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10 Best Magical Items For Paladin 5E [Champions Of Justice]

Best Magical Items For Paladin 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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In the immersive and thrilling world of Dungeons & Dragons, playing a Paladin can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

As you traverse treacherous terrains or delve into dank dungeons, having the best magical items for Paladin 5e can give you the edge in your epic quests, allowing you to serve justice, protect your party, and vanquish vile villains efficiently.

These magical items are not mere tokens; they are tools that amplify your abilities, boost your defensive strategies, or provide potent offensive capabilities.

While strategy, cunning and teamwork steer the success of every encounter, a well-chosen magical item can turn the tide in your favor right when you need it. Read on as we unveil some of the finest magical items a Paladin 5e could wish for.

Best Magical Items For Paladin 5e

Every brave Paladin knows that having the right gear can make all the difference when it comes to flexing your holy muscle in the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, popularly known as 5e.

Best Magical Items For Paladin 5e

The best magical items enhance not only your abilities but also your gameplay experience. Let’s peek into two such remarkable magical items that every Paladin should aspire to possess.

Holy Avenger Sword

The Holy Avenger Sword is not just any piece of weaponry; it’s an emblem of divine retribution and a shining beacon on the battlefield. This radiant blade does more than just inflict damage-it’s specifically designed to maximize a Paladin’s potential.

When you, a righteous Paladin, wield this celestial blade, your spells become significantly harder for foes to resist. It dishes out the usual slashing damage like any good sword, but also provides a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.

But where the Holy Avenger truly shines (pun intended) is on being swung against forces of evil. It emits a powerful aura that grants advantage on saving throws against spells and magical effects for you and all friendly creatures within 10 feet.

Bear in mind though, you’ll need to be attuned to this weapon – showing your full commitment!

Shield of Divine Protector

The Shield of Divine Protector is not just about defense; it’s an extension of a Paladin’s divine mandate! This robust magical item carries an aura of protection that shields both you and your quest companions from harm.

Shield of Divine Protector

This magnificent shield brings along with it an incredible magic armor class boost along with its unique power: whenever hit by an attack, you have the power to impose disadvantage! Think about it – wouldn’t you rather face off half-hearted blows as opposed to full force assaults?

Another immense benefit from wielding this shield is its ability called “Divine Safeguard”. When activated, this ability projects an aura of defense, providing all friendly creatures within 10 feet resistance to damage from spells and magical effects. True to its name, isn’t it?

Defensive measures are just as critical, if not more so, than the offensive ones. And it’s items like the Shield of Divine Protector and the Holy Avenger Sword that add that crucial balance between the two for a Paladin, making them indispensable assets in your heroic journey.

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Radiant Plate Armor

If you’re in search of a tactical edge that marries both defense and offense, the Radiant Plate Armor is a must-have for you. This isn’t just any regular armor — it transforms you into an impregnable bastion of divine justice on the battlefield.

Crafted with ethereal materials, it grants you base armor protection that rivals the best armors in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. But what truly makes this armor shine is its divine touch. The luminous embellishments on it aren’t just ceremonial. They erupt into radiant energy when undead, demons or fiends strike.

In addition to its incredible defensive capabilities, any dark foe daring to strike at you takes radiant damage, adding an extra layer of retribution to your protective shield. This is one masterpiece that’ll make each demonic being twice about tangling with you!

Amulet of Sacred Healing

The Amulet of Sacred Healing rests humbly around your neck but wields potent powers that reveal themselves during crucial moments. It’s not only a symbol of your holy commitment but also carries a cluster of enhancements that emphasizes a Paladin’s supportive role.

Amulet of Sacred Healing

When attuned with this magical jewelry piece, it supercharges your Lay on Hands feature – providing additional healing points and extending the reach or frequency of your healing abilities significantly.

Love when you land critical hits? Good news! If you’re attuned to this amulet and score a critical hit on an enemy, an ally within 30 feet heals for some hit points too!

Healing can often be overlooked in battle until it’s too late. With the Amulet of Sacred Healing around your neck though, health becomes less of a concern.

Gauntlets of Righteous Retribution

Every blow from your hands can become divine retribution with these magnificent gauntlets! Possessing the Gauntlets of Righteous Retribution allows each melee attack you make a chance of filling your target with divine energy, causing additional radiant damage.

More than increasing your destructive potential, these gauntlets heighten the impact of your Smite Divinity, adding even more radiant damage to your class feature – now that’s a divine touch!

These gauntlets therefore are not just about increasing power – they channel the indignation of justice through every jab, every punch.

Cloak of Divine Warding

The Cloak of Divine Warding wraps you in an invisible divine barrier while also boosting your charisma. This rugged-looking cloak adds to your Armor Class and Saving Throws – making it harder for opponents to land blows or catch you off-guard with magical effects.

Cloak of Divine Warding

On top of these defenses, it harbors a rather interesting ability which we’d like to call ‘the warding resurrection’ where if you’re dropped to 0 hit points but not killed outright*, this cloak revives you! Oh, and did we mention? It bolsters your charisma too!

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Horn of Valor

The Horn of Valor is a potent magical item with functionality transcending mere battle.

When sounded, the horn releases an inspiring aura to your allies within 30 feet, bolstering them with temporary hit points and advantage on saving throws against being frightened.

This can be vital in fights where morale is as crucial as swords and shields.

Besides, sound the horn as a rallying cry to heal your allies: with a blow, you can bring back those at 0 hit points to consciousness, giving them newfound energy to rejoin the fight.

Treasured by many Paladins for its ability to both inspire courage and grant new life, it embodies the essence of being a beacon of hope amidst despair that is characteristic of all great Paladins.

Aegis of the Lightbearer

Envelop your adversaries in blinding light with the Aegis of the Lightbearer. As a Paladin, this magical shield equips you with an empowering radiant aura that allows you to blind and stun enemies within 10 feet radius just by raising it high.

Aegis of the Lightbearer

The Aegis also serves as a symbol emitting divine magic. On activation, it engulfs your surroundings in Celestial light for one minute creating an area of sanctuary where your foes can’t engage directly without passing through a wisdom saving throw.

However, remember—a good Paladin knows when and where to use such divine gifts prudently.

Swathing your enemies in holy light may indeed be tempting but opt for this intensifying spectacle when its significance matches its radiance.

Blessed Warhorse Figurine

This magical figurine might not seem like much at first glance but proves itself as one of the most efficient tools while journeying through dangerous terrains or precipitating battles.

Once summoned from its miniature form through spoken holy words or prayers, it transforms into a noble warhorse ready for combat!

Its celestial origin grants it resistance against common foils such as spells or physical attacks, making it a trusted ally while charging at foes or when a swift escape is required. The figurine reverts to its miniature form upon its dismissal or if it drops to 0 hit points.

With the Blessed Warhorse at your side, swift and valiant cavalry charges are never more than a blessed whisper away.

Crown of Divine Authority

Step into the divine purview with the Crown of Divine Authority. This celestial circlet traces its lineage directly from deific blessings hence, rightly proclaimed as the mark of true leaders in holy lore.

Crown of Divine Authority

The crown benefits include amplifying your Charisma score central to many Paladin abilities and enhancing your aura effects radius by 10 feet.

Wearing it also provides bonus spell slots enabling you to perform additional spells per day which can prove extremely beneficial during long-lasting confrontations.

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FAQs About Magical Items For Paladin 5e

What is the significance of the Holy Avenger Sword to a Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons 5e?

The Holy Avenger Sword provides a significant boost to attack and damage rolls, making it a potent weapon against forces of evil.

How does the Shield of Divine Protector benefit other party members in D&D 5e?

When the Divine Safeguard ability is activated, it projects an aura of defense over allies within its range, offering them resistance to damage from spells and magical effects.

Does a Paladin need to be attuned to wield the Holy Avenger Sword effectively?

Yes, a Paladin needs to attune themselves with the Holy Avenger Sword for maximum effectiveness in inflicting damage and shielding allies.

Can the Shield of Divine Protector impose disadvantage on attackers?

Absolutely! The Shield of Divine Protection can impose disadvantage on enemies’ attack rolls further enhancing your defense.

What’s unique about magical items like the Shield of Divine Protector and Holy Avenger Sword in D&D 5e?

These magical items provide a balance between offense and defense, making them indispensable assets for any Paladin in their heroic journey.


In Dungeons & Dragons 5e, standing out as a Paladin isn’t just about your might but also about your divine magic items. The Holy Avenger Sword and the Shield of Divine Protector are two stellar examples that balance defense and offense perfectly.

They allow you to become the holy warrior who not only counters evil with righteous fury, but also protects allies with divine grace.

Righteousness is your shield, and faith is your weapon; choose your magical items wisely and make every encounter a victorious tale of heroism.


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