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Giant Boar 5E Monsters [Challenge The Terrifying Tuskers]

Giant Boar 5e Monsters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/12/2024
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When it comes to challenging your Dungeons and Dragons party with a unique beast, nothing can quite parallel the mighty giant Boar 5e.

Native to the dense forests and rocky terrains of the fantasy world, this gargantuan creature is not only a test of physical prowess but also a challenge to your strategic acumen.

This enormous boar is not just an ordinary monster one might encounter; instead, it embodies a blend of intense ferocity, remarkable resilience, and sheer size that sets it apart from its counterparts.

This colossal beast presents complex battle scenarios that engage different facets of the player’s abilities.

The Giant Boar 5e is characterized by its distinct attributes which shape not just its combat style but also the potential narrative aspects your Dungeon Master could incorporate into your game.

Through this article we will unfold various dimensions surrounding this entity, beginning from its basic attributes and extending to nurturing creative and engaging encounters for your next D&D session.

Attributes of Giant Boar 5e

Diving into the key characteristics of the giant boar, you’ll realize that this beast is much more than just a scaled-up version of a regular pig.

Attributes of Giant Boar 5e
Armor Class12 (natural armor)
Hit Points42 (5d10 + 15)
Speed40 ft.
STR17 (+3)
DEX10 (+0)
CON16 (+3)
INT2 (-4)
WIS7 (-2)
CHA5 (-3)
SensesPassive Perception 8
Challenge2 (450 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is Giant Boar 5e?

In the lively realm of Dungeons and Dragons, the giant boar 5e is an impressive large-sized beast, known for its tenacity and brute strength.

What is Giant Boar 5e

This formidable creature stands as tall as two men and stretches up to 25 feet long – a sight hard-pressed to forget.

With its vivid red eyes, razor-sharp tusks, and coarse hairy body adding gravity to its already commanding presence, it is every bit of a truly awe-inspiring adversary.

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Let’s delve into the attributes that make this monster exceedingly special. The key traits that define the giant boar 5e are Charge and Relentless.



If a boar moves at least 20 feet straight towards an opponent, they can employ this trait. The attacking damage by this creature intensifies if Charge is implemented successfully.

After such a targeted rush, its tusk attack severely damages the opponent who must also resist a knockdown effect with successful saving throws or be pushed prone from the powerful impact.


The resilience of these creatures goes above and beyond ordinary measures due to their second significant trait Relentless.

If a giant boar takes damage that would ordinarily bring it down to zero hit points but doesn’t outright kill it, it can use relentless to bounce back with one hit point instead.

This feature requires either a short or long rest before it’s available again.


While on the battlefield, or simply in the wild, every action of the giant Boar 5e becomes pivotal in determining the course of an encounter.


These actions is thus crucial to tackling this monstrosity. This section uncovers a vital aspect constituting its battle prowess.


One major weapon in the arsenal of a giant boar is its iconic tusks. Its tusk attack comes across as something more than just a melee strike.

Aiming at a single target within its range, the giant boar unleashes a robust attack with enough velocity and precision to penetrate defenses.

With an impressive +5 bonus to hit and reach extending 5 feet, an attack from its tusk inflicts severe slashing damage.

Yielding a potential hit damage of 10 (a product of 2d6+3), it poses a significant threat even to experienced fighters.

Beyond simply hitting hard, these tusks symbolize an indispensable part of their identity and survival instinct for it not only serves as their primary offense but also as their line of defense against foes.

Taking into account these implications, one may grasp how dramatic face-offs could turn when up against these monumental creatures armed with deadly tusks.

It indeed strongly underlines the gravity tied with its very mention in any D&D session an element every Dungeon Master and player must decipher fully before crossing paths with such grand beasts.

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How can you utilize a giant boar in D&D 5e?

Embarking on a quest in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, you are likely to encounter a plethora of mythical creatures.

How can you utilize a giant boar in DD 5e

The giant boar holds a unique appeal because of its versatility. Not just an opponent, it can be leveraged in myriad ways enriching your game substantially.


This terrestrial beast with its superior health and speed can serve as an unconventional yet efficient means of transportation.

You’re galloping through dense woods on the back of your trusted giant boar, dodging arrows and spells while striking down enemies with a sword in one hand.

Beast of Burden

Typically caves or forests are called home by these robust creatures. Their large size and strength make them perfect beasts of burden for carrying heavy items across large distances.

With a giant boar at your disposal, moving your loot from the dragon’s hoard won’t seem like an impossibly tedious task anymore.

Combat Companion

As intimidating as they are, giant boars can be formidable battle companions. With their powerful tusks and relentless charge attacks.

They can inflict severe damage upon enemies, providing invaluable assistance on the battlefield. Thus, making them propitious allies for tough combat scenarios.

Trophy Hunt Target

If you’re seeking honor or recognition among local inhabitants, nothing speaks louder than taking down a beast known for its ferocity.

Hunting a giant boar is commended as an act of gutsy valor that could earn you much-deserved respect and adulation among game characters.

Source of Exotic Materials

Once defeated, instead of solely being remembered as mighty adversaries, these creatures can also yield some fascinating materials suitable for crafting unique items.

Their tusks alone can be used to forge imposing weapons or exquisite artwork that might fetch quite a pretty penny at town markets.

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FAQs About Giant Boar 5e

How much damage can the Giant Boar 5e inflict with its charge attack?

The charge attack of a Giant Boar 5e can inflict severe damage due to its speed and weight. If it charges straight towards an opponent for at least 20 feet, the boar’s hit can cause an additional 7 (2d6) slashing damage.

What type of creature is the Giant Boar 5e considered in Dungeons and Dragons?

The Giant Boar in D&D is classified as a beast. This large creature mainly dwells within environments like denser forests or rocky terrains.

What is unique about the ‘Relentless’ trait of the Giant Boar 5e?

Relentless allows the boar to recover, sparing it from dropping to zero hit points once per day. However, this only applies if it was at more than half its hit points before the triggering attack.

Can you ride a Giant Boar in D&D?

Yes, it’s possible to ride a tamed Giant Boar due to its size and strength, making it an unconventional but efficient means of transport in certain terrains or contexts.

What role does a giant boar play in combat scenarios?

A giant boar proves formidable in combat situations, providing assistance through powerful attacks with their tusks and triggering relentless charges toward adversaries.


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