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45 Best Paladin Spells 5E [Wield The Power Of Divine Magic]

best paladin spells 5e
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Living in the timeless realm of mythical enchantment and epic narratives, you can’t overlook the significance of choosing the right spells for your Paladin character.

Being a guardian in D&D fifth edition (5e), you bear significant responsibilities on your shoulders to protect your allies from adversaries.

The effectiveness of your heroism greatly depends on how cleverly you select your arsenal of abilities.

In this context, the assorted collection of the 45 best paladin spells 5e serves as an illustrative guide to custom-tailor an unimaginably potent spell series for your Paladin character.

By harnessing these spells effectively, rest assured that anything standing in your path will not stand there for long. Your adversaries might underestimate you at first, but what follows next could potentially be a moment written down in legends throughout the realms.

Best Paladin Spells In 5e

In Dungeons and Dragons 5e, where every choice can carve out your character’s destiny, the right selection of spells is paramount.

As a Paladin, you are bestowed with the divine power to influence situations, protect your team, and wreak havoc on enemies.

Some spells stand as essential tools in the vast arsenal of a Paladin. Here we discuss two such spells: Bless and Cure Wounds.


Starting off with one of the best supportive spells, Bless gives you (and up to three of your allies) an advantage in attack rolls and saving throws by adding a d4 to any roll made in combat.

This may not seem a lot initially but imagine rolling that additional die at critical moments. Boosting party members’ chance of success could potentially turn the tide in challenging combat encounters.

While it is a first-level spell, its effects are undeniably impressive across all gameplay tiers. Do note that it requires concentration and has a range of 30 feet – so position yourself wisely.

Cure Wounds

No battlefield strategy is complete without provisions for healing, making Cure Wounds a necessary addition to every Paladin’s repertoire.

Cure Wounds

This healing spell allows you to touch a creature and restore hit points equal to 1d8 plus your spellcasting ability modifier – an immediate transfusion of vitality.

As you level up, increasing the level of this spell increases its efficacy significantly (with an extra 1d8 worth of healing per level above first).

While it doesn’t work on undead or constructs, for living allies down on hit points in battles or aftermaths, this spell is nothing short of divine providence.

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Divine Favor

Divine Favor, a first-level spell, provides you an excellent opportunity to increase your DPS (Damage Per Second) in combat.

Once cast, it imbues your weapon with divine power, causing it to deal an extra 1d4 radiant damage on hit.

This effect lasts for up to a minute, allowing you to significantly boost your attack output over several rounds of combat.

A key factor to remember is that it requires concentration, so consider your position and the spell’s duration during combat scenarios.

Searing Smite

From the elemental toolbox of smites that Paladins are known for, Searing Smite is a first-level divine spell that adds fiery damage to your attacks.

When you hit an enemy, it adds 1d6 fire damage and potentially sets the target ablaze if they fail a constitution saving throw.

The flaming enemy receives burn damage at d6 per turn until the spell ends or they put out the fire. This continuous damage can be highly advantageous in sustained fights.

Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith has a clear-cut purpose: to protect. A bonus action that grants +2 AC (Armor Class) to yourself or a chosen ally for up to 10 minutes can be critical in close-quarter fights or when facing foes with high attack bonuses.

However, remember this – maintaining Shield of Faith requires concentration and breaking concentration will end its effect early.

Wrathful smite

Adding psychological warfare into play isn’t uncommon in battles. Wrathful smite allows you to inflict both mental and physical harm upon your enemies.

A successful melee weapon strike coupled with Wrathful smite adds 1d6 psychic damage and sends the target into a state of fear if they fail their wisdom saving throw – making them frightened until the spell ends.

Branding Smite

Branding Smite deals extra radiant damage while marking invisible enemies visible.

Once hit by this divine spell, the target glows, effectively rendering invisible creatures visible and preventing them from becoming invisible again until the spell ends.

Coupled with 2d6 + weapon damage, this is a power-packed spell with utility and damage rolled into one.

Find Steed

An essential spell for mobility and partner combat, Find Steed allows you to summon a loyal, celestial spirit steed in any form you desire.

This creature is intelligent, understands your language and fights alongside you, gaining benefits from your enabled spells. It proves crucial for both combat scenarios and swift movement across vast landscapes.

Magic Weapon

Weapon enchantments can be game-changers. Magic Weapon transforms a regular weapon into a magical one offering +1 bonus on attack rolls and damage – leveling up your combat effectiveness against enemies unsusceptible to non-magical attacks.

As you cast this spell at higher levels (4th or 6th), the bonus increments by +1 each time. This makes it an adaptable tool available at every level of gameplay.

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Protection from Evil and Good

Protection from Evil and Good is a quintessential Paladin spell that serves as a powerful ward against a wide array of malevolent creatures.

When cast, it protects the recipient against aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead.

The spell grants several benefits, including preventing such creatures from touching the protected individual and giving the target an advantage on any new saving throw against the relevant creatures.

This spell is particularly effective in campaigns where such creatures are prevalent, ensuring the Paladin and their allies can stand firm against supernatural threats.

Lesser Restoration

Lesser Restoration is a vital spell in any Paladin’s repertoire, showcasing their ability to heal and purify. This spell allows the Paladin to end either one disease or one condition afflicting an individual.

The conditions it can cure include blindness, deafness, paralysis, or poisoning. This versatility makes Lesser Restoration exceptionally useful, providing a means to quickly mitigate debilitating effects that can turn the tide of battle or relieve suffering during critical moments of an adventure.

Crusader’s Mantle

Crusader’s Mantle radiates the Paladin’s holy fervor, bolstering allies within its aura. When cast, it envelops the Paladin in a 30-foot radius aura that causes allies’ weapons to shimmer with divine power, granting extra radiant damage on their attacks.

This spell is particularly beneficial when used in large groups or armies, significantly amplifying the group’s damage output.

The radiant damage is also notably effective against creatures vulnerable to such energy, making it a powerful tool in the Paladin’s arsenal against the forces of darkness.

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Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic allows the Paladin to end spells and magical effects with a wave of their hand, showcasing their control over not just divine magic but magic in general.

Dispel Magic

It can target any spell, enchantment, or magical effect within range, potentially nullifying formidable spells cast by enemy mages or dangerous traps imbued with arcane energy.

This spell is a testament to the Paladin’s role as a divine champion, standing against all forms of wickedness, whether they be of this world or conjured from beyond.

Elemental Weapon

Elemental Weapon is a spell that calls upon the Paladin’s divine power to infuse their weapon with elemental energy.

The caster can choose from acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder to grant extra damage of that type with each hit.

The spell improves the weapon’s accuracy. This spell is particularly adaptable, allowing the Paladin to tailor their strategy to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses or simply enhance their combat prowess against a variety of foes.

Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope is a powerful spell that exemplifies the Paladin’s role as a beacon of light and hope in a dark world.

When cast, it bestows hope and vitality to all allies within range, making any healing they receive more effective and granting them wisdom saving throws and death saving throws advantages.

This spell is especially powerful during dire situations, ensuring that the Paladin and their allies remain steadfast and resilient against overwhelming odds.

Blinding Smite

Blinding Smite is an offensive spell that adds a burst of radiant energy to the Paladin’s next hit, potentially blinding the target in addition to dealing significant damage.

The spell’s ability to impair an enemy’s sight makes it particularly effective in duels or against powerful foes, giving the Paladin and their allies a crucial advantage by hindering the opponent’s ability to fight back effectively.

Death Ward

Death Ward is a protective spell that showcases the Paladin’s role as a guardian against death itself.

When cast on a creature, it provides a safeguard against an effect that would reduce the target to 0 hit points.

The target drops to 1 hit point and the spell ends. If an effect kills the target instantly without dealing damage, that effect is negated.

This spell is particularly useful in ensuring the survival of key allies or the Paladin themselves during life-threatening encounters.

Magic Circle

Magic Circle is a versatile defensive spell that allows the Paladin to create a cylinder of magical energy that protects against certain types of creatures.

It can be used to either trap a creature of a specific type within the circle or to ward against such creatures entering the circle.

This spell is particularly effective in preparation for encounters with known supernatural threats, providing a significant tactical advantage by controlling the battlefield.

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Remove Curse

Remove Curse is an essential spell in the Paladin’s arsenal, allowing them to lift curses afflicting an individual.

Remove Curse

Whether a curse is causing physical harm, mental torment, or binding someone to a dark fate, this spell breaks the malign influence, showcasing the Paladin’s power over dark enchantments.

Its ability to restore the cursed to their former state makes it invaluable in many adventures where curses are a common peril.

Aura of Vitality

Aura of Vitality is a powerful healing spell that radiates from the Paladin, showcasing their divine ability to mend wounds and invigorate allies.

Over the spell’s duration, the Paladin emanates a life-giving energy in a 30-foot radius, allowing them to heal the injured with a surge of vitality.

With each action during the duration, the Paladin can restore a significant amount of hit points to one creature within the aura.

This spell is particularly effective in prolonged battles or after a fierce encounter, enabling the Paladin to quickly stabilize and rejuvenate their party.

Its ability to repeatedly heal over the duration makes it a versatile tool for maintaining the party’s strength in various challenging situations.


Banishment is a potent spell that exemplifies the Paladin’s ability to control the battlefield by removing threats from existence temporarily.

With a word, the Paladin can send creatures to another plane of existence, provided they fail a saving throw.

If the creature is native to the plane the Paladin is on, it returns after the spell ends, but if it’s not, the creature doesn’t return, effectively removing it from the conflict permanently.

This spell is especially effective against extraplanar creatures or in situations where a powerful foe needs to be sidelined to focus on other threats or objectives, making it a valuable strategic tool in the Paladin’s divine arsenal.

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Greater Restoration

Greater Restoration is one of the most powerful healing spells available to a Paladin, showcasing their peak capabilities in undoing severe ailments and afflictions.

This spell can end reductions to the target’s hit point maximum, restore all levels of exhaustion, and remove effects that charm or petrify.

It can also eliminate curses, including those affecting a creature’s attributes or consuming its essence.

This spell is a testament to the Paladin’s role as a divine healer and protector, capable of reversing the most grievous and debilitating effects that could afflict an individual.

In campaigns filled with dark magic and powerful curses, Greater Restoration is an invaluable tool in the Paladin’s holy mission.

Find Greater Steed

Find Greater Steed is a unique spell that allows the Paladin to summon a majestic and powerful steed from the celestial realms.

This noble creature serves as the Paladin’s mount, not just in battle but as a symbol of their divine mandate.

The spell offers a range of creatures to choose from, each with special abilities and attributes. The bond formed between the Paladin and their steed goes beyond the ordinary, allowing for a deep connection and understanding.

This mount can be a key ally in combat and a steadfast companion in the Paladin’s quest, embodying the divine grace and power bestowed upon the Paladin.

Destructive Wave

Destructive Wave is a testament to the Paladin’s ability to unleash divine fury upon their foes.

With a mighty downswing of their weapon, the Paladin sends out a wave of energy that decimates enemies within range.

The spell deals two types of damage, usually thunder plus another type the Paladin can choose, and can knock affected enemies prone if they fail a saving throw.

It’s particularly effective in dealing with large groups of foes, clearing the immediate area, and giving the Paladin and their allies room to maneuver or escape.

This spell is a powerful demonstration of the Paladin’s martial and divine prowess, combining both to deliver a crippling blow to the forces of evil.

Holy Weapon

Holy Weapon is an enchantment spell that imbues a weapon with holy power, turning it into a formidable tool of divine wrath.

Holy Weapon

When cast, the weapon emits bright light and deals extra radiant damage with each hit.

The Paladin can end the spell early by causing the weapon to emit a burst of radiance, potentially blinding nearby enemies.

This spell significantly enhances the Paladin’s combat capabilities, turning even a simple weapon into a fearsome implement of divine justice.

Whether facing down hordes of undead or dueling a single powerful foe, Holy Weapon gives the Paladin the edge needed to prevail.


Geas is a compelling spell that demonstrates the Paladin’s authority to command and their role as an enforcer of divine will.

By casting this spell, the Paladin places a magical command on a creature. If the creature does not comply with the given directive, it suffers pain and damage, ensuring obedience.

The spell can last for a long time, making it a powerful tool for long-term tasks or ensuring loyalty.

While it represents a more subtle aspect of the Paladin’s power, Geas is a testament to their ability to lead and control, binding others to their righteous cause.

Raise Dead

Raise Dead is a spell that embodies the Paladin’s power over life and death, allowing them to bring the deceased back to the world of the living.

With divine intervention, the Paladin can return a soul to its body, effectively reversing death itself.

While the spell has several limitations and the resurrected suffer temporary penalties, it represents the profound connection between the Paladin and the divine, as well as the hope they bring to their allies.

In a world filled with peril and darkness, the ability to raise the dead is a beacon of hope, showcasing the ultimate gift the Paladin can offer: a second chance at life.

Circle of Power

Circle of Power is a defensive spell that radiates from the Paladin, creating a sanctuary of divine energy.

Allies within the spell’s radius gain significant advantages against spells and other magical effects, reflecting spells on their casters or resisting them entirely.

This spell is particularly effective in battles against powerful spellcasters or in situations where the party is besieged by magical threats.

It not only protects but empowers, turning the Paladin’s vicinity into a bulwark against darkness and a testament to their protective and holy nature.

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Mass Cure Wounds

Mass Cure Wounds showcases the Paladin’s role as a healer on a grand scale, allowing them to restore health to multiple allies simultaneously.

With a single invocation, the Paladin channels divine energy to heal several creatures within a specified area.

This spell is crucial in battles where multiple allies are injured, or in the aftermath of a devastating attack.

It represents the Paladin’s commitment to their companions and their divine mandate to mend and sustain, ensuring that no ally falls while the Paladin stands guard.

In moments of despair and injury, Mass Cure Wounds is a testament to the healing power and mercy of the Paladin’s light.

True Resurrection

True Resurrection is among the most potent divine spells, showcasing the Paladin’s ultimate command over life and death.

This formidable spell can bring back the deceased to life, even if they have been gone for centuries. Unlike simpler resurrection spells, it doesn’t require the body, creating a new body if the original one is unavailable or too damaged.

It can even restore life to creatures that have died of old age. The spell also closes all wounds, eliminates any poisons, cures all diseases, and lifts curses, ensuring the resurrected returns in peak condition.

This powerful manifestation of divine might is a testament to the Paladin’s role as a champion of life, providing hope even in the most desperate situations.

Aura of Life

Aura of Life is a protective spell that radiates from the Paladin, bolstering their allies’ resilience and vitality within its range.

Aura of Life

This life-preserving aura grants resistance to necrotic damage and maintains each affected creature’s hit points at a minimum threshold, protecting them from being reduced to 0.

It can restore life to unconscious allies, granting them a crucial second wind in battle.

The aura’s continuous pulse of life force is emblematic of the Paladin’s commitment to safeguarding their companions, making it an invaluable spell in prolonged engagements or areas afflicted with deathly energies.

Banishing Smite

Banishing Smite is a powerful offensive spell that allows the Paladin to potentially end a conflict with a single strike.

When the Paladin hits a creature with a weapon attack, the spell imbues the hit with extra force damage, and if this reduces the creature to a certain threshold of hit points, it banishes the target to another plane of existence.

If the target is native to a different plane than the one you’re on, it is sent back to its home plane.

The immediate and decisive nature of this spell makes it particularly effective against formidable foes or when a tactical retreat is necessary, showcasing the Paladin’s strategic prowess in battle.

Circle of Power

Circle of Power is a defensive spell that demonstrates the Paladin’s ability to protect and empower their allies against magical assaults.

When cast, it emanates an aura that provides several benefits, including saving throw advantages against spells and other magical effects for those within the area.

If an affected creature succeeds on a saving throw and the spell would normally deal half damage on a successful save, they instead take no damage.

This spell is crucial in battles against powerful spellcasters or in areas where magical traps are prevalent, reflecting the Paladin’s role as a bulwark against arcane threats.

Holy Aura

Holy Aura is a spell that cloaks the Paladin and their allies in divine light, providing a multitude of defensive benefits.

This radiant shield gives attackers have disadvantage on attacks against affected creatures, and those that attack can find themselves blinded by the holy light.

It grants an advantage on saving throws against spells and other harmful effects to those it protects.

This spell is a reflection of the Paladin’s divine grace, enveloping their allies in a protective embrace that can turn the tide of even the most desperate battles.


Resurrection, similar to True Resurrection but slightly less potent, is nonetheless a powerful spell in the Paladin’s array, allowing them to return the dead to life.

It can bring back those who have died, provided their soul is free and willing, even long after death.

The spell closes mortal wounds and restores vital functions but doesn’t remove magical diseases, curses, or similar effects.

This spell is a testament to the Paladin’s divine mandate, providing a beacon of hope by returning lost companions to the fray or loved ones to their families.

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Mass Heal

Mass Heal is the epitome of divine healing power, showcasing the Paladin’s role as a supreme healer.

This spell instantly restores a significant amount of health to a chosen number of creatures within range, potentially healing entire armies with a single word.

It can also end blindness, deafness, and any diseases affecting the targets.

The sheer scale and immediate effect of this spell make it one of the most potent tools in the Paladin’s arsenal, capable of reversing the fortunes of a beleaguered force or ensuring victory in the face of overwhelming odds.

Power Word Heal

Power Word Heal is a potent spell that fully restores the health of a single creature.

Power Word Heal

Unlike other healing spells, it doesn’t require the Paladin to touch the target, and it works instantly, without the need for elaborate rituals or prolonged casting.

The target is freed from all disabilities and ailments, including stun effects, allowing them to return to the battle or their duties immediately.

This spell is a powerful expression of the Paladin’s healing capabilities, offering a lifeline in critical moments and reflecting their role as a bastion of restoration and hope.

Divine Word

Divine Word is a potent spell that channels the Paladin’s holy authority to unleash a divine edict with varying effects based on the target’s current hit points.

This unique ability allows the Paladin to non-lethally incapacitate weaker foes while leaving more powerful adversaries unharmed, a testament to the Paladin’s discretion and control in wielding divine power.

The spell’s ability to target multiple creatures simultaneously makes it exceptionally effective in battles against numerous lesser foes or in situations where non-lethal solutions are preferred.

The versatility of Divine Word lies in its capacity to blind, deafen, stun, or even instantly dispatch creatures, reflecting the Paladin’s role as an arbiter of divine justice.

Conjure Celestial

Conjure Celestial demonstrates the Paladin’s profound connection to the higher planes by allowing them to summon a celestial being to aid them.

This spell epitomizes the Paladin’s role as a conduit between the mortal world and the divine realm.

The celestial being, bound to serve and aid, can turn the tide of battle with its potent abilities or provide invaluable assistance in non-combat situations.

The celestial’s presence for the duration of the spell not only bolsters the Paladin’s combat abilities but also serves as a physical manifestation of their divine mandate, inspiring allies and intimidating foes.


Foresight is a visionary spell that grants the Paladin or an ally the ability to see into the immediate future.

It imbues the target with a supernatural sense of awareness, making them nearly impossible to surprise or catch off-guard.

The spell grants numerous advantages in combat, such as the inability to be surprised, an advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws, and other combatants have a disadvantage on attack rolls against them.

This extraordinary prescience reflects the Paladin’s role as a guardian, foreseeing and thwarting dangers before they manifest, thereby protecting their allies from unforeseen threats.


Regenerate stands as a testament to the Paladin’s healing prowess, allowing them to restore even the most grievous of injuries.

It not only heals a significant amount of damage but also regrows lost body parts, showcasing the miraculous nature of the Paladin’s divine power.

The spell’s ongoing healing effect provides continuous recovery, making it invaluable in prolonged battles or hazardous environments.

It’s a spell that symbolizes the Paladin’s role as a healer and protector, able to mend wounds that would otherwise be permanent and debilitating.


Etherealness allows the Paladin to step into the Ethereal Plane, a realm that parallels the physical world.

This ability offers a strategic advantage, enabling the Paladin to bypass physical obstacles, escape from peril, or prepare surprise attacks.

While in the Ethereal Plane, the Paladin is invisible and intangible to those in the material world, yet can see and hear the happenings of the physical realm.

The spell illustrates the Paladin’s mastery over both the material and spiritual realms, navigating between them to achieve their divine mission.

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Astral Projection

Astral Projection is a transcendent spell that enables the Paladin to project their spirit into the Astral Plane, leaving their physical body behind.

Astral Projection

This spell represents the Paladin’s capacity to transcend physical limitations, exploring distant realms and gaining insights that are beyond the reach of ordinary mortals.

The Astral Plane serves as a gateway to other planes of existence, making this spell a powerful tool for interplanar travel and exploration.

It embodies the Paladin’s quest for knowledge and understanding, seeking wisdom and guidance from the cosmos itself.

Power Word Kill

Power Word Kill is one of the most fearsome spells in the Paladin’s arsenal, capable of instantly slaying a creature with a single uttered word.

This spell requires no physical attack or saving throw, demonstrating the sheer force of the Paladin’s divine command.

It is effective against creatures with fewer hit points, reflecting the Paladin’s ability to judge when an enemy is weakened enough to succumb to such absolute power.

This spell embodies the Paladin’s capacity for both mercy and judgment, wielding life and death in their hands.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention is a miraculous spell that epitomizes the Paladin’s deep connection with their deity.

By calling upon their god for aid, the Paladin can request a direct intervention to aid in a situation.

The nature of this assistance is at the deity’s discretion, often manifesting as miraculous occurrences or solutions that defy explanation.

This spell reflects the Paladin’s role as a divine emissary, relying not just on their power but also on the benevolence and might of their god.

It is a humbling reminder of the divine forces that guide and support the Paladin in their quest.

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FAQs About paladin spells 5e

What is the Bless spell in the best paladin spells 5e?

The Bless spell empowers three of your allies during combat, adding d4 to every attack roll or saving throw they make. It boosts your party’s ability to hit opponents and resist enemy spells or effects.

Does the paladin have a healing spell in 5e?

Yes, the Paladin has a potent healing spell named ‘Cure Wounds’. It allows you to touch a creature and restore its health by a certain amount dependent on the spell slot level used.

What makes Divine Favor one of the best paladin spells?

Divine Favor is primarily favored for its enhancement of attack damage. When you cast this spell, your weapon attacks deal an extra 1d4 radiant damage for up to one minute.

How does Find Steed work in Paladin’s 5e spells?

The Find Steed spell summons a loyal spirit that takes on an animal form as your trusty mount, enhancing your mobility and strategic fortitude in battle situations.

How effectively does Banishment work against enemies?

The ‘Banishment’ spell attempts to send one creature that you can see within range to another plane of existence. If the target is native to a different plane than the one you’re on, it gets banished back with no save opportunity.


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