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Compelled Duel 5E Spell [Challenge Your Foes In Single Combat]

Compelled Duel 5E Spell
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/01/2023
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If you’ve ever daydreamed about stepping into the shoes of a storied knight, facing off one-on-one with a formidable enemy while the rest of your comrades watch in awe, then let’s talk about Compelled Duel 5E spell.

It’s an incredibly engaging aspect of Dungeons and Dragons that adds an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay.

Think about this. You are on the battlefield, your pulse racing as you draw your weapon. Your foe stands across from you, determined and equally fierce.

With this fascinating tactical option at hand, everything else fades into the background. Who needs an army behind you when you can compel your adversary to face you, undistracted by anyone or anything else? This spell allows for just that intense experience.

Compelled Duel 5E Spell Attributes

Spell level1st level
Range30 feet
Casting time1 bonus action
Attack/SaveWisdom saving throw
Duration1 minute (while concentrating)
Available toPaladins

What is Compelled Duel 5E?

Compelled Duel 5E is an incredible spell in Dungeons and Dragons, specifically designed for characters who want to take an intensely confrontational approach.

What is Compelled Duel 5E?

When you cast this spell, it provokes a duel between you and a chosen creature. If the enemy fails to resist your allure, they must fight you one-on-one.

This enchantment allows you to take the hit for your allies, effectively drawing the enemy’s attention and aggression towards yourself while providing teammates with the opportunity to strategize without distraction.

The spell lasts for up to a minute, but its effects can dramatically shape the course of a battle.

Is Compelled Duel 5E a good spell?

Yes, Compelled Duel 5E is an excellent spell for adventurers undertaking a noble cause. As a Paladins’ staple, this magic allows you to protect your comrades by grabbing the attention of danger.

Is Compelled Duel 5E a good spell?

The battle contains more strategy and less potential disarray. But let’s consider the practicality of it all. Your teammates gain valuable time to either reposition or recover while you keep the enemy engaged.

Well, nothing feels quite as triumphant as you standing tall on that battlefield, facing your enemy head-on while your allies watch in awe. Compelled Duel 5E becomes not just about winning battles but winning them with panache.

Discover the Method to Acquire Compelled Duel in D&D 5E

Learning to cast the compelling Duel 5E spell demands an understanding of various aspects of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s not just about picking up a magic wand and casting spells. Let’s explore some paths on how to acquire this intriguing enchantment.

Mark of the Sentinel

The Mark of Sentinel takes you on an immersive journey to become a perfect shield for your friends on the battlefield. Humans born with this Dragonmark can access unique spells specific to their mark, including Compelled Duel.

With this, your desire to protect goes beyond words as you draw enemies into an irresistible duel. Harnessing such power requires wisdom in decision-making, standing tall in adverse scenarios, and ensuring safety for others while bringing justice where needed.

Gruul Anarch

Being part of Gruul Clans is all about powerful physical combat and enlightening alliance with nature spirits. As a Gruul Anarch, your primitive magical callings are profound and chaotic, reflecting your wild spirit’s unpredictability.

The force driving these clans not only strengthens them but also exposes them to unique spells like Compelled Duel. Embrace the raw power within to master those stirring duels that command everybody’s attention.


As a Paladin, your counsel lies between martial prowess and divine magic, which can be an exciting path toward acquiring a compelling Duel 5E spell.

Innately courageous agents of justice, Paladins assure protection for those who cannot protect themselves, providing hope in despairing situations.

The emphasis on courage perfectly supports Compelled Duel 5E Spell as your noble self steps forward to guard against an evil solo, aiming at nothing but victory.

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Oath of the Crown

Choosing Oath of the Crown as a Paladin aligns you with the ideals of civilization law, loyalty, and society’s structured order, nurturing you into becoming an embodiment of sheer dedication that doesn’t hesitate from one-on-one combat when challenged.

The allegiance towards the crown equips you with the Compelled Duel spell, granting you the potential to maintain harmony by deterrent chaos and distortion.

It’s your solemn oath that will guide you to police society’s order demanded by your title.

Magical Secrets

While not traditional users of Compelled Duel, Bards also house opportunities to learn this spell. As part of the Magical Secrets perk at the 10th level, Bards can dip into other classes’ spell lists, including Paladin’s spells such as Compelled Duel.

It grants a twist in the tale as others witness a usually musically inclined Bard transform into an impromptu Paladin for a compelling duel.

Each path has its special charm and challenges but shares a common purpose, combining wisdom, courage, and magical prowess to cast spells as powerful and engaging as Compelled Duel 5E.

Choose your path wisely and let every encounter enrich your experience in Dungeons and Dragons.

How to Use Compelled Duel 5E?

When it comes to using Compelled Duel 5E, the significance of understanding its mechanics cannot be overstated. Here’s the thing: this spell isn’t about brute force battles.

How to Use Compelled Duel 5E?

It’s about strategically shifting the focus of combat while maintaining a certain level of finesse.

Purpose for Players and DMs

At its core, where does the value of Compelled Duel lie? Not just in cool points but in a profound ability to influence enemy combatant actions.

As a player, having the power to dictate your enemy’s focus can drastically tip the scale in favor of your party. Suddenly, it’s not just about how hard you can hit but how well you can steer the outcome.

This is not only a tool for players, but dungeon masters too, benefit from this spell immensely by using it to introduce unexpected challenges for adventurers.

Next time your group is settling into their comfortably predictable roles within the party, they might suddenly find one member singled out and forced to duel with an antagonist!

For Players

So we’ve talked about why Compelled Duel 5E is an interesting addition to your arsenal as a player—but how do you get there?

Protect Allies

As per usual, within your band of adventurers, some members are more capable of taking hits than others. Choosing when and who to cast Compelled Duel on thereby becomes crucial.

Suppose you have weakened allies who need recovery time or squishy wizards who prefer avoiding physical confrontations at all costs.

In that case, it’s up to you (as a proud Paladin) to step forward and cast that vital spell. By doing this, you would be drawing enemy fire towards yourself and giving your allies some much-needed relief.

Tactical Uses

Beyond simple damage sponging, though, lies tactical brilliance unique to Compelled Duel 5E. Consider this: Not all enemies on the battlefield are upfront brutes.

Some cunning villains sidestep confrontations only to deal deadly blows when least expected.

You know the type: the rogue who strikes from the shadows, the sorcerer who hurls spells from afar, or even worse, the cunning manipulator who turns allies against one another.

Using Compelled Duel against such elusive enemies draws them out from their protective veils and compels them to face you head-on.

In Dungeons and Dragons, you aren’t just looking for robust stats but also methods to outsmart your adversaries! Compelled Duel 5E is indeed a strong weapon in any Paladin’s armory.

While researching effective uses of this spell, we can see many examples where players successfully turned the tide of battle by forcing powerful opponents into duels at crucial moments.

The introduction of this spell elevates D&D combat from a basic slash-and-dash fest to a thing of strategic beauty.

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Strategies with Compelled Duel

Once you’ve figured out how to use Compelled Duel 5E, you can begin exploring various strategies that enhance its effectiveness. Controlling the battlefield dynamics is a vital part of any battle, and this spell offers robust control options.

Surrounding the Target

One popular and effective strategy is surrounding the target after casting Compelled Duel. The basic idea is quite simple. You compel your adversary into a duel; they are drawn towards you, leaving them susceptible to attacks from all sides.

Your teammates can utilize this opportunity to surround the creature before it notices quickly. Once circled, they are exposed to group attack – a relentless barrage of attacks from all sides, or your party may decide to use this heightened leverage to convince them to surrender without a fight.

Drawing Out the Enemy

Say goodbye to those sneaky enemies attempting quick exits from tough situations! With Compelled Duel 5E, hiding isn’t an option for enemies anymore.

Outsmart them by casting this spell during critical junctures in the battle and literally ‘compelling’ villains out of hiding or forced retreat.

It’s like having a magical magnet that attracts elusive enemies back onto the playing field directly facing you; no stealthy scurries or hasty run-for-life scenarios.

One word of caution, though – always ensure there’s enough backup in case things take an unexpected turn.

Stopping NPCs from Fleeing

Can’t bear seeing treacherous villains escape punishment? The application of Compelled Duel 5E goes beyond just mainline engagement combat.

It can also serve as an excellent tool for stopping Non-player Characters (NPCs) from fleeing encounters prematurely.

Prevent your adversaries from making it all too easy by absconding mid-battle-cast Compelled Duel and force their calculated retreats into disarray.

Buying Time for Allies

Being callously pursued by adversaries can put your teammates under extreme stress. But fret not. Why? Because Compelled Duel 5E can turn this around and let you buy time for your allies.

Cast the spell and engage the enemy in a mesmerizing duel, giving your allies much-needed breathing room.

Enjoy keeping enemies busy while your comrades reposition for support or recover for a fresh round of action. Transform yourself into a living diversion, distracting enemies with utmost effectiveness.

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FAQs about Compelled Duel 5E Spell

Does the Compelled Duel 5E spell affect only one enemy or multiple enemies?

The Compelled Duel spell targets a single creature, compelling it to duel you instead of your allies.

Can any character learn the Compelled Duel 5E spell?

Primarily, Paladins have access to this spell, although certain races or subclasses might also gain access under specific conditions.

Does the Compelled Duel 5E spell control an enemy’s actions completely?

No, it only affects combat actions and doesn’t give you total control over the enemy’s actions.

What happens if one of my allies attacks the creature I’ve targeted with Compelled Duel 5E?

Your ally attacking the target provides the target with another Wisdom saving throw, potentially ending the spell’s effect.

Is there any way for an enemy to resist Compelled Duel 5E?

Yes, upon casting, the targeted creature can perform a Wisdom saving throw to resist being compelled into a duel.


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