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Frost Brand 5E Magic Sword [Wield Winter’s Fury In DnD Combat]

Frost Brand 5E Magic Sword
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/07/2024
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As you set out on your epic Dungeons & Dragons adventure, you’ll need more than just wits and luck. You’ll need the right weapons, particularly one as powerful and mythical as the Frost Brand magic sword 5E.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill weapon; it’s a game-changer that can turn your journey from an uphill battle into a joyride.

Picture this – A gleaming blade of icy enchantment that glows with a chilling aura. It isn’t just about its frost-infused power, though.

Equipped with the Frost Brand, you become shielded against heat, a human-icicle with the ability to extinguish fires. This might be the key to ascending to victorious heights in your D&D endeavors.

What is Frost Brand 5E?

Set your sights on the Frost Brand 5E, a veritable jewel in the crown of magic swords in Dungeons & Dragons. An epitome of power, resplendent with icy enchantment, this sword is genuinely more than meets the eye.

What is Frost Brand 5E

Not only does it destroy its foes, but it also sheds bright light in a radius of 10 feet and dim light for an extra 10 feet under freezing temperatures.

But what really sets the Frost Brand apart is its quintessential icy essence. Channeling this essence translates into spectacular frost-infused firepower in your arsenal, dealing an impressive amount of cold damage to adversaries.

The magical properties don’t end here; on top of all these exciting capabilities, Frost Brand provides resistance against fire and extinguishes non-magical flames, making it a supreme weapon to yield in any fiery battle.

Armed with all these facts about the Frost Brand, you can now confidently stride into your D&D adventure, knowing that you pack quite some punch in your arsenal.

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Frost Brand Sword Types

The Frost Brand sword in D&D 5E may conjure images of a singular legendary weapon, but you’ll be delighted to know it’s more versatile.

Frost Brand Sword Types

There are actually several sword types that can embody the Frost Brand enchantment, each with its unique flair and potential. Next, we’ll examine these various types completed with their characteristics.

Sword TypeDamagePropertiesWeightCost
Greatsword2d6 SlashingHeavy, Two-Handed6 lb2800 gp
Longsword1d8 SlashingVersatile (1d10)3 lb1500 gp
Rapier1d8 PiercingFinesse2 lb2000 gp
Scimitar1d6 SlashingFinesse, Light3 lb2000 gp
Shortsword1d6 SlashingFinesse, Light2 lb1000 gp

This table provides a clear and organized view of the sword types, their damage, properties, weight, and cost.

Analyzing the Frost Brand’s Stats

When you decide to bring the Frost Brand into play, it’s critical to understand what you’re signing up for. This weapon may have the aura and allure of one of the rarest gems around, but don’t let that distract you. Let’s examine the Frost Brand sword’s statistics in depth:

Analyzing the Frost Brand's Stats
  • Damage Potential: This icy blade deals 1d6 cold damage on your enemies. While this might appear fascinating initially, please note that it does seem somewhat low, considering it is a “very rare” magic item.
  • Resistance: The Frost Brand provides resistance against fire damage, which can prove to be a lifesaver in fiery combat situations.
  • Luminosity: This enchanted sword emits an eerie light within a 10-foot radius in freezing temperatures. However, this feature can be seen as having more niche use and may not always come in handy.
  • Extinguishing Flames: A rather basic ability of the Frost Brand is its aptitude to douse non-magical fire. While practical against flame attacks or when traversing through fiery terrains where every spark matters, again, its utility depends on rather specific environmental conditions.

Surely, it is a unique feature set for any weapon to possess, but one has to question if they are really complementing your style of play and D&D strategy. One cannot simply aim for the stars with just an ice-cool appearance.

Is The Frost Brand A Worthwhile Magic Item?

Now, let’s talk business. Is the Frost Brand magic sword 5E a good pick for your arsenal? Well, it might not be the crème de la crème of magical weapons

Is The Frost Brand A Worthwhile Magic Item


You’ll get two functionalities out of it – fire damage resistance and extra cold damage. On the surface, these seem valuable,

Fire resistance brings about a level of safety as you build your defenses and can be a lifesaver against flame-wielding foes. Extra cold damage offers a nice twist to your offensive maneuvers.

Now, while these attributes provide an edge in specific scenarios, they may not bundle up to offer substantial broad-spectrum advantages.

I mean, sure, it’s cool to resist fire or cause additional freezing damage – but if you’re looking for the Swiss Army knife type of weapon with more versatile benefits. Maybe Frost Brand isn’t your top pick.

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FAQs About Frost Brand 5E Magic Sword

What does the Frost Brand 5E Magic Sword do?

This magical sword possesses an icy enchantment, dealing additional frost damage to enemies it strikes. Furthermore, it also protects its wielder from fire damage, providing a perfect balance of offense and defense.

How rare is the Frost Brand Magic Sword?

The Frost Brand is considered a very rare item in Dungeons & Dragons. Despite its rarity, its value may be contestable due to somewhat limited functionalities.

Can the Frost Brand 5E Magic Sword extinguish flames?

Yes! The sword has a special ability to extinguish all non-magical flames within 30 feet of you.

Where can I find the Frost Brand 5E Magic Sword in my game?

As a Dungeon Master, you have the power of decision where and how to introduce this very rare item into your campaign’s narrative for players to find.

What are some tactical strategies when using the Frost Brand magic sword?

This sword is most effective when fighting enemies vulnerable to cold or using fire-based attacks—use its frost attack for offense and fire resistance for added protection in these situations.


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