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15 Best Paladin Oaths 5E [Swear To Uphold Your Sacred Cause]

Best Paladin Oaths 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/09/2024
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Paladins are renowned for their immense strength, sheer dedication, and unwavering loyalty in the realm of role-playing games.

Among the various intriguing choices that stack up to shape a Paladin’s unique identity in D&D, one of the pivotal decisions pertains to the choice of an Oath a sacred commitment that yields unique abilities and outlines their divine mission.

In the 5th edition (5e), several enticing Paladin Oaths vie for your attention; this guide is set to help you navigate through 15 of the best Paladin Oaths 5e to ensure your Paladin radiates inimitable charisma and tactical prowess.

Immerse yourself in this exploration of the different Paladin Oaths, each with its strengths, ethos, and magic.

Ranging from reformed villains vowing Oath of Redemption to celestial-inspired defenders taking an Oath of Devotion, 5e presents an extensive assortment that not only amplifies the uniqueness of Paladins but also adds depth to your role-playing experience.

Your grasp of these intricacies will significantly improve your strategy as you maneuver through thrilling battles and demanding quests.

Best Paladin Oaths 5E

Paladin Oaths represent sacred commitments that bestow distinct powers, channeling your character’s personality and unmistakably defining their purpose.

Best Paladin Oaths 5e

They add layers to the storyline and pave the way for a more immersive gaming experience. Let’s explore the six distinctive Paladin Oaths 5e that have the potential to make your character legendary.

Oath of Devotion

The Oath of Devotion binds a paladin to exercise righteousness, making them impeccable champions of good.

Your motivation revolves around honesty, courage, compassion, and loyalty, positioning you as an unshakeable bastion against the shadows of evil.

Paladins who have taken this oath are undeterred paragons who believe in protecting society by exuding their virtues.

You possess unique spells including Protection from Evil and Good, and Lesser Restoration among others that protect and heal making you an invaluable asset on any battlefield.

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Oath of the Ancients

Paladins who swear this oath dedicate themselves to uphold the light- a recognition that all life is interconnected in a grand weave.

Oath of the Ancients

The focus here lies not on civilization or order but on the radiance of life and beauty’s calming euphoria present in every creation.

The followers of this oath channel their energy to fight desolation and spread joy with spells such as Ensnaring Strike, Moonbeam casting a mystical aura around you.

Oath of Vengeance

The tale of a Vengeance Paladin does not revolve around justice or principles; it revolves around retribution.

An eye for an eye is a modest understatement when discussing these formidable entities determined to obliterate malevolent forces from existence with their bane-inspired abilities like Bane or Hunter’s Mark.

Their singular focus nudges them through blurred moral borders making them less predictable yet incredibly fearsome.

Oath of the Crown

These knights are profoundly loyal defenders sworn to kingdoms or feudal beneficiaries serving as stalwart defenders of their civilization and law.

Oath of the Crown

The Oath of the Crown channels your Paladin’s energy towards maintaining order and being a beacon of hope when chaos seeks to take over.

Spells like Compelled Duel or Warding Bond augment your ability to protect, making these Paladins profound strategic assets in warfare.

Oath of Conquest

Paladins who adopt the Oath of Conquest seek glory in battle and crush their enemies without mercy.

They believe in establishing order through tyranny, for peace under their iron-clad rule can be perceived as the ultimate goal.

Essentially driven by control and power, they make formidable enemies making use of spells such as Armor Agathys or Spiritual Weapon.

Oath of Redemption

The ultimate peacekeepers, Paladins who follow this oath, see the inherent potential for good in every soul.

Oath of Redemption

They deem violence as a lamentable last resort, echoing compassion and forgiveness instead.

Empowered with spells like Sleep or Calm Emotions, they try to resolve conflicts through dialogue rather than warfare but are equally ready to sacrifice themselves for others if the situation demands so.

Oath of the Watchers

Should you take the Oath of the Watchers, your Paladin lives to protect the mortal realm from supernatural intrusions.

You emerge as a sentinel, often on high alert, keeping vigil to ensure that horrifying entities from different realms cannot breach your world.

The spells weave a protective shroud around you with abilities like Alarm or Detect Magic, providing an alert shield against otherworldly monstrosities.

Oath of the Forge

Aligning with this oath molds your Paladin into a divine artisan who takes pride in creating and wielding meticulously crafted weaponry.

Oath of the Forge

These Paladins radiate a surprising aura of tranquility and resilience. Devoted to their craft, they summon sacred armaments and invoke blessings on mundane tools using their divine powers.

Spells such as Heat Metal or Magic Weapon bolster both their defensive and offensive strategies.

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Oath of the Open Sea

Choosing this oath sets your Paladin on an adventurous path filled with maritime exploration and thrill.

As a paladin of the Open Sea, you follow a code that blends respect for nature’s wrath and admiration for seafaring resilience.

The spell list includes abilities like Fog Cloud or Create or Destroy Water facilitating survival amidst harsh oceanic environments while opening up fascinating aquatic adventures.

Oath of the Wanderer

This oath makes way for extensive exploration while ensuring that no one is left uncared for during these odysseys.

Oath of the Wanderer

It appeals to Paladins who want to bring hope to remote corners by delving into uncharted locations and fighting hardships along the way.

Empowered with spells like Goodberry or Cure Wounds, these Paladins are often perceived as saviors in desolate places.

Oath of the Gatewatch

As protectors of reality itself, these paladins follow tenets ensuring that destructive extraplanar forces never overrun life’s existence across realms.

These champions use their raw power and indomitable will to hold the line, casting spells like Entangle or Shield of Faith that both protect and contain threats to their protected reality.

Oath of the Serpent

The Oath of the Serpent draws your character towards divine mysticism, respecting both creation and destruction.

Oath of the Serpent

As an adherent, your Paladin transforms into a charismatic leader shaping and shielding their community harnessing serpentine power.

Blessed with spells like Command or Divine Favor, these individuals often display surprising versatility and agility in battles.

Oath of the Dragon Lord

Channeling ancient dragon elements, Paladins following this oath emerge as awe-inspiring figures emanating raw power.

Their might and wisdom exude a magnificent aura that submits adversaries even without combat.

Governed by Draconic ideologies, they cast spells such as Feather Fall or Jump that allow them to orchestrate awe-inspiring maneuvers on battlegrounds.

Oath of the Martyr

An intriguingly profound interpretation of selfless sacrifice underlines this oath. Your character may carry eternal scars, but they radiate the embodiment of hope in adversity.

Oath of the Martyr

They wield healing magic such as Healing Word or Shield optimized for saving comrades on the verge of oblivion while staring at demise in unflinching defiance.

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Oath of the Pactsworn

A paladin adhering to the Oath of Pactsworn makes a solemn agreement with a celestial entity promising unwavering loyalty.

These characters defend celestial realms from unforgettable horrors while battling fearsome odds on their plane.

Empowered by radiant spells such as Detect Good and Evil or Thunderous Smite, they emerge as an intrinsic part against existential dangers born from divine conflicts.

FAQs About Paladin Oaths 5e

What does an Oath mean for a Paladin in D&D 5e?

An Oath in D&D 5e represents a sacred vow that shapes a Paladin’s identity, outlining their divine mission and defining the unique powers they can harness. This commitment goes beyond allegiances, directing their path through the game.

At what level do Paladins choose an Oath?

In D&D 5e, Paladins have the option to choose their Oath at the 3rd level. This key decision greatly influences their abilities and shapes their journeys during the remainder of the campaign.

Can a Paladin change their Oath?

While it primarily depends on your DM’s discretion, Paladins usually don’t switch between oaths once chosen. Certain unique scenarios could allow for a change, especially if it drives character development.

What happens if a Paladin breaks their Oath in 5e?

If a Paladin knowingly breaks their Oath, they typically fall from grace and might convert into an Oathbreaker (a variant of evil Paladins), unless they seek atonement or receive divine intervention in terms of a second chance.

Which is considered ‘the strongest’ Paladin Oath in D&D 5E?

It’s challenging to pinpoint one ‘strongest’ oath as every single one has its advantages depending on your playstyle and roleplay preferences. The strength of an oath ultimately lies in how effectively you utilize its capabilities to align with your character’s objectives throughout the campaign.


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