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Carrion Crawler 5E Monster [Abilities, Size, And Strength]

Carrion Crawler 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/21/2023
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If you’re a fan of the epic tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, specifically leaning towards the 5th edition, you’ll undoubtedly come across a variety of intriguing creatures.

The Carrion Crawler 5E is one such creature—a staple hailing from the elder days of the game that still holds ground with its remarkable abilities and frightful presence.

This gruesome creature, named for its appetite for decaying meat, might not be the most formidable adversary in your campaign, but it sure can add a level of thrill and challenge to your adventures.

So today, we’re shedding light on this fascinating creation in hopes that it enhances your next dungeon crawl or makes for a memorable stand-alone encounter in your campaigns.

Carrion Crawler 5E Attributes

Armor Class13 (natural armor)
Hit Points51 (6d10 + 18)
Speed30 ft., climb 30 ft.
STR14 (+2)
DEX13 (+1)
CON16 (+3)
INT1 (-5)
WIS12 (+1)
CHA5 (-3)

Skills | Perception +3

Senses | darkvision 60 ft., passive Perception 13

Challenge | 2 (450 XP)

What is Carrion Crawler 5E in D&D?

The Carrion Crawler is a monstrous creature found in the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition game.

Resembling an oversized centipede, this predator is known for feeding on the remains of the dead, often found lurking in dark dungeons or forgotten battlefields.

Its grotesque appearance and the paralyzing touch of its tentacles make it a fearsome adversary for adventurers.

What are the Special Abilities of Carrion Crawler 5E?

What are the Special Abilities of Carrion Crawler 5E?

The Carrion Crawler possesses several unique abilities that enhance its predatory nature, making it a formidable opponent in the dark recesses of the D&D world.

Spider Climb

The Carrion Crawler has an innate ability to climb difficult surfaces, including upside down on ceilings, without needing to make an ability check.

This spider-like climbing talent allows it to ambush unsuspecting prey from unexpected angles, giving it a significant advantage in its dark, subterranean habitats.

Keen Smell

With an incredibly developed olfactory system, the Carrion Crawler’s sense of smell is its primary tool for locating meals. This keen sense allows it to detect the faintest scent of decay from great distances.

It is this uncanny ability that often leads it to graveyards, battlefields, and other sites of death. The Carrion Crawler can pinpoint the location of rotting meat or remains, ensuring that it never goes hungry, and also making it a deadly tracker when hunting live prey.

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What are the Strength Actions of Carrion Crawler 5E?

The Carrion Crawler’s combat prowess is highlighted by its range of powerful actions, each designed to incapacitate or kill its prey efficiently.


The Carrion Crawler’s bite is more than just a simple attack. Its jaws can crush and tear through armor and flesh with relative ease. Once it has a hold on its victim, it employs its sharp teeth to rend and tear, inflicting painful wounds and incapacitating its prey for easier consumption.


Perhaps the most feared aspect of the Carrion Crawler is its tentacles. These elongated appendages secrete a paralytic toxin that can immobilize a creature upon contact.

Victims struck by these tentacles often find themselves paralyzed and helpless, making them easy targets for the creature’s ravenous appetite.


The Carrion Crawler is capable of using both its bite and tentacles in rapid succession, delivering a flurry of attacks in a short span.

This multiattack capability ensures that it can quickly subdue threats or prey, delivering potent strikes that combine the paralyzing touch of its tentacles with the deadly force of its bite.

What is the size of Carrion Crawler?

What is the size of Carrion Crawler?

The Carrion Crawler is a gargantuan creature that dominates its surroundings with its size and presence. Stretching approximately 10 feet, it possesses the bulk and magnitude that befits

its monstrous nature. This sheer size allows it to overpower many smaller adversaries easily and makes it a dominating presence in the dark, subterranean realms it often calls home.

Its long, segmented body, paired with its multiple undulating tentacles, further emphasizes its vastness.

The creature’s dimensions not only aid in its predatory activities but also make it a daunting opponent for any adventurer or creature that encounters it.

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Can you tame a Carrion Crawler?

Can you tame a Carrion Crawler?

Taming a Carrion Crawler is a challenging endeavor. While it might be enticing to think of controlling such a formidable creature, it is crucial to remember that Carrion Crawlers are naturally aggressive monstrosities.

Most often, they are encountered with hostile intentions, driven by their primal instincts to feed and survive. Their predatory nature, combined with their hunger for decaying flesh, makes them unpredictable and difficult to domesticate.

While exceptional circumstances or magical interventions might influence a Carrion Crawler’s behavior temporarily, it remains a risky venture to attempt to tame one.

What is the duration of paralysis caused by a Carrion Crawler?

When the tentacles of a Carrion Crawler strike a victim, they are introduced to a potent paralytic toxin. This toxin swiftly immobilizes the victim, rendering them paralyzed and helpless.

The paralysis induced by the Carrion Crawler’s tentacles lasts for a duration of 1 minute. This brief yet impactful period often provides the Carrion Crawler with ample time to secure its prey or defend itself against threats.

The minute-long paralysis can feel like an eternity for its victims, as they remain conscious and aware, but utterly incapacitated.

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FAQs about Carrion Crawler 5E

What type of creature is a Carrion Crawler in D&D?

A Carrion Crawler is a large monstrosity known for feeding on decaying flesh.

Where can adventurers typically find a Carrion Crawler?

They are often found in dungeons, graveyards, or old battlefields, attracted by the scent of decay.

Are there any known creatures immune to the Carrion Crawler’s paralysis?

Many undead and certain constructs, being immune to paralysis, are unaffected by the Carrion Crawler’s toxin.

What kind of environments do Carrion Crawlers prefer?

They favor dark, damp environments like caves, sewers, or underground lairs.

How do Carrion Crawlers reproduce?

Carrion Crawlers lay eggs, often in the carcasses they feed upon, which then hatch into new Carrion Crawlers.


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