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30 Best Spells 5E [Fill Your Spellbook With The Greatest Magic]

Best Spells 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
Est. Reading: 11 minutes

Prepare to step into the enchanting world of Dungeons and Dragons where magic reigns supreme and spells are your most trusted allies.

Whether you’re a seasoned sorcerer or an aspiring apprentice, it’s essential to have an arsenal of powerful spells at your fingertips.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the 30 best spells 5e, curated for their potency, versatility, and impact on gameplay.

The immersive universe of D&D relies heavily on strategy and spellcraft. However, with such an extensive list of spells to choose from, it becomes challenging to decide which ones to mark in your spellbook and which ones to leave behind.

We’ve sifted the worthwhile from the futile for you—consider this a carefully curated tome that encompasses the 30 best spells 5e across all classes and levels. Strap in for a magical journey that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Best Spells 5e 2024

Stepping into the mesmerizing realm of Dungeons and Dragons, spells are not merely words or gestures but powerful tools that shape the essence of this beloved game.

Best Spells 5e

They are your allies in battles, your defense against lurking dangers, and your tricks when strategy calls for cunning.

This compilation honors the might of magic by highlighting two vital spells – Fireball and Magic Missile – that no spellcaster should overlook.


Fireball is a formidable area-of-effect spell that crafts a spectacular explosion of flame with a radius of 20 feet.

The raw power behind this spell garners undivided attention from both veterans and beginners alike, making it an indispensable part of your magical arsenal.

Much beyond causing a mere visual spectacle, Fireball intensely harms anything caught in its explosive burst.

Speaking mechanically, Fireball is a 3rd-level evocation spell that can scorch multiple opponents with fiery doom.

It’s often considered overpowered due to its potential to inflict massive damage as you ascend in levels; for every slot above the 3rd level, it deals an additional d6 of damage.

Its radiant impact scales impressively with higher levels, further amplifying its fiery destructiveness.

The broad area coverage combined with unrestrained adaptability across various combat scenarios renders this spell invaluable during large-scale encounters or strategically dealing damage to clustered groups of enemies.

Without giving a second thought, feature Fireball in your roster – it’s as devastating as it gets.

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Magic Missile

Magic Missile is one more spell any serious D&D enthusiast wouldn’t want to miss out on! An apparently simple yet undeniably reliable addition to any caster’s repertoire, Magic Missile epitomizes consistency in the shifting outlines of Dungeons and Dragons.

Magic Missile

This dominant 1st level evocation provides you with three glowing darts hitting a target within range.

Each dart deals 1d4+1 force damage – not subject to attack rolls or saving throws. It’s indeed a ‘no miss’ spell.

The significant aspect of Magic Missile is its predictable force damage which isn’t often resisted or immunized against.

What’s more, with every level beyond the first, Magic Missile produces an additional dart. You can direct these extra darts at the same target or different ones, enabling you to subtly dictate the tide of battles in your favor.


Counterspell is a reactive addition to your arsenal. It offers unique strategic advantages, allowing you to cancel enemies’ spells as they are being cast—an indispensable tool when facing potent adversaries with magical abilities.

Counterspell, a 3rd-level abjuration spell, does not need a saving throw or an attack roll on your part—its success primarily hinges on the level of the spell you’re trying to quell.

For potent spells beyond 3rd level, an ability check is required. The more powerful the spell you’re countering, the higher the DC.

Eldritch Blast

Eldritch Blast is akin to the bread-and-butter for warlocks but serves well other classes too wherever available.

Eldritch Blast

It’s a cantrip that scales impressively with your character level rather than class level – meaning it grows along with you. Notably, it propels force damage that not many creatures could shake off.

Cure Wounds

Cure Wounds signifies life in D&D’s deadly confrontations. This 1st-level evocation allows you to heal any creature you touch—translating into more chances of survival for you and your companions.

The spell doesn’t only cure; it adds bonus hit points based on the caster’s spellcasting ability modifier and even more when cast at higher levels.

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The shield gives an immediate armor class (AC) boost and potential magic missile protection as a reaction—significantly increasing your survivability during battles.


By merely raising your hand against an incoming attack, you can activate this 1st-level abjuration spell that grants +5 bonus AC until your next turn.


Thunderwave offers crowd control paired with damage output—a combo rarely seen at low levels.

This 1st-level evocation forces a Constitution saving throw upon creatures within its area-of-effect while pushing them away and dealing thunder damage—useful to manage and intimidate hordes of enemies.

Hold Person

Hold Person can turn the tide of a battle by paralyzing one humanoid within sight. This 2nd-level enchantment forces a Wisdom saving throw, and on a failed save, the humanoid becomes paralyzed for the duration—rendering them defenseless while you strategize or unleash your mightiest moves.

Hold Person

Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic, as its name suggests, quashes spells affecting creatures or objects, or nullifies effects within a particular area.

This 3rd-level abjuration allows you to wipe out harmful magic effects that impede your party’s progress—an excellent save during dire circumstances requiring quick restoration.

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Haste is undoubtedly your team’s favorite buffing spell. This 3rd-level transmutation not only doubles one willing creature’s speed but also furnishes an additional action per turn—a boon in combats where every action counts immensely.



Polymorph helps you control battles in ways unimaginable thanks to its potential to drastically alter forms.

This 4th-level transmutation spell transforms any creature into a different one—even harmlessly neutralizing formidable foes by turning them into harmless rabbits!


Invisibility lends stealth and surprise tactics, making it indispensable for ambushes or evading confrontations.


This 2nd level illusion can render you unseen for up to an hour (unless dispelled), offering diverse applications beyond mere hide-and-seek.

Guiding Bolt

Guiding Bolt wraps up our list with its divine energy-inflicting damage and subsequent attack advantages.

Particularly advantageous for the Cleric class, this 1st-level evocation lets you launch a radiant energy bolt toward your adversary—causing significant damage and granting the next attack roll against it with advantage.

Dimension Door

Dimension Door, a 4th-level conjuration spell, is your emergency exit in the mystical D&D universe. Allowing you to instantly teleport to a location within 500 ft, this spell can turn the tide of a battle or get you out of tricky situations.

Dimension Door

You need not have a line of sight or know the area you’re teleporting to, granting it unmatched flexibility in usage. Another exceptional feature is the ability to take along an ally (provided they’re of your size or smaller).

This tactical retreat tool works perfectly as part of a broader strategy or as an impromptu escape plan during tense moments in your campaign.

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Bigby’s Hand

Bigby’s Hand is a spell that calls forth a large hand that floats and moves at your will. A 5th-level evocation spell, Bigby’s Hand delivers diverse uses like striking enemies, obstructing passages, and even shielding from attacks.

The hand has hit points and can be destroyed; however, it provides valuable strategic options by manipulating your surroundings during combat.

Its versatility enhances its utility across differing scenarios in gameplay; making it an asset for any wizard seeking dynamic magic alternatives.


Banishment is a clutch-control spell that comes into play when confrontations get tough.


As a 4th level abjuration spell, it can temporarily send one creature to another plane of existence. The target must save against Charisma or disappear for up to a minute.

Use this time wisely because once the creature returns; it will be looking for revenge. Be warned though; using Banishment on creatures native to your plane only offers temporary relief since they return when the spell ends!

Lightning Bolt

Like its fiery brethren Fireball, Lightning Bolt is an elemental force of doom. The 3rd level evocation fires an electrifying beam straight through its enemies inflicting substantial lightning damage immediately on all entities within a straight line.

Its linear pathway can be an advantage for tactful players who line up their enemies accordingly for collective devastation. With its electrifying damage potential, Lightning Bolt can shock your enemies into submission.

Teleportation Circle

As a 5th-level conjuration spell, Teleportation Circle offers unmatched utility in long-distance travel within the D&D universe.

Teleportation Circle

It facilitates fast transport to any destination circle whose sigil sequence you know! Having strategic teleportation circles around key areas in your campaign world ensures easy access and quick escapes if needed.

Finger of Death

If you are enthusiastic about theatrics, this chillingly-named 7th-level necromancy spell drops a bomb on its victim with an unavoidable beam, inflicting incredible necrotic damage.

Humanoid victims slain by this spell rise as Zombies under your control! This dark twist lends Finger of Death an ominous edge.

Wall of Force

Wall of Force is a compelling defensive spell that devises an invisible barrier impervious to most physical and many magical effects.

Wall of Force

This 5th-level evocation spell provides you with customizable protection as the wall takes any shape you wish – plane or sphere.

Apart from offering impressive defense against attacks, the Wall of Force can also be useful in controlling the movement and placement of enemies.

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Dominate Person

Dominate Person is a potent control tool in the hands of manipulative wizards who fancy playing puppeteers during their adventures through hostile lands.

This 5th-level enchantment spell transforms your target into your loyal servant but beware – Creatures with strong wisdom might resist it!

Pass without Trace

It’s time to unleash your inner ninja with Pass without Trace – a stealth-enhancing spell that adds +10 to Stealth checks.

Pass without Trace

This 2nd-level abjuration lasts for up to an hour, covering a group within you in shadows and silence making it perfect when stealthy endeavors are part of your master plan.

Find Familiar

Casting the Find Familiar spell, a deeply cherished staple amongst Arcane spellcasters, enables you to conjure a spiritual entity.

This spectral creature serves as your steadfastly loyal companion and scout. The 1st level Conjuration spell affords you an extended range of vision, a handy boon in myriad covert operations, and strategic planning efforts.

The familiar boasts of its ability to deliver touch-based spells from you to the adversary, effectively transforming into a mobile tool for transmuting spells.

Its various forms- of either beast or bird – guarantee added stealth or keen sight needed to prep up for impending situations.

Being gifted with a familiar dismisses frets over close combat and sets up opportunities for clever booby-traps.

This is a top-class spell for information gathering, making remote attacks, and crafting layered defenses in Dungeons and Dragons’ exhilarating gameplay.

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning is an electrifying 6th-level evocation that breathes raw power into your armory of spells. With this spell, you create a bolt of lightning targeting one creature of choice within your sight.

Chain Lightning

The crackling energy then leaps onto additional targets – precisely three at the third level– each within a 30-feet parameter from the last target.

Each struck target takes considerable lightning damage making it tactically viable during multiple enemy encounters.

Your raw magical power determines the intensity & range of this formidable spell causing havoc on enemy ranks while keeping you at safe distances.

An optional but significant aspect- for every level above 6th used to cast Chain Lighting; it targets an additional creature reinforcing its status as an Area of Effect(AoE) powerhouse move among talented casters.

Planar Binding

Planar Binding employs powerful magic through which you assert control over creatures summoned from other planes.

This 5th-level conjuration allows you to command celestial bodies, elementals, fey, or friends, which turns the tide of battles effectively.

You bind a non-hostile creature, forcing it to perform tasks or abstain from actions as per your instructions.

The duration varies depending upon the spell slot utilized for casting: 24 hours for the 5th level, a week for the 6th, ten days for the 7th, a month for the 8th, and a whole year if you cast Planer Binding using a 9th level slot.

Given its potential to draft an unstoppable army of other-worldly beings, Planar Binding is assuredly worth stashing in your repertoire.

True Resurrection

True Resurrection is the zenith of resurrection magic. This awe-inspiring 9th-level necromancy spell brings back a deceased creature to life with all its hit points — regardless of how they met their end.

True Resurrection

The spell can revive someone who died within the last two centuries (except for an undead), cementing its place as an ultimate lifeline spell in D&D.

Even more captivating is its capacity to create a new body for the revived soul if the original body no longer exists.

A potent tool to counter horrible accidents or tragic occurrences that befall characters throughout their adventures, True Resurrection transcends beyond mere utility – it’s your ray of sunshine when things look grim.

Time Stop

Unleash omnipotent control over time itself with Time Stop. This ultimate high-level spell essentially lets you take two turns in quick succession while making everyone else march in slow motion.

From casting spells to moving through packed enemy encampments unseen- with Time Stop you get an unparalleled advantage over different situations.

Best part? You aren’t limited to combat usage alone; instead becomes invaluable when decoding puzzles & duress situations etc.

Time stop does come with constraints—any activities that could impact other creatures directly will end this spell prematurely.

Regardless, wise usage opens up numerous strategic possibilities suitable for achieving crucial advantages or evading perilous situations.

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The apex of all magic, the Wish spell, offers nearly limitless possibilities as far as spellcasting goes. A 9th-level conjuration spell essentially gives you the latitude to alter reality based on your desires.


With a simple statement describing your wish (within exceptionally flexible parameters set by the Dungeon Master), you can produce any effect you deem fit.

The potential here is infinite – from duplicating other spells, bestowing immunity to foes, and forcing events in your favor- with careful wording, almost nothing remains outside of your reach.

However, this enormity comes with potential consequences including substantial exhaustion or inability to cast Wish again as per DM discretion. Wise usage can transform impossibilities into mere inconveniences!


Shapechange is a transmutation delight that hands you complete control over your physical form.

As a 9th-level spell, it grants you the ability to assume the form of different creatures—a priceless advantage for both combat & strategic maneuvering alike.

Your statistics change according to the adopted creature’s attributes while retaining your personality & alignment.

Access is awarded to any special capabilities native to new forms augmenting this ability’s versatility numerous-fold—be sneaky as an imp or mighty as a dragon—the choice rests solely upon you!

Whether it’s for achieving combative mightiness or escaping precarious situations through bold transformations; Shapechange offers an unparalleled level of adaptability making it simply indispensable among top-tier spells within D&D 5e.

Power Word Kill

Power Word Kill sits proudly at the pinnacle list because of one horrifying fact: when uttered towards a weak creature with less than 100 hit points remaining—it dies instantly.

Power Word Kill

This chillingly effective 9th-level enchantment carves its niche within arsenals esteemed Wizards Britts around worldwide—not because of versatility but sheer deadliness that brings about instantaneous and guaranteed death with no possibility for saving throws/package.

It’s a single-target spell functioning only if the target’s health is under specific limits; it’s wasted if the target has more.

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FAQs About best spells 5e

What factors should guide my choice of the best spells in D&D 5e?

Consider factors like the level of your character, the class, and even your preferred style of play. It’s always a good idea to have a balanced mix of defensive and aggressive spells in your arsenal.

What is the Wish spell and why is it considered one of the most potent spells?

The Wish spell lets you alter reality based on your wishes with an exceptionally open interpretation by the Dungeon Master. With careful wording, almost nothing stands outside of its reach which makes it a top-tier spell.

Why do players call Fireball an overpowered spell in D&D 5e?

Fireball dishes out high damage across a large area and scale impressively with higher levels. This combination makes it particularly destructive in larger combat situations, earning its status as ‘overpowered’.

How does True Resurrection work and why is it so special?

True Resurrection can bring back creatures who’ve been deceased for up to 200 years, except for the undead. It can even create a new body if the original one no longer exists—making it special indeed.

Why is Shapechange considered one of the best spells in D&D 5e?

Shapechange provides you with complete control over your physical form, letting you transform into different creatures while retaining your personality and alignment. This versatility across combat situations makes it one of the best spells.


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