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15 Best Feats For Monk 5E [Enhance Your Martial Prowess]

15 Best Feats For Monk 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/02/2024
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In the world of tabletop role-playing, there’s always a quest for that perfect character build. Specifically, if your character of choice is a monk in 5th Edition (5E), you’re likely seeking the best feats for monk 5e to amplify game performance.

We’re here to guide you through this quest and provide insights into making your monk the resilient powerhouse it’s destined to be.

Finding the right feat can truly level up your gameplay by enhancing not just your character’s skill sets but also amplifying their strategies and combat tactics.

It takes a little bit of research and some trial and error to figure out exactly what the best fit will be for your unique character.

Don’t fret; we’ve done the deep dive for you and compiled a list of some of the top choices that could significantly boost your monk’s prowess.

Are Monks a Strong Choice in 5E?

Monks are indeed a compelling character class choice in the 5th Edition of D&D. While they’ve evolved over various editions alongside other character types, the sheer uniqueness and entertainment value of Monks in 5E is hard to ignore.

Are Monks a Strong Choice in 5E?

They bring a unique cocktail of physical prowess, mystical energy, and unrivaled speed that changes the dynamics of any adventuring party.

Their ability to harness ki—inner magic drawn from the body’s life force. This forms the crux of their strength, powering up their defense and devastating martial arts attacks.

Despite possessing such innate power and agility, it ultimately boils down to how you build your Monk for optimal gameplay in 5E.

Understanding your Monk’s potential and selecting the right feats for them can totally escalate their performance on the playing field.

Making sure you enjoy how your Monk plays is key here. This isn’t just about stat numbers; it’s about creating an engaging gaming experience every time you sit down at that table with your friends.

Best Feats For Monk 5E

Navigating the wealth of options in making your character build formidable can be overwhelming, but you’re in luck.

Best Feats For Monk 5E

We delve deep into revealing details about four of the most impactful feats for your Monk in 5E – Mobile, Alert, Lucky, and Sentinel. Let’s plunge into it.


Mobile is one of the standout feats to augment a Monk’s performance. It’s an exceptional pick that promotes agility and swift combat tactics.


As a monk harnesses the raw energy of their life force through Ki, being mobile allows them to maximize this use by providing a 10-feet speed increase.

Imagine this: your Monk dashing through the battlefield with enhanced speed, dodging attacks more easily, or getting out of sticky situations quickly.

Not only that but when you make a melee attack against an opponent, you don’t provoke opportunity attacks from them for the rest of your turn.

That’s whether you hit or miss! This could be game-changing in heated battles where maneuverability spells the difference between victory and defeat.

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On top of being a mobile ambusher, having Alert as another feat turns your Monk into an unbeatable surprise combatant, too. “Always on your toes” is practically its mantra.

It grants you a +5 bonus to initiative rolls, which translates to less vulnerability against ambushes and hidden threats.

The icing on this feat is that other characters don’t get an advantage on attack rolls against you as a result of being unseen by you.

Imagine combating enemies who think they have the edge over your monk with their invisibility or stealth, only for you to predict their moves effortlessly.


Whether it’s acing that saving throw or ensuring that dicey attack hits just right – what wouldn’t we give for a stroke of luck? Here’s where Lucky steps up in ranking among the top feats for Monks in 5E.

It’s a low-key game-changer that can reverse the tides of an unfortunate situation. Your character gets three luck points every long rest.

Whenever you make an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you may spend one of these points to roll an extra d20 and choose which one to use.

You can also use your luck point after the roll but before any outcomes are determined (talk about a strategic pullout).


Let’s consider Sentinel – a feat designed for vigilant monks who want to prioritize protecting their allies and controlling the field.


Your reach on the battlefield is expanded as enemy creatures within 5 feet of you provoke opportunity attacks even if they’ve taken a Disengage action.

When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, its speed drops to zero for the rest of that turn; prevention is certainly better than cure.

And if these creatures dare target your mates within reach, your Monk exerts dominance by making a melee weapon attack as a reaction.

From Mobile to Sentinel, each of these feats offers unique benefits tailored to different play style preferences. So, next time you’re leveling up or creating your Monk in D&D 5e, make sure to revisit this guide and choose what best suits your role-playing venture.

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The Tough Feat is your best bet. This trait adds a bonus of two points for each level you have and each level you gain. Imagine – at level 10, that’s an additional 20 hit points.

Such a significant health boost could very well be decisive in tough fights, enabling your Monk to withstand more hits and maintain their performance on the battlefield longer.

The extra hit points amplify your monk’s natural durability, factoring largely in those epic battles against high-damage opponents.

Used in concert with excellent tactical play from you, the player, this added toughness can transform your Monk into a defensive bulwark with commendable survivability.

Mage Slayer

Enter a world where magic users dominate? Not on your watch! Mage Slayer is an essential feat if spell-casting enemies are common within your campaign.

You’ve seen how devastating magic attacks can be. With Mage Slayer, you turn the tables around by becoming spells’ worst nightmare.

Significantly, this feat allows you to use a reaction to make a melee weapon attack against spell-casting creatures within reach whenever they cast spells.

That’s not all; these creatures suffer a disadvantage on concentration saving throws for spells you damage them with while within 5 feet of them. How satisfying would it be to disrupt that powerful spell mid-cast?


Think monks are all about up-close and personal combat? Enter Sharpshooter. This ranged combat perk might seem unconventional for monks, but remember, versatility is key in D&D.


Paired correctly with class features or certain Kensei Monk’s abilities for ranged weapons, Sharpshooter opens up exciting tactics.

Sharpshooter eliminates distance disadvantages when attacking long range and reduce cover advantages of targets behind half or three-quarters cover.

You can opt for a -5 penalty to attack roll for an impressive +10 damage bonus- making your ranged attacks deadly.

War Caster

Surprised to see a spellcasting feat here? Well, some Monks, like the Way of the Four Elements, do use spellcasting as part of their skill set. For these types, War Caster is desirable.

It grants an advantage on Constitution saving throws to maintain concentration on spells when taking damage – a terrific edge in battle.

War caster allows you to perform the somatic components of spells even when you’ve got weapons or shields in one or both hands. Surprise opportunity attacks with a spell instead of a melee attack? Yes, please.

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Let’s consider the Observant feat. Perfect for enforcing your Monk’s role as an alert and vigilant protector. With this feat, if you can see a creature’s mouth moving while speaking a language you understand, you can interpret what it’s saying by reading its lips!

Plus, it grants a +5 bonus to your passive Wisdom (Perception) and Intelligence (Investigation) scores. And when every perception detail counts, this feat, above others, makes your Monk exceptionally keen and alert.

There you go! From Tough to Observant, five more outstanding feats that promise to enhance the playing experience with your Monk character in D&D 5e.


Resilient is a feat that undoubtedly adds a formidable layer of defense to your Monk. It allows you to choose one ability score, which could be Wisdom for Monks typically, and increase it by 1 (up to the maximum of 20).


This bump can make quite a difference in boosting your Monk’s prowess. On top of that, if you’re required to make a saving throw using the selected ability, you are considered proficient in it.

This means even if that dangerous spell hits, you’ll have a higher chance of weathering the storm unscathed.


Athlete is for the Monks who abide by the strength and agility play style. It offers several benefits starting with an active lifestyle translating into +1 Strength or Dexterity.

This is further supplemented by spending just 5 feet of movement to stand up from being prone, instead of the usual half your speed, and climbing doesn’t cost you extra movement envision racing across those walls.

Long jumps don’t require a 10-foot run-up. Sudden leaps and clever maneuverability get a whole lot easier.


Charger feat is suited for those who prefer aggressive combat tactics and enjoy rushing headlong into battles. If you use your action to Dash during your turn, you can still follow it up with either an attack or shove as a bonus action unlike others who can only do one or the other.

This bonus attack has another bonus in itself; adding +5 to the damage roll if it hits or pushes your target up to 10 feet away if you chose shove.

Defensive Duelist

Maximizing purely on defense strategy through clever maneuvers and quick reflexes? Opt for Defensive Duelist as one of the feats for your Monk.

Defensive Duelist

If equipped with this feat and holding a finesse weapon (including monk weapons), when another creature slings an attack at you, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your Armor Class for that attack, potentially causing it to miss.

This feat is a great way to frustrate enemy efforts in trying to land a hit on you.

Magic Initiate

Maybe your Monk fancies some magical enhancements in their arsenal – that’s where Magic Initiate shines. This feat gives you the ability to learn two cantrips and a first-level spell from any class’s spell list.

Picture your Monk suddenly healing wounds or attacking with Illusory script or Unseen Servant; the versatility it adds is priceless.

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Martial Adept

We’ve Martial Adept for those who want some Battle Master style maneuvers without multiclassing into Fighter. With this feat, you gain one superiority die (d6), which lets you perform certain combat tricks.

Get ready to surprise their enemies on the battlefield with maneuvers like Parrying, Feinting, or Trip Attack.

FAQs About Best Feats For Monk 5E

What’s the ideal feat for a defensive Monk build in 5E?

Defensive Duelist is a good pick as it boosts Armor Class, thus enhancing the monk’s ability to deflect attacks.

Can a Monk character in D&D 5E acquire magic-based feats?

Yes, Magic Initiate is a feat that allows your Monk to learn two cantrips and one first-level spell from any class’s spell list.

Which feat would you recommend to increase my Monk’s agility and speed in 5E?

The Mobile feat enhances your Monk’s movement, making them swift and adept at dodging enemy opportunity attacks.

Which is the best feat for bolstering my Monk’s saving throws abilities?

Resilient is a strong choice as this feat increases an ability score of your choice by 1 and provides proficiency on saving throws using that ability score.

Can 5E Monks utilize feats from the Battle Master archetype without multiclassing into Fighter?

Yes, The Martial Adept allows Monks to have Battle Master style maneuvers adding significant versatility to their combat strategies.


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