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Eldritch Blast 5E Spell [Master This Powerful Warlock Attack]

Eldritch Blast 5E Spell
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 10/30/2023
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Ready to unleash a torrent of arcane energy on your unsuspecting foes? You’ve come to the right place since the Eldritch Blast 5E is at your service, packing enough gusto to shatter even the most formidable adversaries.

A cornerstone in the arsenal of spell casters across the Dungeons and Dragons landscape, Eldritch Blast has proven its mettle time and again.

In the thrilling adventure that is D&D, where every roll of the dice could spell triumph or doom, you need a trusty ally. There are a plethora of spells waiting for discovery and mastery.

But when push comes to shove, and you need something reliable yet potent enough to turn the tide in your favor, where do you turn? Right here. This is where we unwrap the classic jewel that is Eldritch Blast 5E.

Eldritch Blast 5E Spell Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Range/Area120 ft
ComponentsV, S

What is Eldritch Blast 5E?

Steeped deep in arcane lore, the Eldritch Blast is your go-to ranged spell attack in the Dungeons & Dragons 5E edition.

What is Eldritch Blast 5E?

With a casting time mere as one action, it’s like an arcane cannon tucked up your sleeve, ready to fire at your command.

This cantrip is notably associated with the Warlock class and provides a standard attack that scales with your character level. The beauty of Eldritch Blast lies not just in its destructive might but also in its versatility.

There are multiple Eldritch Invocations that can modify the spell to give you quite an upper hand in various scenarios.

Is Eldritch Blast Good?

Well, the short and sweet answer to that question is – yes, absolutely! The Eldritch Blast is, without a doubt, a fantastic asset for any adventurer daring enough to venture into the dangerous realms of D&D 5E. Think of it as your reliable pick-up truck that can haul some serious weight when needed. But why?

Eldritch Blast gloating at 1d10 Force damage at level 1 comfortably outmuscles many other cantrips, which typically offer lower damage output.

What really sets Eldritch Blast apart, though, is how it scales with your character level – separating into multiple beams as you advance.

By level 11, you could be hurling four separate blasts each turn! This allows you not only to spread the mayhem across multiple foes but also to concentrate your firepower when facing off against more formidable opponents.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that Eldritch Blast becomes truly monstrous when coupled with Warlock’s Agonizing Blast invocation — adding your charisma modifier to each blast’s damage.

Now, that’s a serious game-changer that could have even the boldest adversaries thinking twice before crossing paths with you. Understandably, then, Eldritch Blast has garnered the lion’s share of fan-following among D&D enthusiasts.

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How Eldritch Blast Works in 5e D&D?

Before diving into the intricacies of various invocations associated with the Eldritch Blast, let’s understand its basic workings.

How Eldritch Blast Works in 5e D&D?

Eldritch Blast, in its default form, enables you to create a beam of crackling energy that stretches toward your chosen creature in range.

As you gain levels, its power escalates, firing more beams to wreak havoc on enemies. What’s more, several Eldrict Invocations act as a catalyst enhancing your Eldritch Blast’s effectiveness.

Agonizing Blast

Are you focused on maximizing damage output? Then look no further than the Agonizing Blast invocation. It enables you to add your Charisma modifier to the damage done by your Eldritch Blast.

This doesn’t just give each beam an extra punch but also scales impressively as you level up and unlock more beams per casting.

So not only can you spread your damage across multiple foes with each separate beam, but you also do extensive damage all at once, which makes it an immensely potent offensive tool in any Warlock’s arsenal.

Eldritch Spear

A keen eye coupled with strategic positioning is quintessential for victories in D&D combats.

The Eldritch Spear invocation enhances your range considerably, enabling you to pick off adversaries from afar without exposing yourself to counter-attacks or maintaining close-quarters combat.

It is particularly beneficial for those opting for a sniper-like role amongst your party, where you can keep striking dangerously and efficiently from great distances.

Repelling Blast

Are you getting swarmed with melee adversaries or need some breathing space? Enter the Repelling Blast invocation that empowers your Eldritch Blasts with a repulsing force.

Every hit successfully landed on the enemy can knock them back up to 10 feet – a fact that can be strategically very advantageous, pushing foes into hazardous areas like traps or off cliffs or simply gaining room.

The spell also opens avenues for crowd control, providing you the power to effectively manage the battlefield and keep enemies at arm’s length.

Grasp of Hadar

While Repelling Blast sets your foes flying away from you, Grasp of Hadar pulls an enemy closer to you. Cue when you have an enemy archer losing arrows from a distance or spell casters wreaking havoc.

With a well-placed Eldritch Blast using Grasp of Hadar, you can yank that problem right into your (or perhaps your beefy barbarian’s) melee range in no time.

Lance of Lethargy

The Lance of Lethargy invocation adds a debuffing aspect to your Eldritch Blasts. Every time it lands on an enemy, not only will it cause damage, but it’ll also reduce their movement speed by 10 feet until the end of your next turn.

This can handcuff opponents’ tactical movements and is especially handy against high mobility threats, giving your party an edge during encounters.

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How to Use Eldritch Blast in 5E?

In the clutch, you’re going to rely heavily on your raw power as an arcane practitioner. However, it’s not all about randomly throwing spells around.

The usage of the Eldritch Blast in 5E requires strategy, timing, and insight. Here are a couple of approaches to optimize the potency of your Eldritch Blast.

Get Agonizing Blast early

Agonizing Blast is an Eldritch Invocation that allows you to add your Charisma modifier to the damage done by Eldritch Blast.

Especially in those early levels of action-packed encounters when every point counts, having this boost can be a game changer.

It’s an add-on that literally fuels the fire with some extra dark magic, turning a potent attack into an adversary’s worst nightmare. So be sure to unlock this feature as soon as possible and get used to seeing those hit points tumble down like dominos!

Concentration-buster/death save-skipper

If there was ever a spell that could throw off enemy concentration or potentially bypass death saves, you’ve got it with Eldritch Blast.

Given its multiple beam structure at higher levels, each beam counts as a separate source of damage. Therefore, it instigates separate concentration checks after each hit.

This ingenious attribute helps break opponent spells requiring concentration – leaving them vulnerable to subsequent attacks.

For opponents struggling and making death saving throws, every succeeding blast counts as another failure. Meaning? Every direct hit from EB incrementally pushes your enemies closer to meeting their makers!

Max Charisma ASAP

As spellcasters know, charisma isn’t just your ability to charm folks at the local tavern – it plays into combat, too! Your Charisma goes hand-in-glove with damage-dealing cantrips like Eldritch Blast.

With Agonizing Blast Invocation in play (as mentioned earlier), the higher your Charisma score, the harder you hit.

High Charisma also boosts your chances of landing the attack in the first place. To optimize the efficiency of Eldritch Blast, you want to bump that score up as quickly as you can, either through leveling up or appropriate magical items. A charismatic warlock means a dangerous warlock in 5E D&D!

Battlefield Control

Once you’ve got all the workings of Eldritch Blast figured out and your charisma maxed, let’s talk strategy. The invocation modifications for EB allow for an array of battlefield control tactics.

Use Repelling Blast to send enemies flying backward 10 feet per beam. Have you got a melee fighter in danger? Push them back! Need some breathing space? Retract enemies fast.

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Eldritch Blast: 5 Main Rules

When you’re getting your game on in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, understanding the nitty-gritty of your spells can really amp up the gameplay.

Eldritch Blast: 5 Main Rules

Among them, Eldritch Blast stands as an immaculate testament to sheer power and strategic flexibility. Certain rules govern this powerhouse spell. Let’s delve into five integral ones that help harness its full potential.

Sniper Feature enhances Eldritch Spear Invocation

The Eldritch Spear invocation lets your Eldritch Blast reach epic distances, turning you into a long-range artillery of arcane destruction.

But when paired with the Sniper Feature (an optional rule from Unearthed Arcana), things get intriguing! This feature allows for even further amplification of the spell’s range.

Pairing these two gives you a whopping 600-foot reach. That’s more than enough distance to keep your enemies at bay while still raining havoc upon them.

It’s especially useful in encounters where distancing is key or when facing enemies with strong close-quarters combat skills.

Most Eldritch Blast Invocations Affect All Beams Except Grasp of Hadar and Lance of Lethargy

As powerful as it is, Eldritch Blast actually increases in potency as you level up. Starting from level five, you get to fire additional beams – two at the fifth level, three at the eleventh, and four at the seventeenth level.

With most invocations like Agonizing Blast or Repelling Blast, each beam gets its bonus effect; they either add extra damage or repel foes further away.

This doesn’t apply to all invocations. Grasp of Hadar and Lance of Lethargy are exceptions to this rule – both only affect one creature once per round, no matter how many beams hit them, so managing which invocation applies to which beam becomes crucial when multiple foes come into play.

Sorcerer’s Metamagic Twins Eldritch Blast at 4th-Level or Lower

Multiclass character builds throw a pleasant curveball into this mix. When your character is both a Sorcerer and Warlock, the Metamagic feature – Twin Spell, specifically – shines a new light on Eldritch Blast’s potential.

As long as you’re casting it at 4th-level or lower, Twin Spell lets you target an additional creature with the same spell for just a small cost in sorcery points.

Once you hit level five and Eldritch Blast fires multiple beams, Twin Spell isn’t as effective due to the technical reading of the rule.

Eldritch Blast Attacks Are Not Simultaneous

Timing is everything, particularly in combat situations where minutes can stretch into what seems like hours, as each decision can tip the balance between victory and loss.

When unleashing your Eldritch Blast, remember that its multiple beams do not hit simultaneously. This means each beam is resolved separately – including rolling for attack and damage.

This allows for some creative freedom, too. Suppose one beam takes down a foe – your remaining ones can be directed toward other enemies.

Eldritch Blast Cannot Target Objects

While Eldritch Blast certainly proves its worth against creatures aplenty, it has its limitations – it can’t be used against objects.

Unlike Fire Bolt or other destructive spells that let you unleash mayhem on enemy fortifications or barred doors, Eldritch Blast is strictly creature-directed because of its lack of tangible force component. It is pure energy, after all.

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FAQs about Eldritch Blast 5E

Can Eldritch Blast miss in D&D 5E?

Yes, like any other attack in D&D, Eldritch Blast requires an attack roll and can miss if the roll is lower than the target’s Armor Class.

Does Eldritch Blast get a bonus from my spellcasting ability in 5E?

Not by default. However, when combined with the Agonizing Blast invocation, your Charisma modifier gets added to its damage.

Can multiple beams from Eldritch Blast target a single creature in D&D 5E?

Absolutely! Each beam from Eldritch Blast can be directed at any creature within range.

Is there a limit to how many times I can cast Eldritch Blast in a 5e battle scenario?

No, this decision is entirely up to you! As a cantrip, you can cast it as often as you want.

Can I combine other spells or abilities with Eldritch Blast in D&D 5E?

Yes, several Warlock invocations and feats, such as Spell Sniper, modify or enhance the effects of Eldritch Blast.


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