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10 Best Eldritch Invocations 5e [The Warlock’s Otherworldly Patron]

Best eldritch invocations 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/03/2024
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As you traverse the mystical and perilous lands of D&D 5e, one aspect of your Warlock character that can really make a world of difference are the eldritch invocations 5e.

These are like sweet dollops of customization dropped onto your arcane skillset, providing not only power but also crafting the flavor and persona of your character.

Each invocation comes loaded with its unique set of presets, some tailoring your Eldritch Blast cantrip to perfection, while others imbue you with extraordinary abilities or mimic spells.

They make you much more than just a spellcasting machine; they equip you to be an all-round force on the gaming table. From eyes that can see through deception, to tongues that can twist reality itself – each invocation is a snippet of raw magic at your disposal.

So let’s walk through this tangled web of invocations and unravel the secrets that they hold for us.

Best Eldritch Invocations 5e

As a Warlock, your choice of eldritch invocations speeds up the pulse of your game, taking it from exciting to edge-of-your-seat thrilling.

Best Eldritch Invocations 5e

So, buckle in and prepare to find yourself diving headfirst into the alluring pool of potent magic with the best 5e Eldritch Invocations that can make your character truly unparalleled.

Eldritch Blast Mastery

Despite its unassuming title, don’t be fooled. The “Eldritch Blast Mastery” is a marvel of sheer destructive capability and utility.

To break it down simply: this eldritch invocation allows you to refine the raw power of your “Eldritch Blast” giving it an unusual finesse that can change the course of a battle instantly.

Intricately woven with several force effects, every single beam you cast becomes its own force bolt with each hit driving enemies back ten feet. Imagine just how potent dominion over the battlefield this provides you.

You learn to command spaces like never before, directing targets here and there or finishing them off at will without worrying about their positioning.

To reap its full benefits, chain it with an ‘Agonizing Blast’. This combination primarily focuses on damage output rather than leaning heavily towards control.

In essence, ‘Eldritch Blast Mastery’ is one notch on your magical belt boosting both your offensive and defensive capabilities.

Shadowstep Hex

‘Shadowstep Hex’—the very name seems shrouded in enigma! Allowing you to orbit at will within areas bathed in darkness or dim light, this Invocation has unsurpassed battlefield mobility and control wrapped under its name.

Shadowstep Hex

With Shadowstep Hex under your command, lucidity comes effortlessly as shadows turn into stepping stones for you to step onto and away from danger.

In terms of gameplay functionality, dash actions become less necessary; safeties are more available, thereby enabling a more aggressive, pro-active combat approach.

What truly sets it apart from the ordinary is its ability to cast ‘Hex’ Spell without using any spell slot, resetting every short rest. So, you can mark an enemy for additional damage and disadvantage on a chosen ability check.

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Abyssal Resilience

They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. The ‘Abyssal Resilience’ has etched this adage onto its core, bestowing upon you a toughness that makes you feel more like a sturdy wall than an eldritch adept.

With Abyssal Resilience, you gain temporary hit points equal to your charisma modifier plus your warlock level each time you finish a short or long rest. It isn’t showy; instead, the true beauty of this invocation lies in its subtle protection.

The Abyssal Resilience weaves seamlessly into your defenses, making every encounter survivable and a little less bone-jarring. Its persistent shield adds up over time and creates a layer of defense that enemies repeatedly bounce off of.

Facing down some big bad scary monster? The ‘Abyssal Resilience’ has got your back!

Warlock’s Whispers

The Warlock’s Whispers is not just knowledge; it’s power given form. It’s the Quintessential Warlock’s toolbox for information gathering.

Warlock's Whispers

This invocation allows you to cast ‘Dissonant Whispers’ without expending a spell slot. It lets invokers initiate an eerie melody that sows the seeds of discord and disturbs creatures forcing them to take psychic damage and flee chaotically.

You can pump these chaotic whispers into the ears of any nearby opponents causing not just physical but also psychological destabilization making their perception skewed and their moves unbalanced.

If subtlety is your codename and mind-games are your favorite weapons, then Warlock’s Whispers is the perfect song to sing!

Eldritch Sight Beyond

Beyond surface-level attempts at deception lies truth and clarity, waiting for those equipped with ‘Eldritch Sight Beyond’. Essentially granting Detect Magic as an always-on passive ability, it lets you keep tabs on magical shenanigans around you.

With Eldritch Sight Beyond, illusions are merely tricks waiting to be pounced upon while magic gets reduced to patterns to see and whispers to be heard.

You’re never oblivious, and every magical ambush becomes an anticipated trick. It’s a little like living life on easy mode with those tricksy mages and magical traps! So, why walk in a trap when you can waltz around it?

Infernal Pact Boon

And finally, here’s the golden goose: the ‘Infernal Pact Boon.’ An invocation built for those seeking absolute dominance in battles. As grandiose as its name suggests, it equips you with the fabled ‘Witch Bolt’ spell.

Infernal Pact Boon

This pernicious spell sends a continuous stream of crackling energy towards your enemies at the cost of concentration alone. Imagine being able to channel damage consistently each turn, tying up adversaries without so much as batting an eyelid.

Your enemies will feel unending torment struggling in your grasp until they can resist no more. Infernal Pact Boon fits perfectly for those who wish to conjure blistering storms on the battlefield.

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Cursed Arcana

“Cursed Arcana”, the snare of shadowy power, extends versatility to your Warlock’s spells. This invocation grabs its validity from the “Hexblade’s Curse” feature.

This particular invocation allows you to cast any hexed spell and keep it ready for triggers. And guess what? It doesn’t consume a spell slot nor require any components.

That’s right: it gives you the luxury of saving energy and material while casting a spell.

Imagine this: your archnemesis lunges towards you, and BAM!, they trigger your prepared hex, stopping them in their tracks. This way, you always have a potent defense at your disposal even when you’re stretched thin.

‘Cursed Arcana’, if used smartly, can turn the most desperate of situations into moments of triumph.

Eldritch Grasp

Now consider “Eldritch Grasp”, another robust gem in the pantheon of eldritch invocations that are perfect for Warlocks wanting crowd control abilities.

Eldritch Grasp

When you choose this invocation, your warlock gains telekinetic capabilities! You get to bolster your Eldritch Blast with an aspect that creates viselike force bindings around your foes pulling them 10 feet closer to you each time they’re hit.

While this can be utilized to drag enemies away from their allies or into hazardous terrain, adding new dimensions in battlefield control; remember it also aids in isolating foes that prefer or thrive on maintaining distance. ‘Eldritch Grasp’ marries precision with raw ability!

Voidwalker’s Veil

Turn yourself into an enigma with “Voidwalker’s Veil”, as everything around you is cloaked in magical darkness.

Three times per long rest, without using a spell slot or material components, create a 10-foot radius sphere of impenetrable darkness centered on yourself.

The privileged blessing here is your ability to see while others are blinded by the darkness. You can set up localized blackouts perfect for playing mind games with your foes or simply using it as a shelter.

The darkness lasts for a minute but novelizes your combat approach, making ‘Voidwalker’s Veil’ an incredibly tactical eldritch invocation choice.

Eldritch Resonance

Seeking a consistently useful invocation? Look no further than “Eldritch Resonance!” This versatile tool amplifies your warlock’s spellcasting effectiveness by allowing you to invoke your patron’s name and brandish unrivaled power.

Eldritch Resonance

Here’s the secret code: once per long rest, you can add double your proficiency bonus to the attack roll or increase the spell save DC of any one spell. That pretty much guarantees that when it needs to hit the most — it will!

Astute warlocks will use this when casting their highest-level spells, ensuring success in crucial moments of battle. Now that’s what you call making every word count.

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FAQs eldritch invocations 5e

What are the best feats for a Ranger in D&D 5e?

Some popular choices include Sharpshooter, Crossbow Expert, Alert, Observant, and Mobile. Each of these feats greatly enhances specific Ranger abilities.

How does the Sharpshooter feat benefit a Ranger?

Sharpshooter allows you to make long-range attacks with no disadvantage and it can dramatically increase your damage output with ranged weapons.

Can you explain the advantages of the Crossbow Expert feat for a Ranger?

Crossbow Expert lets you fire multiple shots in one turn with a hand crossbow. Additionally, it removes the disadvantage usually incurred by ranged attacks made within 5 feet of an opponent.

Why should a Ranger consider taking the Alert feat?

The Alert feat can give Rangers immunity to surprise attacks and advantage on initiative rolls –a considerable asset given their often front-line role in combat situations.

What benefits does the Mobile feat bring to a ranger class?

The Mobile feat increases your movement speed and allows you to step away from melee combat more easily. This can help Rangers stay out of reach while using their ranged weapons.


As you chart your fantastical course through D&D 5e, remember, your choices of invocations can make or break your Warlock’s capabilities.

Eldritch Blast Mastery and Shadowstep Hex are just taste-testers in the rich buffet that awaits you. So delve into the realm of invocations, explore, experiment and select those that resonate with your character’s vibe.

After all, each invocation is another step towards honing unparalleled power and crafting truly mesmerizing gameplay experiences.


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