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15 Best Feats For Cleric 5e [Divine Power On Your Character’s Side]

Best Feats For Cleric 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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Beyond the shadows of swords and sorcery, in the heart of every daring adventure lies the soul of a cleric, a beacon in your team’s darkest hour.

Playing a 5e cleric can be remarkably thrilling– ensuring you have selected the best feats for cleric 5e optimizes your gaming experience.

Advancing in the world of Dungeons and Dragons requires both wit and wisdom, with faithful clerics leading as shining symbols of hope.

The feats you select will set your character apart; they represent unique abilities that augment your powers and tailor your gaming to match your strategic preferences – making or breaking epic battles against mythical adversaries.

Best Feats For Cleric 5e

Choosing the perfect feats can shape your Cleric 5e into a force to be reckoned with. These aren’t just aesthetic choices; they determine how well your character thrives in the unpredictable world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Best Feats For Cleric 5e

Each feat has specific benefits that can give you an edge, but always keep in mind your character’s personal development, strategic goals, and gameplay style.

Metamagic Adept

Metamagic Adept is worth considering for your Cleric 5e. This feat provides two sorcery points you can use in Metamagic options.

You want to maximize those spells, don’t you? This feat lets you make them extra potent or extend their range on the fly.

With Metamagic Adept, you gain tactical flexibility that could tip the scales to favor your party during critical encounters – and who wouldn’t like the sound of their searing light banishing more shadows at once or their supportive mana wrapping around allies from a safer distance? Remember though, use these points wisely because they only replenish after a long rest.

Gift of the Gem Dragon

Let’s turn our focus on another equally appealing feat – Gift of the Gem Dragon. Once per turn, when you take damage from a creature within 10 feet of you, this remarkable feat allows you to respond with pure psychic retaliation.

Gift of the Gem Dragon

Use your reaction for an immediate counter-attack that broadcasts regret straight into the aggressor’s mind! Intrigued yet? There’s more: choose up to five creatures and shower each one with temporary hit points equalling triple your proficiency bonus.

The icing on this gem-encrusted cake is levitation; once per long rest, defy gravity as a bonus action. Your battles will never be dull again – secret radiant wings guiding your strategic movements or safely retreating when things heat up without losing an action spell. Your enemy won’t know what flew past them!

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In the unpredictable, thrilling, and dangerous world of Dungeons and Dragons, it pays to be, you guessed it.

The Resilient feat for Cleric 5e is as reliable and straightforward in its usefulness as the name suggests.

Here’s how it works: select one ability score (whether it’s Wisdom to enhance your clerical powers or Constitution for more fortitude), you get a +1 bonus. Now that’s a great boost!

But wait, there’s more. Imagine being able to turn saving throws into mere inconveniences.

The Resilient feat lets you laugh off debuffs as you add proficiency to the chosen ability’s saving throws. Add resilience to your arsenal— equip yourself with stronger defenses against spells and other effects.

Fey Touched

Next up on our best feats round-up is the Fey Touched. This enigmatic choice will teleport you (figuratively and literally!) to a whole new level of gameplay for your cleric.

Fey Touched

So much more than meets the eye; this isn’t just about physical movement; It stretches beyond mere boundaries – talking about teleportation of up to 30ft within your line of sight – outwitting opponents or avoiding lethal blows never felt this breezy.

If enhancing your spellcasting caught your interest, Fey Touched gifts you command or misty step spell and one first-level divination spell from any class’s spell list – boosting magical repertoire while offering fantastic repositioning capability – talk about being two steps ahead.

Gift of the Chromatic Dragon

The Gift of the Chromatic Dragon brings a taste of draconic resilience—mimicking the legendary creatures’ elemental endurance.

With this feat equipped, unleash a draconic roar (it doubles as an emotional outlet too) that inflicts an incredible 4d10 damage on enemies within 30 feet while cutting their speed by half – slowing their roll and making them easy pickings.

Suppose there’s a spell hurling towards you. In that case, the Gift of the Chromatic Dragon lets you soak more of its elemental onslaught by adding resistance to acid, cold, fire, lightning or poison damage types for a given spell. Add a dash of dragon tenacity to your cleric’s toolkit!


Three times per day (that’s right, three!), regardless of a miserably failed attack roll, saving throw, or ability check, you can choose to re-roll and seize the upper hand with optimal outcomes.


Ensure your contributions count and trust luck – an often understated tactical ally.

You’ve got one life (unless you’re an undead); make every roll count with Lucky. This feat is a spectacular way to offset those disappointing natural 1s and breathe new life into dire situations – because who wouldn’t want fate granting them another chance?


The Observant feat is a treasure in its own right. This gem facilitates greater understanding of your surroundings by boosting your Wisdom or Intelligence score while simultaneously enhancing your capacity to spot hidden threats and sift through spoken falsehoods.

Are you getting tired of stealthy foes ambushing you unexpectedly? Observant comes to the rescue, allowing your character to see what others miss and possibly saving them from concealed dangers before it’s too late.

This feat can prove instrumental in puzzle-solving elements of the game, deciphering clues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Skill Expert

Skill Expert

As a versatile cleric, upping your game with the Skill Expert feat is always a great idea. This enables you to master a skill of your selection or substantially improve another ability by gaining proficiency and a +1 increase in an ability score of your choice. Plus, it offers you expertise in one skill you are proficient with.

Imagine leveraging this talent for persuasion; your teammates will be impressed when you coax information out of suspicious characters nonchalantly or negotiate deals that save precious coins. Still think of soaring high on religion checks? Skill Expert can turn an ordinary cleric into a renowned sage.

Shadow Touched

Underestimated but undeniably potent is the Shadow Touched feat. By enhancing either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma by 1 point, this feature provides access to invisibility and an extra 1st-level spell.

What’s more fascinating about this capability is that it recharges after every long rest; isn’t that interesting? Crop up mysteriously behind enemy lines confusing foes as they scratch their heads on who (and how) hit them!

Gift of the Metallic Dragon

The Gift of the Metallic Dragon supports any intrepid cleric stepping up as their team’s shield, deflecting damage aimed at weak companions onto themselves instead.

Gift of the Metallic Dragon

Apart from escalating either Wisdom or Charisma stats by one point, once per long rest, this feat also lets you spread metallic wings, creating a defensive aura. Sprouting these wings as a bonus action not only anthems your bravery but also cushions innocent teammates against relentless foes.

War Caster

The War Caster feat is precisely what every frontline cleric needs as an essential add-on. It promises higher concentration on casting spells, even amidst the chaos of warfare and allows for reaction spells when opponents provoke opportunity attacks.

Imagine casting buffs or keeping that crucial healing spell while you’re under siege – sure sounds like an absolute game-changer, doesn’t it? With War Caster, rest assured your magic can weather through the thunders of combat with unbroken focus.


Feeling protective of your fellow adventurers? Then, the Sentinel feat is for you.


This feat lets your cleric become a sentinel on guard, protecting the front line from ambushes and giving enemies a tough time bypassing your defenses.

But that’s not all. It also locks down opponents attempting to skirt past you while giving you the power to slam those aiming to strike your allies.

Concerned about an ally getting swamped by orcs? As a vigilant cleric with the Sentinel feat, step in and turn that tide in favor of your party.


Perfect for a flexible fighter, the Skilled feat increases proficiency in any set of three skills or tools of your choice.

Concerned about tinkering with that complex lock under pressure or want to brew those handy potions you‘ve read about? This clever perk helps you keep calm and carry on no matter what’s thrown at you.

So why not make your cleric a jack-of-all-trades and ensure they excel at whatever skills best benefit them and their party?


The Telekinetic feat allows you to playfully toy with gravity by moving creatures or objects around without any visible connection!


Ever wondered what it’d feel like to display psychic prowess in front of wide-eyed companions, lifting heavy gates effortlessly or disarming foes from afar? Well, seal that smirk; Telekinetic does all that and more without breaking a sweat.

Inspiring Leader

Now let’s get motivational! If encouraging speeches stir up heroic love in your heart, arm yourself (and up to six friendly creatures) with temporary hit points equaling your level plus Charisma modifier through the Inspiring Leader feat.

Create robust bonds within your team inside and outside battles; trust us when we say they’ll appreciate it whenever they shrug off blows they wouldn’t stand before.

FAQs about Feats For Cleric 5e

What is a Feat in Dungeons and Dragons 5E?

A feat in D&D 5E represents a skill or an area of expertise that gives a character special capabilities.

How do I choose the best feats for my Cleric?

Consider your character’s role in the group, your specific campaign strategies, and personal gaming style when selecting feats.

What does the Metamagic Adept feat offer a Cleric?

The Metamagic Adept feat provides sorcery points which can be used to amplify spells or increase their reach.

Why is the Observant feat useful for a Cleric?

The Observant feat enhances Wisdom or Intelligence scores and assists with identifying hidden threats or deceptions.

Can a Cleric become proficient in additional skills with any feats?

Yes, the Skilled and Skill Expert feats provide proficiency in additional skills or tools.


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