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Black Pudding 5E Monster [Survive The Corrosive Ooze Creature]

Black Pudding 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/09/2024
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Welcome to a descent into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, where the oddest and most potent beasts exist.

One such monster to leave even the bravest adventurers quaking is none other than black pudding 5e.

A creature so unique, it has left countless warriors lying in defeat, their armor consumed, and weapons rendered useless.

A product of dark magic, this creature presents an unexpected challenge in the wilderness of any campaign.

Prowling through your dungeons’ darkest corners with a voracious appetite, black pudding 5e signifies a new level of fright.

From its appearance to its ability to surprise unsuspecting explorers, it is worth understanding. Today we’ll delve into every bit of detail on this infamous monster, granting you a crucial advantage for your next encounter.

Attributes of Black Pudding 5e

Black Pudding in Dungeons and Dragons is a unique and challenging encounter. Regarded as an ooze category, this colossal, amorphous creature stands out in its size and traits.

Attributes of Black Pudding 5e

It is highly corrosive, able to thrive even when divided, and demonstrates an unnerving climb ability. The creature’s intriguing attributes indeed mark it as a daunting opponent for any D&D adventurer.

Creature TypeOoze
Armor Class7
Hit Points85 (10d10 + 30)
Speed20 ft., climb 20 ft.
STR16 (+3)
DEX5 (-3)
CON16 (+3)
INT1 (-5)
WIS6 (-2)
CHA1 (-5)
Damage ImmunitiesAcid, Cold, Lightning, Slashing
Condition ImmunitiesBlinded, Charmed, Deafened, Exhaustion, Frightened, Prone
SensesBlindsight 60 ft. (blind beyond this radius), Passive Perception 8
Challenge4 (1,100 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is Black Pudding 5e?

The Black Pudding 5e is a fascinating creature you’d encounter in the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

What is Black Pudding 5e

It’s not your typical pudding, far from it! This monster is a living organism, an amorphous heap that appears as a giant blob of sticky, ebon sludge with the ability to ingest and dissolve matter.

It can intimidatingly slide through spaces as small as one inch without being squeezed. Its size shouldn’t fool you.

This creature possesses an incredibly corrosive nature that can eat through even the sturdiest of armors.

With a reputation for being resilient and hard to kill, you’d be smart to avoid its reach during your adventures.

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In the beguiling world of Dungeons & Dragons, the black pudding 5e, a formidable monster, possesses distinctive traits that set it apart from other creatures.


Centuries of evolution have granted it uniquely sinister elements designed to frighten and challenge even the most seasoned adventurers.

Spider Climb

The spider climb is an unsettling trait that allows the black pudding 5e to traverse up walls, defying gravity itself.

Much like a grotesque spider-like apparition in pitch-dark form, it can crawl across ceilings without dropping or losing its hold.

This ability allows them to easily ambush from unexpected angles and gain an advantage on their prey before launching an assault.

Think carefully about your surroundings when dealing with this creature as any surface could be their pathway towards you.

It’s advisable to maintain a keen awareness of both vertical and horizontal spaces while traversing dungeons.

Corrosive Form

Probably the black pudding 5e’s most fearsome trait is its corrosive form. As soon as you come into contact with this monster, your equipment suffers the creature’s acidic body eats away at armor and weapons alike.

The corrosiveness extends beyond items being digested too it can destroy even those merely worn or carried by adventurers unfortunate enough to fall into its grabby grasp.

Should you engage in combat directly or even graze against its body by accident: expect your weapons or protective shields to corrode almost instantly.

To face this monster in battle is not just about courage but also robust strategy; arriving prepared with equipment resistance will provide aid in survival.


The amorphous trait gives the black pudding 5e a stealthy edge over assailants; a certain shiftiness in shape that makes it difficult for enemies to land targeted blows effectively.

With body contours like flowing jelly, it can alter its form to fit through narrow crevices and squeeze past tight passageways.

This ability makes it nearly impossible to contain or corner. Regardless of the space you are fighting within, a black pudding 5e could potentially seep into corners previously thought secure.

Looking out for the strange movement patterns caused by this amorphous trait is crucial in defending against these unexpected attacks.

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As dangerous creatures in Dungeons and Dragons, black pudding has a set of actions that increase its offensive capabilities, dealing significant damage to any adventurer it encounters.


Much of what makes black pudding a formidable opponent comes from these two actions: “Pseudopod” and the “Split.” Let’s look closer at how these skills function.


The cornerstone of black pudding’s offensive arsenal is the Pseudopod action. With a +5 to hit and a reach of 5 feet, this viscous creature can strike even the most nimble adventurers. A successful hit deals an average damage of 6 (1d6 + 3).

This devastating attack comes not from the might or precision behind it but from its corrosive property.

Whenever you’re struck by pseudopod, your armor is corroded upon contact. Nonmagical weapons made of wood or metal also deteriorate after hitting black pudding thanks to this potent ability.

Black pudding does not solely aim at an adventurer; it targets worn or carried objects too. On every successful hit, these belongings lose one AC point until they are destroyed completely.

This voraciousness underlies why many veteran adventurers approach black puddings with extreme caution.


Defensive strategies reflect an entity’s resilience and adaptability during conflicts. The way a monster reacts displays its capability to cope with changing battle environments; for our sludge-like terror, the reaction “Split” allows it sustained survival despite the assaults it faces.



A fascinating defense mechanism that black pudding possesses is its ability to split into two separate entities when it takes lightning or slashing damage.

Once a medium or larger-sized being initiates such attacks on the creature, it divides itself into two separate beings – each half maintaining remaining hit points.

The new being retains the abilities of its parent and grows to full size in mere moments; however, both halves can also split further upon taking damage.

This characteristic makes the battle with a black pudding increasingly chaotic as numbers multiply.

The power of Split lies in its capability to turn any encounter into a nasty swarm, making the struggle messier with each passing moment.

It drastically changes the course of bargaining for adventurers, making it imperative for them to deploy strategic endeavors that prevent this division or manage its implications effectively should splitting occur.

Splitting does not affect the monster’s total hit points. It simply signifies that fighting one of these creatures becomes twice as hard once you’ve activated this defensive reaction mechanism.

Needless to say, having an arsenal of tactical moves against this reaction is crucial for survival while facing off against one of these oozing menaces.

The challenge this monster presents both in its actions and reactions elevates it from a mere monster encounter to a harrowing journey your adventuring party needs to overcome victoriously.

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How to Fight a Black Pudding

Descending deeper into the cryptic world of Dungeons and Dragons, we now turn our attention to the tactics and strategies of combating the black pudding 5e.

How to Fight a Black Pudding

This amorphous horror, notorious for its corrosive abilities and near invincibility, can often leave even the most experienced players in a state of despair.

Yet, like any adversary in the game, the black pudding can be outsmarted and defeated with proper understanding and implementation of strategy.

  • Don’t forget that black puddings are slow-moving ambush predators; their relatively low speed of 20 feet makes them easy targets from a distance.
  • These creatures rely on basic stimuli. They are blind beyond 60 feet but possess an uncanny blindsight within this range. Hence maintaining visibility is vital during encounters.
  • Black puddings are often attacked using the element of surprise. It’s advisable to be extra cautious when navigating areas with low visible light or intricate ceilings.
  • To avoid being grappled or engulfed, keep your distance from these monsters. Using ranged attacks or spells can be highly effective while staying away from close contact.
  • Equip yourself with equipment resistant to acid if possible as their attack disintegrates nonmagical metal and wood via its corrosive touch.
  • Fire and cold damage are potent against these monsters due to their vulnerability to such elements; taking advantage of this weakness can turn a looming defeat into a swift victory.
  • Considering their ability to split upon taking certain damage types (slashing and lightning), it’s in your best interests to isolate them first before engaging one at a time.
  • Yet importantly, stay on the move during combat with these monstrous blobs. Being stationary only turns you into an easy target for them. Notably, they can climb on walls or ceilings – so be sure to check your surroundings frequently for unexpected attacks.

Remembering and applying these strategies could mean the difference between victory or defeat when facing a black pudding 5e in your Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Your success ultimately relies on your ability to remain alert, adapt and outsmart these cunning predators of the dark.

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FAQs About black pudding 5e

What is unique about the black pudding’s physical form in D&D 5e?

The black pudding’s amorphous quality enables it to move through a space as small as 1 inch without squeezing and climbing almost any surface. Their unique physical form gives them an edge during surprise attacks.

What is the black pudding’s primary mode of attack?

The black pudding mainly uses its pseudopod for attacks. This long arm-like extension allows it to reach and harm opponents, even at a distance.

Is a black pudding affected by slashing or lightning damage in D&D 5e?

Interestingly, instead of getting damaged, the black pudding can split into two new puddings when subjected to slashing or lightning damage, each smaller than the original but just as dangerous.

What is the primary weakness of a black pudding in D&D 5e?

Despite their strengths, black puddings are vulnerable to cold and fire damage which can be exploited for defeating them.

How does the Spider Climb trait help the black pudding in D&D 5e?

The Spider Climb trait allows the black pudding to traverse easily across walls, ceilings and other difficult surfaces making it more versatile and unpredictable during combat.


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