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Giant Badger 5E Monster [Face The Fierce Burrowing Beast]

giant badger 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/12/2024
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In the vast, complex universe of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), there is an array of creatures both delightful and terrifying to stumble upon.

Amidst these myriad beasts, one creature stands out in striking peculiarity – the giant badger 5e.

This formidable pathfinder’s bestiary, which can often be underestimated because of its unassuming name, carries a delightful surprise for avid adventurers willing enough to peel away its quirky layers.

The giant badger 5e takes on an important role in the D&D world due to its unusual but endearing traits.

It symbolizes a certain uniqueness that not only distinguishes it from other generic monsters but also offers unexpected challenges and twists for players.

Its sheer size, towering over its regular counterparts and even some formidable opponents, contributes much to its distinct aura of intrigue.

Attributes of Giant Badger

The giant badger in the 5th edition (5e) of D&D holds an intriguing set of attributes that shape its persona in the game.

Attributes of Giant Badger 5e

From its morphology to its abilities, everything about this creature teems with intrigue.

NameGiant Badger
Armor Class10
Hit Points13 (2d8 + 4)
Speed30 ft., burrow 10 ft.
STR13 (+1)
DEX10 (+0)
CON15 (+2)
INT2 (-4)
WIS12 (+1)
CHA5 (-3)
Challenge1/4 (50 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is Giant Badger In 5E?

This exceptional beast is a medium-sized creature that defies alignment, living and acting on its instincts.

What is Giant Badger 5e

Drawn with an uncanny resemblance to the common badger, its size sets it apart, feeding your imagination with a picture of a hulking beast with effective tools for offense and defense.

A giant badger enthralls players of D&D 5e with its presence, crafting an environment that is equally eerie and entertaining. Its immense physical stimuli give it an advantage in the fantasy world of gaming where survival is dependent on the fittest.

Being unaligned, it doesn’t conform to any categories of good or evil, lawful or chaotic. It merely exists as per its primal instincts, making interaction with this magnificent beast a true gameplay spectacle.

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In D&D 5e, creatures possess unique sensory mechanisms that rig them to survive in their world in unexpected ways. Giant badgers are no exception.



The Giant Badger 5e carries an impressive vision range of up to 30 feet in absolute darkness.

Known as dark vision, this trait helps them perceive their surroundings better and sense impending dangers even in zero-light conditions.

Unlike regular vision skills where color perception plays a crucial role, dark vision has limitations but it provides a tactical advantage when navigating through dungeons or night times.

Passive Perception

Recognized by a value of 11 for passive perception skill, the giant badger has profound sensitivity to surrounding dynamics enabling it to remain alert to changes around itself even when not actively seeking them.

Passive perception denotes its ability to notice hidden threats without actively looking for them an asset that contributes significantly towards dodging unforeseen attacks during play.

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In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, every creature possesses unique characteristics, also known as traits.


These traits play a crucial role in shaping a creature’s strengths and defining its peculiar actions during gameplay.

As you delve into your adventurous journey, understanding these traits of the Giant Badger 5e becomes pivotal for strategic maneuvers and engaging gameplay.

Keen Smell

Keen Smell is one of the standout traits of the Giant Badger 5e. This capability endows the beast with a heightened sense of smell, significantly augmenting its abilities in perception checks that are reliant on this sense.

This might come in handy while tracking other creatures or detecting hidden foes based on scent.

In practical gaming terms, this means the Giant Badger 5e receives an advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on smell.

A fact that turns out to be extremely beneficial when trying to detect deception or locate hidden enemies.

Being aware of such unique attributes can significantly enhance your next D&D encounter as you know exactly what advantageous skills your opponents – or allies – have up their sleeves.

Actions: A Look into the Moves of the Giant Badger 5e

In the dynamism of Dungeons & Dragons, every entity’s actions hold a unique significance, and the giant badger 5e is no exception.

Actions: A Look into the Moves of the Giant Badger 5e

Its combat abilities differ remarkably from other creatures in D&D, offering encounters that are full of novelty. Here’s a brief look at these distinctive abilities.


An exceptional trait that sets the giant badger apart is its ability to carry out multiple attacks within a single turn – a feat aptly named ‘multi attack’.

This skill allows it to attack not once, but twice in quick succession: first with its bite and then with its claws.

The concept behind multi-attack opens up countless tactical avenues for players, making for encounters that are strategic and thrilling.

With every roll of the dice bringing forth possibilities of two attacks, you can indeed expect battles with this creature to be truly twice as engaging.


Dungeons & Dragons is incomplete without weapon pronouncements and attack rolls, but when it comes to the giant badger 5e’s bite attack, it goes beyond conventional narratives.

This melee weapon attack might start at a modest +3 chance to hit within a reach of five feet toward one selected target; once successful, it leaves an impact worth 4 piercing damage points (1d6+1 roll).

While this may not seem all too brutal in figures right away, recall that this is merely half of what the creature promises in one turn due to its multi-attack feature.


And here comes the second part of that potent combo. Once again starting with +3 chances within its five-foot reach against another target or even the same unlucky opponent, this time around, its claws slash for an impressive total of 6 slashing damage (2d4+1 roll).

This dual ability not only strikes fear into anyone facing it but also ramps up strategic maneuvers that players must employ to survive.

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FAQs About Giant Badger 5e

How significant is the giant badger 5e in Dungeons & Dragons?

The giant badger 5e assumes unique importance due to its distinctive abilities and role as a medium-sized beast, introducing an alternative perspective of fauna in the game.

What makes the multitrack feature of a giant Badger 5e special?

The giant badger can make two attacks simultaneously, with its bite and its claws, during one turn. This trait ramps up the adventure and strategic factor in the game.

How effective is the bite attack of a giant badger 5e?

The bite attack initiates with a +3 chance within a five-foot radius but leaves an impact worth 4 piercing damage points once successful.

What does the claw attack of a giant badger 5e involve?

Similar to its bite, the claw attack starts with +3 chances within five feet of reach against any given target and causes 6 slashing damage.

Is it difficult to defeat a giant badger in D&D?

With its ability to execute multiple powerful attacks at once – both biting and slashing – facing off against this creature offers considerable challenges that require careful planning and strategy from players.


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