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20 Best Weapons For Barbarian 5E [Maximize Your Fury In Combat]

best weapons for barbarian 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/03/2024
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As a barbarian stepping onto the 5th Edition (5e) Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) battlefield, you’ll want to equip yourself with nothing less than the best.

The large array of weapons available is a testament to the thought and detail that has been put into this beloved role-playing game. So, if in doubt or confused about what gear to choose – worry not.

This article will pinpoint the 20 best weapons for barbarian 5e to equip for your next epic clash.

Ever wondered how it feels to stand invincible, laying waste to foes with a devastating weapon in hand? Well, buckle up, because we’ve curated a list of armaments that are not only fierce but also resonate with the very spirit of a classic D&D barbarian.

Brawn and brutality – these are your guiding words as we navigate this compilation. So stick around as you’re about to discover high-powered weaponry that leaves your adversaries dreading your arrival on the battle map.

Best Weapons for Barbarian 5e

As a barbarian, you need weapons that will show off your raw strength and make your opponents think twice before taking a step towards you.

Best Weapons for Barbarian 5e

And why would they, when you’ve got the perfect weapons to deal with any threat? We’ve handpicked two incredible weapons to start this list – Greataxe and Greatsword.

These are not merely tools but extensions of your will on the battlefield.


The greataxe can often be seen as the quintessential weapon of the 5e barbarian. It’s a two-handed melee weapon that packs a brutal punch, well-fitted for your barbarian’s monstrous strength.

This tool of destruction delivers 1d12 slashing damage, leaving its mark both in gameplay and on foes unlucky enough not to flee.

Its heavy-hitting ability makes it a force to be reckoned with during combat scenarios.

Picture this – you aren’t just swinging around any old hunk of metal; this is an instrument of unadulterated mayhem, forged in fire and quenched in the blood of vanquished enemies.

So whether you’re charging into battle, teeth bared in defiance or giving an awe-inspiring war cry from atop a hill – greataxe in hand perfectly complements this scene.

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The Greatsword, another popular choice among barbarians, offers 2d6 slashing damage potential which increases your chances of doing more consistent high damage overall.


Its badass name alone can strike fear into the hearts of friends and foes alike! The brutal elegance coupled with the high damage output makes it an excellent accessory for your arsenal.

And while yes, we’re sticklers for raw power (a trademark attribute synonymous with every self-respecting barbarian), this great weapon offers more than just brute force.

The Greatsword shines bright when it comes leveraging its design for dynamic combat maneuvers – think sweeping attacks to cleave through the land and precise lunges that target vulnerabilities.

Once you master the dance of dual wielding this mighty blade, you become a force of nature.

The fate of any battle against evildoers quickly tilts in your favor, making the greatsword a mainstay in a barbarian’s toolkit.


Picking up a Maul, you won’t help but feel an overwhelming urge to smash anything that stands in your path.

Precisely built for two-handed wielding, this weapon of choice can deal 2d6 bludgeoning damage. This ensures you deliver potent strikes that will leave your enemies nursing their wounds in no time.

What’s more, the Maul’s hefty weight offers something all barbarians crave – an exhilarating challenge for strength and prowess.
We aren’t exaggerating when we say, with a Maul, you are not just playing the game; you are living the character!


Battleaxe beckons those who prefer versatility combined with viciousness. This weapon is convenient for one-hand or two-hand use, allowing unmatched adaptability in combat.


It inflicts severe damage on opponents – 1d8 slashing damage single-handed or ramp it up to 1d10 if you decide to lay down heavy attacks with both hands.

Whether navigating tight spaces or up against numerous adversaries, the Battleaxe showcases efficiency and flexibility like none other.

This trusty weapon belongs in any self-respecting barbarian’s arsenal.


The Halberd is another must-consider for a savvy barbarian — it represents a combination of raw power and tactful reach.

A versatile polearm, it can dish out 1d10 slashing damage from a safe distance due to its extended length.

Halberds are suitable for warriors who prefer keeping baddies at bay while simultaneously dealing hard-hitting blows.

This unique blend of offense and defense makes wielding it truly enjoyable and engaging.

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Upon first glance at Warhammer’s sturdy build designed to dispense 1d8/1d10 bludgeoning damage (one handed/two handed), your foes would surely be shaking in their boots.


A perfect companion when trudging through the battlefield, Warhammer offers a glorious blend of raw might and style.

Not only can it smash through armors and shields with ease, but it also stands out aesthetically, adding a level of intimidation that leaves enemies second-guessing their choices. It’s truly a weapon made for the champions.


Longswords prove an excellent pick for those who favor flexibility over sheer power.

Not to be underestimated, this weapon can deliver 1d10 slashing damage when used with both hands, providing considerable combat advantage.

Practical yet forceful, many barbarians keep the Longsword by their side due to its capabilities in varied situations and opportunities for versatile combat styles.

As you march forward in your quests, remember – the inherent grace of the longsword is equally as lethal as its sharper counterparts.


Raise your hand if you favor a weapon with an edge of the unconventional. The Morningstar, with its spiked metal ball and long handle, offers just that.


This weapon is an underrated diamond in the rough for a 5e Barbarian and delivers 1d8 piercing damage.

Its clever design allows you to take full advantage of its longer reach to keep opponents at bay while also being able to attack behind shields or armors with spikes intended for piercing.

Not only does it shine on the battlefield, but it also has that added element of surprise as not many would expect a barbarian to wield it.


Next up on our list is the Flail, known for its chain-attached striking heads perfect for dealing with heavily armored foes.

This one-handed weapon can deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage and poses as an unpredictable choice due to its design – which makes blocks and parries less likely from enemies who can’t guess where the strike will land next!


Here’s another serious contender – The Pike. With its extended range, this weapon ensures anyone trying to approach you in melee ends up skewered like a shishkabob.


Best used in defensive positions or narrow passages where enemies must face your long reach before getting close enough to land their own blows, making it an epic ally during strategic battles.

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The Glaive is essentially the little sister of the Halberd – but by no means less deadly.

This polearm’s lengthy reach coupled with high damage (1d10 slashing) makes it a no-brainer if extended engagement is your style of combat. Keep those pesky invaders at bay as you cleave through their ranks with absolute ease.


Though light compared to other entries on this list, don’t underestimate the Scimitar’s power.


It’s perfect for quick attacks delivering 1d6 slashing damage, allowing you to strike quickly and retreat to ready yourself for your next assault – an ideal choice for hit-and-run tactics in battle.

Bastard Sword

Also known as the longsword due to its ability to be used in one hand if required, the bastard sword gives off a classic warrior vibe.

Offering 1d10 slashing damage, this weapon straddles the line between a one-handed and a two-handed sword.

It’s an excellent go-between for those who need versatility on and off the field.


The Falcata is an exotic weapon often associated with ancient Iberian warriors but fits right in the grasp of a formidable barbarian.


With its forward-curving blade dealing 1d8 slashing damage, it can cut through resistance like butter while leaving enemies astonished at your non-traditional choice of weaponry.

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Step back into the pages of history and pull out the mighty Zweihänder, a colossal two-handed sword with a name that literally translates to ‘Two-hander’.

Wielding this beast lets you bathe in triumph before you even step on the battleground.

The Zweihänder does 2d6 slashing damage; its superior range and heft offers remarkable crowd control capability.

From cutting down an enemy at a surprising range to launching devastating sweeps against multiple foes, this hefty blade proves its worth time and again.

Executioner’s Axe

A weapon that is as intimidating as its name suggests. The Executioner’s Axe deals a terrifying 1d12 slashing damage.

Executioner's Axe

The might of an executioner’s blow emerges not just from brute force but also from dread built through centuries of visual associations with grim finalities.

So, grab this mighty tool and let your enemies know why they should fear stepping into your path.

Dwarven Thrower

Next up we have the Dwarven Thrower, a warhammer that has been immortalized in tales of great Dwarven warriors.

Not only does it deal 1d8 bludgeoning damage, but it also has a special feature – it returns to your hand after you toss it on an enemy for ranged attacks.

Sharing a symbiotic relationship with its wielder’s bravery and brawn, it increases in power as your barbarian does.


The Khopesh is an ancient-style sword with a distinctive sickle-like curve perfect for tripping or disarming foes at 1d8 slashing damage.


Its unique design brings something new to battle scenarios, offering varying offensive techniques to outsmart your foes in combat.

Drawing inspiration from powerful warriors in history, wielding this weapon embodies their indomitable spirit on every battlefield you tread.

Spiked Chain

Want range and flexibility? The Spiked Chain is your answer. With 2d4 damage output, it might seem lesser on paper, but it’s built for barbarians keen on flexibility and maneuverability.

Imagine your enemies cringing as you whirl an iron chain lined with deadly spikes—it’s not just about dishing out damage; striking fear is half the battle!

Meteor Hammer

Finally, the Meteor Hammer, a weapon steeped in oriental mysticism, presents itself as a formidable choice.

Meteor Hammer

In essence a pair of iron balls attached by a sturdy chain, its effectiveness lies in its unpredictability and versatility doing 1d6 bludgeoning damage.

Swinging it in an erratic dance of destruction makes you an unpredictable adversary – a trait greatly feared in any combat scenario.

This weapon promises subtlety and savagery in each throw – certainly not something to be taken lightly.

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FAQs about weapons for barbarian 5e

What are the most damaging weapons a barbarian in D&D 5e can equip?

The Greataxe and Greatsword are among the top choices for their high damage output, allowing Barbarians to maximize their Strength advantage.

Is it imperative for a Barbarian in D&D 5e to use two-handed weapons?

No, it’s not mandatory. While many Barbarians prefer two-handed weapons for maximizing damage output, you can still play effectively with one-handed weapons or even unarmed combat styles.

How useful is a ranged weapon like the Dwarven Thrower for 5e Barbarians?

The utility of a ranged weapon like Dwarven Thrower comes from its ability to be effective at both range and close quarters. Plus, it introduces dynamic combat strategies due to its returning feature.

Why would a Barbarian choose Zweihänder over other heavy swords in 5e?

Beyond dealing substantial damage, the Zweihänder’s superior reach allows barbarians to control crowds effectively and target enemies at surprising ranges.


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