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12 Best Paladin Subclasses 5E [Choose Your Divine Oath For Justice]

Best Paladin Subclass 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/09/2024
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Delving into the world of Dungeons & Dragons can be as exciting for newcomers as it is for seasoned gamers.

Depending on the character you select, you can turn the tide of an entire campaign. One such character, long reputed for their martial prowess and unyielding faith, is the Paladin.

As a holy warrior bound by sacred oaths, your Paladin will rely upon might and magic to combat evil.

The fun kicks up a notch higher when you understand the myriad possibilities of customization that D&D games offer.

Among these is selecting from available subclasses – a decision that will further define your character’s abilities and role in the game.

This article comes in handy for those ready to craft their story around what may arguably be the best paladin subclasses 5e offers to adventurers.

Through this guide, you’ll uncover different subclasses replete with unique strengths and compelling narratives waiting to enhance your gameplay journey.

Best Paladin Subclasseses 5e

In the prodigious world of Dungeons and Dragons, the Paladin class stands tall as both a reliable damage dealer and a devout shield against evil forces.

Best Paladin Subclass 5e

This dual nature becomes particularly interesting when considering a Paladin’s subclass options, defined by their sacred Oath.

Every subclass introduces unique ways to strategize and roleplay your Paladin. Let’s explore six of the best Paladin subclasses in 5E through these profiles.

You’ll identify their distinct proficiencies, helping you make an informed decision on your character’s course.

Oath of Devotion

The Oath of Devotion represents the classic archetype – knights bound by vows to stand against evil with unwavering loyalty.

Choosing this subclass aligns your Paladin with Order, Truth, and Light. Mechanically speaking, the Oath spells emphasize protection and healing which are quite beneficial during battles.

Radiant damage is another significant feature with skills like ‘Sacred Weapon’ making your melee attacks formidable.

The ability to become immune to charms grants another layer of resilience in combat scenarios.

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Oath of Vengeance

The Oath of Vengeance is for Paladins passionately pursuing justice undeterred by any obstacles or consequences that lie in their path.

Oath of Vengeance

Their philosophy can be summarized as ‘ends justify means’. Mechanically, choosing this subclass provides access to more offensive capabilities with spells like ‘Hunter’s Mark’ enhancing damage dealt to adversaries or ‘Bane’ limiting opponents’ actions.

Key features such as ‘Vow of Enmity’ guarantee better hits on enemies underlining its combat-focused design.

Oath of the Ancients

Embracing the mystic energy that flows through woods and wilderness drives Paladins who take up the Oath Of The Ancients.

They are rooted in preserving natural beauty and spreading joy: counteracting darkness doesn’t necessarily mean eradicating it but outshining it with life-affirming solidarity.

Game-wise, Oath spells with nature-based characteristics strengthen your arsenal effectively against undead and fey enemies.

A standout feature is the ‘Aura of Warding’ that reduces damage from all spells a boon for group battles.

Oath of Conquest

Should your Paladin crave the thrill of brutal combat whilst holding an iron grip on fear, the Oath of Conquest subclass will be perfect for you.

Oath of Conquest

The quest isn’t just about victory, it’s about dominion and breaking the spirits of your enemies.

Key class features including ‘Scornful Rebuke’ inflict psychic damage to those frightened by you, evoking a truly intimidating aura on the battlefield.

Some effective control spells augment this scary prowess to ensure each clash tilts in your favor.

Oath of the Crown

Committed to maintaining civilization’s order and serving rightful authorities are Paladins who choose the Oath Of The Crown subclass.

Such Paladins pledge themselves to kingdoms rather than ethereal entities offering interesting role-playing scope.

The role also has tactical significance in gameplay as many class features focus on damage mitigation ‘Divine Allegiance’ stands out as it diverts damages aimed at allies towards yourself.

Oath of Redemption

Paladins adhering to the Oath Of Redemption believe deeply in peaceful solutions over spilled blood, offering some engaging alternative methods to approach conflicts in your campaign.

Oath of Redemption

Class abilities revolve around mitigation and pacification rather than raw force ‘Emboldening Bond’ lends extra dice rolls to tests while ‘Emissary Of Peace’ bolsters persuasive skills for diplomacy-focused adventures.

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Oath of the Watchers

If you envision your Paladin as a protector against the obscenities lurking in the unseen plains, the Oath of the Watchers will be your ideal match.

With an innate sense to sense danger and ward off extraplanar entities, this subclass thrives on defense tactics. Spells like ‘Banishment’ and ‘Alarm’ further fortify your protective stance.

Your Paladin’s aura extends this protection to allies and gains an advantage against these creatures, affirming its role as a guardian against otherworldly monsters.

Oath of Glory

Driven by tales of heroism and intent on carving a legend for yourself? The Oath of Glory can fulfill that ambition.

Oath of Glory

Borrowed from Greek mythology, this oath inspires you to seek out tests of might and honor. Class abilities focus on enhanced mobility and bolstering physical performance.

Skills like the ‘Peerless Athlete’ aid in completing Herculean tasks whereas ‘Glorious Defense’ turns a successful defense into a retaliatory strike, encapsulating their preference for audacious action.

Oath of the Forge

Unique to certain fan-made expansions is the Oath of the Forge an ideal wishlist for players craving dwarven blacksmith vibes crossed with martial prowess.

This subclass grants not only combat concerning features but also crafting associated utilities such as weapon reinforcement or alteration.

Abilities like ’Soul Of The Forge’ show significant resistance against nonmagical physical damage types providing an upper hand during fierce battles.

Oath of the Open Sea

With pirates and marine expeditions as inspiration, Paladins accepting this subclass have their abilities tied closely to water and weather control.

Oath of the Open Sea

An exclusive selection from Unearthed Arcana, they tap into sea-based magic vowing for inclusivity within communities creating fascinating seafaring adventure possibilities.

Spells are carefully curated from marine environments encompassing healing capabilities along with control over wind and waves making for quite an experience.

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Oath of the Dragonlords

Amongst homebrew content, the Oath of the Dragonlords holds a special place for its dragon-based theme. If you’ve dreamt of your Paladin brandishing a draconic aura, look no further.

The hallmark feature ‘Dragon Wings’ lets your Paladin sprout wings offering great mobility advantages.

Adorned with fire-breathing abilities, this subclass engulfs enemies in fiery rages making it a potent offensive choice.

Oath Of The Wilds

An embodiment of nature’s unpredictable aspect, Paladins who swear this oath are aptly named Warden Paladins.

Oath Of The Wilds

Their unique flavor comes from a deep connection to the wilderness and uncharted landscapes reflecting in-game features.

With an emphasis on hit points accumulation over time and an innate knack for communicating with beasts and manipulating plants.

This subclass offers interesting dynamics to group play. Excellent for those seeking to bravely venture into untamed realms.

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FAQs About paladin subclass 5e

How do you choose the best paladin subclass in 5e?

Selecting the paladin subclass highly depends on the kind of role you want to play in your campaign. Analyze each subclass’ unique abilities, and theme, and how they align with your envisioned character’s goals or personality before making a decision.

Can a Paladin change subclasses throughout a campaign?

In the official Dungeons & Dragons rules, a Paladin is pretty much bound to their chosen Oath and it is tied to their core identity. However, ultimately this can be subject to your Dungeon Master’s discretion.

Where can the Oath of the Dragonlords and other homebrew content subclasses be found?

Homebrew content like this are typically fan-made and may not have official standing. They can be found on various online platforms, such as D&D Beyond, Reddit, or dedicated homebrew websites.

Are some Paladin subclasses better suited for specific types of campaigns?

Yes, different subclasses will shine in different settings depending on their abilities. For instance, an Oath of Open Sea Paladin would thrive in sea-based adventures while an Oath of Glory Paladin might excel in Greek mythology-inspired campaigns.

Can any race become a certain type of Paladin?

Any race capable of becoming a Paladin can swear any oath and adopt any subclass available to Paladins under normal circumstances. It is up to the player’s discretion and game narrative which subclass they choose.


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