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Dracolich 5E Monster [Face The Undead Horror Of Dragon Liches]

Dracolich 5e monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/18/2024
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In the expansive universe of Dungeons & Dragons, there is a myriad of monsters and creatures that you might encounter in your gaming adventures.

One of these fearsome creatures is the Dracolich 5e: an undead entity with an incredibly appealing backstory and interesting game mechanics that you ought to acquaint yourself with.

The dracolich 5e is a dragon of terrifying power and strength, having forsaken its life to prolong its existence beyond the natural lifespan of its kind.

This formidable creature not only boasts of its inherent draconic abilities but also incorporates the sinister characteristics of a lich into its arsenal.

You might feel a chill run down your spine as you flip through the pages detailing this mighty beast in your Monster Manual.

Attributes of the Dracolich

In your adventure through the Dungeons & Dragons universe, understanding the distinctive attributes of the Dracolich 5e becomes crucial.

Attributes of the Dracolich 5e

This creature possesses a unique set of skills and traits that amplify its prowess.

Of course, without divulging too many details (as there’s an informative table waiting for you), this creature is synonymous with power, endurance, and resilience.

Not only does it exhibit spellcasting abilities, but its physical force is highly significant as well.

AC19 (natural armor)
HP225 (18d12 + 108)
Speed40 ft., burrow 30 ft., fly 80 ft.
STR25 (+7)
DEX10 (+0)
CON23 (+6)
INT16 (+3)
WIS15 (+2)
CHA19 (+4)
Saving ThrowsDEX +6, CON +12, WIS +8, CHA +10
SkillsPerception +14, Stealth +6
Damage ResistancesNecrotic
Damage ImmunitiesLightning, Poison
LanguagesCommon, Draconic
Challenge17 (18,000 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+6

What is a Dracolich In 5e?

The Dracolich 5e stands as an ominous figure. Imagine a dragon with immense power, simply overwhelming in its majesty.

This dragon, in its quest for immortality, willingly ties its soul to a magical item known as a phylactery. It may seem quite morbid, but it’s the ticket to evading death.

Yes, the Dracolich 5e is an undead entity that was once a living dragon but willingly chose undeath over mortality.

Even in this transition from life to life, it retains all of its might and cunning from its previous existence. But there’s a catch; there always is in such rituals: it gains a chilling aura of death around it as well.

Articulating every aspect of the dreadful Dracolich 5e would take pages upon pages of content.

Yet, to understand this creature at its core it’s an immortal dragon-lich hybrid with formidable powers that make it one of the most terrifying creatures within the arcane realms of D&D.

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The Ritualistic Creation of a Dracolich

Creating a Dracolich isn’t a task to be taken lightly. It is a process veiled in a mystic ritual, requiring the participation of experienced sorcerers and dedicated acolytes as well as the willing participation of the dragon itself.

The Ritualistic Creation of a Dracolich

The Necromantic Spell

The ominous ceremony begins with sorcerers weaving an elaborate web of necromantic magic around the living dragon.

This spell serves to prepare the dragon for transformation by binding its existence to necromancy an art concerned with manipulating life energy and communicating with the dead.

Death’s Draught

Following this, in an act testifying its courage and commitment, the dragon willingly drinks a toxic potion that seals its fate a draught so potent that it results in immediate physical death.

Capturing and Transferring of Spirit

The end of one journey paves way for another as the acolytes quickly capture the released spirit or essence of this now-deceased dragon.

This indomitable spirit is then transferred into an enchanted gemstone that universally comes to be known as a lich’s phylactery.

In instances where its physical form is destroyed, thanks to this phylactery, the Dracolich’s soul can make a miraculous return.

Keep in mind that for this transmigration to occur successfully, both gemstone and Dracolich must inhabit the same plane.

Possession of Other Dragons

Interestingly enough, if this phylactery comes into contact with another deceased dragon’s body, it has potential for possession.

Thus allowing an old Dracolich soul to commandeer a fresh draconic form.

Phylactery and its Significance Over Editions

In earlier editions of the game, a phylactery could essentially be any valued treasure dear to its dragon.

This brought forth instances of adventurers unknowingly toting items embedded with Dracolich’s souls.

The creation of a Dracolich involves dark magic, sacrifice, and excellent strategy: three pillars that characterize an intense D&D game.

The anticipation and intrigue as you witness the transformation from a living dragon to an ominous Dracolich is a thrilling aspect of the game.

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Condition Immunities of the Dracolich

One attribute setting the Dracolich 5e apart from many other beasts in Dungeons & Dragons is its unique set of immunities.

Given its undead nature, it can resist several conditions that might affect or hinder other characters or creatures within your game.

This can drastically change how you tactically approach this formidable foe; therefore, understanding these immunities may very well determine your survival during the encounter.


When love spells and charming tactics are seen as powerful tools in D&D, encountering a creature immune to such control techniques can be unnerving.

Or perhaps fortunately for the Dracolich itself, it has immunity against being charmed. This means that any attempts to charm won’t affect against this monster.

Maneuvering around such a creature requires strategic thinking and ability beyond just charming magic.


Another significant advantage the Dracolich holds over its adversaries is its immunity to exhaustion.

Due to its undead status, it doesn’t tire like living beings do – making extended battles entirely in their favor.

This allows them to fight tirelessly and relentlessly; giving adventurers a tough time outlasting their attacks.


Petrifying in appearance with a fearsome reputation backing them up, one might hope that you can instill fear in a Dracolich as a defense mechanism unfortunately, this is not an option.

As part of their condition immunities, Dracoliches cannot be frightened. Their undead nature shields them from experiences of fearless weapon in an adventurer’s arsenal when creating strategies against them.


It might be ideal if you could simply halt this intimidating monster right there on the battlefield with paralyzing spells but regrettably, Dracoliches are also immune to paralysis.

No matter how creatively or forcefully you try to fasten them into immobility, the Dracolich continues its relentless advance unstopped; making the fight all the more challenging.


Let’s address a condition that typically affects many creatures in D&D but holds no water with a Dracolich the poison condition.

Given it is undead and not a living being per se, poison does not affect its constitution. Your typical strategies involving poisoning your foes will be futile against this enemy.

In Encounter with a Dracolich 5e creature, understanding these immunities allows you to strategize and fight more effectively.

Often, knowing what doesn’t work against an enemy is just as important as knowing what does.

the Senses of a Dracolich

Navigating the labyrinthine perimeters of your gaming universe, you may encounter threatening creatures laced with potent senses.

the Senses of a Dracolich

Among them is the mighty Dracolich 5e, a monster known for its heightened senses that boost its combat and survival abilities.

Armored with an enhanced awareness of its surroundings, the dracolich effectively unleashes its power on potential threats while also adeptly shielding itself from harm.

Let’s delve deeper into these remarkable sensory capabilities.

Blindsight 60ft

The first sense attributed to a Dracolich 5e is blindsight. This implies that it doesn’t necessarily rely on light or visibility to perceive objects and creatures around it.

With a range of up to 60 feet, the dracolich can effortlessly detect hidden or invisible opponents, giving it an undisputed advantage in various situations.

It can fight effectively in low light conditions or amidst visual hindrances like fog or smoke.

Darkvision 120ft

Sharpened by an incredible span of darkvision, extending up to 120 feet, the dracolich is equipped to pierce through darkness as if it were broad daylight.

Traditional obstacles such as nighttime darkness or dimly lit spaces pose no challenge for this creature.

Its nocturnal vision allows it to act swiftly and decisively even in pitch-black scenarios; an attribute that can sign a death warrant for any sneaky adventurers intending to exploit the cover of night.

Passive Perception 24

We arrive at one essential aspect concerning the sensory prowess of dracolich – passive perception with a value of 24.

This intriguing feature denotes the dracolich’s ability to pick up on subtle clues without actively scanning its environment.

Whether it’s about detecting hidden traps in dungeons or sensing stealthy intruders nearby, these creatures are rarely taken by surprise due to their high level of passive awareness.

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How to Run a Dracolich?

Running a Dracolich in D&D requires specific techniques and strategies, invigorating your gaming experience with an exciting twist on classic dragon encounters.

How to Run a Dracolich

As you navigate these challenges, let’s delve into how to effectively run a Dracolich.

It’s important to understand that the dracolich is not a typical dragon. Rather, it is an undead dragon with calculated moves and devious schemes.

This translates into the dracolich being an ideal high-level boss antagonist in your campaign’s story arc. It can introduce unforeseen twists and turns that serve to heighten party troubles.

In terms of combat, remember that a dracolich fights with all the might one expects from a dragon but with added elements of necromantic magic.

It flies with agility around the battlefield, striking opponents using its breath weapon and attacking with both claws and teeth.

Something quite fascinating about D&D 5e Dracolich is its lair. The surroundings often mirror what the dragon’s effect was when alive; hence you may even encounter remnants like flame skulls.

Within this deadly lair at regular intervals (each round at initiative 20), dracoliches can initiate certain Lair Actions such as:

  • Specter of Death: This eerie action allows the monster to reanimate up to four humanoids as specters.
  • Necromantic Magic: Dracolich casts Necromancy spells up to 2nd level.
  • Grip of the Grave: This requires adventurers to succeed on DC 18 Constitution saving throw or find themselves unable to regain hit points.
  • Entropic Gaze: With this power, small objects are rapidly aged into dust within a 15-foot cube area.

Tactically running a dracolich offers your gaming session a new level of suspense all while improving collective problem-solving skills amongst your party.

Whether you’re an experienced gamer or a novice, the bone-chilling thrill of facing a Dracolich never fails to invigorate the fun of D&D adventures.

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FAQs About dracolich 5e

What does a Dracolich 5e look like?

The Dracolich 5e appears as an undead dragon, often skeletal in appearance with glowing eyes, exuding an aura of ultimate menace and surprising agility even in death.

Can a Dracolich 5e be killed permanently?

Yes, a Dracolich can be killed permanently but it is rather challenging. The task requires not only the defeat of its physical form but also the destruction of its phylactery, in which its spirit resides.

What makes a Dracolich unique from other dragons in D&D?

The primary distinction is that the Dracolich is a dragon that has chosen undeath for eternal life. It possesses all the strengths of a true dragon complemented with necromantic powers of a lich.

Are all dracolichs evil in nature?

Yes, as per D&D alignment mechanics, dracolichs are generally considered evil due to their voluntary choice of undead existence and their inclination towards power at any cost.

Is there anything known about the origin of dracolichs?

Dracolichs generally come into existence when a dragon voluntarily undergoes a deadly transformation involving necromantic rituals. The motive often revolves around achieving power beyond mortal ken and escaping natural draconic mortality.


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