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Faerie Fire 5E [What Does Faerie Fire Do In 5E?] 2024

Faerie Fire 5E
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Imagine you’re cruising through your next Dungeons and Dragons adventure when you find your party suddenly surrounded by shadowy, cloak-wrapped figures. It’s a perfect ambush, and visibility is low.

But don’t worry; you have just the trick in your sorcerer’s sleeve – cast Faerie Fire 5E! This dazzling spell has the power to light up your enemies, providing a glittering spectacle that reveals lurking foes and helps swing the odds back in your favor.

Faerie Fire 5E isn’t just for show, though; it’s also a tactical advantage on the battlefield. Easy to learn but hard to master, this spell could be an incredible asset or clever deterrent when you need it most in your journey through thrilling adventures.

So whether you’re an experienced Warlock or getting ready for your very first D&D quest, familiarizing yourself with this enchanting spell is definitely worth it.

Faerie Fire 5E Attributes

Casting Time1 Action
Range/Area60 ft (20 ft )
DurationConcentration 1 Minute
Attack/SaveDEX Save

What is Faerie Fire 5E?

Faerie Fire 5E is a 1st-level evocation spell in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5E) role-playing game.

What is Faerie Fire 5E?

When cast, it outlines objects and creatures in a 20-foot cube within range with a magical violet, blue, or green light, depending on the caster’s choice.

Any creature or object in this area when the spell is cast is visibly outlined if it fails a Dexterity saving throw, making it unable to benefit from being invisible.

The glowing outline also grants an advantage on attack rolls to any attacker who can see the target. The spell lasts for up to one minute with concentration.

How do I get the Faerie Fire 5E spell?

When you’re embarking on your Dungeons & Dragons adventure, it’s not a question of if you’ll need Faerie Fire 5E, but how to get it.

How Do I Get The Faerie Fire 5E Spell

This gratifyingly illuminating spell can make navigating the battles of the game much easier. There’s a variety of different classes and domains from which you can acquire this useful spell.

  • Artificer, Bard, and Druid: No matter if you’re a craftsman who uses magic to shape objects into tools (Artificer), a performer who makes magic out of beautiful works (Bard), or a spiritual guardian who draws natural forces (Druid), you can include Faerie Fire as part of your repertoire.
  • Light Domain: This divine conduit dedicated to radiance carries spells related to light and fire. If you choose this domain at the first level as a cleric, congrats! You’ve just gained access to the Faerie Fire spell.
  • Swarmkeeper: A ranger who has formed an incredible bond with nature that instantly gets access to Faerie Fire when they pick their subclass at the third level.
  • Archfey Warlock: If a fey entity is your fun-loving yet incredibly ancient patron, there’s good news! Their magic can grant you the potential ability to cast Faerie Fire.
  • Twilight Domain: This one represents gods associated with night, and repose gives clerics at first level the ability to cast spells like Faerie Fire that grant illumination and provide comfort in the darkness.
  • Artificer Initiate Feat: If none of your classes naturally grant Faerie Fire, here’s an option by taking this feat, which expands your magical knowledge, letting you learn an artificer cantrip and enchantment such as our beloved faerie fire.
  • Divinely Favored Feat: Another way to acquire this vivid spell; if you’re dedicated to your deity, you can learn a few spells favored by your god or goddess, cue Faerie Fire.
  • Magic Initiate Feat: By choosing this feat, you become well-versed with the basic concepts of casting spells of certain classes, including those of Druid or Bard, which opens up the path for summoning Faerie Fire.
  • Strixhaven Initiate Feat: Inspired by Strixhaven: School of Mages in Magic: The Gathering, taking this feat gives you the option to learn two cantrips and a first-level spell from a chosen Strixhaven college spell list. If you choose Prismari, you gain access to Faerie Fire.
  • Drow Race: Born into one of the most ruthlessly cunning races in the Underdark – The Drow (a subrace of dark elves) receives the gift of casting Faerie Fire at the third level.
  • Drow Descent Half-Elf: For all those character types with half-drow ancestry, there’s good news! Your lineage imparts your part-drow ancestry traits, such as casting faerie fire starting at level 5.
  • Fairy Race: These whimsical beings are deeply connected with magic, and as a racial trait, they gain access to casting our fairy dust sprinkling spell that produces light, i.e., Faerie fire.

As is evident, many paths lead to possessing the power to cast Faerie Fire 5E, each with its unique appeal. But remember that regardless of how you acquire it, mastering its potential depends on understanding your gameplay strategy and applying it effectively.

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Rules for Faerie Fire in D&D 5E

Faerie Fire is a key spell in Dungeons and Dragons 5e that can significantly influence the battlefield’s dynamics. Here are the essential rules that guide its usage:

  • It’s a 1st-Level Evocation: Faerie Fire is classified as a 1st-level for Druids, Light domain clerics & some warlocks.
  • Casting Time and Range: The casting time for the spell is one action, and it has a range of 60 feet.
  • Area of Effect: Once cast, Faerie Fire illuminates a 20-foot cube within range.
  • Requires Dexterity Saving Throw: Creatures in the targeted area must make a Dexterity saving throw or find themselves outlined in light of the caster’s color choice (blue, green, or violet).
  • Invisibility Nullification: Faerie Fire reveals creatures and objects under invisibility or hidden by illusions by outlining them brightly.
  • Advantage on Attack Rolls: Any attack roll against an affected creature or object has an advantage if the attacker can see it.
  • Duration of Effect: The effects of Faerie Fire last as long as concentration is maintained, up to one minute.

It’s crucial to note that the spell doesn’t cause any damage; instead, it changes the conditions on the battlefield to favor strategic players.

Is Faerie Fire a Strong 5E Spell?

Yes, Faerie Fire is considered a strong spell in D&D 5e despite not dealing direct damage. Its main strength lies in its strategic utility.

Is Faerie Fire A Strong 5E Spell

With Faerie Fire, invisible creatures become visible, and attack rolls against affected creatures gain an advantage, which could be game-changing in combat scenarios. The spell affects a reasonably large area of up to a 20-foot cube and lasts for up to one minute with concentration.

While the effectiveness of Faerie Fire can vary depending on the situation and enemy Dex Saving throw proficiency, when it comes into play efficiently, it can turn the tide of a battle significantly.

What Does Faerie Fire Do in 5E?

The role of Faerie Fire in Dungeons and Dragons 5e revolves around providing strategic advantage during combat by reducing enemies’ abilities to hide or remain invisible. Here are detailed functions of what this spell does:

  • Reveals Invisible Entities: Faerie Fire illuminates any object or creature, making them visible even if they’re under the effect of invisibility spells or hidden by illusions.
  • Advantage on Attack Rolls: The glowing light emitted from the spell allows attackers to see their targets more accurately. Thus granting them an advantage on attack rolls against affected creatures or objects in the spell’s area.
  • Negates Disadvantages: By highlighting targets, Faerie Fire can counteract factors causing attackers to have a disadvantage on their attack rolls, ensuring normal hits.
  • Delineation in Darkness: In low-light conditions, the bright light emitted by this spell can help outline enemies distinctly, making them easier to spot amid darkness.
  • Large Area of Effect: The spell covers a considerable cube area of 20 feet within its range (60 feet), potentially affecting multiple enemies at once.

While Faerie Fire doesn’t deal direct damage to enemies, its influence in determining battle outcomes makes it an indispensable tool in the D&D 5e game mechanics.

FAQs about Faerie Fire 5E

Does Faerie Fire 5E work on invisible creatures in D&D?

Yes, it does! Faerie Fire can outline invisible creatures and objects, negating the advantage of invisibility.

What exactly does “outlined in light” mean in the context of Faerie Fire 5E?

It means that the targets glow with a brilliant light, making them easier to hit and impossible to hide or gain benefits from invisibility.

Can you dispel Faerie Fire 5E?

Absolutely! As per D&D rules, any spell of level 3 or lower ends on a target is affected by Dispel Magic.

Is there any way to resist or dodge the effects of Faerie Fire 5E?

Yes, targets can attempt a Dexterity saving throw to avoid being affected by this spell.

How long does the effect of Faerie Fire last in D&D 5E?

Once cast, the Faerie Fire effect lasts up to one minute as long as the concentration is maintained.


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