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Giant Crocodile 5E Monsters [Confront The Apex Predator]

giant crocodile 5e Monsters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/12/2024
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Imagine yourself venturing through the dense, fearsome jungles of the mythical world where danger can lurk around any corner.

Suddenly, without warning, you are faced with a monstrous adversary – an entity that embodies both terror and awe, popularly known as the Giant Crocodile 5e.

This is not your usual crocodile but rather a formidable creature that even experienced adventurers consider with a degree of fear.

In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth and detailed analysis of the Giant Crocodile 5e, one of Dungeon and Dragon’s larger-than-life reptilian creatures that roam their fantasy world.

Using this article as your guide will serve to prepare you on how best to tackle encounters with these scaled behemoths.

You’ll look into their unique abilities, characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses which give them their notorious reputation within the gameplay universe.

Buckle up for a thrilling journey into understanding one of D&D’s most formidable foes.

Attributes of Giant Crocodile

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the Giant Crocodile 5e is known for its immense size and formidable abilities.

Attributes of Giant Crocodile 5e

While sharing similar attributes with ordinary crocodiles, its physical prowess is exponentially amplified.

It boasts a high Armor Class and Hit Points, making it a formidable opponent for any adventuring party. A detailed table inserted below provides additional specifics on its impressive repertoire.

NameGiant Crocodile
TypeHuge Beast, Unaligned
Armor Class14 (natural armor)
Hit Points85 (9d12 + 27)
Speed30 ft., swim 50 ft.
Strength (STR)21 (+5)
Dexterity (DEX)9 (-1)
Constitution (CON)17 (+3)
Intelligence (INT)2 (-4)
Wisdom (WIS)10 (+0)
Charisma (CHA)7 (-2)
SkillsStealth +5
SensesPassive Perception 10
Challenge Rating (CR)5 (1,800 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+3

What is Giant Crocodile In 5e?

The Giant Crocodile 5e, as the name suggests, is a creature of immense proportions that inhabits the vast expanses of the Dungeons and Dragons world. Considered a “Huge beast,” it is significantly larger than its real-world counterpart. Unaligned to any particular side, it operates on basic instinct rather than principles or alliances.

What is Giant Crocodile 5e

With its massive size and naturally armored hide, the Giant Crocodile 5e proves to be an awe-inspiring sight for any traveler lucky or unlucky enough to cross its path. It possesses superior strength and Thick Hide which provides natural armor making it an incredible adversary.

While typically found near water bodies in the game world, don’t be surprised if your encounter with this gargantuan creature occurs far from the shore. Its ability to cover significant distances on land is yet another nod to this creature’s adaptability.

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Traits are often what differentiates one creature from another in D&D. They add depth to a character by highlighting distinctive abilities or tendencies that may influence how they perform in different situations.


For the Giant Crocodile 5e, there’s one trait that stands out among others: Hold Breath.

Hold Breath

One of this beast’s most interesting traits is its remarkable ability to hold its breath for up to 30 minutes at a time. This trait proves useful both in combat situations as well as when predatory instincts kick into high gear.

This brute force submerged under water while holding its breath could spell doom for any unsuspecting victims passing by.

It can silently stalk prey nearby without rustling a single leaf or creating a ripple on the water’s surface. This gives it an advantageous edge in launching surprise attacks, allowing it to assault opponents unexpectedly.

This ability makes locating the giant crocodile even more challenging if you find yourself seeking it out. It may just be lurking beneath the surface observing your every move, ready to launch a lightning-quick assault.

This Hold Breath trait underlines the Giant Crocodile’s aquatic adaptability, making it a terrifying force to be reckoned with, whether on land or in water.

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Actions: Understanding a Giant Crocodile’s Strikes

As you navigate the wild planes of your imagination in Dungeons and Dragons, understanding the mechanics behind your adversaries’ actions becomes exceptionally vital.

Actions: Understanding a Giant Crocodile's Strikes

With monsters like the giant crocodile 5e, there’s more to them than their daunting presence. Your survival depends upon the comprehensive knowledge of its devastating attacks.

Multiattack: The Perfect Killing Machine

The giant crocodile isn’t just big; it’s frighteningly efficient at what it does bringing down prey.

Armed with a destructive multi-attack feature, this beast can execute two diverse attacks in one turn: an effective bite and a forceful tail swipe.

This dual-strike approach means that your defense strategy should account for both close-ranged and wider-ranged threats.

Bite: A Piercing Attack

Among the creature’s devastating actions is its bite attack, a melee weapon strike with a +8 chance to hit, within a reach of 5 ft on one target.

If successful, this hazardous chomp can deal 21 (or 3d10 + 5) piercing damage which could pose a real challenge for adventurers.

Keep note of where you are positioned during combat as this aggressive reptile’s massive jaws can snap closed with unprecedented speed and raw strength.

With such power at play, maintaining a safe distance is not just ideal but critical.

Tail: A Swinging Threat

Equally deadly is the colossal creature’s tail attack a bone-crushing blow equally feared amongst adventurers.

The giant crocodile can deliver this powerful melee weapon attack with an impressive plus-eight chance to hit as long as it is not already grappling with another target with its jaws.

Utilizing its extensive reach of up to ten feet, upon successful hit it can dispense an alarming rate of 14 (2d8 + 5) bludgeoning damage on its ill-fated target.

Fighting in proximity while sidestepping or warding off the tail proves to be a great defensive strategy.

The more extensively you understand your colossal adversary, the better chances you have at devising an effective strategy for your party’s survival.

The terrifying giant crocodile 5e is more than just its size and scary exterior its real threat lies within its actions multiattack, a powerful bite, and a devastating tail strike.

Just as you’d study your spells and prepare combat strategies for every encounter, knowing what’s behind each swing of this mammoth beast’s tail or every snap of its jaws could mean the difference between life and death on your fantastical journey.

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FAQs About Giant Crocodile 5e

What’s a Giant Crocodile 5e’s Armor Class?

The armor class of a giant crocodile 5e in Dungeons and Dragons is 14 (natural armor). This high standard indicates the difficulty level of dealing damage to it.

How many hit points does a Giant Crocodile 5e have?

In the field of battle, a giant crocodile 5e possesses a significant pool of hit points, starting from 85 (10d12 +20) which accounts for its impressive durability.

Is the multi-attack feature unique to Giant Crocodile in D&D 5e?

No. Many monsters in D&D 5e have the multitrack feature wherein they can make multiple attacks during their turn, not just the Giant Crocodile.

Can the tail attack of a Giant Crocodile be used on a creature it is grappling with its bite in D&D 5e?

No. The tail attack can only be used against an opponent that is not currently being grappled by the crocodile’s bite.

If a character is bitten by a Giant Crocodile, can they escape before being swallowed?

Yes. Although it takes some effort, one grappled by the giant crocodile’s bite can attempt to escape before being swallowed. Escape either requires beating its Strength (Athletics) check or making an Acrobatics check against its roll.


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