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20 Best Healing Spells 5E [Restore Health And Save Lives In DnD]

Best Healing Spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/05/2024
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Venturing into the realm of D&D, we are often led to the discovery of intricate pieces hidden beneath the surface.

One such treasure that enhances your gameplay experience immensely is the innovative set of best healing spells 5e, a concoction of various unique spells at your disposal.

These spells help revive, sustain and maintain the effectiveness of characters within your game, reinforcing their vitality to tackle challenges head-on.

This strategic component of Dungeons and Dragons adds real depth to scenarios where healing becomes a necessity rather than an accessory.

The volatile nature within the game-world demands one to be prepared for situations where strength might wane.

These best healing spells 5e offer your character a safety net in dire circumstances, allowing you to impeccably recover and retaliate when up against deadly adversities.

Best Healing Spells 5e

The thrilling world of D&D presents the gamer with a plethora of spells and strategies, enriching the overall gaming ambiance. Crucial to any player’s strategy is their arsenal of healing spells.

Best Healing Spells 5e

A crucial tactical component, healing spells provide revival, sustainment, and health regeneration during gameplay.

Here we shall delve deeper into two such powerful healing tools – Cure Wounds and Healing Word.

Cure Wounds

Ensuring the survival of your character in the game can be a challenging task that requires quick fixes and smart strategy.

Cure wounds, one of the most basic yet popular healing spells in 5e makes that possible.

The spell allows you to touch a creature and heal it by a fixed amount based on your level plus your spell casting ability modifier.

Easy to learn and execute, this strategic move enables you to generate anywhere between 1d8 hit points at Level 1, up to a substantial 5d8 hit points at Level 5.

This dramatic increase in hit points provides an invaluable boost to your character’s longevity in gameplay.

It’s essential to note that Cure Wounds is an action spell, meaning that it takes an action to cast it during combat scenarios.

However, it’s worth pointing out that this handy spell regains effectiveness after each long rest or if you use higher-level spell slots for casting.

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Healing Word

Healing Word is another pivotal restorative tool found within all Cleric’s collection or potentially among Bards as well.

Healing Word

Just like Cure Wounds, Healing Word too aids in retrieving lost hit-points; however, with the added advantage of distance working in your favor as it can be cast from afar.

Moreover, Healing Word has the ability not just to heal allies but also bring them back into the fight if they’re rendered unconscious—ensuring they don’t waste full rounds out for the count instead of adding their power towards victory.

One significant aspect of Healing Word spell is that it is a bonus action rather than an action, allowing you the ability to heal and cast another spell in the same round. This degree of flexibility can often be lifesaving; afterward, those hit points can make or break your game.

Invest time and effort in learning these spells as they provide tremendous assistance helping your characters endure the intensity of powerful battles and emerge victorious.

Prayer of Healing

Moving onto the next spell on our list, the Prayer of Healing is a go-to healing spell for many clerics.

This spell delivers healing to up to six creatures and is very beneficial when your party needs mass healing between encounters.

The spell may take up to 10 minutes to cast, but in situations where time isn’t a critical factor, the potential restoration of health points can range from 2d8 (at Level 2) to 11d8 (at Level 9) with an additional added bonus from your wisdom modifier.

It’s also worthwhile to mention that its radius effect within a range of 30 feet remains effective irrespective of barriers or walls within the game.

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Mass Cure Wounds

The Mass Cure Wounds spell acts as an enhanced version of Cure Wounds. Just like its predecessor, it restores hit points based on your level plus your ability modifier, but with an added benefit: healing multiple allies simultaneously.

Mass Cure Wounds

Casting at Level 5 allows you to heal up to six individuals within a 30-foot radius sphere for a generous pool of hit points from 3d8 upwards.

Although it takes innate skill and tactics to use effectively these spells during combat, it could significantly affect your party’s survival chance during intense encounters.

Mass Healing Word

Following under the vein of area-of-effect spells is the Mass Healing Word. As a blander version yet strategic form of Healing Word, this is far from being dull—despite restoring fewer hit points than some other spells on this list.

As a bonus action that allows you to heal up to six individuals inside a sphere with a 60-foot radius concurrently at once, it becomes quite intuitive when dealing with sustaining multiple allies in dire conditions allowing them back into play instantly with minimal downtime.

Mass Cure Serious Wounds

The fourth-level Cleric-exclusive spellplate – Mass Cure Serious Wounds – systemically targets six individuals restoring 3d8 + your ability modifier worth of HP for each.

Mass Cure Serious Wounds

Its noteworthy due to its uncanny potential in swiftly turning the tide during bleak scenarios when allies are teetering on the brink of defeat.

Mass Heal

Mass Heal is a true showstopper spell. This epic ninth-level spell grants you the power to restore an astonishing 700 total hit points among any number of creatures you choose within a range of 60 feet.

It revives consciousness, cures blindness & deafness while also neutralizing poisons instantly making it one highly desirable spell for any Cleric.

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Heal stands as a manifestation of rare simplicity and unadulterated potency in healing spells.


A single action can restore a solid 70 hit points with this sixth-level spell, rising to an impressive 100 HP at ninth level.

This makes ‘Heal’ one of the most potent instant healing spells in your arsenal that can bring back allies from near-death conditions.


A premium level healing spell in the game of D&D, Regenerate brings a multitude of advantageous benefits during challenging scenarios. It allows you to touch a creature and stimulate its natural healing ability.

When cast, the target receives 4d8 + 15 hit points instantaneously; subsequently, for the remaining duration of the spell, the creature regains one hit point at the start of each turn.

It provides a fantastic advantage by regrowing lost body parts like fingers, legs, or other appendages. This beneficial factor can be a diverse game-changer, strategically providing continuous healing throughout an intense combat encounter.

Greater Restoration

Greater Restoration is an exquisite tool that should be included in every player’s arsenal. It targets any reduction to one’s abilities – whether its ability score or maximum hit points – and nullifies it.

Greater Restoration

In addition to this potent cleansing feature, Greater Restoration also completely revokes any curse affecting the character’s equipment or charmed status.

The range of benefits it provides makes it an ultimate contender in your selection of best healing spells 5e.

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Lesser Restoration

In tandem with its higher counterpart (greater restoration), lesser restoration reduces adverse conditions affecting a character within your game-play.

It can end either one disease or one condition afflicting it from options like blinded, deafened, paralyzed or poisoned.

The utilization of this spell at strategic moments can undoubtedly breathe a new lease of life into your deteriorating scenario within games.

Lay on Hands

Lay on Hands is a unique tool available to characters pursuing Paladin class – where they have accumulated healing energy that can restore others’ vitality.

Lay on Hands

This pool has five times as many hit points as Paladin’s levels ensuring longevity for characters during combats.

The flexibility and convenience Lay on Hands spell offers makes it an important inclusion in the list of best healing spells 5e.


Originating from the realm of earth-magic users, Goodberry is a low-level spell that can be particularly handy. Casting it conjures 10 berries that when eaten, instantly provide healing.

These berries can be used anytime within 24 hours of the spell being cast, making it akin to having ten healing potions at your disposal.

Aura of Vitality

Aura of Vitality is an outstanding healing spell centered around a strategic focus on area-effect utilization. It allows you to create an aura around you which helps in healing everyone in that area.

Aura of Vitality

Not only does it serve as an excellent emergency group heal during intense bouts, but its sustained capability duration also enables effective recovery for your team during short resting phases.

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Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope is a vital healing spell in 5e that can be deployed as an advantage during strenuous gameplay. It’s a third-level spell apt for clerics who desire to lead their group towards victory in every skirmish.

This abjuration spell works by bestowing hope and vitality, allowing everyone within the range to make wisdom saving throws with maximum health point gain from any healing.

If you’re grappled with the task of managing an entire party’s health amidst heavy combat, this spell provides the utmost potential for survival to all allies regardless of their individual health status.

Preparations can be made tactically where casting Beacon of Hope followed by regenerative or restorative spells will maximize health gain, creating a strong defensive position.

Prayer of Restoration

Prayer of Restoration represents an efficient reduction of laborious restoration work in resurrecting teammates. A clear tactical feature that sets Prayer of Restoration apart is that it avoids excessive use and wastage of resources.

Prayer of Restoration

Aging reversals, curing paralysis or rigorous restoration tasks becomes feasible with this proficient level 3 spell.

The simple casting mechanism requires utterance over an hour, leading to rejuvenating effects on up to six creatures touched by you during the incantation process.

The immediacy and thoroughness with which it accomplishes restoration can end up being a time-efficient tool in long battles.

Aura of Life

Aura of Life distinguishes itself as a significantly potent healing spell 5e expert players would truly appreciate within their arsenal

Essentially a Paladin’s resource, its ability to create ten feet radius aura around you makes it valuable amidst group carry-ons.

Aura persists with moderate concentration throughout encounters making your company resistant towards necrotic damage, recovering one hit point when they start at zero life points within your aura – making it particularly useful in complicated circumstances where multiple allies require immediate revival.

Heal Animal

Heal Animal comes handy when beast companions or familiars are involved in the gameplay. This spell that focuses on the revival and recovery of beasts needing urgent attention proves indispensable, especially for Druids or Rangers with animal companions.

Heal Animal

A timely Heal Animal spell can restore a significant amount of hit points, usually above 70% of the creature’s maximum, helping them get back into the fight and keep your adversary’s attention divided.

Healing Spirit

Healing Spirit brings an edge to confrontations by summoning a nature spirit administering healing energy on your command.

It moves around seamlessly within the battle area directed by you, providing a pool of healing available at every turn.

The tranquil spirit heals and reinvigorates you or any allies in its vicinity while also capable of providing emergency revival for fallen comrades.


Working against time becomes an intriguing part of 5e gameplay with Revivify. Life gets a second chance through this swift resurrection spell when used within a minute of the ally’s demise.


It does not restore lost limbs but serves as an instant revival tool keeping gameplay running smoothly without breaking continuity.

Clerics or Paladins find it useful to have Revivify on standby as reassurance during risky explorations and battles.

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FAQs About Best Healing Spells 5e

What is Cure Wounds in the best healing spells 5e?

Cure Wounds is a spell that allows a player to touch a creature and heal it based on their level and spell casting ability modifier. It’s an action spell letting you regain health after long periods.

What is the Healing Word spell in D&D?

Healing Word is a bonus action healing spell that can be cast at a distance to retrieve lost hit-points or bring back unconscious allies into the battle.

Which are the core classes that can cast healing spells in D&D 5e?

Primarily, Bards, Clerics, Druids, Paladins, and Rangers can cast healing spells in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Some subclasses of other classes might also have access to these spells.

What purpose does Prayer of Restoration serve?

Prayer of Restoration simplifies restoration tasks such as reversing aging or curing paralysis effectively without wasting excessive resources.

How does Beacon of Hope work?

Beacon of Hope bestows hope and vitality to everyone within its range. Everyone affected can make wisdom saving throws with maximum health point gain from any healing.


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