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11 Best Feats For Ranger 5E [Survival Tactics For The Wilderness]

Best Feats For Ranger 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
Est. Reading: 6 minutes

As an avid Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast, you’re probably aware that equipping your ranger with the right feats can make a world of difference in your gameplay.

There’s nothing quite as thrilling as seeing your character reach their ultimate potential, nailing those once-unattainable challenges with newfound dexterity and effectiveness.

That’s why, today, we’ll be diving into some of the best feats for ranger 5e that can truly elevate your gaming experience.

Now, setting up a character in D&D isn’t merely about equipping them with the most potent weapons or loading them up with impressive spells.

It sits much in the nuance – fine-tuning their abilities to match your gaming style while maximizing their effectiveness within the team.

In that spirit, we’ve assembled an informative guide to help you navigate through choosing feats for your ranger in 5e. Let’s equip your ranger with skills that will make them stand tall and formidable across all realms.

Best Feats For Ranger 5e

Crafting a heroic and awe-inspiring ranger in Dungeons and Dragons 5e requires more than just a powerful weapon; the feats you choose can turn the tide in combat, and make your journeys into the fantasy realms of D&D unforgettable.

Best Feats For Ranger 5e 2

Here we’ll explore two of the essential feats for your ranger to consider: Sharpshooter and Dual Wielder.


A master of long-range attacks, the sharpshooter feat enables your ranger to devastate enemies from afar.

Investing in this feat allows you to negate the cover bonus of your opponents, making it incredibly hard for them to dodge your arrows.

It gives you the flexibility to take a -5 penalty on attack rolls to gain a +10 bonus on damage rolls when you feel confident enough about landing a hit.

This can result in massive damage if utilized strategically during gameplay. Moreover, with this feat at your disposal, distance becomes just a number as your long-ranged attacks become not just lethal but almost infallible.

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Dual Wielder

Getting up close and personal is where Dual Wielder shines. Amp up your ranger’s close combat potential with this fantastic feat.

Dual Wielder

With Dual Wielder, you can wield two weapons simultaneously even if they’re not light weapons offering incredible damage output options – a dream come true for D&D fanatics seeking thrilling melee encounters.

Not only does this boost the sheer extent of harm you dispense, but it also elevates your Armor Class by one while wielding separate melee weapons in each hand – giving you some added protection against incoming blows while engaged in melee confrontations.

The amalgamation of increased Armor Class and superior offensive power makes Dual Wielder an inherently appealing pick for rangers choosing to dive into head-on skirmishes.

Crossbow Expert

Fancy having an initiative edge in the realm of ranged combat? The Crossbow Expert feat is here to give your ranger just that. It rids you of the loading property of crossbows, enabling quick fire.

With this feat, you can also engage in close-combat and still shoot without disadvantage. Imagine being confronted by a menacing beast up close and still having the ability to deliver a precise shot into its eye.

That is what Crossbow Expert offers – close-quarter lethality coupled with versatility.


Worth considering for any ranger, Mobile increases your speed by 10 feet and presents a valuable perk: evasive mobility.


You can dash around enemies you attack, even if it’s a miss, without provoking opportunity attacks.

Simply put, it can make your ranger into an untouchable dynamo zipping across the battlefield, engaging foes as he pleases while avoiding counterattacks.

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Every seasoned D&D player knows how crucial initiative is. Alert grants a whopping +5 bonus to initiative and prevents you from being surprised while conscious.

You might be thinking: this sounds situational! But consider those moments when enemies sneak up, or when winning initiative could turn the tide in combat – that’s where Alert saves the day.

Wood Elf Magic

This magical augmentation complements a Ranger’s already impressive abilities with additional spell slots and access to unique spells like Longstrider or Pass Without Trace – immensely beneficial for tracking and stealth situations in gameplay scenarios.

Wood Elf Magic

For our final feat selection specific to Wood Elves, we have Wood Elf Magic.

It may not be focused on dealing raw damage but lets you extend your spellcasting capabilities by focusing on utility-based gameplay.

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Tough is an incredibly attractive pick for the ranger seeking to skyrocket their total hit points. Choosing the tough feat adds twice your character level to your hit point maximum – that’s like constantly rolling max HP each time you level up.

This enhancement will allow your ranger to stay in the fight longer and endure damage that would otherwise incapacitate you.

It’s an especially good choice for rangers who often find themselves on the front lines of battles, absorbing a lot of damage while dealing out their own share.

Mounted Combatant

Imagine traversing across vast and dangerous terrains aboard a trusty steed. The Mounted Combatant feat can allow your ranger this thrilling experience.

Mounted Combatant

From granting you advantage on melee attack rolls against unmounted creatures smaller than your mount to allowing you to shield your trusty steed from harm’s way, this feat takes mounted combat to new heights.

Should you often find yourself atop a mount during adventures or love the idea of becoming a deadly sky knight, this ability could bolster your effectiveness exponentially.

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Fey Touched

Tap into the mystical fabric of the Feywild with Fey Touched. By choosing this feat, your ranger gains increased ability scores, bonus spells, and teleportation capabilities through Misty Step once per long rest without expending a spell slot.

Extra spells mean more versatility, and teleportation can be utilized tactically in both combat scenarios and exploration sequences – offering strategic repositioning or swift escape when it matters most.


Life as a ranger isn’t always easy. Choosing Resilient adds proficiency in saving throws using one ability score of your choice—helping ensure survival amidst deadly straims.


If you persistently find yourself at odds with threatening situations involving certain saving throws where failure is not an option, Resilient could turn those odds in your favor.

War Caster

For rangers who lean more into spellcasting, War Caster is a game changer.

With this feat, you enjoy advantage on constitution saving throws to maintain concentration on spells – which means a significantly lower chance of your ranger losing their spells in the heat of battle.

It enables casting spells even with both hands full and offers a unique Opportunity Attack option – casting a spell instead of making an ordinary melee attack, catching your adversaries completely off guard.

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FAQs About Feats For Ranger 5e

What does the Sharpshooter feat offer in Ranger 5e?

Sharpshooter lets a ranger ignore cover bonuses of enemies, take a -5 penalty to their attacks for a +10 bonus to damage, and make long-range attacks without disadvantage.

How does the Dual Wielder feat enhance a ranger?

This feat allows rangers to use two non-light weapons simultaneously. It also boosts their Armor Class by one when holding different melee weapons in each hand.

Why should I select the Tough feat for my ranger?

The tough feat permanently increases your hit points – you gain twice your character’s level in additional hit points, making it ideal for front-line rangers who face frequent battles.

What are the benefits of choosing Fey Touched for my ranger?

Fey Touched grants increased ability scores, additional spells, and offers teleportation capabilities through Misty Step – giving more versatility and tactical advantages in combat scenarios.


Picking the best feats for your ranger in D&D 5e can significantly transform your gaming experience, offering new levels of strategy and engagement.

From the high-damage potential of Sharpshooter and Dual Wielder to the durability of Tough and the spellcasting advantages of Fey Touched and War Caster, there’s a feat for every type of ranger.

So, take the reins and craft a character that resonates with your gaming style – turning each match into an unforgettable adventure.


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