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Giant Toad 5E Monster [Leap Into Battle With A Massive Amphibian]

giant toad 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/12/2024
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In the gaming world, especially for enthusiasts of the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) realm, encounters with various creatures spice up the experience.

One of the unique creatures you might cross paths with during your adventures is the giant toad 5e.

This amusing yet potentially fearsome beast adds a rich layer of excitement to adventurous quests in its remarkable ways.

With its compelling storyline and fascinating attributes such as the ability to swallow opponents whole, this creature indeed commands attention in gameplay.

The giant toad 5e not only poses new sets of challenges but also offers clever ways for strategic advancement through the game.

This article will focus on shedding light on some interesting aspects related to this unique inhabitant of D&D.

You’ll get a greater understanding of what makes it an essential character within this beloved gaming universe.

Attributes of the Giant Toad

Before we set off on our discussion of this extraordinary creature, it’s essential to understand its core attributes.

Attributes of the Giant Toad 5e

These capabilities are what make it a formidable and intriguing character in D&D.

NameGiant Toad
Armor Class11
Hit Points39 (6d10 + 6)
Speed20 ft., swim 40 ft.
STR15 (+2)
DEX13 (+1)
CON13 (+1)
INT2 (-4)
WIS10 (+0)
CHA3 (-4)
Challenge Rating1 (200 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is the Giant Toad In 5e?

The giant toad, classified as a large beast and unaligned, is a captivating creature that brings a unique dynamic to your Dungeons and Dragons adventure.

What is the Giant Toad 5e

Despite its simple exterior, the giant toad poses challenges that demand strategic thinking from players, adding an interesting twist to the gameplay.

Known for their immense size compared to their regular counterparts, these colossal amphibians have abilities that set them apart.

With their capacity to gulp down opponents and leap across intimidating distances, understanding the giant toad can be crucial during your game sessions.

Let’s break down some intricacies related to its senses and delve into what makes this creature uniquely captivating.

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A key aspect of comprehending any D&D character is understanding its sensory capabilities.

Senses 7

This section provides valuable insights into how well the giant toad perceives its surroundings and how it reacts under different circumstances.


Darkvision allows creatures within Dungeons & Dragons to see in absolute darkness as though it’s dim light. For the giant toad 5e, this ability extends up to 30 feet.

This enables them to launch surprise attacks or be aware of threats even in environments where normal sight would fail. It’s an advantage they hold against several adversaries who aren’t equipped with similar capabilities.

Passive Perception

Moving onto passive perception – it stands at 10 for our Giant Toad. In simple terms, passive perception determines what you notice when you’re not actively looking for something particular.

This score primarily influences how skilled they are at detecting hidden dangers or noticing unexpected changes in surroundings without consciously trying.

So naturally, knowing these sensory strengths and limitations of giant frogs might prove incredibly beneficial as you navigate through your campaigns in a D&D expedition.

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Traits of the Giant Toad 5e

Traits of the Giant Toad 5e

By exploring the traits of the Giant Toad in Dungeons and Dragons, you can better understand its capacity, potential, and role in the game.

Key traits like amphibious capabilities and standing leap contribute significantly to its overall characteristics and behavior, making it a fascinating character in your gaming encounters.


One of the major attributes of the giant toad is its Amphibious trait. Simply put, this means that this creature can breathe both air and water.

This unique feature enhances its survival capabilities, allowing it to thrive in different environments whether submerged or on land.

As part of your adventure strategy, this trait is crucial to bear in mind. If you believe approaching a body of water offers safety from this creature, you might need to rethink that plan.

The Giant Toad 5e’s Amphibious trait makes any aquatic escape plan obsolete.

Standing Leap

Movability is another fundamental trait embodied in this remarkable creature: the Standing Leap.

This attribute allows the giant toad to jump up to an impressive length of 20 ft. as part of a long jump even without gaining momentum through a run-up.

This surprising leap ability provides another twist as your quests continue unfolding amidst magical landscapes.

It could result in swiftly closing distances or making unpredictable moves during encounters which adds extra layers of thrill and strategy while you navigate quests.

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Actions of the Giant Toad 5e

These specific actions not only help define their role in the gameplay better but also allow you to strategize more effectively.

Actions of the Giant Toad 5e


A close-quarters combat move, Bite, is a melee weapon attack where the toad utilizes its strong jaws. The attack levels offer a +4 advantage to hit and reach targets within a range of 5 feet.

Once a target gets hit, it suffers damage equivalent to 7 (or as per your rolls with 1d10+2).

This attack clearly shows the might of our amphibious friend, bringing significantly impactful strikes that can change the course of battle during encounters.


The Giant Toad’s second action is much more unique and imposing, which involves swallowing the opponent’s whole – an aptly named move, Swallow.

It triggers a bite attack against any opposing figure that is categorized as Medium or smaller in size.

If successful, this attack causes substantial acid damage rated at 10 points (or depending on your dice roll of 3d6), administered at the very beginning.

By ending their movement inside their stomach, opponents get removed from the battle temporarily and are forced into a race against time for survival.

The swallowed entity takes consistent acid damage until it escapes or drops to zero hit points.

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FAQs About Giant Toad 5e

What type of creature is Giant Toad 5e in D&D?

The Giant Toad 5e is a large beast that features in the D&D universe. It’s unaligned and comes with unique offensive capabilities like its bite and swallow abilities.

How much damage can a Giant Toad 5e’s bite attack do?

The bite attack of a giant toad can inflict substantial damage, specifically 7 points or variable depending upon the roll of dice (1d10+2).

What does the Swallow ability signify for the Giant Toad 5e?

The ‘Swallow’ ability allows the Giant Toad to consume opponents that are medium or smaller in size, causing significant acid damage at the initial stage.

Can a Giant Toad breathe underwater in 5e?

Yes, one of the trait highlights of a giant toad is its Amphibious nature which enables it to breathe both underwater and on land.

What is the jumping capacity of a giant toad in D&D?

For long-range movements, giant toads have an impressive jumping ability known as the “Standing Leap”, allowing them to cover up to 20 feet.


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