or force), you may bypass an enemy’s resistance or exploit their weakness.

For players searching for extra options in their damage-dealing arsenal, Esoteric Rite can be a game-changer. It offers enhanced versatility and empowers strategic decision-making with its broadened scope of rite imbuement.

Blood Curse of Binding

Sculpting battles to your advantage as a Blood Hunter hinges greatly upon judicious use of powers like the Blood Curse of Binding. This tactical conjuration inhibits a creature’s movement making them easier prey for both ranged and melee attacks.

Blood Curse of Binding

This does come with limitations tied with creature size and saving throws but when used effectively it could turn the tide in a tough encounter.

It’s ideal for controlling combat flow or creating space during intense situations, marking it as an essential tool in any Blood hunter’s repertoire.

Sanguine Fortitude

To add sustainability to your adventurous endeavors as a blood hunter, enter Sanguine Fortitude – a fantastic feature that enhances your overall stamina.

On harnessing this ability, damage taken from deductions inflicted by your own blood maledicts and crimson rite can be reduced significantly, keeping you ready for prolonged campaigns.

It’s essentially an investment in survival, providing added durability that could mean the difference between victory and defeat in grueling encounters. Think of it as a life-saver when health is paramount.

Blood Curse of the Anxious

We have the Blood Curse of the Anxious: an amplifier for hostile conditions on enemies. This curse escalates an enemy’s vulnerability to threats and causes their checks and saving throws to suffer penalties.

Blood Curse of the Anxious

With careful timing and placement, this feat could strip adversaries of their competencies, giving your party a strategic upper hand.

It brings reactive gameplay elements into focus – a boon when it comes to outmaneuvering tough opponents with punishing debuffs.

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FAQs About Feats For Blood Hunter 5e

How do I select the best feats for my Blood Hunter 5e?

Consider your character’s build and the kind of playstyle you aim for. Select feats that enhance your character’s strengths or compensate for their weaknesses.

What is the role of Crimson Rite in Blood Hunter 5e?

Crimson Rite is a unique ability that infuses your weapon with hemocraft magic, increasing damage with each strike. However, invoking this rite costs a bit of health.

What does the Blood Maledict feat do?

Blood Maledict allows your Blood Hunter to alter fate through curses. The effects range from causing enemies to reroll to instigating mutual harm when damage is dealt.

How does Esoteric Rite enhance my Crimson Rites power?

Esoteric Rite expands the range of elements your Crimson Rites can imbue onto weapons. This broadens damage options and offers more strategic versatility.

How can the Blood Curse of Binding affect combat strategy?

The Blood Curse of Binding restricts a creature’s movement, making it an easier target. This feat gives you control over combat flow and can potentially shift odds in your favor.


Choosing the right feats for your Blood Hunter not only boosts your combat prowess, but also paves the way for intriguing narratives and dynamic gameplay.

The abilities discussed above – from Crimson Rite’s deadly enhancements to the tactical curses of Blood Maledict – equip you with diverse tools for any campaign situation.

Always remember, successful adventuring in D&D 5e pivots on strategic optimization of your character’s feats. So, wield these options wisely and craft a legendary Blood Hunter suited to your unique play style.


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