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28 Best Ritual Spells 5E [Cast Powerful Magic Without Spending Slots]

Best Ritual Spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/05/2024
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Unlocking the arcane arts and casting magic spells is one of the most exciting parts of playing Dungeons & Dragons (DnD 5e), and ritual spells are certainly a significant aspect of this game.

The beauty of ritual spells lies in their diverse functionalities which range from summoning familiars, creating magical barriers, to communicating with other creatures, just to name a few.

To add more thrill and strategic depth to your game, it’s crucial to equip yourself with an understanding of the best ritual spells 5e.

In this blog post, we offer you a curated list comprising the 28 best ritual spells in DnD 5e. These selections are aimed at helping both novice wizards casting their first spell and seasoned sorcerers seeking fresh insights into powering up their gameplay.

From low-level utility spells perfect for extricating your party from sticky situations to high-level mystical wards capable of protecting entire cities, this comprehensive guide is your signpost in the magical realm.

So prepare to delve into the enigmatic world of DnD magic and elevate your gameplay like never before.

Best Ritual Spells 5e

Rituals spells in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (DnD 5e) are specific spell types that a spellcaster can cast without expending a spell slot.

Best Ritual Spells 5e

They are cast over a long duration, ranging from minutes to hours, to achieve more potent effects. Moreover, they offer strategic depth to the game, often forming the crux of the plot or aiding in crucial decisions by providing essential information or defenses.

In this section, we will discuss two of the effective ritual spells, ‘Identify’ and ‘Detect Magic.’


The Identify stands as one of the most vital ritual spells in any wizard’s repertoire. This 1st-level divination spell allows you to reveal what magic lies within an object, person, or magical phenomena within range.

Whether it’s a mysterious potion or the enchantment on a weapon picked up on your adventures; with just one touch and eleven minutes (a minute for casting and ten for performing), you’ll glean useful information about it.

The great utility of this spell means no surprise curses or unexpected teleportation issues when dealing with magic items. It’ll disclose whether any spells are affecting the item in question and what they are.

For items with charges like wands or staffs, Identify lets you know how many charges remain.

What makes ‘Identify’ all the more significant is that it provides insight into the functioning mechanisms of magic around you.

It demystifies enchantments and illuminates their purpose – a potent tool for characters often faced with arcane mysteries.

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Detect Magic

Detect Magic, another 1st-level divination ritual spell that complements ‘Identify’, offers an added layer of perception granting awareness of magic around oneself.

Detect Magic 1

Casting this spell involves focusing your mind to sense magical feedback radiating from items or creatures within 30 feet of you.

After casting for just six seconds, you can see a faint aura around any visible creature or object in the area that bears magic. You can also learn its school of magic if any.

In a world fraught with magical traps, curses, and hidden magical treasures, having ‘Detect Magic’ in your spellbook is akin to arming yourself with an ever-present magical radar.

Over its ten-minute duration, Detect Magic empowers you to see the unseen and pick up on enchantments hidden to the naked eye.

Find Familiar

The ‘Find Familiar’ spell is a 1st-level conjuration ritual that calls forth a spirited companion in the form of a small creature. This can be an animal like a cat, bird, or even a tiny fey or celestial spirit in an animal’s guise.

Cast in an hour, this spell creates a telepathic bond with your familiar, making them your invaluable ally.

The host of strategic potentials this provides cannot be understated. Familiars can spy, trigger traps harmlessly, distract enemies, or deliver ranged touch spells on your behalf.

What’s more, you can “borrow” their senses and speak through them to approach situations from unique perspectives.

Truly, ‘Find Familiar’ equips you with remarkable versatility and support in numerous shapes and sizes.

Leomund’s Tiny Hut

Camping outdoors on your epic adventures brims with danger. Enter ‘Leomund’s Tiny Hut’, a 3rd-level evocation spell to ensure safety during rests.

Leomund's Tiny Hut

This 11-minute ritual creates a 10-foot-radius dome around you and up to nine friends for eight hours.

Not only does the climate-controlled bubble block weather effects and magical projectiles but also stops creatures outside from seeing in (though you can see out).

Thus it offers secure shelter where spellcasters can safely recuperate spell slots during rests without worrying about ambushes—an indispensable inclusion into any defensive-minded wizard’s arsenal.

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Comprehend Languages

Venturing into uncharted lands often brings linguistic barriers along with adventure. The ‘Comprehend Languages’ ritual helps navigate these hurdles smoothly .

As the name suggests, this 1st-level divination spell lets you understand any spoken language while it lasts for one hour.

It also deciphers text touched by you during that duration (though it must be read at one page per minute).

By assuring smooth communication cross-culturally and accessing treasured information inscribed in foreign scripts, it becomes a spell of essential utility.


Safety is paramount during rests or guarding treasure piles. That’s where the 1st-level abjuration ritual ‘Alarm’ comes in. With it, you can set an invisible alarm on a door, window, or square area for eight hours.


Once trigged by tiny or larger creatures, it either emits an audible ping or a silent mental alert that awakens you if sleeping.

This inexpensive ritual can thwart thefts and warn of approaching enemies, preserving safety and property efficiently.

Unseen Servant

Imagine having a personal butler who is invisible and untiring! The 1st level conjuration spell “Unseen Servant” does just that.

In just one minute of casting time, you create an invisible force that performs simple tasks on your command for an hour—be it cleaning your gear or setting up a campsite.

This servant isn’t built for combat but mundane chores and minor manipulations are executed precisely. While not directly powerful in battles, its applications on adventures are countless and useful.


The Augury, a 2nd-level divination spell allows you to see into the future.


Experience the thrill of peering into the uncertainty of time when casted; it indicates whether a specific course of action taken within the next half-hour could result in good outcomes, bad ones, both good and bad outcomes or no effect at all.

Although its results are vague at best providing cryptic hints rather than concrete predictions ‘Augury’ can form impressive dramatic moments while making crucial decisions during the campaign.


A step ahead from Augury is ‘Divination’, a 4th-level ritual spell. It provides more precise insights into the future compared to Augury.

Upon casting this ritual (which takes over ten minutes) you can pose one question concerning specific goal, event or activity to occur within 7 days. Then through an offering to a divine entity or your deity, you receive a truthful reply.

The answer may be a short phrase, a cryptic rhyme, or an omen. Although it doesn’t account for possible circumstances that might change the outcomes, Divination offers valuable guidance while navigating the campaign’s complex plot.

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Speak with Dead

Ever wished you could speak to the dead for clues? The 3rd level necromancy spell “Speak with Dead” does exactly this.

Speak with Dead

Upon casting this ritual on a corpse, you can ask it up to five questions and it will reply truthfully based on its knowledge during life.

The spell doesn’t force honesty or return the soul of the deceased; hence it can prevent recent death secrets. Still, for historical secrets or forgotten lore buried with time, Speak with Dead is direct access to invaluable information.

Contact Other Plane

No mortal can know everything on their own but ‘Contact Other Plane’, a 5th-level divination spell breaks such boundaries.

This ten-minute casting ritual puts you in contact with an extraplanar entity—potentially another deity or cosmic intellect—for answers.

You can ask up to five questions and will receive cryptic yet truthful replies that offer knowledge beyond mortal reach. Beware though: such potent knowledge risks driving casters to temporary insanity.

Legend Lore

The Legend Lore spell is a 5th-level divination ritual spell that brings sprawling lore to the tips of your fingers.

Legend Lore

As a medium channeling significant historical information, this powerful spell reveals valuable tales and details about noteworthy individuals, places, or objects that have been lost to time.

With the help of Legend Lore, you can uncover secrets buried in the deepest annals of history or twisty catacombs.

While it may not always provide a complete picture, it certainly guides you through your adventures by providing context and rich detail that would otherwise be obscure.


Scrying is a 5th-level divination ritual that enables long-distance viewing. It reframes perception beyond physical bounds and transports you to different locations virtually through an invisible sensor.

Through scrying, you witness events unfolding somewhere else as if you were there yourself. Given it’s incomparable espionage capabilities, it’s often used for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes.

Contact Other Plane

Contact Other Plane is a risky but reward-rich 5th-level divination spell used to communicate with extraplanar entities.

Contact Other Plane

These creatures possess knowledge unattainable elsewhere making this spell potent for anyone seeking answers to elaborate mysteries.

Telepathic Bond

Rary’s Telepathic Bond forges an invisible psychic network linking two or more willing creatures enhancing seamless collaboration during quests.

Casting this 5th-level enchantment enables parties to strategize mid-battle silently or facilitate information exchange across vast distances.

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Drawmij’s Instant Summons

The 6th-level conjuration spell Drawmij’s Instant Summons links an item with a sapphire enabling retrieval from anywhere in existence at any given time; extremely lucrative during times when specific items are needed urgently.

Drawmij's Instant Summons

Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum

Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum perfectly embodies absolute privacy protection Meant for masking presence & activities from magical detection mechanisms; invading prying sensors with an impenetrable barrier.

Rary’s Telepathic Bond

The Rary’s Telepathic Bond is another fantastic 5th-level spell that cultivates connexions between numerous creatures across any distance to significantly facilitate covert communication and strategic planning during quests.

Rary's Telepathic Bond


As the name suggests, Forbiddance is a 6th-level abjuration spell exclusively designed for protection and border delineation.

While the casting time is relatively long, results are well worth it. It creates a ward rendering designated areas immune to teleportation or planar travel making it the ultimate safety net for your hideouts.


When it comes to fortifying your sensory perception, Foresight is, quite literally, your ‘foreseeable’ answer.


This 9th-level divination ritual spell essentially gifts you invulnerability to surprise attacks and the foresight to dodge them effectively.

Once cast, Foresight stays active for an impressive eight hours. It allows you to perceive events a moment before they happen and grants you the benefit of always making your saving throws.

Attackers get a disadvantage against you, and an advantage swings in your favor with all attacks, ability checks, and saving throws. Its utility is undeniable with effects that persist without requiring concentration.

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Magic Jar

Magic Jar introduces an intriguing element of gameplay in DnD 5e – body locomotion or possession. This 6th-level necromancy spell allows for strategic manifestations making it one of the best ritual spells.

The spell requires an exquisite jar as its object of focus within which your soul will reside until you occupy another body.

Once possessing a creature’s shell will enable harnessing its physical capabilities while retaining your own mental stats.

Exhibit caution though; if the host body dies or exceeds range limits before returning to your own or the jar; it spells instant death.

Planar Binding

Planar Binding is a key addition for any summoner or conjurer who wants more permanence in their summoned creatures. This 5th level enchantment spell lets you command beings from other planes that you’ve called forth onto yours.

Planar Binding

Planar Binding increases in potency as levels rise with each step bolstering control duration periods from days and weeks to even years at its peak effectiveness.

But beware; it’s essential to ensure the prospective bound entity doesn’t break free before completing this one-hour long casting ritual or dire consequences may ensue!

Planar Ally

Faced with monstrous foes? The Planar Ally got your back. This 6th level conjuration spell is perfect for those who have formed pacts and alliances with extraplanar entities.

It offers aid by summoning a celestial, fey, or element from another plane to your side.

Whether it’s smiting your enemies or offering knowledge about the multiverse, depending on the entity attracted and their disposition towards you, assistance type varies.

It’s critical to bargain wisely here as requesting service might even involve a sacrifice!

Astral Projection

Astral Projection is an enigmatic 9th-level necromancy spell that separates your astral form from your physical body.

Astral Projection

Once separated, you drift across planes of existence while leaving your mortal shell behind in suspended animation.

With this spell, it becomes possible exploring different planes unimpeded by planar barriers without physically traveling.

It lasts until ended by you or the tearing of your silver cord during astral exploits.

While safe within reason under Astral Projection’s effects, if your astral form dies in this state – prepare for immediate peril reactions.


As per its nomenclature, Clone creates a second copy – a fail-safe – of the caster or another person. This 8th-level necromancy ritual spell produces inert duplicates which can later serve as new bodies if necessary.

If such a situation arises where the original body dies in its active state (a clone doesn’t age), its soul transfers to the clone if willing.

As life insurance within campaigns characterized by dire threats to longevity goes: Clone couldn’t be more perfect.

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Simulacrum presents an exciting opportunity to create an allied icy duplicate of any beast or humanoid.


While half the hit point total might make them weaker than their originals and lacking recent acquired abilities; they can still use all others including spells making them incredibly valuable.

The duplicate performs tasks at real entity’s command allowing versatility in combat maneuvers and tasks.


Need to cross worlds or retrieve a creature across planes? Turn to Gate – a momentous 9th-level conjuration spell.

By casting this powerful spell, you create a portal linking your current plane to another different one.

Using an entity’s true name could even compel creatures from different worlds through the gate, though caution is recommended in such attempts.

It offers rapid and efficient transportation, but the usage must be considered due to its high-level constraints.


The Wish spell is as potent as its name suggests. The epitome of magic spells in DnD 5e, it embodies pure magical energy molded to serve your command.


Wish enables you to alter reality according to your wish explicitly or mimic another lower level magic spell’s effect without components.

Exercise prudence while using – as finely worded wishes can backfire under a cunning dungeon master.

With great power comes great responsibility; wield this mighty 9th-level conjuration ritual spell wisely.

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FAQs About best ritual spells 5e

Does casting a ritual spell trigger spell slots in DnD 5e?

No, casting spells as rituals do not consume any spell slots. This is one of the most significant benefits of ritual spells.

What is the importance of ritual spells in DnD 5e?

Ritual spells in DnD 5e often provide utility, helping characters to negotiate their environment, understand magic items, communicate with allies, or ward against potential threats without draining their magical resources.

Can all classes cast ritual spells in DnD 5e?

No, not all classes can cast ritual spells. Only certain classes such as Wizards, Druids, Clerics, Bards and Warlocks have this privilege specified in their class features.

What does a high-level spell mean in best ritual spells 5e?

High-level spell generally refers to those of levels six and above. They typically carry very potent effects or capabilities but are limited by spell slots for each class.

Does casting time increase for a ritual spell in DnD 5e?

Yes, casting a spell as a ritual extends the casting time by ten minutes; however, it saves your valuable spell slots.


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