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10 Best Trinkets 5E [Add Unique Items To Your DnD Character]

10 Best Trinkets 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/31/2023
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If you’re familiar with Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), the term trinkets 5e probably rings a bell. These clever little items, often overlooked but full of potential, can be the secret ingredient that makes your gaming experience truly unique and enjoyable.

Not only can trinkets add layers to your character’s backstory, but they can also act as invaluable tools in critical situations.

This article will unravel the vast world of trinkets 5e in D&D. We’ll shed some light on a variety of items that are fundamentally designed to develop characters, progress stories, and create plot twists.

You’ll discover how these nuggets of gold not only color your fictional universe but also contribute significantly to the overall richness of your game mechanics. So, let’s dive deeper into this treasure trove, unearthing ten of our top picks.

What are Trinkets 5E?

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, 5E trinkets are small items that possess a touch of mystery or magic. They may not have significant power or impact gameplay to great extents, but they unquestionably add depth to your character’s backstory and flavor to their experiences.

What are Trinkets 5E?

Bowl to Granny’s teeth from an ancient being, a ticket for the performance that never happened – these curious little pieces serve as springboards for creativity and intrigue.

Trinkets 5E gravitate toward enhancing immersion rather than functionality in gameplay. These items become an integral part of your D&D expedition, often opening up intriguing storylines while also providing fascinating possibilities for role-play.

10 Best Trinkets 5E

Exploring the fantastical world of D&D becomes more captivating with creative and unique trinkets. These seemingly simple items can fundamentally change how you interact with the gameplay, creating surprising turns and twists.

We explore three such trinkets that make D&D an engaging adventure: The Mummified Goblin Hand, a Piece of Crystal that faintly glows in the moonlight, and an Old Chess Piece.

Mummified Goblin Hand

Picture this: a gnarled, shriveled goblin hand with age-old last rites performed on it. A perfect addition to your witch doctor’s supplies or perhaps just an odd adornment for your cloak.

Mummified Goblin Hand

The Mummified Goblin Hand is not merely a prop but provides possibilities for countless narratives. It could belong to a slain goblin king, hinting at an unfulfilled vengeance plot.

It sparks curiosity among both players and game characters alike. The roadside inns buzz with whispers about the adventurer with the creepy hand.

The Mummified Goblin Hand offers endless opportunities to immerse oneself in character development or direct story progression. It can serve as a conversation starter or as an essential tool when navigating through dark crypts and cursed forests.

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Piece of Crystal that faintly glows in the moonlight

A piece of crystal sounds benign. But what if this benign-looking crystal starts emitting a faint glow under the silvery radiance of the moonlight?

Suddenly, you hold a beacon of hope during moonlit travels or have a way to subtly signal fellow adventurers from afar.

Perhaps the crystal originated from sprawling underground caves ripe with magic-infused minerals waiting to be discovered a potential plot twist right there.

It could belong to ancient mage stash fragments lost in time but now found by you, potentially opening up whole new side quests. In either case, this magical piece of crystal adds a hint of magic and mystique to your gameplay.

Old Chess Piece

An old chess piece may seem mundane compared to magical crystals or mummified hands, but imagine the plotlines you can spin with this trinket.

It could be a relic from an ancient strategy game played amongst wise wizards; its every move is a spell. Maybe it’s the missing piece in a mysterious chess set that reveals the location of hidden treasures when complete.

This chess piece speaks volumes about the character who possesses it. A warrior may have kept it as a reminder for strategic battle planning, while a rogue might use it for agile decision-making practice.

The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Small Idol of a Forgotten Deity

This unique trinket holds a mysterious and ancient allure. It is a small idol representing a deity long forgotten by time. Crafted intricately from obsidian, gold, ancient stone, or other precious materials, the artifacts carry an aura of enchanting mystique.

Small Idol of a Forgotten Deity

You can infuse this piece into your game to create opportunities for historical excavation or as the focus of a religious or cultural dispute.

The idol might be coveted by collectors, historians, or those in occult circles seeking to harness the deity’s celestial power. This could drive exciting quests for your character and their group as they strive to uncover the truth behind the lost deity.

Cloak Made from Troll Skin

The cloak made from troll skin isn’t just another piece of armory. It’s a trophy signaling victories against terrifying foes. This trinket speaks volumes about your character’s martial prowess and courage in battle.

It serves as proof that they’ve indeed slain a troll to protect their companions or an innocent village. Such a trophy not only earns respect but also instills fear in enemies who are considered to be causing trouble.

Depending on your Dungeon Master’s discretion, wearing this might grant you partial resistance to damage.

Broken Key

There’s possibly nothing as compelling as finding a broken key, its original form unknown, and its destination lost in time. Could it open an ancient tomb filled with treasures?

Maybe it’s an artifact that hides secret knowledge recognized only by discerning scholars. The possibilities are endless. Introducing such a trinket could lead characters on enigmatic treasure hunts full of puzzle-solving and mystery unfolding, certainly exciting fodder for any campaign.

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Small Orb that Moves Slightly on its Own

The small orb that moves slightly on its own is perhaps one of the most intriguing trinkets available in D&D 5E. Whether made out of glass, crystal, or another material, it sets itself apart by uninterruptedly moving of its own accord.

Small Orb that Moves Slightly on its Own

Used correctly, this inexplicably animated trinket can offer several fascinating in-game plot points. It could be viewed as a sentient being trapped within the orb or a coveted magical artifact sought by covetous villains for its latent power.

This peculiar trinket not only adds depth to your D&D game but also thickens the air of magic and mystery, which is quintessential to D&D adventures.

Music Box that Plays by Itself When Opened

Imagine the melodic notes of a music box that plays by itself when opened. This musical trinket opens the window to a world of mystery, enchantment, and folklore.

It can tell tales of renowned composers from another era, spin tales of an old ghostly lullaby calming restless spirits, or even act as a key to open magical portals.

When used aptly in your campaign, its music can weave emotional narratives and add a touch of the surreal to your adventures.

Feather from an Angel’s Wing

The feather from an angel’s wing might possibly be one of the most sacred and awe-inspiring trinkets you could possess in D&D 5E.

A signifier of divine intervention or celestial presence, this trinket speaks volumes about fate. It hints at celestial blessings that protect your character from untold dangers or tasks they receive from heavenly bodies.

This holy item weaves miracles into your narrative, hinting at stories untold or battles fought against evil on unfamiliar planes.

Old Pirate Map

Possessing an old pirate map not only hints at exciting treasure hunts but can also pull characters towards dangerous swashbuckling adventures against seasoned seafarers.

Old Pirate Map

Badly aged, incomplete, or perhaps encrypted with elusive clues – it all depends on how you decide to shape your narrative with this incredibly versatile trinket.

A vial of Dragon Blood

A vial of dragon blood speaks volumes about either bravery against virtually unbeatable foes or wily deception used to trick these legendary beings.

The component could serve a role in powerful magic rituals or be prized as an immensely valuable potion ingredient due to its exotic origin.

Your character holding such extraordinary substance would surely make for thrilling plots and breathtaking encounters.

Ring of a Dwarf Lord

A signifier of power and authority, owning the ring of a dwarf lord could put your character in an astonishing range of narratives.

Lost heirlooms, forgotten lineages, or perhaps symbols for rulership over dormant underground kingdoms, the backstory of this trinket could unlock quests that span across continents and delve deep into dwarven history.

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Locket with a Painted Portrait Inside

Undoubtedly, a locket with a painted portrait inside is more than just a trinket. It tells a story, whispers of love, or perhaps echoes with the dull ache of loss.

Locket with a Painted Portrait Inside

Holding it gives your characters something personal and intriguing to their backgrounds. The painted portrait can spur them on heartfelt quests to find the person in the image or unearth poignant connections to their past.

Your character might hold on to this locket as a keepsake of an unforgettable love interest or as the last memory of an estranged family member – leaving room for countless plot developments.

Book of Unidentified Creatures

If your D&D character is curious about the vast expanse of mythical creatures populating your gaming universe, they might find themselves in possession of a book of unidentified creatures.

Filled with sketches and descriptions yet untied to the known bestiary, such a trinket can be instrumental when exploring new territories infested with strange beasts or studying enigmatic beings’ potential abilities.

The book could become valuable as it offers first-hand knowledge on rare species that few adventurers have sighted, an absolute goldmine for any traveler.

Glass Eye of a Sorcerer

The glass eye of a sorcerer is among the more eerie trinkets you could incorporate into your game, but also one laden with lore and magical potential.

Whose eye was it in life? What powers did they command? Whether it serves as an arcane focus for spellcasting or can reveal hidden truths when looked through, this trinket’s uses can branch into various avenues based on your campaign’s features.

Perhaps touching it allows one to see brief flashes from its previous owner’s life or uncovers brief moments of prophetic vision – creating riveting subplots within the overarching storyline.

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FAQs About Best Trinkets 5E

What makes a trinket stand out in a D&D game?

A good trinket, like the “glass eye of a sorcerer” or the “cloak made from troll skin,” adds depth to your character’s backstory, fuels future plotlines, or aids in quests.

Why should a player care about trinkets?

Trinkets, although small and seemingly insignificant, can bring substance to your character’s tale. They can be symbols of past accomplishments or keys to exciting future adventures.

How do you acquire trinkets in D&D 5e?

Characters typically start off with a trinket of their choice during character creation. Additionally, Dungeon Masters might reward them with trinkets throughout the course of gameplay.

How often can you use trinkets in D&D games?

Usage frequency depends on the Dungeon Master and the type of campaign. Some may allow regular use; others may restrict it to special occasions.

Can I create custom trinkets for my D&D campaign?

Yes, As long as they fit within your campaign’s story and mechanics. Customization encourages creativity and a personalized touch.


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