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Giff 5E Race [Command The Battlefield As A Military Hippo In DnD]

Giff 5E Race Explained
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 11/05/2023
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You’ve probably heard of the Giff 5E race in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. They’re a little out of the ordinary, even for a fantastical realm filled with dragons, elves, and other mystical creatures.

This race isn’t your typical humanoid species; they’re essentially anthropomorphic hippos decked out in military gear. Intrigued? You should be!

If you’ve ever wondered who these bulky, muscled, honorable warriors are, you’re at the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a comprehensive tour through this widely acknowledged yet sometimes misunderstood D&D 5E species.

We’ll answer all these questions and more as we traverse through their extraordinary world.

So pull up a chair, muster up an adventurous spirit, and let us tell you all about this peculiar yet fascinating character class – The Giff 5E race.

What is the Giff 5E Race?

The Giff 5E race stems from the Dungeons & Dragons multiverse, a widely popular tabletop role-playing game. They are humanoid creatures, notable for their striking resemblance to a hippopotamus.

What is the Giff 5E Race?

They stand tall and bipedal, usually clocking in at around nine feet high. Donned in military uniforms, the Giff race projects an imposing figure, with their prodigious muscle mass that’s visible even beneath their thick skin and armor.

Known for their appreciation of explosions and prodigious athletic strength, they approach life much like how they approach warfare: with discipline, honor, and an unwavering sense of duty.

Mastering firearms unlike any other species in the D&D universe further sets them apart as unique characters worth exploring.

What are the Giff Traits?

When you’re creating a new character in D&D, you’ll inevitably develop a curiosity about racial traits. After all, they often play an important role in shaping your character’s abilities and attributes.

What are the Giff Traits?

For the militaristic Giff, these traits point to a strength-based character endowed with significant advantages in battle.

Ability Score Increase

As a member of the Giff 5E race, your Ability Scores see an automatic increase – offering an immediate boost to your stats. The rules stipulate that you gain +2 to one score of your choice and +1 to another.

This is quite an edge, as it gives you extra flexibility in character creation whether you want added muscle, agility, or mental acuity.

It’s all up to you; these extra points can help shape the overall build of your Giff character. It could mean the difference between deftly escaping a trap or getting caught flat-footed.

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Creature Type

The Giff falls under the classification of ‘Humanoid,’ which is as broad as it is varied in Dungeons & Dragons. Being classified as such matters when interacting with certain spells and effects within the game; for instance, the charm person spell only works against humanoid creatures like Giffs but not beasts or monstrosities.

Giffs share this descriptor with creatures like elves, halflings, and other playable races in D&D. Humanoids tend towards bipedal forms walking on two legs – though notable exceptions do exist. Having this versatility adds to their flavor while preserving their ‘alien’ origin story.


In terms of size, Giffs are classified as Medium-sized creatures; this places them within one of D&D’s standard brackets for creature size. There’s no hard rule about height or weight for Medium-sized beings because they vary widely.

Standing at around nine feet tall, Giffs arguably push the upper limits of this category. Yet, despite their towering stature and impressive musculature, they’re surprisingly nimble and agile.

Their size plays a key role in different in-game mechanisms like combat, travel, stealth checks, and how much they can carry.

If you’ve ever wondered what a nine-foot-tall humanoid hippo soldier brings to the table in a game of D&D, now you know.

They’re honorable warriors with innate strength and skills that make them worth considering when creating your game persona.

They don’t shine just because of their imposing physical attributes; they strategically deploy their unique advantages to dominate any encounter.


You would think that the Giff’s size might hinder their speed, but you’d be wrong. Their sturdy build allows them to have a significant ground movement speed of 30 feet.

This considerable swiftness is impressive considering their heavy form, and it becomes even more so when you realize that they’re just as efficient in water.

Their skill in swimming matches their walking speed at an equal 30 feet per round. Whether in water or on land, the Giff are adept at advancing quickly, making them dangerous foes or valuable allies.

This amphibious ability allows them to function well in diverse environments, a crucial factor in their adaptability and survival.

Astral Spark

Each member of the Giff race possesses a unique trait known as an Astral Spark. Manifested as an energy source within them, they can channel this spark to deal extra force damage when they score a hit.

The usage of the Astral Spark isn’t unlimited, though – it is proficiency-based. This means that as your character levels up and gains more proficiency, you’ll have increased uses of this energy-filled trait. It’s a powerful tool for Giff aiming to pack extra punch on the battlefield.

Firearms Mastery

One distinct characteristic of the Giff 5E race is their impeccable skill with firearms – and they are rather fond of these weapons, too. Because of their cultural affinity for gunpowder weapons, every Giff starts their journey with proficiency in firearms.

They don’t suffer any disadvantage due to loading times – unlike other races who aren’t familiar with these kinds of armaments. In fact, they’re often happiest when armed with something that can dish out explosive damage.

Hippo Build

True to their form, Giffs have what one could refer to as a ‘Hippo Build.’ They are big, incredibly muscular, and unbelievably strong. This natural strength translates into practical benefits.

Their brute force yields advantages in Strength-based contests while lifting, pushing, or pulling. Thanks to their robust size and strength, they also can carry more weight than other races. You certainly wouldn’t want to challenge them in a test of physical strength.


Let’s talk about the languages Giff is fluent in. They can speak, read, and write Common – making communication easy with many other races.

But their linguistic skills don’t stop there! Along with Common language proficiency, they also know one more language of your choice that is approved by your Dungeon Master (DM).

It’s a great feature that widens their ability to interact and collaborate within your party or with Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

So, whether you’re haggling prices with a merchant or trying to gain intel from a captured enemy, you can count on your Giff character to make it smoother.

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Where Does the Giff 5E Truly Shine?

In the world of Dungeons & Dragons, your choice of class can hugely affect how well you explore and interact with your surroundings.

Where Does The Giff 5E Truly Shine

So, if Giff’s military discipline enamors you and you are thinking about picking one for your next game, get ready to toss that coin.

Because while Giffs are versatile and adaptable, like hippos in a fantasy realm, some classes bring out the best these creatures have to offer.


The Artificer class is an excellent choice for a would-be Giff adventurer. As an artificer, you’d be harnessing the power of magic fused with craft.

Their Firearms Mastery trait, an inherent ability to gain proficiency with firearms, complements an Artificer’s eye for crafting magical artifacts and using tools. Their sizable build helps them in handling mechanical constructs.


As far as brute strength goes, it’s hard to rival a Barbarian, especially when encased in nine feet of hard-skinned hippo warrior.

The synergy here is clear; barbarians rely upon physical prowess, and their weapon proficiency aligns perfectly with Giff’s natural aptitude for handling weaponry (and don’t forget that love for explosions).

A Giff embracing the Barbarian path will certainly be a powerhouse on any battlefield.

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A Bard might not seem like an obvious class choice for a Giff character – until you remember that Bards wield words as weapons just as efficiently as they wield swords.

And what better way to amplify this than injecting a sense of military discipline seen in our fine-suited hippo folk? With their knack for storytelling and magic use, imagine that deep bass voice, a Bard-Giff combo, could command attention across the realm.


Traditionally cast as athletic, disciplined warriors, Giffs typically have a high strength score, a perfect match for Clerics, who are often frontline fighters in the game.

A Giff Cleric could harness their naturally strong build and discipline to protect the party, providing a robust line of defense against adversaries.

Their well-defined sense of honor and duty would likely align well with a deity’s service, making them an honorable beacon amidst chaos.


At first glance, a Giff might seem far removed from nature. After all, they’re all about military discipline and firepower! But think again.

As essentially anthropomorphic wild creatures themselves, Druid might well be a less apparent yet appealing choice.

This unexpected mix could result in unique role-playing scenarios: your nine-foot-tall Giff druid shifting into an equally giant creature? Now, that’s what we call power playing.

Embarking on this journey as a Giff character opens you up to several unique gaming experiences, irrespective of your class choice.

The above are just suggestions; the true magic of D&D lies in carving out your path. So, put on that thinking cap (or helmet) and get set for creating unforgettable stories with a Giff character in your next adventure.

The smallest spark can ignite the greatest blaze; The humble hippo can become the grandest hero. In D&D, it’s not merely about matching characteristics to create powerful combos; it’s also about generating engaging narratives that make every game night truly exceptional.


Stepping into the boots of a Fighter, a Giff finds themselves right at home. What better way to display their inherent discipline and martial prowess?

The Giff’s natural abilities complement Fighter combat tactics beautifully. Their bulky size and the ability to pretty much turn anything that explodes into a weapon further enhance their close-quarters combat capabilities.

This class amplifies an already impressive physical presence on the battlefield.


Choosing Monk as a class allows your Giff character to channel their physical discipline into spiritual energy.

Although it might seem like an unlikely match due to the Monk’s lean towards stealth over raw power, Giff’s inherent strength, disciplined military background, and versatility can shape them into uniquely efficient Monks who can pack a rather hefty punch quite literally.


They are playing as a Paladin plays directly into the Giff’s natural sense of honor and duty. These righteous warriors serve as a beacon of hope and protection for their allies.

Something that resonates with the characteristic military discipline and inherent nobility of any Giff. With sturdy armor and an unshakeable commitment to justice on their side, this combination could be truly formidable.


A hard-skinned Giff taking up the role of Ranger may seem unconventional but proves quite fitting when you think about it.

Rangers are master survivalists capable of navigating through difficult terrains, much like how our anthropomorphic hippos navigate through life’s challenges.

This innate resilience, coupled with their firearm skills, can make for distinctive gameplay opportunities.


On first consideration, pairing massive, muscular Giffs with nimble Rogues might sound unusual – but who said your character had to fit conventional molds?

Although they might not be as stealthy due to their noticeable size, combining cunning Rogue abilities with the strategic discipline from military training could breathe life into a very interesting character.


The notion of mystical powers surging through our hippo-humanoid friends adds a thrilling twist to any campaign. Picture it: A towering Giff hurling a crackling fireball with hands that normally wield high-powered firearms.

The inherent astral spark of the Giff race aids in adapting to the magic ordinances in play for Sorcerers.


Choosing Warlock as your class can bring out an uncharted part of Giff’s personality, drawing on their disciplined mindset to negotiate and deal with mystical beings for power.

This combination could enrich your storytelling canvas with elements of suspense and magic while preserving the Giff’s traditional traits.

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A Giff Wizard brings two seemingly contrasting worlds into harmony. The discipline that marks their military history provides an excellent foundation for learning and controlling arcane spells.

There’s something noteworthy about the sight of a disciplined, nine-foot Giff pouring over ancient magical texts, always aiming to be better sorcerers on the battlefield.

FAQs About Giff 5E race

What makes the Giff 5E stand out among other races in D&D?

The Giff 5E is a unique humanoid hippo-like race renowned for its discipline, strength, and mastery of firearms.

Are the Giffs naturally inclined towards any particular alignment?

Not strictly, but their strong sense of duty and honor often inclines them towards lawful alignments.

What are some interesting abilities of the Giff 5E?

Giffs have a special trait called Astral Spark and inherent proficiency with firearms. They’re also physically imposing, boasting strength and durability.

Why would I consider choosing a Giff over other races for my character?

As well-rounded warriors with a passion for discipline and honor, Gifts offers unique role-playing opportunities with a fascinating blend of physical prowess and firearm expertise.

How can I incorporate the distinctive traits of a Giff into my character’s profession?

The Giff’s love for discipline, explosions, and firearms can be effectively incorporated into a variety of professions, including Artificers, Fighters, Barbarians, and more.


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