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Cavalier Fighter 5E [Master Mounted Combat In DnD]

cavalier fighter 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/03/2024
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Strapping on your armor, you prepare for the blood-rushing excitement of the battlefield. The sword in your hand isn’t just a means to defend yourself, it’s an extension of your identity.

As a cavalier fighter 5e in Dungeons and Dragons, your path is steeped in the noble art of mounted combat, as you strive to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Whether it’s standing as a bulwark against enemies or charging into fray gallantly on your noble steed, life as a cavalier fighter 5e is all about courage and chivalry. You carry with you an aura of authority that not only inspires your allies but also intimidates adversaries.

The journey into becoming such an emblem of heroism isn’t easy, but fear not – this guide will help you navigate the nuances and intricacies to hone yourself into a force of justice.

attribute of cavalier fighter 5e

The Cavalier Fighter 5e is a quintessential knight, trained for war and destined for glory. Embodying chivalry and valor, their unrivaled martial prowess shines best on the battlefield.

attribute of cavalier fighter 5e

These warriors are well admired for their protective nature, authoritative aura, and relentless drive to safeguard those in their stead.

Let’s unravel the key attributes that make them stand out among other classes in Dungeons & Dragons.

LevelClass Feature
3rdBonus Proficiency, Born to the Saddle, Unwavering Mark
7thWarding Maneuver
10thHold the Line
15thFerocious Charger
18thVigilant Defender

What is a Cavalier Fighter 5e?

In the popular tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), the Cavalier Fighter 5e is a unique build that specializes in mounted combat.

What is a Cavalier Fighter 5e

This means they often fight while riding horses, dragons, griffins, or other incredible beasts. This advantageous position allows them to swiftly navigate the battlefield and strike with extraordinary effect.

Their specialty lies not only in their skill to handle beasts but also their ability to take control of the battlefield effortlessly.

They are characteristically known for defending their allies by drawing enemy fire and controlling adversaries’ movements.

A Cavalier’s loyalty isn’t just an attribute; it is a great source of their strength. The honor-bound code of chivalry defining this subclass plays out every time you engage in gameplay as a cavalier.

You might be seen as an indomitable wall on the field, ensuring no harm comes upon your fellow adventurers or innocent lives you pledge to protect.

With plenty of defensive abilities at their disposal, Cavaliers can ward off risk factors that more vulnerable classes would crumble under–making them one of D&D’s most valuable assets.

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Exploring the Benefits of a Cavalier Fighter 5e

Playing as a Cavalier Fighter 5e comes with several perks that emerge from their unique proficiency sets and combat abilities.

Exploring the Benefits of a Cavalier Fighter 5e

They offer unrivaled battlefield control, excellent damage potential, and unparalleled protection to their allies.

This class is excellent for gamers who wish to take control of the narrative in combat situations while offering crucial aid to their party.

Bonus Proficiency

Upon choosing the cavalier subclass at the third level, you are rewarded with bonus proficiency, enhancing your skills.

You gain proficiency in two from among Animal Handling, History, Insight, Performance, or Persuasion.

This proficiency bonus elevates your abilities – whether it’s handling beasts for mounted encounters or persuading adversaries during role play situations.

With additional skills at your disposal, you are not only a superior force in combat but also a persuasive diplomat who can avoid unnecessary battles when needed.

Born to the Saddle

Born to the Saddle is an attribute that enhances your ability to handle mounts and further adds color to your character.

This skill makes it increasingly difficult for you to be unseated against your will while riding and offers you an advantage on saving throws made to avoid falling off your mount.

Additional perks include utilizing only 5 feet of movement rather than half of it while mounting or dismounting—an aspect that boosts quick transitions during battlefields.

This trait enables you not just as an unparalleled mounted fighter but also allows fluid movements during critical combat situations—making you a formidable foe against any enemy on any terrain.

Unwavering Mark

As a Cavalier Fighter 5e, one of the unique features you’ll acquire is this game-changing ability, the “Unwavering Mark”.

This permits you to ‘mark’ an opponent who dares to cross your path. When marked, an assailant will find it hard to attack anyone but you, due to severe penalties.

If they continue with their disregard and harm your allies despite being marked, they are in for a surprise – you return with a vengeance.

You’ll get to retaliate with a bonus melee attack during your next turn. Hence, this special skill solidifies your defensive role in battles by attracting enemies’ aggression and repelling them powerfully.

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Hold the Line

“Turn the tide” takes on a literal meaning when playing as Cavalier. The strategy changes when taking advantage of “Hold the Line”.

When an enemy within five feet provokes an opportunity attack by moving, not only can you strike but your hit also reduces their speed to zero for the remaining turn.

This means they can’t proceed further after being hit by your stop-all tactic. Effectively messing up their strategy and leaving them vulnerable for succeeding attacks.

Ferocious Charger

When that surge of adrenaline pushes you into an explosive charge into enemy lines – that’s when “Ferocious Charger” comes into play.

From the 15th level onwards, this ability ensures that when you move at least 10 feet in a straight line just before hitting a creature with a melee weapon attack, it must pass a Strength saving throw against certain fail or be knocked prone.

Vigilant Defender

Ever envied that stalwart wall in epic fantasy movies? One bristling warrior protecting others from overwhelming odds? Then “Vigilant Defender” will resonate with that sentiment.

This feature turns Cavaliers into roundabout whirlwinds of destruction. From the 18th level onwards, on any enemies’ turn within your reach, when they start to make a movement you get a special reaction that allows an opportunity attack against them.

Work of a Cavalier Fighter

As a Cavalier Fighter, your main job is to control the battlefield and defend your allies. Mounted atop your steed, you charge into combat, leading the charge with a sense of authority.

Work of a Cavalier Fighter

Let’s dive deeper into some of your key features and responsibilities.

Warding Maneuver

In the heat of battle, you stand as a staunch protector.

Thanks to the Warding Maneuver feature, if you or a creature within 5 feet is hit by an attack, you can roll a d8 as long as you’re wielding either a weapon or shield in order to boost yours or their AC potentially causing the attack to miss.

This isn’t just about defending yourself; it’s about watching out for others too.

Master of Mounted Combat

As a cavalier fighter 5e, being atop your beast isn’t just beneficial – it’s essential.

With this strong emphasis on mounted combat where distances are covered with ease and attacks launched from vantage points, comes tactics like trampling charge that knocks down enemies or even leaping off the saddle to launch devastating airborne attacks.

You’re not just controlling two characters; board control is in every move and countermove.

Superior Critical

Your strength lies in precision as much as power. The Superior Critical feature allows you to score critical hits on rolls of 18-20 once you reach level 15. That’s right.

The stakes increase dramatically and ordinary hits become wound-inflicting critical blows more often than most other fighters – keeping foes on their toes.

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Evasive Footwork

At times tactic matters over brute force. When forced to move around the battlefield, use Evasive Footwork for an added edge with augmented defenses – increasing your AC equal to a roll of your superiority die thus shielding yourself from enemy strikes during movement.

Hold Monster

By level 18, cavaliers become capable of freezing enemies dead in their tracks.

Through Hold Monster, you can choose a creature and enforce paralysis until they manage to break free in their subsequent turns – buying precious time or setting up a decisive killing blow.

With your consistent growth as Cavalier Fighter, you’re essentially the battlefield controller every party needs.

2nd Level – Action Surge

The journey of a Cavalier Fighter gets even more interesting at the 2nd level with the introduction of Action Surge.

This feature is just as dynamic as it sounds, providing you an extra turn to react when things get dicey in the heat of battle.

Think of it like your adrenaline pumping, spurring you into hyper-focus.

During your turn, you can engage Action Surge to take one additional action on top of your regular action and any possible bonus actions, greatly increasing your impact on the battlefield in a single round.

However, remember this power comes at a cost. Once you use Action Surge, a rest is needed to recharge yourself before using it again. But upon reaching the 17th level, you get to use Action Surge twice before needing that break.

Fighting Style Options by level

As a cavalier fighter, your fighting style choices play a crucial role in defining battle strategy. They represent how you’ve trained and what significant tactics you prefer on the field.

Fighting Style Options by level

1st Level

When it comes to fighting styles at level 1, you have a diverse array of options to mirror your approach to battle. Here they break down:

  • Archery: Get a +2 bonus on ranged attack rolls.
  • Blind Fighting: Attain 10-ft blindsight.
  • Defense: Enjoy +1 AC when armored.
  • Dueling: Deal an extra +2 damage with one-handed melee weapons.
  • Great Weapon Fighting: Reroll 1 or 2 on damage dice (when wield two-handed weapons).
  • Interception: Lessen damage taken by nearby allies when using reactions.
  • Protection: Place disadvantage on enemy attacks made within 5 feet.
  • Superior Technique: Unlock one Battle Master maneuver, which can result in gains across various combat situations.
  • Thrown Weapon Fighting: Benefit from decently boosted thrown weapon damage (+2).
  • Two-Weapon Fighting: Add your ability modifier to the secondary attack roll when dual-wielding.
    -Unarmed Fighting: Render 1d6 + Str mod worth of blunt-force trauma (increased to 1d8 without weapon/shield).

Your best choices here would mostly lean towards Defense and Great Weapon Fighting for diversity and balance in battle tactics.

3rd Level

When you finally progress to the third level as a Cavalier Fighter in D&D 5e, more options get unlocked for you. Firstly, bonus proficiencies are up for grabs.

So make sure you choose wisely with “Animal Handling” being an optimal choice given your frequent interactions with mounts.

Next is Unwavering Mark, which gives you the power to mark enemies that attack anyone other than yourself.

This unique ability befuddles the marked enemies with a disadvantage on non-targeting attacks and offers bonus damage options.

The final ability at this level is Born to the Saddle, significantly increasing your battle prowess by providing advantages for staying mounted during combat and reducing the effort needed for mounting and dismounting. This feature maintains your mobility advantage over enemies.

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4th Level

Upon reaching the 4th level, you’re granted Ability Score Improvement (ASI). This allows you to increase your ability scores, giving you more operational flexibility.

You can choose between adding 2 points to any single Ability or spreading out the benefit by increasing two abilities by 1 point each.

5th Level

At the 5th level, you unlock one of the quintessential features as a Fighter class – Extra Attack. This characteristic allows you to make two separate attacks instead of one during an attack action within your turn.

What’s more impressive is that this further increases as you progress in levels, giving you three attacks at 11th level and four at a full-blown 20th level.

6th Level

The Cavalier subclass-specific bonus kicks in at level 6 in the form of Unwavering Mark. Now leveled up, this feature ensures that any enemy who dares ignore your mark suffers significant consequences.

7th Level

Making further strides in your journey as a cavalier, the 7th level brings with it an ability that can be a gamechanger on the battlefield.

You gain a wordless understanding with your steed and can now communicate with them on an instinctual level.

You also gain the Warding Maneuver at this level. With this, when a creature you can see within your close proximity (5 feet) is hit by an attack, you can roll a d8 as part of your reaction, adding it to their AC.

Doing so can negate the attacking creature’s hit if this boost makes its total roll fall below your ally’s updated AC.

It’s like having an invisible shield that you can extend to protect those within reach!

8th Level

At this level, the dedication to improving yourself and defending others starts paying dividends.

You gain an ability score improvement: add two points to one ability or one point to two abilities.

The choice depends on which aspect of play matters most to your character development.

This added flexibility allows you another opportunity to fine-tune your fighter and mold them towards becoming the formidable force against injustice that you aspire for them to be.

9th Level

The Ninth Level presents you with Indomitable- a significantly potent defensive tool in Dungeons and Dragons 5e edition.

When facing dire situations where you fail a saving throw, Indomitable allows you to reroll it!

Having this up your sleeve could potentially mean escaping otherwise debilitating conditions or massive damage attacks that require saving throws.

10th Level

The Hold The Line perk arrives at the tenth level for Cavalier Fighters in D&D 5e – adding another layer of control over enemies’ movements around them.

If an enemy within your reach provokes an opportunity attack – such as by moving past you – landing a strike reduces their speed to zero immediately for that turn.

This unique ability can halt foes in their tracks, preventing them from reaching more vulnerable allies or escaping your wrath.

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FAQs about Cavalier Fighter 5e

What makes the cavalier fighter 5e unique in D&D?

The cavalier fighter is known for its abilities in mounted combat, specializing in defending allies and controlling the battlefield.

Does the cavalier fighter 5e perform well in non-mounted combat?

Yes, while they excel at mounted combat, Cavaliers also have robust abilities for foot combat including warding maneuvers and opportunity attacks.

What is a significant benefit of being a cavalier fighter at Level 10?

At Level 10, Cavaliers gain the “Hold The Line” perk which can halt enemies in their tracks during an opportunity attack.

How does the Warding Maneuver work at Level 7 for cavalier fighters?

The Warding Maneuver allows you to add a d8 to an ally’s AC within 5 feet if they’re hit by an attack, potentially negating the hit.

Are there any recommended fighting styles for Cavalier Fighters at Level 1?

Defense and Great Weapon Fighting are considered best choices as they align well with Cavaliers’ protective nature and authoritative presence on the battlefield.


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