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Giant Eagle 5E Monsters [Soar With The Kings Of The Sky]

Giant Eagle 5e Monsters
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/15/2024
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As you wander through the vast expanses of your Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign, you may encounter a marvelous creature known as the giant eagle in 5e.

It’s a truly majestic creature that exceeds ordinary dimensions with its vast wingspan and towering size.

This exceptional bird displays exceptional intelligence added to its incredible physical prowess, capturing the imagination of every adventurer.

Shrouded in mystery and sagas, the giant eagle 5e remains an enigmatic figure on your journey of exploration.

Renowned for their keen sight and potent aerial abilities, their immense strength is only matched by their loyalty when befriended.

Comprehending these creatures’ capabilities allows for more engaging interactions in your gaming sessions.

While gentle with allies, they can be formidable adversaries when provoked, eliciting respect from all who encounter them.

Attributes of Giant Eagle 5e

Dive into the world of D&D 5e, and you’ll find intriguing creatures like the giant eagle. This massive bird boasts incredible powers that uplift its stature beyond the ordinary.

Attributes of Giant Eagle 5e

It’s known for its keen sight, impressive flight capabilities, and intelligence. These attributes make it a fascinating addition to the game’s expansive ecosystem.

NameGiant Eagle
TypeLarge beast
AlignmentNeutral Good
Armor Class13
Hit Points26 (4d10+4)
Speed10 ft., fly 80 ft.
STR16 (+3)
DEX17 (+3)
CON13 (+1)
INT8 (-1)
WIS14 (+2)
CHA10 (+0)
SkillsPerception +4
SensesPassive Perception 14
Challenge1 (200 XP)

Traits of Giant Eagle 5e

When delving deeper into the traits of the giant eagle 5e, one noteworthy characteristic stands out.

This striking avian, with its larger-than-life presence, possesses a trait deemed as ‘Keen Sight’.

Keen Sight

The giant eagle’s ‘keen sight’ is not just a phrase but signifies a crucial aspect of this creature’s make-up in the game.

This game mechanic denotes that the bird possesses unparalleled vision prowess.

When engaged in Wisdom (Perception) checks that depend on sight-based evaluations, this trait gives the giant eagle an edge.

Imagine being able to pick up even minute details from great distances or spot potential threats well before they come within reach.

Understanding such nuances isn’t merely fascinating; it adds depth to your gameplay. This bird of prey’s keen sight aids it in navigation and hunting while keeping threats at bay.

This level of clarity and precision is hard to match, making the giant eagle 5e an intriguing creature deserving a spot in your D&D ventures.

Not only can it spot danger from afar, but it also perceives minor movements that might go unnoticed by others; this ability provides the giant eagle with a distinct advantage in many game scenarios.

Whether you’re an ally or adversary, remembering this extraordinary attribute could be pivotal in your encounters with these grand creatures.

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Actions of Giant Eagle 5e

In the adventurous world of D&D, understanding the actions an entity can take is the key to success.

Actions of Giant Eagle 5e

Recognizing this significance, let’s unravel the actions of a giant eagle, a creature famous for its size and intelligence.


The giant eagle is capable of making two attacks in a single turn. This attribute, referred to as “Multiattack”, is one of its major strengths.

It launches its attack with its sharp beak first and follows with its talons.

This two-step offensive strategy leaves its prey with little chance to counter or escape a testament to the giant eagle’s revered predatory skills.


The beak of a giant eagle in 5e isn’t just for show it’s a formidable weapon. The bird uses it efficiently in melee combat situations.

With an impressive +5 to hit and reaching up to 5 feet, the eagle targets a single adversary at a time.

When successful, the piercing damage from a beak attack ranges around (1d6 + 3), signifying that even one hit from the powerful beak can intensely hinder enemy forces.


As lethal as a giant eagle’s beak is, its talons are equally devastating if not more so in their impact.

As with the beak, they have a +5 advantage on targeting opponents within reach of up to 5 feet on melee weapon attacks. Once their grip sets in on an opponent the result?

An astonishing (2d6 + 3) slashing damage. It’s these talons that often provide the finishing touch after an initial strike from the beak.

Taking into account these three primary actions Multiattack, Beak attack, and Talon attack you’ll find that the giant eagle can make quick work of adversaries when needs arise.

Their inherent intelligence also means they aren’t trigger-happy birds, engaging in fights primarily when provoked or when defending their allies.

The concept of these actions is crucial to utilizing them strategically during gameplay and can create an immersive experience for all players involved.

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Languages of the Giant Eagle 5e

In the linguistics of D&D 5e, the giant eagle holds an interesting position. Although it cannot communicate verbally, it can comprehend two languages: Common and Auran.

Common is typically understood by most characters in the game regardless of their species. It could be viewed as a ‘universal’ language, analogous to English in our real-world analogy.

On the other hand, Auran is more specialized and unique. It’s a language known by creatures associated with air and wind, such as djinn or air elementals, giving the eagle a distinct advantage when interacting with these entities.

The Giant Eagle’s keen intelligence enables it to understand these languages, hinting at its mental capacity despite its inability to speak.

This cognitive skill potentiates its complexity as a character within your game’s narrative offering an array of opportunities for interaction and engagement in your campaign.

What are the uses of Giant Eagle 5e?

The giant eagle in D&D 5e is not your regular bird of prey. It offers an array of uses that could bring a wealth of options to your game strategy.

What are the uses of Giant Eagle 5e

As massive and mighty creatures, these awe-inspiring birds serve as fantastic mounts, skilled warriors, unparalleled scouts, reliable messengers, and escape aids. So, let’s explore these possibilities further.


Riding a giant eagle can take your character’s transportation to new heights – quite literally. Above the treacherous terrains and lurking dangers on the ground, fast travel has never looked better.

As mounts, these creatures offer an adventurous flight mode better than any humdrum horse or drab donkey.

The thrilling prospect of viewing different landscapes from an aerial view is possible only with an impressive mount like the giant eagle.

Aerial Combat

Picture this: you’re locking horns with a formidable foe when suddenly a giant eagle swoops in and turns the tide in your favor.

This enormous bird is not just for show; it’s a powerful ally in combat scenarios too a fierce warrior in its own right.

With its razor-sharp beak delivering piercing blows and mighty talons slashing at enemies, no opponent stands a chance against their lethal strikes.


Sometimes what you need isn’t raw power but delicate finesse. Therefore, when you require subtle reconnaissance or exploration missions carried out effectively from above who better than a creature with incredibly keen sight?

A giant eagle can scout out areas for danger or opportunities because of its panoramic bird’s eye view and highly developed senses.

Message Delivery

Communication in vast fantasy landscapes can sometimes be arduous and time-consuming.

Enter Giant Eagle Delivery Service. Given their high intelligence level and remarkable flying speed, these birds make for perfect messengers.

Whether it’s vital information that needs to be passed on to an ally across endless fields or sending a secret message into enemy territories, the giant eagle always delivers.

Aerial Escape

It is always wise to have an exit strategy when things go sideways. And what’s better than a quick aerial escape? If your character lands in hot water, nothing aids getaway better than a giant eagle.

It can help your characters escape from precarious situations, pursue fleeing enemies, or simply take a strategical retreat swiftly and safely, avoiding all the ground-level hassles and dangers.

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FAQs About Giant Eagle 5e

What is the alignment of a giant eagle in D&D 5e?

The giant eagle is typically of neutral good alignment. This means they tend to favor kindness and altruism rather than causing harm.

How much can a giant eagle 5e carry?

While it varies, according to the game rules, a creature can carry weight up to its strength score multiplied by 15. Given the giant eagle’s strength of 16, it could potentially carry weight up to 240 pounds.

Can the Giant Eagle communicate in D&D 5e?

Yes, they understand the Common and Auran languages but cannot speak them.

Can Giant Eagle 5e be used for combat?

Certainly! The giant eagles are formidable in combat situations with their beak and talon attacks, making them versatile participants.

Are Giant Eagles adept at night vision in D&D 5e?

Yes, the Giant Eagles possess exceptional vision that allows them to see up to great distances even in low light settings or at night.


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