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20 Best Paladin Weapons 5E [Serve Justice With The Right Weapon]

best paladin weapons 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/05/2024
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Discovering the best paladin weapons in a B&D 5e game can significantly ramp up your play experience. Securing that perfect weapon can make your Paladin character not just invincible, but also remarkably versatile.

Whether you’re seeking to deal maximum damage, perform widespread attacks, or enhance your healing abilities, the right tool can transform the battlefield, leading to unforgettable victories.

In D&D 5e, Paladin is revered as one of the most potent and versatile classes. From beginner adventurers to seasoned dungeon explorers, everyone knows the thrill of finding an incredible weapon that matches their quest and character prowess.

Our guide will walk you through some of the best paladin weapons 5e available, giving your character an unmatchable edge over adversaries.

Best Paladin Weapons 5E

When you’re playing D&D 5e, having the right weapon for your Paladin can make a big difference.

Best Paladin Weapons 5e

Here is a closer look at some of the most powerful and exciting weapons for paladins:

Holy Avenger

The Holy Avenger is one of the most coveted weapons for a Paladin, revered for its superior powers and versatility.

This sword not only inflicts considerable damage upon enemies, maxing out at an impressive +3 attack bonus but also boosts your spell resistance.

It does this by offering an advantage on saving throws against spells and magic effects to both you, the wielder, as well as your allies within 10 feet of you.

The real kicker comes when this weapon is wielded by a Paladin themselves – it automatically becomes a shining beacon of divine smiting.

On hit, it deals an extra 2d10 radiant damage to fiends and undead creatures, turning them into nothing more than dust in mere seconds.

The Holy Avenger truly lives up to its name, releasing a torrent of divine power against its foes when in the hands of a worthy paladin.

Harnessing such raw power can be key in transforming your ordinary character into an indestructible force.

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Imagine wielding light in sword form – that’s what you get with the Sunblade.


An exquisite weapon choice for those aiming to bring some brightness to their battles while fighting off dark creatures, it’s especially effective against undead enemies.

This finesse weapon allows Paladins to leverage dexterity over strength to shine (quite literally).

The damage type dealt by Sunblade is radiant instead of slashing which becomes vital during fights with creatures resistant or immune to non-magical attacks.

During battles held under poor visibility conditions or darkness, wielding this blade lights an area up to 15 feet in bright light and another 15 feet in dim light.

This is great for keeping your enemies visible while you skirmish around.

The Sunblade is more than a weapon – it’s an extension of your character, a beacon of hope piercing through darkness, presenting a clever mix of style, function, and radiant power.

Flame Tongue

A weapon that perfectly combines flair and raw power is the Flame Tongue. This magical fiery weapon ignites on command, wrapping itself in a dazzling display of flames.

An intimidating sight, indeed! In addition to the physical damage you’re already dealing, every stroke inflicts an extra 2d6 fire damage to your target.

It’s like wielding a tiny furious dragon at your disposal! The fire lit by the sword also illuminates an area up to 40 feet (20 feet in bright light and 20 feet in dim light).

The Flame Tongue is particularly potent when used against creatures with a vulnerability to fire, making it much more than just a decorative weapon.

Frost Brand

If you prefer to lock down your enemies with chilling power, give the Frost Brand a try. When unsheathed, this great sword exudes a frosty aura reducing any fire damage dealt to you by half–a blessing when facing off against flame-attuned adversaries.

Frost Brand

On hit, it deals an additional 1d6 cold damage which can be essential when combating creatures susceptible to cold damage.

It could extinguish all non-magical flames within 30 feet-a handy trick that could turn the tides of battle.

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The Defender is a mighty greatsword designed for paladins who appreciate both offense and defense.

With its unique ability, you can transfer some or all of its +3 bonus to either your attack roll or your Armor Class (AC).

Balancing between offense and defense becomes incredibly straightforward with this blade in your armamentarium.


As a Paladin devoted to truth and justice, why not arm yourself with the Oathbow? This longbow enables you to make an oath against one adversary before combat.


The sworn enemy takes an extra 3d6 piercing damage every time it’s hit while others are more difficult for you to strike.

Once your foe is defeated, you gain an advantage on all attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks while the oath is in place.

Hammer of Thunderbolts

When a sword or bow doesn’t cut it, check out the Hammer of Thunderbolts. This aggressive weapon gains +1 to attack and damage rolls with each hit.

By shouting ‘Giant,’ you can make it thunder clashing off even the mightiest opponents and dealing an additional 4d6 thunder damage to giants specifically.

If you’re facing a giant opponent, this hammer could be just the weapon you need.

Luck Blade

The Luck Blade is a must-have for any Paladin. Best known for its Wish-granting abilities and bonuses to attack and damage rolls, it offers Paladins the tools they need to fight off any looming threats.

Luck Blade

The blade houses 1d4 – 1 wishes within it, enabling wielders to immensely turn the tide of battle in their favor.

Once all wishes are used, you can still keep the sword for its +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

And if that wasn’t enough, holding this weapon bestows the wielder with better fortune, allowing them a re-roll on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw.

The Luck Blade embodies your Paladin’s powerful aura on the battlefield.

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Dwarven Thrower

The Dwarven Thrower is a thriving symbol of dwarven resilience, revered amongst warriors across all lands and times.

This magical Warhammer comes with a hefty +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls. Unique in its capabilities, only a dwarf can attune with this weapon.

Once attuned, your Paladin can throw it as a ranged weapon with a range of 20/60 ft that deals an additional 1d8 damage (or 2d8 against giants).

It immediately returns to your hand after you land an attack! With its superior attacking prowess and intuitive design, the Dwarven Thrower is one of those rare weapons that provides both lethal brute force attacks while ensuring dwarves never go unarmed in battle.

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind is not reckoned as an ordinary weapon; however, its powers play well into bolstering your Paladin’s ineffable strength.

Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

Not only does it allow sunlight control but also aids in holding vampires at bay—an essential feature for those indulging in horror-themed campaigns or fighting off undead beasts.

This Holy Symbol, known as The Sun Lord’s amulet, dispels darkness in its superior daylight. With such control over daylight, undead enemies will find it nearly impossible to remain in your vicinity.

The Holy Symbol of Ravenkind is undoubtedly one of the unconventional but incredibly potent tools a Paladin can wield.

Sword of Kas

The Sword of Kas stands as one of those infamous artifacts your Paladin would cherish.

Originally the weapon of Vecna’s treacherous lieutenant, this magic, sentient longsword offers an attacking bonus with a whopping +3.

Each time you score a critical hit, the target suffers additional necrotic damage that equals half the damage already dealt—introducing an exceedingly deadly bite to your onslaught.

On top of its dominant performance on the battlefield, it also provides excellent defensive mechanisms like warding off magic spells and isn’t shy about giving strategy advice during combat.

With each defeating blow from the Sword of Kas comes vengeance for its original master’s betrayal.

Nine Lives Stealer

This menacing longsword tends to steal the spotlight during campaign climaxes due to one specific feature—it has the power to steal lives.

Nine Lives Stealer

This sword comes with nine charges that, when you roll a 20 attack roll on an opponent with fewer than 100 hit points remaining, snuff out their life force instantly.

Killing foes swiftly allows for flexibility on the battlefield and tip balance scales in your favor within moments. Undeniably, Nine Lives Stealer leaves those wielding it awestruck while ensuring their reign remains unchallenged.

Dragonslayer Longsword

A weapon, legendary in its own might, the Dragonslayer Longsword remains a top choice for those who often find themselves facing dragons and dragonkin.

Handy and hard-hitting, the sword obtains an extra 3d6 points of damage when used against a dragon.

The mere name of this longsword evokes a sense of dread for the fiery beasts of legend and myth.

If your campaign navigates you frequently into the path of these majestic yet deadly creatures, having this weapon can give you a strong advantage.

Remember, it’s not just about fighting; with the Dragonslayer Longsword in hand, you become a force to be reckoned with among dragons.

Vorpal Sword

When it’s about chopping off heads with one clean sweep, the Vorpal Sword takes the laurels!

Vorpal Sword

This finely crafted implement brings a +3 bonus to attack rolls and poses serious threats to any creature with heads.

On a roll of 20, if the creature is sizeable or smaller and has at least one head (except undead creatures or immortals), it can decapitate its opponent instantly.

Its sheer destructibility amplifies player confidence on battlegrounds. However, use it wisely as such raw power can sway battles unpredictably.

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Giant Slayer

As its name suggests, this weapon is your go-to choice if giants are what you’re up against in campaigns.

Essential in every Paladin’s arsenal, this versatile weapon grants an extra 2d6 damage when used on any giant kind.

Also providing improved chances at knocking back these colossal beings can potentially put you out of their devastating reach in combat situations.

Once unsheathed, giants won’t look so intimidating anymore!


Wave is much more than just a beautifully crafted trident; it represents a water deity’s willpower acting as an intensely powerful divine instrument.


Beyond its stunning aesthetics and +3 bonus, it brings the command over water elements and creatures.

With the unique ability to convert a non-believer, this weapon can speak and has its own character.

You can mold water, breathe underwater unendingly, and know the location of any living creature in water within a mile!

Fast, precise, and elegant in striking- Wave is a mighty companion granting control over life’s essence itself.


Dark, deadly, and wonderfully wicked, the sentient greatsword Blackrazor is a legendary weapon infamous for its insatiable hunger.

This weapon offers you an incredible +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls, but that’s just the start of this sword’s powers. On reducing a creature to 0 hit points, the weapon devours the creature’s life essence.

This feature gives temporary hit points equal to your slain enemy’s hit points when they’re at their maximum. It’s perfect for ruthless paladins eager to maintain their vitality in battle.

Sword of Life Stealing

Mysterious yet full of deadly charm, the Sword of Life Stealing is a force you won’t want to underestimate.

Sword of Life Stealing

When you deal a critical hit to a creature with this fascinating sword, it takes an extra 10 necrotic damage whilst granting you 10 temporary hit points.

It’s a splendid choice if you want to drain your opponents’ life force while boosting your own survival odds in fights against mighty foes.

Sword of Wounding

If slow and agonizing destruction is more suited to your style, the Sword of Wounding should be your go-to choice.

It ensures every slash matters by making creatures lose one hit point at the start of each turn for every time they’ve been wounded by this weapon.

This ‘bleeding’ effect continues until they get treatment or fall defeated – an exquisite way to wear down your adversaries.


True terror comes by thinking you’re seeing double only to realize it’s twice the attack from a fearsome Dragonlance.


Crafted specifically for dragonslayers, this lance allows hitting dragons twice on every successful attack – perfect when squaring up against fierce dragon foes.

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FAQs about paladin weapons 5e

What are paladins and what is their role in D&D 5e?

Paladins are holy warriors who fight for righteousness and divine powers, having the ability to heal wounds, defend their allies, and inflict great damage.

Which weapon should I choose as a beginner Paladin in D&D 5e?

The Holy Avenger is a good choice. It not only provides a considerable attack bonus but also boosts your spell resistance which can be beneficial for beginners.

What advantage does the Sunblade offer over other weapons?

The Sunblade deals radiant damage instead of slashing. That’s useful against creatures resistant or immune to non-magical attacks. Plus, it lights up your surroundings during battles in low-light conditions.

Are there any special attacks with the Sword of Life Stealing?

Yes, when you deal a critical hit with this sword, it inflicts extra necrotic damage on your opponent while giving you some temporary hit points.

What makes the Dragonlance unique as a Paladin’s weapon?

The Dragonlance stands out because it allows you to attack dragons twice on every successful hit, which is excellent for battles against these fearsome creatures.


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