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Giant Scorpion 5E Monster [Feel The Sting Of Desert Predators]

Giant Scorpion 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/15/2024
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As you delve deeper into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, certain foes are bound to stick with you more than others.

The giant scorpion 5e is one such creature a formidable arachnid with venomous pincers and a tail that spells doom for anyone unfortunate enough to cross its path.

This creature is one of the standout elements in the game, quite literally causing players to jump from their seats when they encounter it.

From armor class, hit points, and speed, to its tell-tale sting, there’s so much more to the giant scorpion 5e than what you see above the surface.

This creature’s characteristics and gameplay can be the difference between your party living to fight another day or meeting an untimely end under the moonlight on some forgotten battleground.

Attributes of Giant Scorpion

The giant scorpion 5e, a beast revered and dreaded in equal measure, boasts an impressive array of attributes.

Its outstanding defensive and offensive attributes make it a formidable adversary or companion in the game.

Attributes of Giant Scorpion 5e

It’s important to familiarize yourself with these attributes to successfully navigate interactions with this creature.

NameGiant Scorpion
Armor Class15 (natural armor)
Hit Points52 (7d10 + 14)
Speed40 ft.
Strength (STR)15 (+2)
Dexterity (DEX)13 (+1)
Constitution (CON)15 (+2)
Intelligence (INT)1 (-5)
Wisdom (WIS)9 (-1)
Charisma (CHA)3 (-4)
SensesBlindsight 60 ft., Passive Perception 9
Challenge Rating (CR)3 (700 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is Giant Scorpion In 5e?

The Giant Scorpion 5e is an extraordinarily large and terrifying creature in the beloved role-playing game.

As a beast of significant size and fierce demeanor, it commands both respect and fear from players.

What is Giant Scorpion 5e

Unlike typical creatures, who may be inclined towards good or evil, the Giant Scorpion remains unaligned, which means it doesn’t have a clear side or agenda in encounters.

It only seeks to survive, hunt, defend its territory, or follow the instructions of whoever controls it if under charm or guided by a spell.

Armed with venomous pincers and an ominous tail stinger that can paralyze even the mightiest adventurers with fear (and neurotoxin), this creature presents both a daunting challenge and a potentially fascinating ally a flavor of versatility that adds depth to any campaign.

Despite being classified as a ‘beast’, don’t be fooled! The Giant Scorpion is more than sheer brawn.

Its nature is complex enough to influence players’ strategies significantly depending upon whether they see the creature as a friend or foe.

The engaging encounters guaranteed by its presence in your game mark the Giant Scorpion out as anything but another mindless monster you hack your way through.

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The power and formidability of the giant scorpion 5e lie in its distinct actions: the multi-attack, the claw, and the sting.

These actions are primarily what sets this creature apart in battle encounters; it’s what makes it a thrilling foe to go up against in Dungeons & Dragons.

Observing its action pattern will give you key insights into how it operates in different combat scenarios.


Multiattack is an action that allows the giant scorpion to strike thrice twice with its claws and once with its lethal sting.

Imagine battling an enemy that strikes with colossal force, not once but three times, paralyzing you with shock and introducing an element of unpredictability that can turn the tide of any battle.


When you think about the giant scorpion 5e’s claw attacks, imagine claws that emit a +4 striking rate, aimed perfectly to reach a 5-foot distance.

Once it clasps onto a target, the victim suffers brutal bludgeoning damage averaging around six points (calculated as 1d8 + 2).

Not only does this action cause direct damage, but it also leaves victims in a grappled state from which escape does not come easy; they must exceed an escape DC of 12 for reprieve.

The creature efficiently uses both claws simultaneously but each can grapple one target at a time.


Now visualize the sting hit, one delivered through a melee weapon attack similar to the claw – reaching out at an equivalent distance of five feet and landing on target with an equal +4 efficiency.

Such an attack inflicts profound piercing damage amounting to approximately seven points (calculated as 1d10 +2).

The victim bears not only deep physical wounds from such an assault but may also suffer psychological distress owing to its suddenness and ferocity.

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Use of Giant Scorpion 5e

The giant scorpion 5e, a character that breathes life into the game of Dungeons & Dragons, offers imaginative possibilities to players.

Use of Giant Scorpion 5e

Be it its menacing presence in combat encounters or becoming an unorthodox yet exciting mount to ride on, this creature ensures every venture becomes an engaging adventure.

Combat Encounters

In combat encounters, the giant scorpion stands out as a formidable beast. With armor-plated skin and deadly claws, it rampages through battlefields.

Its stinger injects lethal venom ensuring whatever it fights doesn’t last long. Given these deadly abilities, incorporating this beast in combat can enhance the thrilling experience for players.

Natural Hazards or Obstacles

Thriving in different environments is instinctive to the giant scorpion 5e. It easily adapts to natural hazards or environments deemed inhospitable by most creatures, making them cool challenges in your game world.

Whether slithering through narrow caverns with surprising speed or overcoming acid lakes with an uncanny resistance,

As a Mount or Beast of Burden

Despite its fearsome facet, the beast could serve utilitarian purposes too.

Envision riding a giant scorpion into battle; the mere sight could instill fear in the hearts of foes.

This beast can traverse difficult terrains with ease and carry substantial loads without tiring making it a practical option for transport.

Role-playing Opportunities

Giant scorpions also open up a unique role-playing avenue for imaginative players hoping to embody unconventional personas.

Imagine emulating the quiet yet menacing demeanor or lashing out at opponents with your venomous sting. Adding such intense characterization can make each game more immersive and lively.

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Dungeon or Wilderness Encounters

When encountering a giant scorpion 5e within a dungeon or wilderness, the scenarios are never mundane.

These encounters manage to recreate the thrill akin to being in a survival horror movie.

As this mighty beast bursts onto the scene, it keeps you fervently guessing: will it lash out with its claws or come at you with that deadly sting?

Playing with or against a giant scorpion 5e offers endless insightful interactions that submerge you in the unique D&D universe.

So, whether you decide to slay, ride, or tame this fascinating creature is entirely up to your fantasy and approach.

FAQs About giant scorpion 5e

What is a Giant Scorpion 5e in D&D?

The Giant Scorpion 5e is a large, unaligned beast in the popular game. Known for its strength and venomous sting, it adds a thrilling element to the gameplay.

How dangerous is a Giant Scorpion 5e to adventurers?

Very! With its powerful claws and deadly sting, the Giant Scorpion 5e poses a formidable challenge to players, making encounters with this creature intense and unpredictable.

Can players ride a Giant Scorpion 5e?

Yes. Although not common, the Giant Scorpion can serve as a unique and fearsome mount for characters capable of taming such creatures.

Where can one encounter the Giant Scorpion 5e?

This creature adapts to various environments making encounters possible in diverse settings, such as desert sands, dark dungeons, or amidst wilderness undergrowth.

Can we use the Giant Scorpion 5e for role-play opportunities in D&D?

Absolutely! The fearsome nature of the giant scorpion provides innovative dimensions to your role-play experience. Be it replicating its menacing persona or communicating with this unique beast. It’s all part of embodying D&D’s imaginative universe.


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