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Giant Snail 5E Monster [Encounter These Slow But Deadly Creatures]

giant snail 5e monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/11/2024
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In the fantastic world of Dungeons and Dragons, one creature stands out for its unusual size and nature – the giant snail 5e.

This intriguing beast is like no other in the game, its sheer size and distinct attributes make it a fascinating subject of study.

The giant snail, often seen in various editions of Dungeons and Dragons (5e included), has captured the interest of players with their unique characteristics and abilities.

Its slow but steady movements may seem insignificant at first to an unfocused eye but underestimate them not.

A focused reader or player would soon realize the profound capabilities this creature hides under its massive shell.

Attributes of Giant Snail 5e

The giant snail 5e, known formally as the flail snail, is a remarkable creature with various astounding features.

Attributes of giant snail 5e

Averaging at about 5 feet tall, it’s characterized by a vibrant multi-hued shell and several tentacle-like extensions.

These attributes alone distinguish the flail snail from its more ordinary counterparts, making it an interesting entity in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

It’s no regular snail; it’s much more than meets the eye. Indeed, delving deeper into its unique qualities would give you a clearer understanding of what sets this massive mollusk apart.

NameFlail Snail
Armor Class16 (natural armor)
Hit Points52 (5d10 + 25)
Speed10 ft.
Strength (STR)17 (+3)
Dexterity (DEX)5 (-3)
Constitution (CON)20 (+5)
Intelligence (INT)3 (-4)
Wisdom (WIS)10 (+0)
Charisma (CHA)5 (-3)
Damage ImmunitiesFire, Poison
Condition ImmunitiesPoisoned
Challenge3 (700 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is Giant Snail 5e?

Often known as the flail snail, the giant snail 5e is earth-based, and a peculiar monster that resides exclusively within the expansive Dungeons and Dragons realm.

What is Giant Snail 5e

Hunters highly sought it due to its capacity to create an array of different beneficial substances.

With its intimidating size and enchanting shell, it’s often feared by unsuspecting adventurers who come across this mollusk on their quests.

But, don’t be mistaken; the giant snail isn’t just formidable by nature, it’s also valuable.

Its magical properties contribute substantially to various functions in the game making it a prized find for any D&D player. Beyond doubt, this giant critter is much more than just an oversized garden pest.


As a denizen of the dark underbelly of the fictional Dungeons and Dragons world, the giant snail 5e showcases unique sensory faculties that have evolved to prioritize survival over speed.

As you delve into its unique sensory modalities, you stand to glean precious insights into this unconventional creature’s navigation tactics that it employs in the game.

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The Giant Snail 5e is renowned for its Darkvision capabilities, allowing it to perceive its surrounding world in black and white shades.

This fascinating creature can see every detail up to 60 feet even amidst pitch-dark surroundings. Giant Snail’s Darkvision ensures that notwithstanding light conditions.

The giant snails can spot an encroaching threat or locate a potential feeding ground with astonishing prowess.


Aligning with their heavily terrestrial nature, these behemoth snails are skilled in Tremorsense.

They can detect and pinpoint whatever other creatures cause vibrations within a radius of sixty feet around them.

Such a keen sense of perception enables these giants to respond promptly to dangers without necessarily having clear sight access.

Passive Perception

In terms of Passive Perception, The giant snail always retains a score of 10, indicative of average observational talents as standard within 5e rules.

This allows the creature to hold its own significantly when navigating its everyday environment or during occasional encounters with intruders.


Moving on from senses, let’s take a look at some much-talked-about traits that have made the giant snails a notable addition to D&D gameplay.


Antimagic Shell

One attribute that distinguishes them is their Antimagic Shell – an innate defense mechanism against magic that most creatures don’t possess.

The Giant Snail 5e’s shell acts as an antimagic field shield capability as outlined in the Spaceruler spell description.

Any spell level 5 or lower cast from outside the shell can’t affect the creature within it, moreover, even the spells that the snail casts fail if they pass through it.

This ensures that your giant snail stays safe from a majority of magic attacks a significant strategic advantage.

Flail Tentacles

Another striking feature is their Flail Tentacles. These tentacles are not purely sensory extensions but also serve as offensive and defensive tools.

Depending on its health, the flail snail can have up to five of these flagrum-like structures. Each tentacle is potent enough to inflict substantial damage and has a reach of 10 feet quite an extended range considering its slow overall pace.

This keeps foes at bay and lets these creatures hold their ground in battle even when opponents may outrank them in vitality or agility.

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Actions of a Giant Snail 5e

When the calm demeanor of the giant snails is interrupted, they reveal a set of unique actions and abilities that are particularly interesting to any D&D player.

Actions of a Giant Snail 5e

They illustrate the potential for strategic encounters during gameplay. Each action from the mighty mollusk unveils a different characteristic that deepens their complexity, transforming them from peaceful giants to formidable foes.

Let’s chart deeper into this course and understand these exceptional actions more clearly.


Despite its slow-paced nature, the giant snail has a surprising offensive advantage: it can make a plethora of strikes during combat.

This capability, known as multi-attack, enables it to make as many tentacle attacks as it has flails swinging on its head making it an adversary worthy of respect.

In most encounters inside dark, damp caves or lush forest settings where they naturally reside, having such abilities in their arsenal makes a giant snail daunting for even the most confident adversaries.

Flail Tentacle

Snails in our everyday life may seem harmless, but these gigantic versions in 5e can use their flail tentacles with surprising strength and reach.

These appendages are forceful offensive tools; each able to extend up to 10 feet and strong enough to strike an opponent with impressive precision: adding +5 in hit points.

Driven by their strong muscular hydrostats, each successful flail tentacle attack deals six (1d6 + 3) bludgeoning damage points on one target.

Scintillating Shell

The shell of this giant creature is not just for defense; it also offers an astounding ability: a scintillating shell.

This invaluable asset emits dazzling, psychedelic lights that can distract or confuse opponents enough for the snail to make its move or seize some tactical advantage during battle situations.

After every short or long rest period taken by your party group – be prepared for the shell to recharge, ready to release its incredible light show again.

Shell Defense

Even with an arsenal of offensive measures, what truly sets the giant snail 5e apart is its defensive capabilities.

When seriously threatened, a giant snail can retreat into its shell, essentially turning it into a fortress.

This defense mechanism gives the Snail more armor coverage while also providing it with extra protection from attacks an ideal strategy against formidable opponents or during intense combat situations.

The versatility offered by their unique actions amplifies the value of including these enigmatic creatures in any campaign.

From impressive attack skills to defensive tactics, the giant snail is not simply a bug to be squashed it is a compelling encounter that brings challenge and variety to your D&D game experience.

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FAQs About Giant Snail 5e

What is a Giant Snail 5e in Dungeons and Dragons?

The Giant Snail 5e also referred to as the Flail Snail, is a magical beast with varying unique abilities that make it an exciting encounter in any Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Does the Giant Snail 5e attack?

Indeed, it does. Despite its slow movements, this creature possesses potent offensive measures like Flail Tentacle attacks and multi attacks that can hold off formidable adversaries.

What is the defense mechanism of a Giant Snail 5e?

The snail’s protective mechanism includes retracting into its shell, making it an armored fortress during threatening situations.

How does the Scintillating Shell work for the Giant Snail 5e?

Scintillating Shell is an ability where the snail’s shell emits dazzling lights to distract or confuse opponents during combat or when threatened.

Where can Giant Snails 5e be encountered in the D&D universe?

They are most common in damp caves or lush forest settings within different non-aquatic terrains in the D&D universe.


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