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12 Best Fighter Multiclasses 5E [Expand Your Combat Prowess]

  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/18/2024
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In D&D, players have the power to create a character that is uniquely theirs. One of the most intriguing decisions you can make is to choose a fighter multiclass in 5e for your character.

This involves combining different classes, thus providing a blend of abilities and skills that can surely enhance your gameplay experience.

The extensive set of options available in D&D 5e gives way to hundreds of potential combinations, enabling players to select an amalgamation that aligns with their particular vision.

Now, let’s examine 12 stellar examples of such combinations, commonly referred to as the best fighter multiclasses in 5e on offer.

Whether you’re aiming for more versatility, a unique role-playing experience or simply trying something new, these selected combinations shall serve as an excellent starting point.

Best Fighter Multiclasses of 5E

Creating a multiclass character in the Dungeons and Dragons universe adds a refreshing aspect to the game.

By combining classes, your, character’s skills, and abilities get a vibrant blend that enhances your gameplay.

The fighter class, renowned for its combat prowess and versatility, can offer an exciting base for multiclass characters.


Pairing a fighter with the rogue class is like blending brute strength with cunning finesse. This combination can make for a battle-ready character with diverse skills both on and off the battlefield.

The Sneak Attack feature of the rogue adds substantially to your damage while features like Evasion aid survival during combat.

Out-of-combat scenarios also provide interesting dimensions as rogues possess skills like stealth or pickpocketing.

So if you fancy being a nimble combatant capable of frontline fighting as well as covert operations, this mixture should be appealing.

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Melding the art of rage from Barbarians with the expertise in arms and armor from fighters makes a formidable character indeed.

The sheer power and hardiness this combination provides is unsurpassable by most other class combinations in D&D 5e.

With Rage from barbarians providing resistance to damage types, along with relentless endurance for survival, alongside action-oriented perks brought by fighters like Second Wind or Extra Attack, dishes out an unstoppable force on battlegrounds.

If you’re seeking a relentless hack-and-slash persona imbued with raw power, Ranger-Fighter might be your ideal multiclass choice.

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The blending of Fighter with Paladin can give birth to devout warriors who crush their enemies while standing resolute in their alignments’ values.

Your Paladin’s divine Smite fuels your fighter’s melee attacks with radiant energy turning them into divine agents capable of striking fear in evil hearts around them and inspiring allies alike.

As Paladins have access to some healing magic each day it serves as a great support resource during combats for your team.

If you are suggesting to be a beacon of conviction and courage while being formidable in battle, the Fighter-Paladin is a noteworthy choice.

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A Fighter-Warlock multiclass presents one of the game’s most unique combinations.

Pairing martial prowess with eldritch energies, this blend furnishes a character well-suited for both close-quarters combat and ranged spellcasting.

Eldritch Blast as a primary ranged option accompanied by invocations like Agonizing Blast can enhance your damage outcome greatly.

With Pact Magic and short rest spell slots from Warlock, you will have a persistent magic utility as well making you an unpredictable opponent.

Officers on the battlefield always need that certain unpredictability to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

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The Monk-Fighter combination blends physical prowess with spiritual focus. This creates sturdy characters adroit at hand-to-hand combat along with incredible movement capabilities.

A fighter’s fighting style coupled with Martial Arts or Stunning Strike of monks makes them reliable damage dealers with overall engagement ranges.

The evasion feature helps you shrug off area effects more effectively ensuring increased survival chances in fights.

This pairing will enable you to be an agile warrior smiting enemies quickly while dancing around danger.

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If you wish to merge the disciplined art of fighting with nature’s magic and wilderness expertise consider multiclassing into Ranger alongside Fighter class.

Fight style features overlap between these classes enhancing your combat capabilities considerably while Spellcasting brings many useful utilities under your command from healing to crowd control or mobility-enabling spells during encounters.

So if you enjoy mixing martial skills with spells or stealthy tactics this combination caters to such diversified interests brilliantly.


Fighter-Cleric is an effective combination for those who like to take the lead and also nurture their team.

As a fighter, your proficiency in all armor and weapons prepares you for frontline combat, while as a cleric, you have abundant healing and utility spells to aid your friends.

Channel Divinity options from cleric can enhance your versatility significantly making you capable of dealing more damage or turning undead and other similar enemies, based on what domain you choose.

The cleric’s abilities allow the creation of a tank-like character who can absorb substantial damage alongside providing critical support to the party members when needed.


Should you aspire for the manipulation of magic to accompany your martial prowess, Fighter-Sorcerer is undoubtedly an exciting prospect.

A sorcerer’s flexible spellcasting combined with the firepower of a fighter makes this multiclass character formidable during combat.

With Metamagic features like Quicken Spell or Twin Spell from sorcerer and Action Surge from fighters at your disposal, you can unleash magic onslaughts that are beyond ordinary capabilities leaving enemies with little counter options.

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Fighter-Bard class may sound unusual at first but it has distinctive potential if handled appropriately. Combat prowess from fighters pairs up with healing spells, utility magic, and inspiration capabilities of bards forming a balanced character well suited for party play.

Song of Rest enhances healing during short rests whereas Bardic inspiration aids allies during critical moments making battles tilt in your favor while Countercharm can save the day against mind-affecting spells or effects.


While the path of the sword is guided by strength and resilience, a wizard’s power comes with intellect and mastery of arcane energy.

This synergy creates a character unlike any other, good with both magic and melee. With access to a wide variety of spells from wizards, you can plan for many situations in advance while as a fighter.

Action Surge gives an extra set of actions to cast more spells or strike more hits when most needed.

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FAQs About Fighter Multiclass 5e

What is multiclassing in D&D 5e?

Multiclassing in D&D 5e means taking levels in more than one class. In layman’s terms, it’s when a character has skills and abilities from two or more different classes, giving them a multifaceted set of skills and abilities.

How does multiclassing benefit fighters?

Multiclassing allows fighters to gain more flexibility and versatility by acquiring special abilities, spellcasting, or stealth capabilities from other classes enhancing their overall potential during encounters significantly.

Do hit points change while multiclassing a fighter?

Yes, when you multiclass, you add the hit points of your new class to your existing pool of hit points which varies based on what new class you have chosen.

Are there prerequisites for multiclassing into a Fighter?

Yes, you’ll need to have a strength or dexterity score of 13 or higher to be eligible for Fighter as per the official rules listed in the Player’s Handbook.

Can my fighter character multi-class into any other class?

Yes, theoretically a fighter can multi-class into any other class provided your character meets the minimum ability score prerequisites for both classes that are listed in the Player’s Handbook.


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