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20 Best Warlock Spells 5E [Master The Dark Arts Of Eldritch Magic]

Best Warlock Spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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Engaging in a world of enchantment and power, the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, especially the 5th Edition (5e), offers an array of intriguing possibilities.

One particular class, coveted by many players for its mythical aura and potential for power, is the warlock. Possessing an extensive spell list to choose from, a warlock captivates with their arts of mystical deception and formidable feats.

This guide is designed to help you explore twenty of the best warlock spells 5e at your disposal.

Understanding these spells fosters a more immersive gaming experience, making your journey as a mighty warlock even more thrilling.

Whether you’re aiming to confound your enemies with bewitching illusions or deal massive damage with devastating attack spells; having an array of mighty abilities is key to mastering the warlock class.

As such, knowing your best options can make all the difference as you navigate through this fantastic world.

Best Warlock Spells 5e

While there are numerous spells to choose from in Dungeons and Dragons, some are particularly effective for the warlock class.

Best Warlock Spells 5e

This list details a selection of the most potent spells available for use by a warlock in DnD’s 5th edition.

Each spell below provides strong benefits and can significantly impact gameplay when utilized correctly. Let’s explore the wonders of Eldritch Blast and Hex.

Eldritch Blast

Hailed as one of the strongest damage cantrips in D&D 5e, Eldritch Blast is an evocation cantrip with a range of 120 feet. It facilitates your casting of a beam of crackling energy targeting a creature within range, thereby causing damage on successful hits.

The spell’s advantage lies in its strength scaling with your level: As you ascend, you generate more beams resulting in multiple attacks per round. This remarkable feature sets it apart from most single-target damage spells, offering versatility while maintaining potency.

Leveraging the potential add-ons granted by Eldritch Invocations (such as Agonizing Blast for added damage) enhances the spell’s efficiency further.

Engaging this as part of your strategy not only improves your offensive prowess but also allows strategic crowd control implementation.

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Hex is another prime choice that significantly augments your capabilities as a warlock, providing an added punch to your combat strategy.


The enchantment spell targets one creature within range, bestowing upon it a curse that lasts up to one hour; it amplifies all damage done to it and inhibits its abilities based on your choice.

Successfully casting Hex opens up opportunities for persistent harm on adversaries over more extended periods; it also strategically weakens them by targeting specific attribute checks.


Counterspell serves as your primary line of defense against other casters in D&D 5e.

As an abjuration spell of third level, Counterspell allows you to interrupt a creature in the process of casting a spell. If the target is casting a spell of 3rd level or lower, its spell fails and has no effect.

For spells above this level, you will need to roll with the aim of surpassing it with your level check.

The intrusion can neutralize a potentially devastating spell aimed at you or even protect an ally within your vicinity.

Though Counterspell operates on reaction rather than action, it makes for instantaneous responses to threatening enemy actions in combat situations..

Devil’s Sight

An excellent choice for enhancing visual advantage is Devil’s Sight. This allows you to see normally in darkness, both magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 120 feet.

Devil's Sight

The advantage this gives cannot be underestimated – while others stumble in the dark, unable to effectively target creatures shrouded in shadows, your warlock stands triumphant with unhindered vision.

Devil’s Sight paves the way for several tactical maneuvers involving darkness or low-light conditions: Lay traps for enemies while lurking unseen; launch surprise attacks from concealment without hampering your accuracy.

Armor of Agathys

The Armor of Agathys is a first-level Abjuration spell that affords both protection and retaliation—offering multiple benefits from one casting.

Upon invocation, this forms around you a spectral frost that covers you and provides five temporary hit points for each spell level poured into it.

While this armor lasts, any creature hitting you takes five cold damage per Armor Agathys’ level—a substantial deterrent given its no saving throw requirement.

This utility paired with its scaling potential makes Armor of Agathys an attractive option throughout your D&D campaign.

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Shadow Blade

The illusion spell, Shadow Blade, creates a magical sword of solidified gloom in your hand. The weapon deals psychic damage, which bypasses most regular resistances or immunities.

Shadow Blade

The sword also provides you with advantage on attack rolls in dim light or darkness. Thus, combining Shadow Blade with a spell that creates darkness can be hugely advantageous.

This blade isn’t just for show: it’s a manifestation of combative strength and thoughtful strategy.


Darkness is another staple for an adventurous warlock, taking battlefield manipulation to a new level.

With the casting of Darkness comes a sphere of blackness, hindering vision and creating an excellent setup for attack or escape tactics.

The remarkable aspect is that the darkness created is magical and thus obscures vision entirely—even for those with darkvision.

Coupled with Devil’s Sight invocation, you can turn the battlefield to your advantage, leaving your enemies blind while you strike unhampered.

Witch Bolt

Offering sustained damage potential over several rounds, Witch Bolt can serve as your warlock’s draining tool.

Witch Bolt

A stroke of lightning forms a sustained arc of energy link between you and the target, dealing 1d12 lightning damage initially and offering ongoing damage on subsequent turns without requiring re-rolls to hit.

Although it does require concentration to maintain over rounds and is limited by its range, its ability to consistently pump out serious damage cannot be overlooked.

Misty Step

Misty Step, a spell centered around mobility enhancement. It allows your warlock character to teleport up to 30 feet without requiring line-of-sight which could save you from being cornered or restrained or help close distances to reach enemies in combat promptly.

Its versatility and utility make it exceptionally useful in various tactical situations – be it bypassing obstacles during exploration or maneuvering battles with deadly agility.

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Hunger of Hadar

Imagine conjuring a gateway to the dark between the stars, a region infested with unknown horrors. That’s Hunger of Hadar for you. It creates a void of utter blackness and cold chilly, located at a point within range you choose.

Hunger of Hadar

Any creature starting its turn in this area takes cold damage while ending it therein results in acid damage; both without the allowance of saving throws. Moreover, it heavily obscures vision and hence can be used for strategic manipulation of your battlefield.

You can use it as an area denial tool or to cover your retreat, making Hunger of Hadar a versatile tool in your warlock’s arsenal.

Warlock’s Curse

A key aspect of Warlock’s tactical acumen is the Hex spell, also known as Warlock’s Curse. It creates a psychic link between you and your enemy giving you bonus damage when attacking the cursed target.

What makes this spell more potent is its effect on reducing one ability score (of your choice) being used by the afflicted target – notably useful against enemies relying strongly on specific abilities.

With long duration and potential to reassign targets upon death, Hex becomes an ongoing menace in protracted battles, making it not just a curse for your enemies but also a blessing for you.

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Mirror Image

Mirror Image is an Illusion spell that perfectly fits evasive warlocks looking to shroud themselves with crafty duplicity on the battlefield.

Mirror Image

Creating three illusory duplicates that share your space can significantly enhance survivability; attacks targeted at you have noticeable chances—increasing with each duplicate—to hit these illusions instead.

The doppelgangers mimic your actions perfectly while refracting on getting hit – given these fakes are stripped apart before any damages reach you – assurances don’t come better than Mirror Image!

Summon Greater Demon

Talk about turning tables by wrestling control from formidable enemies! The Summon Greater Demon spell lets you call forth a demon from the chaotic abyss to aid your battle cry.

You not only get a damage-dealing ally on the battlefield but also get to choose this demonic entity from various types as per the spell’s level.

Far Step

Think of an upgraded version of Misty Step – That’s Far Step for you. It aids your mobility tremendously by allowing you to teleport up to 60 feet at the end of each of your turns for a full minute.

Far Step

Designed for combat longevity, it greatly enhances battlefield maneuverability, enabling elusive strategies.

Whether avoiding persistent enemies or setting up surprises, Far Step remarkably grants fast-paced tactical advantages with assuring defensive capabilities.

Finger of Death

If raw, instant power is what you seek – consider Finger of Death as your choice. An iota of greenish energy springs from your index causing severe necrotic damage – enough to fell weaker creatures instantly.

Strikingly if killed in such a manner, humanoid victims rise at your next turn’s starts as zombies – Now that’s doubling down on destruction with collateral benefits.


Eyebite is an enchantment spell of significant power that gives your warlock the ability not only to cause harm to enemies but also to manipulate their state of being.


This spell compels your opponent to fall unconscious, succumb to fear, or suffer sickening effects. A fantastic aspect is it allows you to target a new creature each round for its entire duration.

While Eyebite does require concentration and takes a significant spell slot, the multi-round control effect it offers can turn the tide of a battle in favor of your party.

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As you ascend in levels, the 8th-level conjuration spell Demiplane comes into play. This spell lets you create a door leading to an extraplanar space.

The inside can be moulded according to your imagination, serving as an excellent hiding spot, a safe resting area, or storage for belongings too cumbersome or risky to carry around.

Moreover, at higher levels, it can be used creatively for trapping enemies or rescuing allies by pulling them into the demiplane.

Power Word Stun

The robust 8th level enchantment: Power Word Stun aims solely at debilitating your opponent with no option for saving throw initially.

Power Word Stun

If your target has 150 hit points or less remaining when it’s casted, the creature becomes stunned until released from this state by successfully beating your saving throw at its turn ends.

Even for creatures above this threshold get stunned momentarily until they triumph over your save-throw after being targeted.

Overall, Power Word Stun sets up ample opportunities for allies to make their move unhindered or allowing you retreat if necessary without counterattack from target foe during combat!


A pinnacle of divination spells in D&D 5e— Foresight sets you apart with heightened empathetic awareness at ninth level.

For eight hours after casting Foresight, your nerves are on edge and your senses sharp: you can’t be surprised, have advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws.

Moreover, all attacks against you will be at a disadvantage. It’s a multi-facet boon that augments virtually every aspect of combat.


When faced with formidable foes or dangerous situations where survival becomes paramount, the 9th-level abjuration spell Invulnerability is an absolute saviour.


Once invoked, damage ceases to whittle your hit points for up to 10 minutes as long as you maintain concentration.

Essentially becoming impervious to harm provides unparalleled protection—whether to ensure victory in intense combat or rescue from a deadly predicament.

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FAQs About Best Warlock Spells 5e

What makes Eldritch Blast an essential spell for warlocks?

Eldritch Blast is known for its scalability with character levels, and it’s rated highly due to its consistent damage output, range, and potential when combined with specific class features.

Why is Counterspell considered invaluable for a warlock?

Counterspell allows you to interrupt a creature as it’s casting a spell, offering a magic-based line of defense against enemies, essentially neutralizing potentially devastating spells aimed at you or your allies.

How can Hex enhance a warlock’s battle abilities?

Hex not only deals additional damage to the cursed enemy but also gives a disadvantage to skill checks of a chosen attribute, making the fight easier for your party.

Why is Devil’s Sight different than regular darkvision?

Devil’s Sight allows you to see clearly in both non-magical and magical darkness up to 120 feet, giving your warlock an excellent visual advantage in diverse situations.

What role does Armor of Agathys play in protecting warlocks?

Armor of Agathys provides extra hit points and retaliates by dealing cold damage to any creature that lands an attack on you while the spell is active. This makes it great for durability and harm infliction simultaneously.


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