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Giant Wasp 5E Monster [Battle The Threat Of Paralyzing Stings]

giant wasp 5e Monster
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/12/2024
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While perusing through the fascinating world of Dungeons and Dragons, you might often come across intriguing creatures.

One such creature is the giant wasp 5e. This formidable insect is not your run-of-the-mill garden pest but a well-rounded monster that presents quite the challenge to adventurers in game sessions.

Given its natural agility, venomous sting, and ability to fly, this beast more than compensates for what it lacks in size with deadly finesse.

Meanwhile, it brings with it an element of creepy crawliness that’s par for the course in D&D’s wide spectrum of beasts and monsters.

The giant wasp 5e most certainly stands out as a game-changer in many campaigns.

Attributes of Giant Wasp 5e

When you encounter a giant wasp 5e, be prepared to face an enemy with significant agility and strength.

Attributes of Giant Wasp 5e

It possesses a substantial Armor Class, Hit Points, and Speed that rival any medium-sized beast in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons.

CreatureGiant Wasp
Armor Class12
Hit Points13 (3d8)
Speed10 ft., fly 50 ft.
Strength (STR)10 (+0)
Dexterity (DEX)14 (+2)
Constitution (CON)10 (+0)
Intelligence (INT)1 (-5)
Wisdom (WIS)10 (+0)
Charisma (CHA)3 (-4)
Passive Perception10
Challenge Rating (CR)1/2 (100 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is Giant Wasp 5e?

The giant wasp 5e, classified as a medium beast and unaligned, is one of the diverse creatures you will stumble upon in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D).

What is Giant Wasp 5e

It’s not just any ordinary insect but a formidable creature that brings a good deal of challenge and excitement to the gaming table.

Equipped with exceptional dexterity, potent sting, and flying abilities, it commands a certain level of respect among adventurers and game masters alike.

Don’t let their size mislead you; these peculiar beasts have all the qualities to make them an extraordinary yet deadly encounter in your D&D sessions.

Can You Ride a Giant Wasp 5e?

The simple answer is – Yes, you can. There is nothing within the game rules that prohibits characters from riding giant wasps given they’ve managed to tame or charm them successfully.

Can You Ride a Giant Wasp 5e

Riding on these winged beasts could provide your character with aerial advantages during combat or exploration.

Though it might be an unconventional choice for some, others may see it as a stylish option worth pursuing.

Be aware though; such an endeavor involves considerable risks considering the temperament of these creatures.

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What is the Weird-Looking Wasp?

Garuda wasps are undeniably the weird-looking wasp species that D&D enthusiasts often shake their heads at.

What is the Weird-Looking Wasp

These exotic wasps stand apart due to their unusually large size and distinct physical features like elongated mandibles and unusual body colorations that evoke images of fantastical beings straight out of lore and legend.

Despite their strange appearance, garuda wasps can add an intriguing flair to your gameplay whether serving as an enemy NPC or potential ally depending upon your party’s actions within this diverse realm.

Actions of the Giant Wasp 5e

A significant and rather treacherous feature of the giant wasp 5e monster’s repertoire is its ability to execute damaging actions.

Actions of the Giant Wasp 5e

This creature has been bestowed with means of attack that players should be wary about when engaging in battles with this monster. The most notable one is – the Sting.


The giant wasp 5e is well-equipped for offense, primarily through its powerful sting. This isn’t your ordinary wasp sting; it’s a melee weapon attack that comes with a +4 bonus to hit.

This haunting creature can reach a five-foot target, essentially allowing it to attack any single creature within that range.

Upon hitting its target, this winged beast inflicts considerable piercing damage. Specifically, the damage dealt is 5 (1d6 + 2).

This might seem small numerically – but remember: a game of D&D isn’t won or lost based on numbers alone.

The strategy also plays a crucial part, and dealing with an aerial threat successfully requires forethought and precise execution.

Ignoring the giant wasp’s Sting in your battle plan could be a severe miscalculation on your part – so keep your shields up and your wits sharp.

It’s also important to note that this deadly insect can use its sting multiple times in a battle until it’s vanquished escalating the danger by another notch.

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How You Can Use Giant Wasp 5e

The Giant Wasp 5e offers an array of unique options during your role-playing games.

How You Can Use Giant Wasp 5e

Not limited to being a monster you face in combat, the creature holds potential in several aspects of gameplay. Let’s dive into some ways you might incorporate this formidable insect into your games.


As astonishing as it may sound, a Giant Wasp can serve as a mount too. Your character can ride it across vast landscapes or even through dense forests, bypassing the hazards on the ground level.

Besides, the aerial advantage it provides during combat cannot be understated. Flying over your enemies while striking from above just speaks for itself.

Summoned Creatures

The Giant Wasp holds immense value when summoned via spells or abilities for aiding you or your team during your adventures.

With its intrinsic strength and agility, it can contribute significantly by attacking opponents or perhaps causing distractions while you formulate strategic maneuvers.


Having a Giant Wasp 5e as a familiar can truly notch up elements of surprise and intrigue in your narrative.

Imagine having this efficient scout gathering information or conveying messages across significant distances for you.

Its ability to fly coupled with its intimidating presence makes it an excellent choice for such tasks.

Animal Companions

For those who share a special bond with nature’s creatures, having the giant wasp as an animal companion would be quite interesting indeed.

Under such circumstances, the giant wasp does not just participate in battles but also offers companionship, creating delightful interaction opportunities both within and outside combat scenarios.


Players with classes like paladins that allow them to summon divine mounts often stick to traditional choices like horses and pegasi.

The idea of having a giant wasp as your trusty steed is both unique and tactically beneficial due to its flight and combat effectiveness.

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FAQs About Giant Wasp 5e

What kind of damage does a giant wasp 5e inflict?

The giant wasp’s prime weapon is its sting, which inflicts piercing damage on its target.

What are the statistical attributes of a giant wasp 5e?

The Giant Wasp is a medium beast with high agility, noteworthy hit points, and a reasonable armor class.

Is the Giant Wasp 5e capable of flight?

Yes, one of the noticeable abilities of the Giant Wasp is its ability to fly, an asset in certain combat and exploration scenarios.

Can you tame a Giant Wasp 5e in D&D?

While it can be challenging to tame wild creatures like the Giant Wasp, resourceful players have been known to train them as mounts or companions.

Is the Giant Wasp 5e suitable for all player levels?

Given its fairly moderate difficulty level, fighting or taming a Giant Wasp provides an appropriate challenge for mid-level players.


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