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21 Best Magic Items For Cleric 5E [Champion Your Deity With Power]

Best Magic Items For Cleric 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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When your cleric character is on the verge of a big battle in Dungeons and Dragons 5e, you want to be as prepared as possible. Adding a few well-chosen magic items to your inventory can turn the tide in your favor. S

peaking of magic items, let’s explore some of the best magic items for cleric 5e that can significantly boost your character’s capabilities.

Having the right tools in your arsenal not only aids you in specific situations but also adds depth to your gameplay.

Within the wide array of magical elements available in D&D 5e, we have handpicked several must-have items specifically curated for Clerics.

These treasures will increase their effectiveness during gameplay and make for an even more adventurous experience.

Best Magic Items For Cleric 5e

In the well-loved universe of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, the optimal use of magic items can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Best Magic Items For Cleric 5e

For a Cleric character specifically, there exists an array of valuable assets that can enhance both defensive and offensive capabilities. Let’s dive into some significant artifacts uniquely tailored to bolster your Cleric prowess.

Ring of Spell Storing

The Ring of Spell Storing stands out as a quintessential magical artifact in a cleric’s treasure trove. This ring can store up to five levels worth of spells at a time.

You could cast a batch of Cure Wounds or Bless spells into the ring when you have downtime, thereby having them ready for when things start to heat up in battle without consuming your spell slots.

This feature grants you greater flexibility during combat encounters, ensuring you have an additional stash of spells ready to unleash when most needed.

Amulet of Health

The Amulet of Health is another compelling artifact that can dramatically fortify your cleric character. As its name suggests, this amulet sets your constitution score to 19 as soon as you don it, which in-turn boosts your hit points substantially.

Amulet of Health

Besides enhancing longevity in arduous battles, this increase in health also empowers you to better withstand constitution saving throws against debilitating effects such as poison or death effects – thus, proving indispensable during critical junctures in gameplay.

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Immovable Rod

Clever usage of an Immovable Rod can bring forth creative solutions during challenging scenarios. This rod stays fixed in place until commanded otherwise – irrespective of any force exerted on it.

It has numerous potential applications from creating an impromptu barrier blocking pursuers, establishing an aerial advantage by placing it above ground level or even tripping oncoming baddies during intense fight sequences.

If used wisely – this item proves its mettle by converting troublesome situations into opportunities, adding a tactical flair to any cleric’s repertoire.

Necklace of Prayer Beads

The Necklace of Prayer Beads is an enchanting piece of jewelry that should find a home around any cleric’s neck. This radiant necklace holds multiple beads with each bead embodying a specific spell that can be cast by the Cleric using the necklace.

Necklace of Prayer Beads

Conveniently, these spells don’t use up any spell slots or require components – offering yet another way to have extra utility bases covered without extending your typical spells-per-day limit.

In short, it enhances your magical range and facilitates strategic flexibility provided you remember to muster its beads post usage every dawn.

These authentic magic items are sure to fortify your Cleric’s arsenal and instill confidence as you navigate through the mystical realm of D&D 5e.

Staff of Healing

When it comes to a cleric’s primary duty, which is often healing the party members, a Staff of Healing proves to be an incredible asset.

With its ability to hold ten charges and restore 1d6+4 charges daily, this staff can cast spells like Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, and Mass Cure Wounds without exhausting your spell slots.

Healing spells cast using this staff boosts their potency by allowing them to heal the maximum possible amount of hit points.

Therefore, wielding this powerful tool during intense combats could prove highly beneficial in keeping your allies up and fighting.

Wand of the War Mage

The Wand of the War Mage offers a significant power spike for spellcasting-oriented clerics who often find themselves on the front lines. Simply holding it provides a bonus to spell attack rolls and ignores half-cover when casting offensive spells.

Wand of the War Mage

The wand can be attuned by any class that is capable of spellcasting – making it perfectly suitable for a cleric. By wielding this wand, you gain an edge in offensive magical attacks thereby increasing your chances of landing successful hits.

Sentinel Shield

The Sentinel Shield is an exquisite magical item designed to enhance your defensive capabilities significantly.

Apart from offering the standard +2 bonus to AC that any shield provides, it also grants advantage on initiative rolls and wisdom (perception) checks – which essentially means you are less likely to be caught off-guard by hidden dangers or surprise attacks.

This invaluable asset ensures that you remain vigilant at all times in order to keep yourself and your party members safe throughout your thrilling journey.

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Winged Boots

Mobility is key when navigating through fluid battlegrounds or trying to circumvent obstacles and traps in D&D 5e; these are situations where Winged Boots come in handy.

Winged Boots

These boots provide the ability to fly up to four hours divided however you wish across short rests – a feature that proves inestimable when in need of quick escapes or reaching inaccessible places.

The power to control your altitude at will opens up an entirely new dimension of strategies, allowing you to defy gravity and exert control over the battle from the skies.

The Winged Boots ensure that you glide through your missions, prepared for anything that comes your way.

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Cloak of Protection

In the realm of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, defense is as crucial as offense. The Cloak of Protection serves to fortify your Cleric character’s armor class and saving throws by +1 each.

This seemingly simple buff can often be the difference between a hit or miss, pass or fail when the dice start rolling.

The perk is it requires no attunement from a cleric, making it easy to utilize in boosting defenses.

In essence, having this cloak draped over your shoulders works wonders, providing a valuable safety net against threats.

Deck of Illusions

Deck of Illusions

The Deck of Illusions is an artifact that combines utility and fun in equal measure. With every card drawn from this particular deck, an illusion of a random creature springs forth.

These illusory beings can confuse and distract enemies during combat encounters or serve as diversions in stealth operations.

Your foes might find themselves tangling with a spectral dragon or phantom knight while you strategize or escape unnoticed in the ensuing chaos.

It’s an incredibly versatile item that rewards creative thinking and provides entertaining outcomes.

Guardian Emblem

Favored particularly by Clerics who believe in protecting their allies above all else, the Guardian Emblem offers some substantial benefits for defense-oriented gameplay.

When you heal others with your spells while wearing this emblem, they receive additional temporary hit points equal to 2 + the spell’s level, thus providing an extra buffer against incoming damage.

Once per long rest, you can channel divinity through this emblem to grant temporary hit points to up to five creatures within 30 feet equal to your cleric level. These properties make it a prized possession for any support-focused Cleric.


Among weapons, the mace specifically shines on account of its versatility and ease of use – an ideal choice for clerics not especially proficient in martial weapons.


Its light weight ensures high maneuverability during intense combat scenarios while ensuring appreciable damage.

Magic-infused maces such as the Mace of Disruption and Mace of Smiting add specific magical effects to your attacks, cutting through undead or constructs with devastating impact.

A mace in hand brings with it a sense of classic fantasy flair while remaining a reliable choice through many adventurous exploits.

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Pearl of Power

Power is, quite literally, at your fingertips with the Pearl of Power. This valuable item enables you to regain a spell slot of up to 3rd level once you’ve used it and completed a long rest.

The magic energy restored can be a godsend for Clerics who have exhausted their slots through previous battles or healing ventures.

A Pearl of Power provides that extra little cushion that might just afford you the chance to cast an additional game-changing spell when it’s needed the most.

Ring of Protection

Although simpler than some other magical items, don’t let the Ring of Protection’s fundamental nature fool you.

Ring of Protection

While wearing this ring, a cleric gains added defensive prowess in the form of a +1 bonus to both armor class and saving throws.

Essentially, it’s like having an inherent force field.

It increases your survivability by being harder to hit, and better at shrugging off damaging effects.


Magic weapons can add a considerable edge to your combat potential.

Suppose you’re playing as a War Domain cleric – getting your hands on an enchanted melee weapon like the Mace of Disruption could be a potent addition.

This particular weapon shines (quite literally) against undead foes – dealing extra radiant damage and potentially destroying them instantly if their hit points are low enough.

For those preferring range, picking up something like Oathbow could prove beneficial – granting increased accuracy and damage against designated targets.

Adamantine Armor

While navigating through D&D’s gauntlet brimming with devastating enemy attacks, securing effective defense is paramount for survival – an aspect where excellence of Adamantine armor rings true.

Adamantine Armor

Designed from one of the hardest substances in existence, any critical hit scored against you becomes mere normal hit sustaining significantly decreased damage potential & offering robust defense in face-off situations or fierce ambushes.

Bag of Holding

A Bag of Holding ranks amongst the most practical items any adventurer should carry around at all times.

This enchanted bag can store a considerable amount of weight in a pocket dimension and constantly weighs only 15 pounds, regardless of what’s inside.

For a cleric, it could carry additional healing potions, scrolls, backup weapons or even be used to hide bulky items procured during your quest.

Apart from its storage benefits, it also creates interesting tactical opportunities like transporting large objects or concealing something crucial every now and then.

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Boots of Elvenkind

Every step counts when you’re careful not to alert the enemy, and the Boots of Elvenkind are designed exactly for this.

Boots of Elvenkind

These silent footwear, with their enchanting fey-like quality, give you an advantage by muffling the noise of your footsteps. This grants you stealth in situations where discretion is key.

Beyond just sneaking around, these boots can be beneficial in various scenarios.

Imagine averting an impending ambush or getting a drop on your adversaries before they even realize it. Better still, these boots do not require attunement – meaning anyone in the party can slip them on for immediate effect.

Broom of Flying

A Broom of Flying can add tremendous utility and mobility to your Cleric. With its flight speed of 50 feet and carrying capacity akin to a small horse, it provides great tactical and exploration benefits.

Imagine surveying large areas from overhead or passing over snaring traps unscathed or even taking combat to the skies – giving you new dimensions of agility and supremacy during encounters. The broom’s flying ability is bound to redefine your adventuring dynamics.

Cloak of Displacement

Next up is the Cloak of Displacement – an absolute godsend when it comes to self-preservation. This cloak projects an illusion that makes you appear to be standing in a place near your actual location causing any creature targeting you have disadvantage on attack rolls.

Cloak of Displacement

This literally throws off enemies’ aim – guarding against direct blows or wizard spells. The boon also extends to saving throws against spells that require an attack roll. Hence, reducing potential damage significantly enhances survival odds against tough opponents

Decanter of Endless Water

Let’s talk about one magic item that could ensure your adventuring party never runs out of water: Decanter of Endless Water. Despite its simple appearance, it’s more than just a fancy water bottle.

At verbal command, it pours out clean water in different quantities ranging from a thin stream to a downpour depending upon your needs.

This uninterrupted source of water could serve various purposes: extinguishing fires, producing drinking water at remote locations, or even strategy usage during combat like flooding areas or pushing enemies with the geyser feature.

FAQs About Magic Items For Cleric 5e

What exactly does the Ring of Spell Storing do in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?

The Ring of Spell Storing can hold up to five levels worth of spells at a time, giving your character a stockpile of extra spells to use when needed most.

Is the Amulet of Health beneficial for a Cleric in D&D 5e?

Absolutely yes, the Amulet of Health significantly increases your hit points and helps you resist hazardous constitution saving throws.

How can an Immovable Rod be used effectively during gameplay?

An Immovable Rod can be used to block paths, set traps, establish high ground advantages, among other creative applications.

What special feature does the Necklace of Prayer Beads offer?

Each bead on this necklace contains a specific spell that can be cast without consuming any spell slots or requiring components.

What types of benefits does a Luckstone provide in D&D 5e?

A Luckstone grants +1 bonus on ability checks and saving throws, enhancing your success rate across various gameplay situations.


In the thrilling world of D&D 5e, bolstering your Cleric with the right magic items can make your gameplay even more adventurous.

From the strategic Ring of Spell Storing, robust Amulet of Health, to the cunning Hat of Disguise, each item brings a unique edge to the table.

Equipping magic items that complement your cleric’s abilities and game style not only enriches your experience but can give you an edge against the toughest adversaries. So choose wisely and let your adventures begin.


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